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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
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CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279938,09610 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 33

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 33:
Saturday afternoon, Deerfield Illinois....

Kitty hid a grin as Xander teleported another bundle of her things to her room in Bayville. It hadn't taken much to convince her parents that she needed to learn to control her abilities, just a an apple half phased into the coffee table. From the way Cordelia and Emma had described the place it would be full of fun as well as a great learning opportunity. They really needed brochures or something.

“You'll be leaving soon won't you?” Her mother asked her as Xander popped back into the room to snag her bookcase that was full of various nicknacks and books that she wanted to take with her.

“Yeah. I guess. You're okay with Xander taking some of the furniture?” She asked her mother.

“Well we did buy them for you, but it's making this move seem awful permanent.” Her mother frowned.

“With the way Xander can pop from place to place, I can be moved back in less than half a day if I have to be.” Kitty told her mother as Xander grabbed the last of the suitcases before vanishing once again.

“Be safe sweetie.” Her mother said as she hugged her.

“I will mom.” Kitty assured her. “Nothing can touch me if I don't let it remember?”

“I know dear. Be sure to go to temple.” Her mother told her.

“I'll make certain she goes.” Xander assured her as he reappeared. “I take my little brother to mass on Sundays, so Saturdays won't be much of an issue.”

“Thank you.” She told him. “Keep my daughter safe.”

“I'll certainly try. She'll be back for the holidays.” Xander assured her.

“Bye mom.” Kitty said, hugging her once more before taking Xander's proffered hand. The two teens vanished from the Pryde household.

Kitty's mother turned off the light and shut the door, praying that her daughter would be safe.

Bayville Brotherhood House.... Monday Morning...

“Oh god why are you naked? Again?” Lance screamed as he covered his eyes.

Victor just sipped his coffee and continued reading the paper. He looked over the paper at Mystique. “Kid's kinda squeamish ain't he?” He asked her.

“He's new.” She said while finishing her breakfast. “Still at least put a towel down when you sit. These are antique oak chairs.” She told him.

“I'm not clawing up the furniture.” He said before turning a page in the paper.

“True. That was a problem the last time you and I shared a space for any period of time. It's good to see that you've matured somewhat.” She said before sighing. “I have to be going.” She told him.

“Still don't see why you do this.” Victor muttered.

“Well, it's damn good cover for one. There's also the fact I've been ordered to. But oddly enough, I actually like doing paperwork now and again. It relaxes me.” she said with a terrifying smile.

Victor repressed a shudder. He'd tried filing taxes once. That was more than enough for him.

“Lance, we're going. Today's your first day at Bayville. I would appreciate it if you kept your tantrums to a minimum. I really don't want to have the school be condemned due to someone shaking it to bits.” Mystique told the young mutant.

“Can we stop for some food first?” Lance asked her.

“You knew what time we were leaving this morning. You should have been ready.” She snapped. “Now get in the car. We'll see about acquiring you some transportation for yourself and any others who will be staying here later.”

Lance nodded. “Fine.” He muttered before following her out the door.

Victor snorted into his coffee. “Oh Marmaduke, when will they learn?” He chuckled.
Back at the Mansion....

Xander did a quick headcount.... “Okay... it's official... the kitchen is now overcrowded.” He announced.

Charles sighed. “I suppose we can use the dining room.” He told them. “It just doesn't have the same feel as the kitchen.”

“Bad memories Prof?” Logan asked him.

“Some yes. I would eat in the kitchen on the days my brother was exceptionally hard on me. The dining room was always so... stuffy.” Charles said as he sipped his coffee.

“It's the dining room or we eat in shifts.” Xander said. “This table is way too crowded.”

“Which is why I'm over here.” Logan said from where he was leaning against the main counter.

“Dining room it is then.” Ororo agreed. “With a full table I'm sure it will be fairly lively Charles.”

“I suppose that's settled then. Emma, Kitty, are you both ready for your first day at a new school?” Charles asked them.

“As ready as we can be professor.” Emma said as she munched on her bagel.

Kitty nodded. “Like it'll be great.” She said with confidence.

“Good. Remember, no powers. You're there to learn and to socialize, not show off.” Xavier warned the two, well mostly Emma.

Emma rolled her eyes. “I'll be good.” She told him.

“Good.” Xavier said. “If I hear otherwise, I'm sure we can find something for you to do around the house.”

“Where are Scott and Jean?” Kurt asked.

“They left about five minutes ago.” Logan said.

“Darn it, I wanted to ride with Scott.” Emma huffed.

The others looked at her.

“It's a much cooler car than yours.” She said to Xander who shrugged.

“My car is more practical than flashy. You'll learn in time that the ones with the faster and more expensive cars tend to have the..” He was cut off as Cordelia covered his mouth.

“What?” Kitty asked “What do the ones with faster cars tend to have? More money? It's more money isn't it?”

“Something like that.” Kurt and Todd answered before highfiving each other.

Charles sighed.

Xander finished his egg on toast. “We'll be rolling out in six minutes. Everyone better be in the van.” He told them as he set his dishes in the sink.

At school...

“Fancy seeing you here Kitty.” Lance said to the younger teen.

Kitty sighed. “Go away Lance.” She told him without looking behind her.

“You heard her.” Anna said.

“I'll go when I'm done.” Lance growled.

“Save it for someone who cares.” Anna sighed. “Kitty let's go.”

They went, leaving an angry Lance in the hallway.

“This isn't over.” Lance muttered before heading to his locker.

After school....

“Any problems today?” Xander asked as everyone loaded in the van.

“Lance.” Kitty huffed while crossing her arms.

“Seatbelts.” Xander cautioned as he put the car in drive. “This Lance guy the one from Deerfield?” Xander asked.

“He is.” Emma confirmed.

“Super.” Xander muttered as he began the weekly errand run for the kids. After they were were done they headed back towards the institute. As the became clear of the city the road began to shake. “Hang on.” Xander said as he gunned the van.

“This has Lance written all over it.” Kitty said as she braced herself against the side of the van.

“Can't you teleport us home?” Emma asked.

“I could. But there are people on the road that would see the van disappear.” Xander said. “Can you sense him?” He asked Emma.

“All this shaking isn't helping my concentration.” She said before almost banging her head on the side of the van.

“Just be glad this is a DoomMobile otherwise we'd really be in trouble.” Kurt said.

“Man... I'm getting sick.” Todd said as he turned a little greener.

“Emma, breathe. Focus.” Xander said. “Feel your heartbeat. Find him.”

“He's.... a couple of hundred feet away... above us.” She said as she looked in the direction of some of the hills outside Bayville.

“Ranged attack.” Xander said. “Nice. I'm gonna park the van and take care of this.” He told them as he pulled the van over. “Kurt your range is two miles, right?”

“Yeah.” Kurt said.

“Get them home.” Xander told him. “The windows are tinted in the back so he can't see whether or not all of you are still here.”

“I will.” Kurt said as he offered people a hand. He took Todd and Anna followed by Emma and Kitty. Once the van was clear,Xander locked the car and changed his clothes to his uniform and let his fur come out. He went invisible before teleporting up to the hillside that Emma had indicated.

He caught scent of a person that was a teenage male. He treaded lightly as he found a teen wearing a strange black outfit with a clear helmet. He looked at the teen and saw that his eyes were rolled up in the back of his head as if he was concentrating.

Xander punched him in the face.

“What the hell?” the teen said as he looked around.

Xander reappeared in front of the teen. “You know, I've a fine appreciation for all the hard work people do to build roads, and here you are ruining weeks of work in minutes while trying to fuck up my ride.” He snarled while putting a foot on the teen's chest.

“Kitty's mine.” Lance gasped.

“No. She. Isn't. Xander said while increasing pressure with his foot. “She's her own person. Leave her alone. You think you can bury us? I'll bury you so deep archaeologists wouldn't be able to find you. Am I clear?” Xander said as he pressed down to the near breaking point of the kid's ribcage.

Lance nodded.

“Good. You attack us again, you won't see me coming. You think Mystique's going to be happy you went off solo? You're a fool. She doesn't suffer fools lightly.” Xander growled before vanishing from sight.

Lance coughed as the pressure disappeared off his chest. “Damn who was that guy?” He wondered aloud before getting up and heading towards the Brotherhood house. “Shit I need some wheels.” He gasped.

Hopefully Mystique wouldn't notice how late he was in getting back.
Back at the Mansion....

“He does it again I'm dropping him off in the bad part of Mexico.” Xander told the others after he got back to the institute.

“How's the van?” Kurt asked him.

“It's fine, a coat of wax and it'll be as good as new.” Xander assured him. “Thing's sturdy as hell after all.”

“My question is how did Lance get so far ahead of us? He didn't have a car.” Emma asked.

“The stops at the music store, the burger hut and the pet shop might have given him a head start.” Anna pointed out. “Though thanks for letting me get that album I've been wanting.” She said to Xander.

Xander sighed but nodded. “I'm going to go tell Xavier what happened. All of you, homework than a light training session.” He told them.

They whined. “It's a light session since we've all just survived a light earthquake. I could up the level if you want.” he warned them.

“Fine.” Kurt said before teleporting Todd and himself up to their room.

The others nodded before heading off to their own rooms to finish their homework.

Changing his clothes back to normal, Xander headed to Xavier's office.
Xavier's Office...

“Well you were right. Lance has a temper.” Xander told him after being allowed into the man's office. “He attacked my van on the way back from town.”

“May I see?” Xavier asked him.

Xander nodded and let the man into his head.

After a few moments Xavier removed himself from Xander's memories. “I see. His rage is focused. He blames us for taking Kitty away from him. If he does something like this again... sending him away may not be the best idea, but it's a viable one. Perhaps dropping him off at his home... A time out if you will.”

“I could just drop him off in the middle of the Atlantic.” Xander suggested.

“If he dies he won't learn anything.” Xavier countered.

“Point.” Xander sighed. “He just demolished a decent section of road. He can't be allowed free reign professor. He'll draw too much attention. This isn't New York City, where a few super powered people are making an appearance. Bayville is the boonies in comparison. People will be asking questions we don't want answered.”

“You're right Xander. Lance's abilities are quite... obvious to say the least. We may have to equip everyone with mircodart launchers to keep him in check since it's more effective than the knockout gas we had been using.”

“Better range too.” Xander added before running a hand through his hair. “The kid's kind of fixated on Kitty Professor. It can't end well.”

“I understand your worries Xander. Her safety is important to us. Once she gets the hang of her powers she will be untouchable after all.”

“Yeah, but the people around her aren't.” Xander muttered. “I'm just glad my van is as sturdy as it is.”

“Yes, I honestly wish I'd gotten a Latverian van instead of converting an American one into the X-Van. But those vehicles are hard to come by.” Xavier said with a grin. “Thanks for coming to me with this.”

“You're the man in charge.” Xander said with a shrug.

“Yes well, I trust you to do the right thing Xander.” Xavier told him.

Xander nodded. “Thanks prof.” He said before walking out of the office.

Xavier sighed after Xander had left the office. “Lance... Your anger may be your undoing.” He said to himself. “Xander doesn't kill humans but he may stop you in a way you can't come back from.”

“Right, listen up half pint. Today we're going to be working on getting you to phase at will.” Logan said to the short brunette.

“How are we going to do that?” Kitty asked him.

Logan smirked. “Fellas, you're up.” He called.

Todd and Kurt jumped down from some of the trees on the grounds. Both of them carried buckets full of....

“Not water balloons!” Kitty cried as she ducked the first one.

“This isn't dodging practice, it's power practice!” Logan snapped. “Stand still and use them!”

Kitty took a deep breath and they began again.
The Danger Room.....

“All right, I've brought both of you here to try something.” Xavier told Jean and Emma. “The two of you both have the same abilities, but you've both developed one more than the other. I want to link your minds temporarily. By doing this I hope Emma will be able to experience how to telekinetically move things, and Jean will be able to fully awaken her telepathic powers.”

“Is this safe?” Jean asked him.

“It should be.” Xavier told her. “Now both of you close your eyes.”

“Right kid, we're done.” Logan told her.

“You think I've got it down?” She asked, hopeful.

“No, we're out of water balloons. You still need work.” Logan smirked before tossing her a towel. “You'll get it in time half-pint.”

“You did real good Kitty.” Kurt said as he hung down from a branch by his tail.

“Thanks Kurt.” Kitty sighed.

“Elf, Frog legs, let's go! Round up C and A, we've got Capoeria practice before dinner!” Logan called.

“We've got to go.” Kurt sighed.

“It's fine. Could you teleport me up to my room before you get Anna and Cordelia?” She asked him.

“Sure thing.” Kurt grinned before flipping onto the ground and taking her hand.

In the kitchen.....

Xander grinned as he checked the oven. It wasn't a candyfruit soufflé by any means, but he was trying. The air was getting cooler at night now so he opted for a pot roast. In the oven was a nice loaf of pumpernickel whose recipe he'd gotten from Kurt's bag of culinary tricks. Hopefully it would be enough to feed everyone.

Scott came into the kitchen looking a little lost.

“What's up man?” Xander asked him.

“Huh? Oh, just feeling out of sorts. You guys got attacked and I wasn't there to help.” Scott said as he sat down at the kitchen table.

“Don't worry about it. It got handled. If I didn't take care of it, Anna or Emma could have taken him out.” Xander said.

“But...” Scott said.

“What were you doing?” Xander asked him.

“Jean and I were going through some new angular geometry moves with my optic blasts in the danger room.” Scott said.

“What have you gotten up to?” Xander asked him.

“Twenty seven point ricochet.” Scott grinned. “It's a lot easier without having to stop and control my visor.”

“No harm in improving your skills Scott, you couldn't have known we were going to be ambushed. Besides, didn't you like spending time with a pretty girl?” Xander asked which made Scott splutter.

“It's not like that.” Scott said.

“Sure it isn't.” Xander grinned. “You two can't fool me Scott, not with my nose. Here's a secret... she likes you too.”

“Really?” Scott asked, surprised.

“Yep. And if this little thing the professor is doing jump starts her telepathy to where it can be, She'll know exactly what Duncan Matthews thinks of her. If I know my jock right, it'll be somewhere along the lines of 'boobs.'” Xander told him with a grin.

“But she's more than that.” Scott said.

“I know that, you know that. Duncan Matthews knows that too, thing is he probably doesn't care.” Xander said while checking his watch. “Do me a favor, go set the table would you? I'm going to go get everybody else. We've got another ten minutes or so till dinner.”

“Yeah. Gonna be weird using the dining room though.” Scott said.

“We'll get used to it, go on, set the table for twelve would you?” Xander said before teleporting to the Danger Room's control room.

“Good work today you two.” Xavier told him as he severed the link between the two of them.

“It's still really hard to move things around.” Emma half whined.

“You'll get the hang of it.” Jean assured her before the redhead rubbed her temples.

“You okay Red?” Emma asked her.

“Headache.” She said.

“Your telepathic powers were just boosted temporarily. It should fade as your mind adapts.” Xavier assured her. “When I'm not here it will be up to the two of you to operate Cerebro.”

“Us? Really?” Emma asked.

“When I'm not here. If at any time I ask you to use it without you seeing me use it first, it's an impostor.” Xavier said.

“Does this have anything to do with those awful limericks we've been learning?” Jean asked him.

“Yes. With a master of disguise like Mystique working against us, we need to be careful here.” He told them.

“Hey guys? Dinner in five.” Xander called from the control room.

“Thanks Xander, could you take us up?” Xavier called.

“Sure thing.” Xander said as he appeared in the room. “It's pot roast tonight.” He told them. “Everybody hang on.” He told them as he placed one hand on Xavier's shoulder and both Emma and Jean touched his back.

At dinner.

“Not bad kid.” Logan said as he patted his full stomach.

“Thanks.” Xander muttered. “Think using real butter on the bread was too much?”

“Nah.” Logan said.

“Snork....” Kurt said from where he was sleeping. The others were in similar states of slumber.

“I thought Germans could handle the fatty foods?” Xander asked Logan.

“American life must be getting to him.” Logan said before standing, then sitting down again. “Think I'll let this digest a bit.” he said.

“We should get a TV or something on the far wall.” Xander said. “You know, for times like this.”

“Heh.” Logan grinned. “I've said it before kid. You're all right, some times.”

“Still pissed huh?” Xander asked him.

“Yup.” Logan answered.
Brotherhood house....

Mystique woke up due to a chill in her bedroom. She shivered a bit as she got out of bed to close her window. She looked at the bed and Victor was gone. In his place was a …. kite. She turned her lamp on and read the note that was attached.

She suppressed a small smile. “I'll make sure he gets it Victor.” She whispered before setting the kite aside and getting back into bed.

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