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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,82910 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 3

Author notes are on the bottom,

Also, I don't own the X-men or the Buffyverse.

Chapter 3

Xander didn't sleep much that night.

When he did wake up, he wasn't all that tired. Blearily blinking his eyes he looked at his clock radio. The red display told him it was still far too early to be up.

Noting the various smells coming from himself as well as the house, he opted to shower, eat then get out of there before his parents woke up.

After eating he grabbed his school books and the book on meditation and headed to a place he rarely went to these days, the city park.

He liked the quiet, but with things as they were now, even the quiet wasn't what it used to be.

The idyllic setting was basked in early morning sunlight, the sky a mix of pink and orange hues. He sat down on a park bench, glad that it hadn't gotten cool enough to have everything coated in dew. He pulled out the book on meditation and began reading.

He lost track of time reading the book, and was brought from his depths by a pleasant, yet unexpected voice.

“Meditation eh? You're more patient than I was as a teenager.” a gentle voice said.

The unexpected interruption startled Xander pretty badly. “Woah! Mayor Wilkins? You scared me.”

Mayor Wilkins chuckled. “Sorry about that son. I was taking my morning constitutional and saw you reading. I figured I'd come over and say good morning to you. It's rare we get people here in the park this early. That and your book interested me. Meditation is a useful tool, gives a person focus. I've learned in my life that a focused person, especially one with certain goals in mind, tend to achieve them.”

“I'll take that under advisement sir. As for the book, a friend recommended it to me. It's pretty interesting so far.” Xander said sheepishly.

Wilkins nodded. “Well, I'm going to go finish my walk and get down to City Hall.” He said before checking his watch. “I believe you'd better be on your way to son. The mowers are coming this morning.”

“Yes sir. You have a good day sir.” Xander said before gathering his stuff together.

“You too son.” Wilkins said before walking off.

As Wilkins headed away from Xander, the boy wondered how in the hell did the mayor sneak up on him?

Xander made it to the school a good forty minutes before classes were due to start. He was walking towards the library when he heard someone playing the flute. He paused, cocked his head to one side and followed the sad sounding music.

He stared through the built in window of the door to the music room and saw a flute floating in the woodwind sitting area. He took a breath and opened the door, closing it quietly behind him.

As he focused on the room, using his relatively newfound senses he smelt and heard someone.

“Who's there?” He called. “I know you're not a ghost, so I guess that makes you invisible.” he said ot the seemingly empty room.

“How do you know I'm not a ghost?” asked a female voice.

“You've got a heartbeat and a scent. I can hear and smell you.” Xander said as he tracked the invisible girls movements by staring at where she probably was.

“How can you do that?” asked the girl.

Xander shrugged. “I got possessed by a primal hyena spirit last week. Some of it stuck. What's your name?”

“Marcie Ross.” she said.

“Doesn't ring a bell.” Xander told her honestly.

“Right.” Marcie said with a snort.

“No really, you may be a student here, we get a pretty big turnaround here after all. If I knew you and forgot, well I'm sorry. In my defense, I am a teenager.” He said

“I was born in Sunnydale. We've been in the same grade for over ten years.” Marcie told him.

“And I can't remember you. I've heard of wallflowers, but this is pretty intense... in fact... it's pretty too intense. When did you go all see through?” he asked her.

“Right after the yearbooks came out.” She told him.

“So two, three weeks?” he asked.

“Yeah. Wait, you said possessed by a hyena? What?” Marcie asked him.

“Well, turns out this town? Not a safe or a sane place to be.” Xander said “There's a guy in the Library, Mr Giles. He knows a lot about this place, the occult and the weird in general. He might be able to help you.”

“You think I can become visible again?” she asked with hope.

Xander sighed. “Wish I knew.” He told her.

“Hey Giles, I found something pretty Hellmouthy this morning.” Xander said as he entered the library, the swinging doors staying open a bit longer than normal behind him.

“Xander, not everything in this town is related to the Hellmouth.” Giles said with a sigh.

“I found an invisible girl.” Xander said with a grin.

“And how do you expect to prove.. oh dear lord!” Giles said as some books on the return cart were lifted into the air with unseen hands.

“Giles, I'd like you to meet Marcie Ross.” Xander said with a slight flourish in Marcie's direction.

“Hello, Mr Giles.” Marcie said softly.

“Oh dear.” Giles said. “What exactly happened. Were you experimenting in dark magics?” Giles asked her.

“No, people stopped noticing that I was there, one day I became invisible.” Marcie said a little angrily.

“Again, sorry.” Xander said.

“It's... ahh. It's just really hard being like this.” Marcie said.

“I can imagine it would be difficult. I'll do some research to see if I can find any past occurrences of anything similar. Xander, please keep her company would you?”

Xander nodded and reached into his backpack, pulling out a pack of cards. “You up for go fish?” he said with a grin.


“So Giles is there anything. DEMON!” Buffy called as she entered the library and ran at the floating hand of cards.

Xander kicked out a chair from the library table to intercept Buffy and she used it as a platform for an aerial kick. Seeing the Slayer about to attack Marcie, Xander managed to get up and tackle Marcie out of the way, the two of them rolling around on the floor in the process.

“Buffy, stop.” Xander called from the floor. “She's not a demon, She's a student who's turned invisible!”

“And you're squishing me.” Marcie gasped.

Xander blushed but got off of her. He stood and offered her a hand up. She took the hand but didn't let go after she stood.

“Not a demon?” Buffy asked.

“No demon.” Xander said as he looked at his hand. “Just someone that's very alone right now.” he said softly.

Marcie let go of his hand.

“Oh, sorry.” Buffy said. “What's your name?” the Slayer asked the invisible girl.

“Marcie, Marcie Ross.” a voice to Buffy's left said.

“I've never heard of you.” Buffy said.

“I'm starting to get that a lot.” the voice said.

Giles had instructed the visible teens to head to class while he did some more research. He was hesitant to contact anyone about this due to the fact he was the watcher for the current Slayer. Every move he did or did not make would be analyzed by the Council for years to come. He didn't want to be seen as weak by asking for help. If he did, he'd probably be replaced. Possibly by force.

Sighing he asked aloud if Marcie was still in the room. He got a quiet yes. “Well, let's try to find something pertaining to your condition. Maybe in the chronicles or even a brief passage in one of the the tomes.

“What language is this one in?” Marcie asked as she opened the book.

“I believe that one is... Sumerian. Oh dear, I'll set aside a stack that are in English, all right?” Giles said.

“Thanks.” Marcie said.

“Any luck?” Xander asked as he, Buffy and Willow made their way into the library.

“None. It isn't a spell gone wrong, it has to be metaphysical. She was slowly becoming invisible as people stopped noticing her. It must have culminated and due to the energies of the Hellmouth, made her literally unseen.” Giles theorized.

“Any idea how to undo it?” Buffy asked.

“None I'm afraid.” Giles said sadly.

“No.” Marcie hissed out in a gasp before running of the library.

Xander chased after her.

Xander found Marcie in her little hiding hole above the Band room.

“Marcie, talk to me.” Xander said softly.

“I hate this! Someone finally knows I'm there, and he still can't see me. You give me hope and it's gone!”

“I'm sorry.” Xander said as he came into the hiding space and inched closer to where Marcie was.

“This is Hell!” Marcie cried.

Xander hugged the girl and she broke down sobbing.

“Feeling better?” Xander asked as he rubbed her back.

“Yeah.” Marcie said quietly.

“Come on, you need to get out of here. Staying at the school can't be healthy for you.” Xander told her.

“Let me get my stuff.” Marcie said.

Xander nodded “I'll be in the library.” he told her.

“Xander, is everything all right?” Giles asked as the teen came back into the library. The Englishman didn't know if he'd come in alone or not.

“Marcie is having a hard time. She's been living in the school. I'm going to take her to my house. It isn't great, but it isn't here.” Xander told the Watcher.

Giles nodded. “Just be careful with her Xander, she seems to be in an emotionally fragile state.”

“I will Giles.” Xander said before heading out of the library to meet up with Marcie.

“Come on, I'll make you some Mac'n Cheese.” Xander said as they walked out of the school.

“All right.” Marcie said with a.... hidden grin.

“So the substitute teacher was a Giant Mantis lady?” Marcie asked with a laugh.

“Yeah, she went after Virgins. I ended up in a cage in her basement and everything.” Xander told her.

Marcie laughed. “Oh, that must have been so embarrassing.”

“At least she didn't bite my head off.” Xander said.

“That must have been terrifying.” Marcie said.

“Oh it was, but looking back on it, it's kind of funny. It's also the last time I'm going to fall for a demon woman.” Xander said with certainty.

“Uh huh.” Marcie said with a disbelieving tone.

“Shush you.” Xander said before sticking his tongue out at her.


“OW.” Xander said while rubbing his arm.

“You big baby. Is it all right if I shower?” Marcie asked him.

Xander looked at his clock radio. “Yeah it's getting late. I'll go get some blankets so I can crash on the floor.” Xander said before showing Marcie to the bathroom and getting her a towel.

Xander came out from his own shower wearing pajama pants and a t shirt. He found a human shaped lump lying under the covers of his bed.

“Good night Marcie.” Xander said, before lying down on the spare comforter.

Marcie sighed. “Cut out the lights and get in here.” Marcie said, patting the bed.

“But...” Xander began.

“Get in here Xander. I really don't want to be alone right now.” Marcie told him.

Xander swallowed nervously, cut out the light and got into bed beside the invisible girl.

He half whimpered when she snuggle up to his right side.

It was going to be a long night.


“Huh?” Xander muttered, “I'm awake.” he said confusedly.

“I want to try something.” Marcie said

“Try what?” Xander asked confusedly.

She kissed him.

Author Notes: The invisible girl episode could have gone a couple of ways. It just fit with the series that Marcie would turn out Homicidal. Xander encountered her earlier, and found a slightly more stable Marcie Ross.
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