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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,88710 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 40

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 40:

Xander grunted as he tried to maintain his position. He and Fred's hands were pushing against each other as each tried to force the other to fall to one knee. Fred had the height advantage but Xander had better stamina. “So what's happening at your school again?” Xander asked his new sparring partner.

“New principal.” Fred grunted. “Guy's name is Kelley. Says he doesn't want any 'funny' stuff happening.”

“I thought you guys have been behaving at school?” Xander asked as they both broke the hold and began circling each other. He gave a quick jab which Fred ducked and countered with his own. Xander took the hit and Fred shook his hand.

“We have been. Same can't be said about Pietro and Lance.” Fred told him. “Have you been getting harder? Punching you didn't use to hurt this much.”

“We've both been improving since the Juggernaut.” Xander said. “I've been eating more and training harder. I've gained another sixty pounds. If Forge is right, my body's adapting to the stress or something. It's gradual.”

“What does that mean?” Fred asked.

“Don't know. In enough time I might be able to hurt the Hulk. Though it'll take a lot of training to get there.” Xander told him. “Come on, another five minutes of this and we're going for a cross country run.”

“Hard ass.” Fred laughed.

“So my girlfriend tells me.” Xander grinned before lashing out with a right hook.
The observation room.

“They're just punching each other in the face.” Kurt said.

“Your Bro's kinda weird man.” Todd told him. “Hits like a truck though.”

Kurt snorted. “Like you've been hit by him.”

Todd rolled his eyes. “Not really, but even the shock waves hurt man. Still that Juggernaut guy is no joke, think your Bro will be able to handle him on his lonesome?”

“Not in a one on one fight. But as we're learning, sometimes we have to cheat to win.” Kurt told him. “Still, given enough time all of us might be able to take the big guy out with the right tactics.”

“Now you sound like Scott.” Todd sighed.

“He's gotten better. He's dating Jean, has a brother he chats with online. He's... unclenching.” Kurt said. “Besides he makes up the fourth voice in our morning quartets.”

“Speaking of which, we gotta learn some new tunes.” Todd told him.

“Believe me, I know. It'd be easier if we all had a common taste in music.” Kurt sighed. “There's only so many Beach Boys songs.”

After breakfast that morning...

“What are you doing this afternoon?” Xavier asked Xander.

“This and that.” Xander said with a shrug. “What's up?”

“There's someone I'd like you to talk to. I've been treating her, but her rage... She's a powerful and nearly uncontrollable mutant. You... calmed her father. Perhaps you could help her as well.” Xavier said.

“What's her name, and where is she?” Xander asked.

“Her name is Wanda, and she's in an Asylum.” Xavier said. “Eric put her there when her powers manifested. She had no control at the time. She's older now, she might be able to focus if her rage is properly quelled.”

“Why ask me? You've got two really strong telepaths here besides yourself.” Xander asked.

“It's.... I don't want to rewrite the girl's mind. It's the next to last option.” Xavier told him.

“As opposed to the last option.” Xander muttered. “Like with that kid in South Carolina.”

“His mutation was lethal to everyone within a half mile radius. It was as much a matter of national security as it was secrecy.” Xavier said. “How did you even know about it?”

“A town goes empty then Logan disappears for a couple of days. Not hard to figure out. Besides, Fury copped to it when I asked.” Xander growled. “I'll go, see if I can help. No promises though.”

“I never wish to use the 'final solution' Xander. Sometimes there is just no other way.” Xavier sighed.

“I know. Doesn't mean I like it.” Xander sighed. “I'll be here.”

“Thank you.” Xavier said quietly.
Bayville High.... Lunchtime.

“God, they are such bastards.” Lance muttered as he glared at the table full of X-Geeks. “They think they're so much better than us.”

“Oh can it.” Pietro said as he threw one of his empty soda cans at the other teen. “They are better than us. They get along and can fight as a group. Plus they have that big tiger guy on their side. Him I hate.”

“He's a scary guy.” Lance said with a shudder as he rubbed his chest. “You can't see him coming.”

“Well they can't see me either when I go warp speed.” Pietro countered. “There's a girl's soccer game tonight. How about we shake it up a bit?”

“Now that's an idea.” Lance said with a grin.

After School....
Back at the institute.

“You know this isn't half as fun when you don't put your heart into it.” Emma told Kitty as the two were running the obstacle course. While she wasn't a physical fighter, Emma had been learning the value of being able to run away.

“Like sorry.” Kitty said as she picked up her pace. “It's been weird lately. I've been thinking about stuff.”

“Boys on your mind?” Emma asked her as the scaled the wall.

“Sort of.” Kitty said while they landed. “You've got Fred, Jean's got Scott. Most I've got is Anna and her occasional nightmares about some girl named Harmony. Something about cheerleading camp.”

Emma almost tripped. “Something from Cordelia's past I'm sure. Anna doesn't strike me as the cheerleading type.”

“No kidding.” Kitty laughed. “Still. Todd's great with electronics like me but Kurt's more... entertaining.”

“Don't choose. Dating teammates especially one of a duo might cause issues. Maybe once someone catches one of their eyes first. That way there will be less conflict if something goes south.” Emma advised.

“But where are we going to get someone that catches his eye? His tend to wander.” Kitty asked.

“Well....” Emma trailed off.

“You know something don't you?” Kitty asked her.

“Oh, I know lots of things.” Emma said with a predatory grin.
At the Asylum....

“Prof, this place looks like hell.” Xander said as they walked through the halls of the asylum.

“It's not the best of places, then again it's supposed to be a soothing environment.” Xavier said with a sigh.

Xander snorted. “So why did you really bring me here?” He asked.

“Wanda's powers are very... chaotic.” Xavier told him.

“And I've been exposed to high doses of chaos magic.” Xander sighed. “What you'll think I'll be immune or something?”

“That or she'll like you.” Xavier said with a grin.

“You're a real puppet master sometimes Chuck.” Xander sighed.

“Who's your friend? One of your precious students?” Wanda half snarled at Xavier.

“Actually yes. His mother is a former associate of your father's. It may be hard to believe Wanda, but he has changed.”

“Liar!” Wanda yelled.

“I could relay to you some of what your father has done. But instead I will tell you that he wants you out of here. To live Wanda. He wants you happy, even if it means he isn't there to see it.”

“You offering to get me out of here?” She asked.

“He is. I think I know a guy who help your little 'control problem'” Xander said. “Tell me, you ever hear of someone called the 'Sorcerer Supreme'?”

“He exists? I thought he was legend.” Wanda said. “Some fool who claims to worship Dormammu lives in a cell near mine. Won't shut up about him.” Wanda said. “I won't be a prisoner anymore?”

“You'll be escorted.” Charles said. “At least until you've gained adequate control.”

“This isn't some mind game or trick?” She asked.

“No trick. We're running out of options Wanda. We can keep you here until you eventually break out, I could rewrite or wipe your mind, or we could make sure you're not a danger to anyone ever again.” Xavier told her. “But I'd really rather help you.”

“You'd kill me?” Wanda asked. “You?” She laughed.

“Not necessarily me. But the job will be done. If not by us, then the government. Mutants can't stay a secret forever.” Xavier said.

“Get me out of this coat and we'll talk. I'm tired of hugging myself.” Wanda told him.

Charles couldn't help but try to hide his smile.
On the Road...

“Where is he anyways?” Wanda asked as she stared out of the car's window as they left the asylum.

“He's taking care of a large group of mutants that are incapable of passing in public. People can be incredibly superficial when it comes to appearances.” Xavier said with a sigh.

“Did I really have to wear the hat?” Xander asked from upfront of the Rolls Royce.

“Yes.” Xavier and Wanda said in unison.

Xander sighed and raised the privacy screen. “Now to find a place to park from prying eyes so I can teleport us back to the institute.” He muttered.

“I know this place.” Wanda said as she stared at the grounds of the institute.

“You and Pietro used to play here in lighter times. I'm surprised you remembered.” Xavier commented as they walked the grounds.

“I was happy. Once.” Wanda told him. “This place still seems quiet.”

“We'll be recruiting more mutants over the summer.” Xavier told her. “I've quite a to do list for my current charges once the semester is over.”

Wanda stared at the teens that were running around and playing, using their powers within the confines of the grounds. “Do you think I have a chance here?” She asked him.

“I hope you do. I can't continuously suppressing some of your stronger impulses.” Xavier told her.

“Thank you for that.” she told him. “I'll be visiting this Dr. Strange tomorrow?”

“Yes. In the meantime, let's continue the tour of the grounds.” Xavier told her.
With the dynamic duo....

“Who's the new hotness?” Todd asked Kurt.

“Dunno. Go check it out?” Kurt suggested.

“Let's.” Todd agreed.

Xavier pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Something wrong?” Wanda asked him.

“Look up.” He sighed.

She did. “Oh.” She said. “What are they doing exactly?”

“Right, you've spent most of your life in isolation.” Xavier said. “Well.... during puberty boys and girls tend to notice each other. Isn't that right boys?” Xavier called up.

“Right Professor.” Todd and Kurt said together.

“Run along now, you can speak with her at dinner.” He told them.

They nodded before Kurt teleported them away.

“Boys huh?” Wanda asked him.

“Yes. They can be a handful at times. They're really quite nice once you get to know them.” Xavier said.

“We'll see.” Wanda said.

At Dinner.....

“This is where you're allowed to slap him.” Emma whispered into Wanda's ear.

“Really?” She said. “I can do that?”

“Well, you'd better storm out in a huff right after but yes.” She told the new teen.

Wanda nodded before taking a deep breath and slapping Todd in the face hard before storming out of the dining room.

“Well, at least she's learning.” Xavier grinned.

“Did anybody else get an erection when she slapped me?” Todd mused.

Everyone looked at him.

“Nevermind.” Todd said before sinking into his chair some more.
After Dinner....

“What is he doing?” Wanda asked.

“Roleplaying. Kurt's got a thing for those old Errol Flynn movies.” Xander said as he adjusted the game's scenario slightly.

“He can use a sword with his tail?” She asked.

“It's fully prehensile. He can support his own body weight and then some.” Xander told her. “He's getting pretty capable at using three blades.”

“This is his hobby?” Wanda asked, incredulously.

“Well this and baking.” Xander said. “Want to give it a shot? No powers, just fun.”

“Okay, how do I get down there?” She asked.

Xander warned his brother before pausing the program. Kurt teleported up before taking Wanda down. He offered her a sword and the program began again.

Elsewhere in the house, Charles Xavier smiled.
The Big game.....

/They're unconscious/ Scott thought towards Jean.

/Thanks Scott./ Jean sent to her boyfriend as she dodged a slide tackle. /I'm glad my range has increased lately/

/Thank Cordelia's darts./ Scott sent back. /Pietro didn't even see it coming./

/Can't dodge when you're not ready/ Jean sent. /Pizza after the game?/

/Sounds good/ Scott thought back. He stared at the two. “Who the hell dresses these guys?” He asked aloud.

“Good question Mr. Summers.” Principal Kelley said. “Do I need to ask why they're dressed like it's Halloween?”

“Well sir, it's complicated.” Scott said.

“They were up to no good weren't they?” Kelley asked.

Scott nodded.

“No harm done, though next time, keep them out of sight won't you? Parents are here.” Kelley told the teen.

“Yes sir.” Scott said quietly as he watched the new principal walk off. This wasn't good.


Greenwich Village.....
The next day.....

“He lives here?” Wanda asked Xander as they approached the residence of the Sorcerer Supreme.

“Yeah.” Xander said. “He'll help you start the path towards control.” he told her as he knocked on the door.

Wong opened the door. “Alexander, Ms. Maximoff.” Wong answered. “The good doctor is out of body right now... but I can help you in what you seek.”

Wanda looked at Xander who nodded. “He's good people.” He told her before looking off towards the East. There was an explosion. “I need to go help take care of that.” he sighed.

“Get in and change before you go.” Wong advised.

“Yeah.” Xander agreed before stepping inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.

“Seriously?” Cheshire asked as he became visible. “Six to one odds? Hardly fair.”

“You going to help or just talk?” Spider-Man asked as he dodged the Vulture's dive bomb attack.

“Well I always love a good fight.” Cheshire grinned as he decked the Rhino.

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