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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
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Chapter 15

I don't the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

This is a piece of fan fiction. I make no claim to the characters within it and am not writing this to gain any form of profit. This is mostly done for my own amusement and I hope for the enjoyment for the handfuls of people reading it.

Chapter 15:

“Buffy? Where did you get this coat?” Joyce asked her daughter as she was going through the coat closet. While not exactly cold outside, the weather was turning cool for California.

Buffy looked up from where she was watching television. “That? I got that off of a vampire Xander and I dusted a while back. I sort of forgot about it.” She told her mother.

“You keep trophies?” Joyce asked with a slightly disgusted tone.

“Not exactly. Xander robs the vampires when he gets the chance but no I don't keep trophies. That night was a little weird. The vampire was videotaping me and we got him before he could get away.”

“So you don't want the jacket?” Joyce asked her.

Buffy shook her head. “I'm still not tall enough for it.” Buffy pouted. She'd grown an inch since Halloween but she was still far too short for the jacket. “Do you want it?”

Joyce shook her head. “Maybe one of your friends will want it.” She suggested to her daughter before handing her the jacket. “Just keep it out of the house. It's bad enough we have that weapons chest, we don't need other... souvenirs.”

“I'll ask around. I'm really sorry I forgot about it mom.” Buffy told her mother.

“Where did you get this jacket exactly?” Giles asked her as she told him about her mother's ultimatum.

“A vampire why?” Buffy asked.

“The name seems familiar... Nikki Wood... Can I keep this for a bit?” Giles asked her.

“Sure. Though I don't think it'd suit you.” Buffy said with a grin.

“I'll have you know that in my day I looked quite... Oh lord I'm dating myself. Just get to class.” Giles told her with a sigh.


“Good Lord!” the teens heard Giles scream from his office.

The teens looked up from the table.

“Anyone want to find out what that was?” Willow asked.

“Nah.” Xander said from where he was sunning himself on top of a bookcase. There was just something about the spot he was in.

“I'm good.” Oz said from where he was sitting, fiddling with his bass guitar. He'd been hanging out with the group more often since Halloween. It felt right for some reason.

Buffy shrugged and turned a page in the Library's copy of 'Knives Monthly'

Just then Cordelia burst through the double doors to the Library. “Where is Giles! He needs to fix me!” She demanded.

“I've got an uncle who can do that.” Oz joked, which made Xander laugh enough to fall off the bookcase he'd been on. He never reached the ground though.

“He needs to fix me!” Cordelia demanded.

“What's wrong?” Buffy asked her.

“This!” Cordelia said as she pointed to her hair.

“What is it?” Willow asked.

“Her roots are changing.” Oz guessed. “Mine are too. I like mine though.”

The others stared at him.

“When you dye your hair as often as I do, you notice things.” he explained with a shrug.

“I've got white hair! I'm a skunk!” she said while pointing to the top of scalp.

“I've been getting a black stripe” Willow said as she touched the part in the center of her head.

Everyone looked at Buffy.

“I... don't know. I dye my hair.” She admitted to the others

“I knew it!” Cordelia said with a grin, her plight forgotten for just a moment. She sobered quickly. “He needs to fix me!”

“We don't know if he can Cordelia.” Xander said. “I'm sorry that this is happening to you but that's a fairly easy thing to fix cosmetically.” he told the teen as his features shifted back to his normal feline like appearance. It had taken him over two weeks to be able to hold his normal appearance for a just a couple of hours. He'd experimented a bit but he could only control his hair length and skin shade. He couldn't hold a candle to what he'd seen his mother do.

“But, he's Mister Wisdom guy! He should be able to whip something up to fix me!” Cordelia huffed. “I don't need white hair, it's... it's just wrong!”

“Talk to him. But I think he's preoccupied. He was looking something up earlier.” Xander said as he repositioned himself back up on the sunny bookcase.

Just then Giles came out of his office. “The coat you gave me belonged to Nikki Wood, a Slayer that was killed by William the Bloody, a fairly vicious vampire that was known to impale victims with railroad spikes.” Giles told his Slayer. “You dusted a very evil vampire.”

Xander fell from his sunny spot. “Railroad spikes? That was what the crazy vampire from Parent teacher night used on me. Did this William the Bloody have any... coworkers I guess?”

“Three main ones, Drusilla the Mad, Angelus and Darla.” Giles told him. “What did the vampire who stabbed you look like again?”

Buffy told him.

“That's half the Scourge of Europe gone then!” Giles said with a grin. “By my Slayer!”

Giles calmed himself after a moment, “I've contacted some of the other local Watchers and it turns out that her former Watcher is currently in Beverly Hills with her son! Isn't that something? A Slayer that was a mother before she was called. Quite rare.”

“That's great. Now fix me!” Cordelia demanded.

“What seems to be the problem?” Giles asked her.

“My hair.” Cordelia said as she pointed at her scalp, “It's turning white.”

“Yes, well that happens to the best of us.” Giles told her before heading back to his office. “If you'll excuse me I need to make some more calls. William the Bloody and Drusilla, amazing.”

Cordelia just stared at the door as it closed. “Did he just blow me off?” She asked the others.

“He did.” Oz said. “Bummer.”

“I can point you towards some good at home hair kits.” Buffy offered.

Cordelia weighed the options between going to a her overly gossipy hairdresser and being seen in public buying hair dyes. “Fine.” she said quietly.

“Great! We can go to this quiet little drugstore I go to. No one will know you're even there.” Buffy said with enthusiasm.

Willow rolled her eyes and went back to her homework.

Sam Zabuto set the phone back into its cradle. “Kendra, we're going to Sunnydale.” he told his Slayer.

“Why?” She asked him from where she was reading a book on demons.

“Unfinished business. You can also meet your predecessor.” Zabuto told her. “Things have gotten quiet here. You could use the chance to experience a Hellmouth first hand.”

Kendra nodded. “I would like to meet this girl. It's rare to have more than one Slayer at a time right?” She asked her Watcher.

“Astronomically so.” Zabuto said. “Go pack your things.”

“So our hair is changing. That's different.” Oz said.

Willow looked up and removed her protective goggles. “Are you going to be introspective or help me make these?” She said while pointing at the chemistry equipment.

“Sorry.” Oz said before putting on his goggles. “You sure this is safe?”

“Trust me.” Willow said before turning on the Bunsen burner. “I know what I'm doing.”

“Oh man what did you do?” Xander asked as he held his nose.

“Skunk pellets” Willow and Oz said in unison.

“Forget I asked.” Xander said. “I'll be upwind.” He told them before running off.

Xander didn't notice the two stinky teens were holding hands.
A few days later.....

“Giles I need to borrow your copy of..” Xander trailed off as he saw that the local Watcher had company. “I can come back.” he offered.

“No, Xander that's fine. This is Robin Wood. His mother was the owner of the coat you and Buffy recovered. He's here to...” Giles trailed off.

Xander nodded. “I'm sorry you didn't get the chance to kill him yourself.” he said to the tall African American man.

“It helps to know that it took a Slayer to kill him.” Robin said. “I came for her coat. That bastard Spike took it off her after he killed her. Also, is there any chance I can meet this Buffy?”

Just then then the doors to the library opened again. “Is there a Rupert Giles here?” A Jamaican accented male voice asked.

Everyone turned to face the newcomer. It was a well dressed man with a young girl with him.

“Sam!” Giles said with a grin. “Xander this is Sam Zabuto. I worked with him once doing some esoteric research.”

“And I have to assume the girl with him is either a potential or a Slayer right?” Xander asked.

Sam and Kendra's heads turned sharply to look at Xander.

“You have a protege?” Sam asked.

“Something like that.” Giles admitted.

Xander looked from Sam Zabuto to Robin Wood. “Mr Zabuto, did you know a Nikki Wood?”

Robin looked at Xander confused while Kendra began looking at her Watcher then at the bald man in front of her. “He's your son.” She said quietly.

Sam Zabuto paled. “Donovan lied to me. I... I need to sit down.”

Xander sighed. “I'm going to go. I'm full up on angst right now.”

“Take Kendra with you, would you? Take her to Buffy while we sort things out here.” Giles said while he took a shaken Robin Wood to the main table under the skylight.

“My Watcher has a son.” Kendra said dumbly.

“I noticed.” Xander told her as the two teens walked briskly into the night.

Oz's Van pulled up to the curb next to them. “Hey.” Oz said.

“Hey. Can we get a ride to Buffy's House?” Xander asked the guitarist.

Oz raised an eyebrow. “Who's the new girl?”

“Kendra. Her...librarian is with our librarian right now.” Xander said.

The other eyebrow raised as he got the message. “Get in.” He said.

They did.

Buffy and Kendra stared at each other in silence as Xander watched in mild amusement.

“Are they still staring?” Joyce asked Xander as she came out from the kitchen.

“Yep.” Xander said with a grin.

“Well let them have another five minutes and then break it up. Dinner will be ready soon.” Joyce said.

“Will do, Mrs. S.” Xander told her.

“If you don't mind Buffy, I'm going to go cover another part of town tonight.” Xander said to Buffy while Kendra was upstairs choosing some weapons to use from Buffy's stash.

“That's fine Xander. We don't want to scare the new Slayer. Be safe.” Buffy told him.

“I will. You do the same okay?”


Xander fiddled with what used to be a toy whip. He hadn't even realized the whip was real until a week back when he put the costume back on for fun. He'd been hesitant to even try it out since in the process of finding it out was real, he'd ended up setting some of his laundry on fire.

Tonight was his night for practice. It had rained a fair bit this week, so the chance for wildfires was lower than it had been in months.

The demons wouldn't know what hit them.

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