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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Chapter 31

I don't the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Spider Man was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

This is a piece of fan fiction. I make no claim to the characters within it and am not writing this to gain any form of profit. This is mostly done for my own amusement and I hope for the enjoyment for the handfuls of people reading it.

Chapter 31:

Xander grinned as he began leaping around the city. Cordelia and Anna were having a 'girl's night out' at an exclusive spa and since his brother and Todd were currently waxing the X-jet due to an incident involving two possums, a ball of string and Logan's motorcycle, Xander had some free time.

That's why he was here in New York City, bouncing around like a loon. The city was so alive at night. Despite that, aside from the usual hustle and bustle all was quiet.

At least until someone set off a bomb.

“It's always something isn't it?” he said while looking up. A moment later something crossed his vision, an old man flying off with what looked to be a bank bag.

“Well isn't that special.” Xander muttered as he teleported directly above the flying man. He landed on the guy's back and confirmed he was carrying a bank bag. “Going down!” Xander called as he began to increase his mass.

“What the devil?” the old man screeched as he looked over his shoulder. “Fool, you'll get us both killed.”

“You maybe. Land or I'll keep getting heavier old guy.” Xander warned him with a growl. To prove his point he increased his mass sharply causing the pair of them to sink rapidly.

“You'll short out the circuitry!” The old man screamed at him.

“Land.” Xander said as he did another spike in his mass. The small box of electronics that seemed to be the cause of the old man's flight ability began to smoke.

“Who are you?” The old man screamed before doing a fierce barrel roll that didn't shake Xander in the slightest.

“Land.” Xander told him before increasing to his full mass which caused the circuitry to short out completely.

They began falling at a rapid pace and Xander positioned himself under the old man before teleporting closer to the ground. From there he absorbed the impact and the two of them rolled along a city sidewalk before coming to a stop.

Xander got up from the landing and was about to tie the old man up with his whip when the man became bound with webbing.

Xander looked up and waved at Spider-Man. “Long time no see there wall crawler.” he called up.

“I've been here. Where have you been Cheshire?” Spidey called down before flipping and landing on street level.

“Went back to Wonderland for a while.” Xander replied with a grin. “How've you been?”

“Good, the press hates me, I've got weird villains with animal themes popping up more and more often. The usual.” Spidey said as he made sure the bank bag was still closed and webbed it up.

A police cruiser showed up moments later. Xander whistled loudly at them and waved them over. “See you back at your headquarters?” Xander asked Spider-Man.

“What?” Spider-Man asked, incredulous.

“Look for the van man.” Xander said before disappearing from sight.

“What a weirdo.” Spider-Man muttered before swinging out of sight.

Three hours later....

“What the...” Peter Parker said to himself as he came near his home. “Look for the van.” He muttered as we approached the Mystery Machine clone on foot. After developing the film, he'd caught a ride on the train before walking home from the station.

He peered inside the window and he saw a dark haired teen close to his age. The teen opened one eye and his body...changed into Cheshire. He rolled down the window.

“Howdy webs.” Cheshire said with a grin.

“How did...” Peter began.

Xander tapped his nose.

“Really?” Peter asked him.

“Yup. Got your scent, but what really tipped me was when I saw you circle back to pick something up. Lo and behold there were photos from that very angle in the Bugle the next day.” Xander told him. “How's your Aunt doing? Those Bearer bonds help out?”

“That was you?” Peter said shocked before tensing up. “What do you want?”

“Golly, can't a fellow be a good Samaritan now and again? Times were tough for you, I had money to spare.” Xander said with a shrug. “Oh yeah, my girlfriend wanted to give you this.” he said handing him a slip of paper.

“What is it?” Peter asked him as he unfolded the paper.

“Recipe for an herbal paralytic. Figure you could do some sort of stinger thing with it.” Xander said with a shrug.

“Why are you helping me?” Peter asked him.

“We avatars have to help each other out.” Xander said with a grin.

“What does that mean?” Peter demanded.

“You still haven't seen him have you?” Xander asked.

“Who?” Peter asked.

“Doctor Strange. Big mojo guy. He can explain it. Go to Greenwich Village. You'll find your way once you get there. Oh yeah. Say hi to Wong for me.” Xander said before he and his van disappeared from sight.

Peter stared at where the van had been and cautiously put a hand through the space that had just been occupied. “Weird guy.” Peter said before heading inside the Parker home.

“We needed this.” Cordelia said to her sister.

“We did.” Anna agreed as she wiggled a little in her mud bath. “How much does this spa run anyways?”

“You don't want to know.” A third voice chipped in.

Both girls opened their eyes and saw a third person was in the third mud bath. “I'm sorry, I thought we had booked this room.” Cordelia said to the blond.

“Oh, you did. I can be very persuasive.” She said with a smile. “My name's Emma. My folks are new to the area. My dad just took over some businesses he was related to somehow. I was getting a rubdown but you two just seemed to be really interesting.”

Cordelia looked at her. The girl radiated smugness and confidence. A confidence she hadn't seen recently except in.... she watched the blond's eyes widen. “You're a telepath aren't you?” Cordelia asked her.

“Busted.” The girl said while smirking. “I'm Emma Frost. My father just took over Frost Industries.”

“From Deacon?” Cordelia demanded.

“You knew my great uncle?” Emma asked before she got her answer. “Really? That's.... oh god really?” She said turning pale. “That...” She vomited off to the side of her tub.

“Not so pretty is it?” Cordelia asked her with smirk.

“I can't be a part of that.” Emma said, wiping her mouth but only managing to get mud on her face.. “It's just... those were people.”

“Good luck with that.” Cordelia said. “Anna, we're going.”

Anna nodded and got out of her tub.

“Wait.” Emma called. “Can... Xavier teach me control?”

“Let me make a call.” Cordelia said with a sigh. “And let's clean up first okay?”

“Thank you.” Emma said quietly.

“Hello?” Xander said into his cell phone. “Now you're picking up strays?” He said with a laugh. “Sure, sure. Let me tell Xavier, then I'll be right over.” He hung up the phone and teleported in front of the door of Xavier's study. He knocked.

“Professor, Cordelia's encountered a mutant.” Xander said after getting permission to enter.

“Oh?” Xavier asked him.

“She didn't say what kind, she did confirm the girl had powers. She wants you to teach her control.” Xander told him. “May I go get her?”

Xavier frowned. “This is awfully sudden Xander. But all right. Bring her directly here so I may meet this new mutant.”

“Will do Professor.” Xander said with a salute before vanishing.

Xavier shook his head. “More by the day it seems.” he said softly before schooling his features into his 'collected' face.

Xander reappeared minutes later with Anna, Cordelia and a new girl in tow.

“Professor Xavier, this is Emma Frost. A telepath.” Cordelia said by way of introduction. She turned to the girl. “I've done my good deed for the day. If you stay, welcome to the house.” Cordelia told her before linking arms with her boyfriend and walking out of the study. Anna followed behind her.

“So tell me Emma, what brings you to my home.” Charles asked the girl, giving her his undivided attention.

“I first got a peek at Cordelia and Anna's minds at the Spa I was at. You see my family just moved from Boston due to my father taking over Deacon Frost's enterprises...” Emma began.


“What's that about?” Xander asked Cordelia after she'd ushered him out of the study.

“That girl...” Anna muttered. “She's a queen bitch like Cordelia was. If she hadn't seen into Cordelia's mind like that... She could have been trouble down the road.” She said while shivering a bit. She didn't like people poking into her mind unannounced.

“Exactly.” Cordelia said. “You and me. Bedroom. Now.” She demanded.

Xander was about to say something but thought better of it and did as he was told.

Anna just sighed as she knew what her sister was about to do to him. She idly wished she could do it herself. She did however remember not to say it out loud. “Stupid Hellmouth knowledge.” She said before heading to the kitchen to grab an apple or something.


Charles Xavier sighed as Emma began making calls. She was a young and surprisingly powerful telepath and according to Cerebro she was also a latent telekinetic. She was practically the mirror opposite of Jean when it came to her abilities. Somewhat for her character as well. Emma was used to getting her way, but she did want help. What she'd seen in Cordelia's mind, about the truth of her father's new business and its background had shocked her.

In time she would have recovered on her own and probably would have come to accept that side of life as part of the way of things. Instead, she was going to move here. Perhaps.... He'd have to talk to Jean first, maybe let them have one of the larger bedrooms to share. It could work. Have a valid reason since she was the second mutant in less than two weeks to appear. But in order to make it fair.... Well Kurt and Todd seemed to be getting along okay as well. The Mansion was only so big after all.

“We really need to expand the subterranean levels...” He muttered as Emma came back from her phone call. “Did you convince your father?” He asked her.

“I did. Honestly he's going through so much right now with the takeover, he won't really notice I'm gone until after everything is settled. He's.... a focused individual.” She told him.

“Well, Xander will be able to deal with transporting your clothes and other belongings tomorrow. If you want to use a guest room tonight feel free, but I would like you to room with another mutant whose powers are quite similar to your own once you get settled in. The two of you could teach each other a great deal.” Xavier said

“Is he cute?” Emma asked him.

“She, and I am not the one you should be asking. Her name is Jean Grey. I was friends with her father when we were in college together. She is a telekinetic with growing telepathic abilities. I hope you two will get along.” Xavier told her.

“I'll make an effort Professor.” Emma said. “Now, where is this guest room?”

“Let me show you. It is getting late after all.” Charles said with a soft smile.

The next morning Xander found both his brother and Todd watching the kitchen window from a tree with sets of binoculars.

“What are you two doing?” He asked them.

“New girl.” Todd said. “Telepath, hence the distance.”

“Okay. Right, you guys don't have shielded minds... you poor bastards.” Xander said with a sigh, knowing what a teenage male's mind is like. “What is she doing now?”

“Eating a banana.” Kurt said with a grin.

“Then she knows you're out here.” Xander pointed out.

“Crap. Dude, she just winked at us.” Todd said as he hastily put down his binoculars. “Let's cheese it!” he cried.

“Just be sure to put the binoculars back where you found them.” He said before Kurt and Todd vanished in a puff of brimstone. Shaking his head and chuckling he headed back to the house.

“Oh, things are just getting fun.” He muttered before going in for some coffee and maybe a roll or two.

“So did you really know that they were...” Xander trailed off as Emma nodded her head as he entered the kitchen.

“You're evil.” Xander grinned at her while Cordelia and Anna smirked a little.

Logan just grunted and turned the page in his newspaper.

“Not my fault your brother and his friend are perverts.” Emma told him.

“Actually, they're pretty normal for heterosexual male teens, but hey. Teenagers are perverts. I know I am.” Xander admitted.

Logan just turned a page in his paper, finding it to be much more interesting than the current conversation.

“Just go easy on them okay? Lay off the teasing. Or at least... I don't know build up the teasing. They're both new at this sort of thing.” Xander asked her.

Emma stared at him. “I can't get a read on you.” She said quietly.

“My mind is a little different. Plus I don't want you in my head, so lay off.” Xander warned.

“Sorry. I can't really shut it off. It's always there. That's part of why I'm here. I don't want to see things like I did if I can help it. What I saw in your girlfriend's mind went from interesting to horrific far too fast.” Emma told him before looking down at the table.

“Sure. Just be glad you can't see in my head. You wouldn't like it. Plus it's crowded enough already.” Xander said before grabbing some food and leaving the kitchen to go study for his classes.

“Seriously, could you pack any more clothes?” Xander snarked as Anna, Cordelia and Emma packed the girl's 'essentials'. They were fortunate that the majority of her things were still in boxes because she didn't want the movers to set up her stuff when they'd moved to New York.

The girls ignored him as the finished packing a third steamer trunk full of clothes. Rolling his eyes at the situation he teleported from the place, got a book to read and went right back to wait. When he got back all three were sitting on packed trunks waiting for him.

“I just can't win.” He muttered before relocating the trunks then the girls.

“A little to the left.” Emma said.

Kurt and Todd adjusted the poster.

“No, back to where it was.” Emma said. “Right, hang it there.” She told them before tossing Kurt a box of Sticky Tack.

“Sure thing.” Kurt said with a grin.

“I could have put the poster up there.” Jean told her.

“I know, but it's more fun this way.” Emma said.

“They can see down your shirt you know.” Jean reminded her.

“Like I said, more fun this way.” Emma grinned as she thrust out her chest, much to Kurt and Todd's delight.

Jean sighed. She really didn't want a roommate, but the professor was insisting.

“Yo Red! While we're up here want us to put any posters of yours? Maybe change the light bulbs or something?” Todd asked.

“Actually there are a couple I wouldn't mind putting up on my side of the room.” Jean said as couple of posters floated up to the boys.

“See, it can be fun.” Emma told her.

Peter grinned as he looked at the blackboard. He was breaking down the chemical formula for that paralytic agent that Cheshire had given him based upon the chemical compositions of the ingredients he'd gotten from an herbal shop a few blocks away. “Man, I haven't had this much fun in a while.” He said to himself before frowning. “I am such a nerd.” He sighed.

“Peter, get down here! My friend Anna's niece is here!” May called up.

“Aunt May, I'm kind of working on something!” Peter called down, not really wanting to meet this niece May had been going on about for years.

A few minutes later a redheaded girl was shoved into his room and the door locked from the outside.

“What the...” Peter said. “Wait.... You're Mary Jane?”

“Yeah. I didn't know your aunt knew joint locks like that.” Mary said as she was clutching her wrist.

“You okay?” Peter asked her.

“I'm fine, really.” Mary Jane said. “What have you got here?” She asked him while staring at the chalkboard. “You're not making drugs are you?” She said as she looked at the table full of leaves and some of the other chemistry equipment. She touched an odd looking brown liquid before Peter could stop her and she fell to the ground, frozen in place.

“I really wish you hadn't done that.” Peter sighed. “That was a paralytic I've been working on. Now I need to cook up an antidote before Aunt May decides to pop her head back in.” Peter told her before going to the blackboard and staring at the formula.

“I have to use the materials I have available or let the paralytic run its course....” He said before jotting some stuff down on the board. “I finally get a pretty girl in my room and now I have to make certain I don't get accused of trying to rape her or something.” He sighed. “Right... now just to cook it up.” He said before getting to work.

“Honestly... me making drugs... though that would make more sense.” Peter muttered as he finished the antidote. He dipped a sterilized dart in the solution and pricked one of Mary Jane's fingers. She jerked up a few moments later.

“What was that?” Mary Jane demanded.

“Just something I've been working on.” He said evasively.

“You're going to use it when you're out as Spider-Man aren't you?” She asked him.

“What... how did.... Do I even have a secret identity anymore?” Peter sighed as he sat down on his bed.

Mary Jane giggled.

Passing through the hallway while avoiding the squeaking board, May Parker smiled as she heard feminine laughter coming from her nephew's bedroom. She'd just have to tell Anna once she got back downstairs.

“Man, we're roommates now.” Todd said to Kurt as they began moving the last of Todd's meager items into Kurt's room.

“The Professor insisted. Something about learning to work together or whatever.” Kurt shrugged as he and Todd lugged one overstuffed suitcase full of the toad like boy's clothes into the room and onto the second bed.

“He seems to want us to work in pairs don't he?” Todd asked him.

“Well Anna and Cordelia are practically one person most days.” Kurt said as they lugged the suitcase onto the unused second bed. “I can understand that the power of teamwork is useful. I mean look at how we pranked Logan.”

“But we got caught.” Todd argued.

“Mainly because there really isn't anyone else here to take the blame.” Kurt countered. “Once more students get here, we can have some fun.

“You sound like this place is going to get real crowded.” Todd frowned.

“Well, you came here, we just got another one. And if the professor picks up any mutants with his gizmo we might try to recruit them too.” Kurt said. “It won't be so bad. Bathroom space isn't too big of a problem since Logan redid them.”

“At least the group showers have stalls.” Todd said. “Still I would hate to be the one to get bathroom clean up duty once the wing fills.”

“I guess.” Kurt said. “I try to make sure that I get all my fur from the drain. Bad enough we have to wax the X Jet.”

“Still, that was fun.” Todd said.

“Next time we should use squirrels.” Kurt grinned.
Sunday night....

Xavier sighed as he set down the Cerebro unit's headpiece. “Lance Alvers.... too much collateral damage.... unpleasant lad as well. I'll put him on the watch list to see how he handles his powers.” He was about to shut the monitor down when the machine activated. /Mutant Signature Detected/ the computer intoned.

Xavier put the headpiece back on and found that the location was again in Deerfield, Illinois. But this time, it was a different mutant entirely.

“Katherine Pryde.” Xavier said as a dossier was created by his 'little' computer. “Interesting.” He said.

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