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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Chapter 10

X-men, the X-Gene and various elements involved in that belong to Marvel Comics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's various characters belong to Joss Whedon. The Show itself was a Fox thing.

Chapter 10

Mike's House of Iron: 24 hour gym

Steve sighed as he settled into the hot tub. “Man I needed this.” he said to himself as he felt the hot water soothe his aching muscles. Steve was so relaxed he didn't even notice when a second person entered the hot tub.

“You look strong.” A soft, accented voice said from directly in front of him.

Steve's eyes snapped open. He was about to scream when a cool hand covered his mouth.

“Shh... quiet now. Look into my eyes. See me, be in me.” Drusilla softly commanded her latest victim. “I've need of your strength.” She said quietly as her victim relaxed.

“The Night of Saint Vigeous is coming, and I'll need all I can on my side to destroy the not Slayer and the Chaos Kitten.” Drusilla said before she began to feed.

Shady Oaks Cemetery, now with a free salad bar.

“This is so boring!” Xander said from where he was positioned.

Buffy cocked her head to one side. “Isn't your arm tired?” She asked him.

Xander shook his head. “Nah, Giles was big on one armed handstands. The problem is this tombstone is a little loose.” He told her before flipping and landing on his feet. “Any idiot with a crossbow could stake fledglings.”

Buffy nodded. “The waiting is the worst part. I usually bring some homework.” She said as she gestured to her bookbag.

“Ah.” Xander said with a nod. “At least you multi task. Hang on, I think I hear him.”

Sure enough a hand burst free of the dirt. Xander grabbed it and helped the vampire free and brushed the dirt off his suit.

“Thanks.” The vampire said. “ I think my foot was caught on a root or something.”

“Not a problem.” Xander said before staking the vampire.

“Didn't Giles teach you patience?” Buffy asked him.

Xander shrugged. “I get bored easily.” He told her as she gathered her things.

The two teens walked through the cemetery quietly until Buffy tripped and fell.

“What are you doing down there Buffy?” Xander asked her.

“There's no body here.” Buffy said as looked around and found an empty coffin in the hole she'd fallen into.

Xander crouched down and sniffed the ground. “I've got two scents, one's got a slight tang of formaldehyde. It looks like we've got grave robbers.”

“Great. One more weird thing to deal with.” Buffy said before jumping out of the grave. She brushed some dirt off her pants. “Can you track them?”

“Maybe. If they have a car it'll get more difficult, but I swear I know these two scents.” Xander told her as he followed his nose.

“Maybe they go to school with us.” Buffy said as they made their way to the small road that went through the cemetery.

“They got into a vehicle here and drove off....that way.” Xander said as he pointed to the exit. “Say did you switch soaps or something?” he asked Buffy.

“Fabric softeners.” Buffy told him. “That whole super sense of smell thing still kind of weirds me out.”

“Weirds you out? The things I can tell about a person because of how they're smelling is ridiculous. Like right now I can tell you're a little nervous and.... let's not go there.” Xander said before walking off.

Buffy blushed, then followed after him.
Sunnydale High, the next day.

“Ah, found them.” Xander whispered into Buffy's ear the next morning.

“Who?” Buffy asked

“Chris and Eric. It's them. Chris smells even more of formaldehyde this morning. He must have been doing something with that body.” Xander said as he nodded towards the two teens.

“But what?” Buffy asked him.

“We can find out after school.” Xander told her.

Later that day....

“Oh come on! Really?” Xander said as he ducked a wild swing from Chris's reanimated brother Daryl. “Why can't people just learn to let go?” He asked rhetorically.

“Grrk.” Buffy said from where she was being half strangled by a headless female body that was somehow still able to growl.

“Fine.” Xander said before digging his claws into Daryl's head and he twisted the thing right off.

The body stumbled for a bit before falling over.

Xander tossed the head over his shoulder and pulled the incomplete female off of Buffy.

“Thanks. Do you smell gas?” Buffy asked him.

“Run.” Alex said before tossing her over his shoulder and bolting out of the basement lab.

Chris and Eric watched Chris' home go up in flames.

“Now what?” Chris asked aloud as he saw his mother being carted off in an ambulance.

“I got an uncle who might be able to get us jobs in LA.” Eric said.

“Really? Doing what?” Chris asked.

“He works with the entertainment division of a law firm. He says they're always in need of fresh bodies there.” Eric said, not realizing just how literal his uncle was being.

“All right. Hell it'd be better than here.” Chris said.

And they were never heard from again.

One week later...

Sunnydale High Library.

“Hmm.” Giles said as he poured over some books. “Oh my word! The night of St. Vigeous is coming!”

“And that means what?” Buffy asked from where she was doing pushups with Xander standing on her back.

“It's a night when vampires are at their strongest. Even a fledgling will be stronger than they normally are.” Giles said as he tried to pinpoint the date. “It's this Saturday.” He told them.

Willow looked over his shoulder. “You're math is wrong. It's Friday.”

“Wait.... isn't Friday Parent Teacher night?” Xander wondered aloud.

“Dammit” Everyone swore at once.

Father Murray made his way into the library with his a large box in his hands.

“Father, you made it!” Xander said as he took the box from the priest.

“Thank you Xander. You know, I never thought I'd ever be bringing guns into a school.” Father Murray joked as Willow's head jerked up with a look of horror on her face.

“Oh sweet, you even got the refill tanks!” Xander said as he took out the Super Soakers from the box.

“I blessed them all myself. I hope this will take a step out of the process of having to bless each canister of water.” Father Murray said. “These water guns came out of your donations Xander.”

“Right, I'll make sure to step up my collections then. Thanks a lot Father Murray.”

“No problem son, just keep as many people as safe as you can.” The priest told him before shaking his hand and heading towards the exit. “You'll all be in my prayers tonight.” The priest half joked.

“I'll see you on Sunday.” Xander promised.

“You'd better.” Father Murray said with a smile before leaving.

“Xander who was that man and why did you call him Father?” Willow asked him.

“That was my priest. One of like the few guys in town who actually believes enough to make holy water. I joined the Episcopal church over the summer.” He told her.

“Oh. Did he really bless these guns?”

“He wouldn't lie about that Wills, I have a feeling we're going to need them tonight.”

That night....

Buffy had a look of sheer determination on her face as the lights in the school cut out. “Mom, I need you to listen to me.” She said as she looked at her mother.

“Buffy what's going on?” Joyce asked her.

“Things are about to get very bad here. I need you to get as many people as you can into a class room and board the entrances. If they can't reach you, they can't kill you.” Buffy told her.

“Who? What's going on?” Joyce half screamed at her daughter.

Buffy's eyes widened as she saw the massive shape enter the doorway at the end of the hall. “Go now.” Buffy told her mother. “I'll be okay.”

Xander spat up another mouthful of blood. “Giles wasn't kidding.” He said to himself as he kicked and dislocated the knee of the vampire that had just decked him. “Someone's been giving these guys steroids. Hell they're all bigger than the normal vamps too.” He said before staking the fallen vampire and getting up himself.

He was about to turn when he felt something cold run through his chest. He looked down and saw a steel spike sticking out of the left side of his chest. “Crap.” He wheezed.

Behind him, Drusilla laughed in his ear as she drove another railroad spike through his right lung.

“This is for my William.” She whispered.

Xander managed to elbow the vampiress in the face before falling on his side.

Willow and Giles were busy defending the classroom full of people with their water guns as the adults tried to understand what was happening.

“What is going on?” Joyce screamed at Principal Snyder.

“Gangs. Gangs on PCP.” Snyder said from where he was cowering under a desk.

Drusilla straightened her nose with a quick jerking motion. “That was naughty of you my little chaos kitten.” She said before running a finger through the growing pool of blood on the floor and licking her fingertip clean. She paused mid step, “You've been touched by a demon you have.” She said to him before kicking him across the room.

Xander let out a hoarse scream as his back slammed into the wall the spikes in his chest being forcibly moved due to the impact. The flesh that had healed around the spikes was ripped open once again.

“You'll pay for taking my Spike away from me.” Drusilla said to Xander as she walked towards him.

“No he won't.” Buffy said as she swung a fire ax she'd liberated directly into the center of Drusilla's skull.

Drusilla dropped like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

Buffy staked the lady vampire before rushing to Xander's side.

“Pull...” Xander wheezed.

“What? God Xander there's so much blood.” Buffy said as she was hesitant to touch him.

“Pull them out.” Xander wheezed

Buffy gently moved Xander away from the wall and dug into his back to tug on the head of the spike, fresh blood oozed out of the wound.

“I'm gonna be sick.” Buffy half gagged.

“Buff... please!” Xander begged.

Steeling herself Buffy gripped the spike she had in her hand and pulled it out as fast as she could.

Xander's gurgling scream carried down the halls of the school.

“What was that?” Joyce demanded.

“Gangs.” Snyder said mostly to himself.

“Xander.” Willow whispered to Giles who nodded.

Joyce frowned at them. “Where is Xander? And where is my daughter?”

“The... gangs seemed to have moved on.” Giles said after a moment. “Let's see what kind of damage they've done.”

Giles, Willow and Joyce found Buffy cradling an unconscious Xander's head in a very large pool of blood.

“Buffy, Xander is he?” Giles asked.

“He's asleep. He... he's fine.” Buffy said, her eyes flicking over to her mother before looking back at Giles.

“I don't understand.” Joyce said as Buffy and Xander were sitting at her kitchen table. “Where did all of that blood come from?”

Buffy and Xander shared a look and Xander shrugged. “From me. That was my blood Mrs. Summers.” Xander told her.

“But you're fine.” Joyce protested.

“I wasn't. I had two large spikes driven through my lungs. I healed up after Buffy pulled them out. I'm...not exactly normal Mrs. Summers.” Xander told her.

“What do you mean?” Joyce asked him.

Xander held up his right hand. “I'm what's called a mutant.” He told her as his claws broke through the skin of his fingertips. “I have these wonderful things and I heal at what I used to think was an impossible rate.”

Joyce paled.

“That's not all mom.” Buffy said quietly.

“There's more?” Joyce asked.

“Remember that stuff I talked about after the Gym burned down at Hemery?” Buffy reminded her.

“No.” Joyce whispered.

“Yes.” Buffy said as she wiped some tears out of her eyes.

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