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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,78710 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 28

I don't the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Blade was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

This is a piece of fan fiction. I make no claim to the characters within it and am not writing this to gain any form of profit. This is mostly done for my own amusement and I hope for the enjoyment for the handfuls of people reading it.

Chapter 28

“This is crazy.” Scott said as Xander stood over him while he was laying down on one of the beds in the infirmary.

“It's a chance for you to see things without the ruby tinted glasses.” Xander said as he held his sword over the boy.

The Eye of Thundera glowed briefly for a moment before... nothing.

“I told you this was crazy.” Scott said, sitting up.

“Stay there a second.” Xander told him. “I need to have a little chat with the sword before we do anything else.”

“You're serious.” Scott said, disbelievingly.

“He is.” Cordelia told him.

“Fine.” Scott huffed while Xander sat down in a meditative position and looked his sword in its eye.

A few moments later the eye was glowing and the sword was floating directly in front of Xander.

“He wasn't kidding.” Cordelia told Scott.

“I see that.” Scott said quietly.

“Should I even be in here?” Anna asked Cordelia.

“Do you still remember a lot of my life?” Cordelia asked her sister.

“I do.” Anna said quietly.

“Well, either you learn to use the knowledge you've gained, or it'll eat at you.” Cordelia told her sister. “We haven't even tested you to see if you've gained any physical boosts from the experience, so be grateful.”

Anna nodded. “This is still strange. Xander's talking to a magic sword for goodness sake. A week ago I would have thought all of you were crazy.”

Xander blinked as he got his answer. “Well I found out what's wrong.” Xander told everyone.

“What is it?” Scott asked. “Does your magic sword not like me?”

“Not exactly.” Xander said with a grin. “How do you feel about taking an Oath?” Xander asked him.

“What kind of an Oath?” Scott asked him.

“A real one. A promise. You keep this promise, the sword can heal the damage.” Xander said. “It'll know if you break it. Magic's like that.”

“You're serious.” Scott said.

“Yep.” Xander said with grin.

“What's the Oath?” Scott asked him.

“More of a code actually...” Xander told him. “You have to swear to uphold Justice, Truth, Honor and Loyalty.”

Both Cordelia and Anna snickered.

“Really?” Scott asked him. “That's it?”

“No deliberate and malicious lying, no rubbing your face in being better than someone else, staying by your friends and family and honoring and doing what is right, not what is good. The right thing can be harder Scott. This isn't an easy road.” Xander told him.

“I swear.” Scott said.

“Lie down Scott and touch the sword, then say the oath.” Xander told him.

Scott did as he was told and when he swore the oath the Eye of Thundera opened and Scott screamed.

“It's hurting him!” Jean said as the Professor stopped her from entering the infirmary.

“Jean... this is not exactly my field of understanding but I trust Xander. If this helps Scott in any way, the pain might be worth it.” Xavier told her. “Let them finish.”

“But...” Jean said with a hurt look in her eyes.

“Let them finish Jean.” Xavier repeated softly. “It won't be much longer now.”

“Your sword.....” Scott gasped as the pain receded.. “It's alive.”

“After a fashion, yes.” Xander said with a soft smile as the sword shrank while going into its passive state. He sheathed his sword in the claw shield and Scott watched as the whole thing sank into Xander's arm.

“My eyes... are they fixed?” Scott asked him.

“Let's get you to the danger room so we can test it, okay?” Xander said.

“Yeah. No excessive collateral damage right?” Scott asked him.

“That's the idea.” Xander told the younger teen as he helped him off the medical bed.
The Danger Room...

Scott slipped on his visor and looked through the ruby red quartz lens at the targets that had been set up. He reached up and pressed the release on the visor that lifted the lens up slightly.

Nothing happened.

“Nothing happened!” Scott shouted in joy up to the control room as he ripped off his visor and stared out at the world around him.

“That's great Scott.” He heard Professor Xavier's voice over the intercom. “Head up to the infirmary so we can give you a full once over.”

Kurt popped into the danger room. “This is so cool!” Kurt enthused before saying “Now you just need to learn how to use your powers all over again.”

Scott's shoulders slumped as he realized he had a lot of work ahead of him.

“Amazing..” Charles Xavier said as he examined Scott's eyes. “You've got a slightly slitted pupil”

“Cat's eyes?” Scott asked him once the professor got the ridiculously bright light out of his eyes.

“Not exactly.” The Professor told him. “Closer to the eyes of a larger cat than that of a house cat. We should probably try some low light testing later to confirm that though.”

“Can I go outside now?” Scott asked him.

“Of course.” Xavier told him with a smile.

As soon as Scott stepped outside he winced. “Man it's bright out here.” he muttered before slipping on his sunglasses. “Much better.” He said to himself.

Xander and Cordelia had to support each other to stop themselves from falling over while laughing.

“Oh that's classic.” Xander managed to gasp after a few minutes.

“What is?” Jean asked as she popped her head out onto the patio. “Why is Scott wearing his glasses?”

Xander and Cordelia looked at each other before laughing hysterically.

Kurt and Anna looked at their siblings. “My brother is so weird.” Kurt muttered.

“Yeah, that's what's wrong.” Anna said before rolling her eyes. She paused. “I need to get the hang of this.”

“Hang of what?” Kurt asked her.

“Cordelia. She's still rattling around up here.” Anna said while tapping her temple with a gloved finger.

“You could always try that meditation thing Xander was doing earlier. If it helps him talk to a magic sword, maybe it will let you talk to the other voice in your head.” Kurt suggested.

“And you call your brother weird.” Anna said with a grin.

“Say... since you were raised by our mother longer than either me or Xander, does that make you the older sibling?” Kurt asked her.

Anna punched him in the arm.

“Ow!” Kurt whined. “Definitely the older sister.” Kurt said before dodging another swing.


“I've got it!” Buffy called to her mother as she went down the stairs.

“Got what sweetie?” Joyce asked her daughter as she poked her head out from the kitchen.

The doorbell rang.

“Never mind.” Joyce sighed before going back to her monthly ritual of paying bills.

Buffy opened the door and smiled. “I've been expecting you.” She said.

“That's good to hear, even if I'm the one who usually says it.” Irene said softly.

Both women laughed.

“You okay Scott?” Jean asked him as she sat down next to him on the patio.

The others were busy, both Xander and Kurt were wearing annoyingly bright Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts trying to Hula while both Cordelia and Anna were sunning themselves by the pool. Logan was busy grilling things on the large gas grill he'd finished assembling earlier in the day while Professor Xavier and Ororo were busy playing a game of chess and enjoying the warm afternoon outside.

Scott sighed as he rubbed his eyes before staring at the two half brothers.. “It's just... Xander has a brother, Cordelia has a sister... It hurts you know? My brother Alex.... He's been dead for years but I still dream about the crash sometimes.”

“Did they ever find his body?” Jean asked him.

Scott shook his head. “No. I was the only survivor.” he told her firmly before standing up. “No sense brooding huh? I think I've done enough of that for a while. Come on, let's see what's cooking.”

“I think Xander has a shirt and skirt for you somewhere.” Jean told him with a mischievous grin.

“No way. Absolutely not going to happen.” Scott said firmly. “Jean? Where'd that coconut bra come from?” Scott asked her. “No! No!” he cried before running from the grinning red head.

Anna grinned from where she was sunning herself. “You know, I think I'm going to like it here.” she said to her sister.

“Good.” Cordelia said. “We Chases.... well whatever our last names really are... we're sisters and we need to stick together. Now let's see if I can get Xander to get us some fruity drinks in hollowed out pineapples.”

That night....

Xander flipped over his pillow and sighed.

“Still can't sleep?” Cordelia mumbled.

“Nah. I feel really restless tonight.” Xander said as he sat up.

“You haven't done a lot of demon hunting lately have you?” She asked him.

“Not really no.” Xander said. “Maybe that's it.”

“Just don't make the papers.” Cordelia told him before turning over onto her side.

Xander slipped out of bed and was outside his room a second later in his costume. He looked up and down the hallway and was just about to teleport when he heard a voice.

“Going somewhere?” Logan asked him

“New York. Got kind of an itch I can't scratch here.” Xander told him.

“Where exactly in New York?” Logan asked him.

“Dunno. You know any demon bars?” Xander wondered.

“Well if you're looking for a fight... I know a place.” Logan grinned. “But I'd have to show you where.”

Xander held out his hand and Logan took it. The two mutants were suddenly somewhere else.

Logan looked around. “Greenwich Village?” Logan asked Xander as he stared at the streets below the rooftop the two were standing on.

“It's the place I'm most familiar with. That and a place in Queens.” Xander said with a shrug.

“Get us to Street level and go invisible. I'll lead us from there.” Logan told him.

“So where are we going?” Xander asked him.

“We're going visit a guy I know by the name of Whistler.” Logan said with a feral grin. “He always knows how to have a good time.”


“Come on!” Xander said as he attempted to shake himself dry. “That was beyond nasty.” He said to Logan who nodded.

“I didn't know it'd be that... messy.” Logan told him as he wiped some blood off his face.

“It was a Blood Rave.” The man known only as Blade said as he cleaned his sword.

“You've broken into one of those before?” Xander asked him.

“A few.” Blade admitted before popping his neck.

“I've never known a branch of vampires to be that... wasteful with their food.” Xander said. “Where did it all come from? It was all mixed together so I couldn't get any one scent.”

“That...” Blade said before pausing. “Is a damn good question. I have to go. Logan, it's been fun. Next time call before you and the kid come around.” He told them before getting into his car and driving off.

“Now what?” Xander asked Logan.

“We go home and shower. Even though this is New York, people will notice that we're covered in blood.” Logan told him. “Fun's over for tonight.” The gruff man said before holding a hand out to Xander.

Xander took it and the two of them teleported back to the mansion.

After a thorough washing, Xander still couldn't completely get the smell of blood out of his nose. He snorted some water in the shower, but the stench lingered. He wouldn't have been as bothered about it if it didn't make him slightly hungry.

“Stupid animal instincts.” Xander muttered before heading to the kitchen to find Logan already there eating an omelet and drinking a beer.

“Better eat something before bed kid, otherwise the smell's gonna bother you all night.” Logan told him.

“The blood thing happens to you too?” Xander asked him.

Logan shrugged. “Despite what philosophers and religious people preach, our bodies are still so much meat.” Logan told him. “Just don't eat any people kid. Last thing I want to deal with is you as a Wendigo.”

“There's a story I haven't heard.” Xander said as he began making himself something to eat.

“The story starts from the Algonquian peoples....” Logan began...

“You seem wide awake this morning.” Cordelia said to Xander as she sauntered into the kitchen.

“Really? Cause I haven't slept yet.” He said with a grin.

“What happened?” Cordelia asked him.

“Vampire Rave. Can you believe it?” Xander snorted before looking grim. “Seriously there was blood everywhere. They had enough to come out the sprinkler systems. Not cow blood either. It was human.”

“What? That's crazy!” Cordelia said, half in shock.

“I know.” Xander said quietly. “I think I'm going to be helping out this Daywalker guy I met last night for a couple of days. It... Jesus, Cordy it was bad.”
A week later....

The entire group of residents save for Xander found themselves watching the national news networks in horror.

“This is just one more decimated warehouse full of the missing and the homeless...” The reporter on the screen said as she reported from Texas. “From what the preliminary autopsies of the first people found at what some people have started calling blood farms is that all of the people that have been identified bodies had long since atrophied and were clinically braindead long before the warehouses were destroyed and these atrocities discovered. May god have mercy on their souls. This is Gayle Rodgers. Back to you Chip....

The feed cut back to the studio in New York where the man spoke of an unrelated incident where several corporations stocks were falling due to the sudden disappearance of their CEOs and boards of directors...

“Xander's been busy.” Kurt summed up for everyone.

“I can't take him anywhere.” Logan muttered.

“This is so much bigger than what he did in Boston.” Cordelia said in shock.

“Wait... he did that to Boston?” Scott asked her. “He caused the Night of Fire?”

“Sort of?” Cordelia said with a wince.

“Those poor people.” Ororo said as she stared at the screen where they cut to another decimated building.

“Their souls are at rest now.” A quiet voice said from behind them. “Those bastards called it a final solution. Fifteen of those damn places in this country alone.” Xander said as he sat in midair. He was covered in soot and parts of his costume were missing. “I tried to heal them... to get them to wake up with the sword, but it wouldn't do it. It started destroying the equipment of the first place before I got the chance to. It found the others....I... oh god....” He said half whispering the last sentence as he drifted down to the ground.

Cordelia hugged him as hard as she could.

“I'm tired Cordy.” He whispered to her.

“Come on... Let's get you cleaned up.” She told him as she and Logan helped him off the ground.

“Professor...” Ororo said after the distraught teen had been taken elsewhere in the mansion.

“We cannot judge him Storm. Not for this.” Charles said. “His mind is wide open right now... he had no choice but to end it for them.”

“He killed thousands of people!” Storm shouted.

“I've never really thought about it before... but is that what you would call mercy killing?” Kurt asked.

“As loathe as I am to admit such a thing... I believe it was.” Xavier answered. “I just hope he doesn't have to repeat the process in the near future....” Xavier said before shaking his head. “To be so young and to have so much blood on his hands....” He trailed off. “Give him some space, but please don't hate him.” He told the teens before leaving the room.

The four teens and Storm turned back to the TV where even more reports of destroyed blood farms were trickling in as they were discovered across the globe.


See... some crossovers are bad....
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