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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,86710 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 37

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
The Fantastic Four were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Victor Von Doom was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 37

“Field trip today right?” Fred asked Scott.

“Yeah. It's been on the roster with the Geology Club for months. I've really been looking forward to it.” Scott told his roommate.

“Isn't Jean going too?” Fred asked.

“She is. So are you going to ask Emma?” Scott opted to ask his roommate, directing attention away form his not quite relationship with Jean.

Fred blushed. “Scott... I can't do that. She's like an angel.”

“Emma? The same Emma who asks if her shirt is showing too much cleavage and if one person says it isn't, she goes to find one that does? That Emma?”

Fred threw a pillow at his roommate. “It's not like that. She's..... so much more than how she dresses man.”

“If you say so. She's a pretty forceful personality.” Scott said before shaking his head. “Don't think I could date her myself.”

“People change Scott.” Fred told him as he held up his old overalls. “In more ways than one. I didn't think I'd have friends, but I do now.”

“Yeah, this place has a way of bringing out the best in people.” Scott agreed. “We should probably head downstairs if we want to have time for breakfast before school.”

“Just glad it isn't my day on the rotation.” Fred said with a grin. “It's good to have a day off now and again.”

“But you like cooking.” Scott argued. “I just wish you could get through to Kitty that muffins shouldn't bounce like that.”

Both men shuddered at the thought of the young girl's cooking.

“I think I just lost my appetite.” Fred said before laughing. “Nah, I could eat.”

The Garage....

“I need to talk to Fury.” Xander told Logan.

“Pass me the socket wrench would ya?” Logan asked him.

Xander handed him the wrench.

“I can call him, what do you need to speak with him about?” Logan asked him.

“Doom wants an audience with me. I could use some real info on the guy before I go to his embassy.” Xander sighed.

Logan slid out from under the X-Van. “Doom, Victor Von Doom, wants an audience with you?” He said skeptically.

Xander shrugged.

“Right. I'll call him. You might owe him a favor for this though.” Logan cautioned.

Xander sighed. “I know.”

SHIELD Helicarrier... Later that Day....

“Do I really have to be blindfolded for this?” Xander asked the head of SHIELD.

“This section of the Helicarrier is so secret, even I forget where it is sometimes.” Nick told him.

“Well we're sixteen decks down from bridge and under the left generator wing.” Xander told him.

Fury grunted before yanking off Xander's blindfold. “Funny guy. Now listen up, Logan's told me about that magic sword of yours. Said it healed one of yours. I want you to try to heal one of mine. You do that, I let you look at Doom's dossier, the one that isn't blacked out.”

“Who do you want me to try to heal?” Xander asked him.

Fury opened the door in front of them.

“No way.” Xander gasped.

“Give it a shot kid.” Fury told him. “Do that and the info's yours.”

“I'll try.” Xander promised.

“Unfreakingbelievable.” Xander said as he stared at the iced body of one hero that he'd thought was only a legend.. “He's real.” he said before letting his fur come out. He withdrew his sword and gazed into the Eye of Thundera, seeking an audience with the power that lay within it.

Moments later the sword was floating over the cryogenically preserved man and the eye opened. The ice began cracking slowly until all of a sudden it shattered into hundreds of pieces that flew away from the body. The eye emitted a pulsing red light that encompassed the hero's body.

Both Xander and Fury stood there as the sword worked it's... magic.

The red light dimmed and the sword returned to it's passive state before floating over to Xander's hand He sheathed the sword and waited. A few moments later the body began to move.

Captain America was awake.

“What's the verdict Nick?” Steve Rodgers asked his old CO.

“You're as fit as a fiddle Steve. If I wasn't looking at the results myself I wouldn't have believed them. But there is one thing...” Nick Fury told his friend.

“What is it?” Steve asked.

“Well, it seems that using the... energy we used to heal you left a mark of sorts.” Fury told him.

“What do you mean 'mark'?” Steve asked. “I'm not vain or anything but what are you talking about.”

Nick handed him a mirror.

“Red hair? Small price to pay for being healthy again.” Steve said with a scoff. “Now, why keep me on ice? You're not thinking about restarting 'Project Rebirth' are you? I made sure I destroyed it.”

“About that...” Fury said. “You know how the government can spend millions of dollars on a scrapped project? Well sometimes they spend twice as much on two.”

“There's another one?” Steve yelled before calming down. “Is it safe? Have you perfected the formula?”

“Yes, it's secure, but it isn't safe. The human body isn't meant for that kind of stress. The few branches of research related to it have gone... badly.” Fury told him.

“How badly?” Steve asked.

“Let me tell you about a man named Bruce Banner.” Fury said with a slightly defeated tone.
Meanwhile with Xander.....

“This stuff reads like stereo instructions.” Xander muttered as he read Doom's file. “Had Richards as a roommate... that would probably be enough to make anyone go evil, I've heard him talk. Like Willowbabble on speed when he really gets going. Hmmm....” Xander mused. “I suppose I'm just going to have to talk to him. If not, he'll find me when he wants to.” He said as he finished the file that gave the basic economic structure of Latveria. “Strong nation considering the limited industry and size.” He tapped his fingers on the table. “I've got all I can get from here. Better call the General.” He said before walking over to the door and pressing the intercom button. “I'm done. Can someone show me the way out of here?”

Latverian Embassy, New York City....

Xander tentatively pressed the button on the gate's intercom.

“Yes?” A mechanical voice asked.

“I'm Xander Harris, um.... Doom wanted to speak with me?” He said into the mic.

“Doom is waiting.” The voice said before the gate opened.

“Huh.” Xander said before walking inside.

The architecture was vaguely European in nature that had hints of hidden depths, or technology. Xander was surprised to see a butler holding the door open for him as he made it to the front door. “Master Doom has been expecting you young Alexander.” Was what the short man said as he led Xander down two hallways that were full of sets of armor that looked to be well maintained before ushering him into what looked like a study.

“Welcome young Alexander.” A deep and slightly menacing voice said from the desk. It took Xander a moment to realize that there was someone in this particular set of armor, though he couldn't get a scent for some reason. Maybe it was hermetically sealed or something.

“You wanted to speak with me?” Xander asked.

“You are a curiosity Alexander. I was terribly surprised when two of my agents I had placed on the Hellmouth suddenly found themselves with child nineteen years ago.” Doom stated.

“My parents worked for you?” Xander said skeptically. “Tony the drunk and my mom who had problems following the directions on a box of macaroni and cheese?”

“Your uncle Rory as well.” Doom stated. “The Hellmouth is a place of.... interesting happenings. Even now your friends are fighting a secret war against a government installation that is doing the foolish thing of trying to use science to classify and control demons. Your friends will succeed provided they make use of the explosives I am going to send them.”

“Wait, you know about the Initiative?” Xander asked. He hadn't told many people about the stuff he'd been hearing from Sunnydale lately. Mainly just the Professor and Cordelia.

“Doom knows more than most would have you believe.” Doom stated. “As for you, Alexander Harris, or Creed if you prefer. You are an Omega class mutant, yet you are not human. Doom has gotten many reports from your Uncle on your abilities as they manifested. Something which your own parents had remained oblivious too. They are currently being... debriefed. It is taking some time to undo the enchantments placed upon them. Most curious that.” Doom stated.

“From what I can tell, a great deal of the children in Sunnydale are adopted. Some sort of system was in place to keep the population up. Feeding the beast as it were.” Xander told him.

“It makes sense. Doom called you here because there come times when the world is in peril, at those times one with your unique skill set could help prevent it. When those times come, if Doom calls on you, Doom will want you to respond.” Doom stated.

“You're recruiting me to save the world?” Xander asked.

“The Age of Apocalypse is something Doom wishes to avoid at any cost. Even if it means asking others for help. Doom has not angered you yet, so Doom is asking you, a powerful but relatively unknown hero for help.”

“Wait, wait... You mean that... you mean Apocalypse the person don't you?” Xander asked him.

“Yes.” Doom stated.

“What do you know?” Xander asked him.

“Not much more than what you gave to SHIELD.” Doom stated. “ A little more from a seer in service to Doom but not much.”

“If you find anything, let me know will you?” Xander asked.

Doom nodded. “Thank you for listening.”

“It was that or you make me get the message right?” Xander said with a shrug. “Unlike other heroes, I'm not into collateral damage. Too many nice buildings out there.”

Doom nodded. “You've the appreciative mind of an architect.”

“I do, say this is going to sound weird but are you a robot?” Xander asked.

“Doom has his own way of teleconferencing.” Doom stated with a metallic chuckle.

Xander snorted. “You're a strange guy. Why aren't you fighting me or trying to steal my power?”

“Aside from your mutation, you've worked to gain your strength Doom respects that..” Doom stated.

“May I go?” Xander asked. Doom nodded and Xander saluted before teleporting from the embassy.

The Field Trip....

“Jean...” Scott said to the redhead. “We've known each other for a long time but...” That was all he got to say before the bus began to lose control on the snowy road. Scott sighed before opening a window and using his optic blasts to help stabilize the bus.

“Well kids, looks like the trip is canceled due to unsafe driving conditions.” The teacher called after everyone had calmed down.

“Um can't we just use the snowmobiles to go the rest of the way?” Someone asked.

The teacher sighed. “Fine.” he said. “Everyone, put on your jackets and hats, it's cold out there.”

The mansion....

“Okay.... and stop.” Fred said as he pressed the stop button the stopwatch.

Both Todd and Kitty shut off their soldering irons. “I wasn't finished yet.” Kitty huffed.

“I was.” Todd said with a grin.

“Well let's see what you have.” Forge said as he looked at what the two had managed to cobble together out of the spare parts he'd left behind after upgrading the mansion. He'd found his parents working at a casino in South Dakota. They weren't exactly happy to be confronted with a living ghost from their past. With limited options, he came back to the institute. While there he realized both Kitty and Todd had an unusual understanding of electronics. Nowhere near his level, but still they had great potential.

“Hmm.” Forge said as he looked at Todd's device. “Magnetic field inhibitor. Could prove useful but it probably wouldn't last against something of extreme power. Might be able to be used to bypass a security field. Good work Todd.”

“Aww shucks.” Todd grinned “Tweren't nothin'”

Kitty huffed before Forge picked up her unfinished work. “Kitty this is good work.” He said as he examined and finished the work. “Ultrasonic frequency generator, capable of liquefying rock. This could be useful in expanding the underground networks. Well done both of you.”

Kitty blushed under the praise while Todd preened over his accomplishment.

“And you're not going to patent these?” Emma asked.

“I don't think the world is ready.” Fred told her.

“Really?” Emma asked him.

“Yeah, if they can put this stuff together with the stuff Forge leaves behind, there's no way his upgrades can go public.” Fred said while Kitty and Todd nodded.

“Hmmm.” Emma said as she contemplated the gentle giant that was one of the newest addition to their family. He was really shaping up, in more ways than one.
Brotherhood House....

Mystique pinched the bridge of her nose. “This isn't working.” She growled.

“What do you expect? I can't run on the ground while he's tumbling it.” Pietro snorted.

“If you paid attention, my power tends to work in straight lines.” Lance snarled at Pietro. “It'd also help if you freaking stood still for once!”

“Let's try this again.” Mystique told them. She needed something, some motivation or maybe a ringer of some sort. Perhaps she should call Victor if he wasn't busy off doing errands.

After the field trip....

“Ha! You owe me two dollars.” Todd said to Kurt.

“You bet they would get together after the trip. They got together during the trip. It's a non bet. Nobody won the pool.” Kurt told him.

“I want my two dollars.” Todd told him.

“Don't have it.” Kurt said with a shrug.

Todd sighed. “I was so sure too.” he said.

“Maybe you'll win the next betting pool.” Kurt encouraged.

“Yeah, next time.” Todd said.

Mail Call...

“Yes!” Evan said as he held up the results for everyone to see.

“You got it?” Kurt asked him.

“Yeah! I aced it.” Evan said with a smile. “Now I can really focus on my boarding.” He said before running off to go tell his Aunt.

Kurt shared a look with Anna. “She's not going to be happy.” He said.

“That's an understatement.” Anna snorted. “He's leaving us isn't he?”

“He has a dream.” Kurt said. “Shame it's not part of Xavier's.”

“He'll grow up in time.” Anna told him.

“We'll see won't we?” Kurt said with a sigh. “We could have been better friends to him.”

“He didn't want friends, he wanted control and freedom. He's got it.” Anna said as she tightened a gloved fist.

“We'll find a way to control your powers Anna. You just need to be patient.” Kurt said softly.

Anna nodded after taking a few deep breaths. “I'm just glad that I'm still me. If Destiny hadn't brought me here, there's no telling how many people I'd have touched by now.”

“Come on, I'm sure there's enough in the pantry for me to make my mother's special fudge. You can help make sure Kitty doesn't ruin it.” Kurt offered.

“She just can't be trusted in a kitchen can she?” Anna said with a laugh.

“I trust her more to build a robot to cook for her at this point.” Kurt said with a grin.

With Forge....

“Hey Logan....” Forge said to the gruff older man.

“Can I help you kid?” Logan asked him.

“Yeah, I've built a modified MRI, I was wondering if you'd be willing to test it out for me.” Forge said.

“I've got a metal coated skeleton kid.” Logan reminded him.

“That's why I've modified it. You've got the metal bones, Xander's body is incredibly dense and Fred... well not much gets past his skin. Please?” Forge asked.

“Sure kid, I can't promise it's going to work though.” Logan agreed.

“You won't regret it man.” Forge told him.

“What on earth?” Forge said as he stared at the display. He hit the intercom. “Professor Xavier, I need you down here in the infirmary.”

“What is it Forge? Has something happened?” The Professor asked.

“I found something in Logan's MRI. It's.... you need to see it and decide what we should do.” Forge said.

“What did you find kid?” Logan asked him as he came into the diagnostic chamber.

“You've got a chip in your brain.” Forge told him. “It's still active too.”

“Really?” Logan asked. “What can we do about it?”

“I called the Professor down, but there is something we can do after I build the device.” Forge told him. “Tell me, have you ever seen a movie called 'Total Recall'?” Forge asked him.

“You don't want to.... Well considering it's either that or the mouth right?” Logan said with a frown.

“What's all the trouble?” Professor Xavier asked as he rolled into the infirmary.

Forge showed him.

“Oh dear.” Xavier said as he looked at the results of the test.

“Build what you need to get this thing out of me.” Logan told the teen. “I've seen what you've done with this place. I trust you enough for it.”

“I will let you know when it's ready.” Forge told him.

“You do that.” Logan told him.

“Ohh gross!” Kitty said as she watched Cordelia manipulate the device that crawled it's way up Logan's nose.

“You don't have to watch.” Xander gently reminded her. “None of you have to be here.” He told Kitty and the others.

“He's Logan, he's family.” Kurt said softly while the others nodded.

“GRRAAGHH....” Logan screamed as the device crunched onto the chip and began extracting it from his brain.

Kitty winced.

“Kurt, get her out of here.” Xander told his brother.

Kurt nodded before teleporting the distraught girl upstairs.

By the time he teleported back the chip was out.

Another Mail Call....

Xander laughed as he read the letter.

“What is it?” Cordelia asked him.

“I've got a request from an acquaintance.” Xander told her. “I need to go to the city, can I pick you up anything while I'm there?” Xander asked.

“Nah, I'm good. Just hurry back.” She told him.

Four Freedoms Plaza....

“Reed your hair!” Susan yelled as she stared at her fiancée.

“Hmm? Yes, someone put a chemical depilatory in my shampoo. Quite juvenile.” Reed said as he ran a hand over his bald scalp. “A very effective one at that.”

“That's what you get for getting 'Mandy' stuck in Victor's head during freshman year....” A voice said in the middle of the room. “Mwahahahaha.... Oh this stupid. I'm going now.” the voice said before everything went quiet.

Johnny looked around. “Reed did you just get pranked?” He asked him.

“I believe so. It looks like we're going to need to revise security.” Reed told him.

Just then the Thing burst into the room. “Somebody swiped my cigars!” he cried.

“Kid these are crap.” Logan said as he puffed on a cigar. “Where'd you get 'em?”

“You wouldn't believe me if I told you.” Xander told him with a grin.

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