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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,97410 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 19

I don't the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Nick Fury was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Doctor Stephen Strange was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

This is a piece of fan fiction. I make no claim to the characters within it and am not writing this to gain any form of profit. This is mostly done for my own amusement and I hope for the enjoyment for the handfuls of people reading it.

Chapter 19

“Can someone tell me what the hell just happened in Jamaica?” Nick Fury demanded as he stormed onto the bridge of the SHIELD helicarrier.

“Sir we detected an unusual amount of magnetic interference from our overhead satellites. It caused a brief lapse in transmission. Once the image came back up we had a crater that wasn't there before. It's about a half mile deep and a mile in diameter.” one of the Bridge crew told him.

“What did we have before there? Geological surveys, topography, the whole thing?” Fury asked.

“A series of caves that were never fully explored sir. The real problem is what we have right before and after on the satellites.” The bridge member said.

“What have we got?” Fury asked.

They brought the images on the screen. Fury stared at them. “What on God's green earth is that? Why aren't those two men scared of him?” Fury said. “Find out who they are and get as much information as we can on them. Find out what the furry thing is.”

It took less than five minutes to get information on the two men. “We have a Sam Zabuto originally from Brooklyn New York. He holds a doctorate in mythology from Oxford and the man next to him is one Robin Wood. Raised by Donovan Michaels after his mother was killed in a Subway mugging. Recently got his Bachelor's degree in education as well as passing the requirements to become a teacher in the state of California. He left the US along with Mr. Zabuto and his adopted child in December. He hasn't been back since. By the facial software we have, there is a decent probability that Robin Wood is the son of Sam Zabuto.” The bridge member told him.

“Find out who that cat thing really is. There is no way that's a local. See who's come into the country recently that might have any contact with these two. Get the security footage from the local airports over the last seventy two hours.” Fury commanded.

Ten minutes later they had their answer.

“Alexander Harris.” Fury said as he stared at the screen. “Get him to the New York branch on his way out of Jamaica. Make sure he gets on a plane that stops in New York.”

“Yes sir.” The crew member said as Fury strode off the bridge towards his office.

Xander sighed as he strolled his way through the walkway that led him from the plane into the arrivals area of La Guardia airport. His plane had a layover with something about necessary maintenance so he had to leave the plane and wander around a bit before he could board it again.

He was so focused on getting towards some food before doing anything else that he didn't see the first person that screamed 'soldier' despite what he was wearing.

He did however notice the second and third people like that. His senses got sharper as adrenalin flooded his system. He made his way towards the bathroom and once he was in the first turnaround he vanished from sight. He waited a few seconds to see if anyone followed him into the bathroom and sure enough a man of average height and build made his way in and gave a thorough look around the stalls as if he was looking for someone.

Xander made his way out of the bathroom as the man spoke into his shirtsleeve saying he'd lost the target. Xander quickly went through the airport and hopped the tram that led from the arrivals gate to the main entrance.

He hopped onto a bus rooftop and rode his way into the city. He'd never been to New York so the first thing he did was get a map of the city.

Xander stared at the map for a good five minutes before heading in one direction. He headed somewhere, as if he was drawn to it. He was drawn to Greenwich Village.

Xander stared at the building with the odd sigil on the front entrance. It was in a nondescript neighborhood and the building itself stood out a little, though no one else seemed to notice it.

It wasn't a church by any means but it almost felt like one to him. Shrugging mostly to himself Xander went up to the door only to find someone was opening it for him.

“Come in Mr. Creed. We've been waiting for you to arrive.” the man said.

“How do you know that name?” Xander asked him.

“Myself and my master know many things Mr. Creed. Come inside. I can assure you sanctuary from those who are seeking you at the moment.” The man said.

“Who the hell is after me?” Xander asked.

“A group dealing with international security.” The man said. “Enter the building Xander.”

He did.

“What is this place?” Xander asked as he looked around.

“A crossroads of sorts.” The man said as he led Xander up some steps and towards a door.

“My master awaits behind this door.” The man said as he opened a large green door.

“Thanks, I guess.” Xander said before stepping into the room that smelled slightly of sage.

Xander looked around the room. It looked like it was a cross between a library and Mum-Ra's pyramid. Smelt like it too.

“Hello Alexander Creed.” A man said from behind him.

Xander spun to see a man floating while sitting cross legged ten paces behind him. He was a man who looked young save for the gray hair at his temples. “Who are you?” Xander asked him.

“I am Dr. Stephen Strange. I am the Sorcerer Supreme.” The man said before pausing. “You are an interesting case my young friend. Touched by demon magics, chaos magic and... did you know an Eye is upon you?” the man asked as he touched an amulet on his neck.

“Is that a bad thing?” Xander asked.

Stephen laughed. “Depends on what your definition of bad is. You are... a child of Destiny, and I don't just mean what that Seer has done with your life. You are the second mutant I've met who has been mystically enhanced. That's something else my friend.

“I was drawn here. What did you do?” Xander asked him.

“A simple spell. I felt you the moment you set foot in the state. You were being pursued, and I've brought you to a safe haven of sorts. I have a friend who can help sort this out. You'll need to talk to the man with the eye patch, but you'll be in the clear. No hunting, no chases. When that is done... I can take you to the one you seek.” Stephen said.

“You know who the next Slayer is?” Xander asked.

Stephen nodded. “First, I have a friend you need to meet in Bayville.”

“Bayville? Never heard of it.” Xander said.

“You will.” Stephen said with a smile.

10 minutes later....
Bayville, New York...

“Nice landscaping.” Xander said as he looked around the grounds. “Never been to a mansion before unless you count the Chase house.”

“This place suits its eventual purpose, though the halls are mostly quiet now.” Stephen said as the two walked up the drive at a leisurely pace. “You should put your... game face on as you would call it.” the man told him.

“Really?” Xander asked. “Here?”

Stephen nodded. “This is a place of acceptance Xander. You have been quite fortunate in that regard in your life. Most, aren't so lucky.”

Xander sighed and released the hold he had on his form. His skin went back to it's normal coloring and fur sprouted across his entire body. Xander wiggled his toes a little in his modified sandals.

“Happy?” Xander asked the Sorcerer.

“Not quite. Though this is fairly amusing from my perspective.” Stephen said with a hint of a grin.

“Whatever. So do we ring the bell or what?” Xander asked.

“That would be the custom.” Stephen said as they reached the door.

Xander pressed the bell and the two waited.

A man who was about half a head shorter than Xander opened the door. He got one look at Xander and drew back a hand that had metal claws spring forth from between his knuckles. He took a quick look to his left.

“Oh, it's you Doc.” The man said with a gruff voice before relaxing a notch.

The claws didn't go back into his hand though.

“Logan. Have you considered my offer?” Stephen asked.

“Not really ready to do some soul searching Doc. Maybe in a couple of years.” the man said before looking at Xander, “Who's the kid? He smells a little like someone I know.” Logan said.

“He's the child of Victor and Mystique, however he wasn't raised by them.” Stephen said. “In fact, neither know of him.”

“Huh. But he smells like a tiger too.” Logan said.

“He's had a few..mystical accidents in his life.” Stephen said. “He's here to visit Charles and to speak with Nicholas.”

“Fury?” Logan asked.

“Yes. You should call him once Charles is done talking with this young man.” Stephen said. “If you don't mind, I have other things to deal with at the moment.”

“Sure. Poker game next Friday?” Logan asked.

“Provided the universe isn't in peril...” Stephen agreed.

“Later Doc. Kid.” Logan said with a nod before stepping back from the doorway.

Xander entered the building without an invitation and Logan sheathed his claws.

“Nice digs.” Xander commented as Logan closed the door.

“They're not mine, they're Chuck's.” Logan said. “He's in his office.” the man said before stalking down a hallway.

“Anyone tell you that you smell Angry?” Xander commented.

Logan growled at him.

“See? That's what I'm talking about.” Xander said.

“God you're worse than your parents.” Logan muttered.

“So you do know them.” Xander said.

“Yeah, they aren't good people.” Logan told him.

“So I've heard.” Xander said. “Makes me glad I was adopted I guess.”

“Yeah.” Logan said.

He wasn't much of a talker.

“Alexander, welcome.” Xander heard a pleasant voice say to him as he made his way into the office.

“Hi. Who are you exactly?” Xander asked the bald man in the wheelchair.

“My name is Charles Xavier. I'm a mutant like yourself. Well, not exactly like yourself.” Xavier said with a smile.

“Yeah, I don't think you're the large, heavy and fuzzy type of mutant.” Xander told him.

“No, I'm not. Tell me Alexander, have you encountered any others like yourself?” Xavier asked him.

“No not really. I mostly deal with the supernatural end of things. Not the spontaneous leaps in evolution like ourselves. I've read some of your work.” Xander said with a grin.

“Vampires and the like?” Xavier asked.

“Yep.” Xander told him.

“Can I... can I look?” Xavier asked him. “I'm a fairly strong telepath.”

“You might not like it.” Xander warned him.

“We shall see.” Xavier said before concentrating. “You've... some interesting shields.”

“A leftover of Tygra's psipower I'm guessing.” Xander muttered. “I was changed on Halloween. I actually don't think I'm completely human anymore.”

“You are more than you were, I'll admit.” Xavier said. “There we go. Interesting.... You know we frown on people using their powers for their own gain... though if I were your age, well.” Xavier said with a grin.

“Shower Scene.” Xander said with a nod. “Totally worth it.” he said.

“Well, don't do that here.” Xavier said.

“So what is this place for?” Xander asked.

“It's a school for mutants to learn how to use their powers safely. It's a place of acceptance, although I've only a few students now. Just two at the moment.” Xavier told him.

“And that Logan guy?” Xander asked.

“The physical education teacher. He also does some of the vehicular maintenance here.” Xavier explained.

“Look... this Fury guy is supposed to be coming here. Before that happens can I make a call?” Xander asked.

“Your friends.” Xavier stated. It wasn't a question.

“Yeah. You know it's funny. Before I came here I disliked seers. Now I'm not entirely happy with telepaths either.” Xander said.

“We have that effect on people.” Xavier said with a hint of a grin. “Make your call.” He told Xander before leaving the room.


“Xander, it's good to hear from you.” Giles said into the phone. “What happened? Really? No I don't think it will be too bad. Zabuto hates the council more than I do at this point due to Robin. I'll call him. They don't need to know about your involvement. You met who? Really? Well... get back when you can all right?” Giles said. “And for God's sake be careful.”

Giles hung up the phone and counted to ten before picking the phone back up.

“Sam? I know you're going through a rough patch at the moment, but it's about my friend Xander.” Giles began....


BAYVILLE.... later.

“So let's talk kid.” Fury said as he lit up his cigar.

“What do you want to know?” Xander asked.

“What happened in Jamaica? It's not every day a piece of land turns into a crater like that.” Fury asked him.

“It's like this...” Xander said before explaining the situation.

“A listening post... for this entity called Apocalypse? Sounds rosy.” Fury said.

“That's what it looked like. The post shut down once I was detected and the place self destructed after I killed the ones that monitored it. I still don't know how I survived.” Xander said.

“If you find anything else out, other similar locations... anything. You get in touch with me. Clear?” Fury asked him.

“Done.” Xander said. “That's it? No interrogation, no tracking devices or anything?”

“Don't be disappointed kid. If you were lying Chuck would have told me. Trust me, you don't want to see me when I'm in a bad mood.” Fury said.

“I believe you. So that's it?” Xander asked.

“It is. The search has been called off. You're free and clear kid, though now we'll have a file on you.” Fury told him. “Of course, we have a file on everybody.” he said with a grin. “It's been real.”

Xander watched the man walk out of the room and took a deep breath. That guy was scary.


“Almost wet your pants didn't ya?” Logan asked him as he came into the room.

“Yeah.” Xander admitted, which made Logan laugh.

“Fury'll do that.” Logan said. “Say, what all can you do kid?”

Xander told him.

“Impressive. I've got this room I've been working on... I could use a test subject.” Logan told him.

“Well.... sure.” Xander said.

Xander didn't really like the smile Logan had on his face.

“You're testing him in the danger room?” Xavier asked him.

“He's on level seven.” Logan said with a grin.

“That's good.” Xavier said.

“Damn straight. I haven't put in a level eight yet.” Logan told him.

“Whoa who's the fuzzy guy?” a voice asked.

“Scott, that is...a willing test subject.” Xavier said. “Once he's done, why don't you and Jean introduce yourselves.”

“Sure professor. Wow! I've never seen anyone leap that high!”

“I've seen better.” Logan muttered.

“Logan...” Xavier warned.

“Fine. He's good, what's he doing with that whip?” Logan wondered.

The three males stared for a second.

“Awesome.” Scott said in.... well awe.

“Man now the sprinklers are going off.” Logan complained.

“The drains should take care of it.” Xavier said.

Logan didn't say anything.

“You did put drains in the floor right?” Xavier asked him.

“I haven't gotten around to it yet.” Logan admitted.

Xavier looked at him.

“I'll get the wet-vac.” Logan said before shutting down the program.

Down in the room Xander shook himself dry.

“Got to thank Oz's uncle for that trick.” He said mostly to himself.

“Jean, it was totally awesome. He was all over the room. He was here in one spot, then he was in another. It was like he could teleport or something.” Scott said while regaling his friend about the things he'd seen in the incomplete Danger Room.

“He was.” Xavier said as he rolled into the room. “Though he doesn't have total control over that ability.”

“It's really new.” Xander said as he followed in after the telepath. “First time it happened, it saved my life.” Xander said before wiping his face. “I haven't slept in close to forty hours at this point. Can I crash here tonight professor?” Xander asked Xavier who nodded.

“Scott, Jean, this is Alexander.” Professor Xavier said as he introduced the mutant teen to the two younger ones.

“Hey.” Xander said with a nod before concentrating. His fur retracted and his skin and hair went back to normal.

“Whoa.” Scott said.

“So this is what you normally look like?” Jean asked.

“Before my mutation completely kicked in yeah. I've a limited shape shifting ability.” Xander said before asking “How about you two?”

“I'm a telekinetic.” Jean said as she concentrated on lifting a small container of potpourri.

“Impressive.” Xander said. “How about you shades?” Xander asked.

“Optic blasts of pure concussive force. I can't shut them off. The glasses are the only things that can contain them.”

“Bummer.” Xander said.

Scott nodded. “If it weren't for the professor, I'd be forced to be blind for everyone's safety.”

“Crap.” Xander said. “That's would've sucked.”

“Scott was one of the first people of this generation I've helped. There will be more once we find them.” Xavier said.

“Keep it up then Prof. You think you can help me get a handle on this new ability of mine? I've got most of the others down.” Xander asked him.

“We can try tomorrow, after you've gotten some food and rest. You've had a rough time recently.” Xavier told him.

“Yeah.” Xander said softly. “It's been rough.”

“Charles.... there is a very large cat sleeping in my attic.” Ororo Munroe said to her mentor as she walked into the kitchen.

“Is that where he crashed?” Charles asked surprised. “I showed him the guest rooms.”

“He must have found a good sunny spot.” Logan said with a chuckle as he sipped his beer.

“Logan.” Xavier reprimanded.

“You know he's a little... off Chuck.” Logan said. “He doesn't smell completely human. At least not when he's all catted out.”

“His physiology is... altered I'll admit, but he's a good person at heart.” Charles said. “He's had a rough patch recently. He doesn't sleep long. He should be up and about by the time you get to bed.” he told the silver haired woman.

“You're certain?” Ororo asked.

“If he isn't, I'll roust him myself.” Logan promised.

“See that you do. Still. When the sun hits his fur... it's fascinating.” she said before shaking her head. “Sorry. It was an odd sight.”

“Can I see?” Jean asked.

“It's not proper.” Ororo said suddenly.

“He's just sleeping right Ororo?” Charles asked.

“Yes, it's just... I... see for yourself Charles.” she told the man as she opened her mind.

Xavier saw the image that was practically burned into his friends mind. “Jean, you may not see him.”

“Why not?” Jean asked, confused.

“He's...sleeping. Leave him be.” Charles said. He was going to have to speak to the teen about his sleeping habits and what constitutes appropriate dress.


“So I think I came up for a codename for the kid.” Logan said to Charles from where he was sitting in the library.

“Really? You've found something that suits him so quickly?” Charles asked.

Logan grinned and headed to one of the bookshelves. He pulled out a book and opened it to a familiar passage. He showed it to Charles.

Charles laughed. “Yes, that might just fit. I'll speak with him about it.”

“Think Storm's still looking at him?” Logan asked.

“Should I tell her he's still technically a minor?” Charles responded.

The two men chuckled together.

“Logan, I'll miss these days once this place is full of children.” Charles said.

“So will I Chuck. So will I.” Logan said.

Xander woke after a fairly long slumber. Well, long for him anyways. Six hours isn't really enough for the average person. When he awoke he opened one eye lazily and looked around.

What he saw was...interesting. He saw a silver haired woman that was strikingly beautiful. She was sitting in front of an easel, drawing with what looked and smelled like oil based pastels.

“Well hello pretty lady.” Xander said as he sat up.

Ororo dropped her pastel. “You're awake.” she said quietly.

“Sorry. This was the most comfortable spot I could find. The sun was in just the right spot.” he said as he stretched.

“It's okay. Next time though, could you wear some clothing? And ask first?” Ororo requested.

“Sure.” Xander said before fading from view. “I forget sometimes.” He whispered into her ear a moment later.

Ororo suppressed a shiver.

Xander grinned. “That was fun.” he said as he invisibly walked down the hall.

“Glad enjoyed yourself. Put on some pants will you?” Logan told him.

“Sorry. I'm used to sleeping... well free.” Xander said with a shrug, though Logan couldn't see it.

“Kid, believe me I understand. I've run through the woods of Canada naked before with little thought about it. Clothes, here? Not optional.” Logan said.

“Gotcha.” Xander said. “Now where did I put my pants?” he wondered.

“Check the guest room where Chuck left you.” Logan said.

“Sure. Where was that again? This place is huge.” Xander said.

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