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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
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Chapter 41

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 41:

“Here.” Xander said as he offered the younger teen a brown bottle.

“I don't drink.” Spider-Man said.

“It's root beer.” Xander told him. “Like I'd give another minor alcohol.”

Spider-Man took a look at the bottle and it was IBC. Grudgingly he held the bottle up to his jaw for a few minutes before taking a sip. “Thanks.” He said.

“Your enemies often team up like that?” Xander asked. “Cause I got to tell you that Sandman guy was annoying.”

“No, it was a first.” Spider-Man said. “Thanks for the assist.”

“I was in the area.” Xander told him. “Go change, I'll buy you a hot dog or something.”

“There's a nice Chinese place a couple of blocks away.” Spider-Man said as he ducked behind a chimney stack.

“You know, I know a guy might be able to rig you up with a transformative thingamajig that can get you in and out of costume a lot faster.” Xander told the teen as he came out wearing his civilian clothes.

“That Doctor Strange guy?” Peter asked. “Isn't he nearby?”

“You still haven't seen him?” Xander asked.

“I was on the way when I got attacked.” Peter defended.

“Let's stop by there first then go get some grub. I was there before I joined your little tussle.” Xander said. “I left a new friend in care of Wong as she needs some help.”

“What's up with her?” Peter asked.

“Her abilities tie in to magic to an extent.” Xander said. “She's fresh from isolation so she needs some immediate tutoring.”

“Oh.” Peter said. “That sucks. Is she like you?”

“A mutant? Yeah.” Xander said. “Our powers are like the prize in a cracker jack box. Some are great, others are really tiny. Man, that's a terrible analogy.” He paused. “Nevermind. I'm a bad metaphor person.”

“It's good to see you.” Wanda said to Xander with a large grin on her face.

“I wasn't gone long.” Xander said. “Unless something happened while I was gone.”

“Something did, but I assure you Wanda has gained complete control of her powers.” Stephen Strange said as he came to the door. “There was an interdimensional rift once I regained my corporeal form and we've just now finished dealing with it.”

“How long?” Xander asked her.

“A lifetime.” Wanda said sadly. “There's so much I didn't know.”

“You still pissed at your dad?” Xander asked her.

“Yep.” Wanda grinned.

“Well can't fault you for that. I was going to take Petey here out for some Chinese. You three want in?”

“Sounds good.” Stephen said as his clothes morphed into a standard suit. “There's a place down the block that's nearly out of this world.” He said with a grin.

“Man, I really need something like that.” Peter muttered as he watched the Sorcerer Supreme change clothes nearly instantly.

“We'll talk after the meal.” Stephen promised.


“Now that was some good eats.” Peter said as he patted his full belly. “Thanks for picking up the check.”

“Least I could do.” Xander said. “I did eat the lion's share of the food. Never seen a waitress cry like that before.”

“That might have been due to her developing tendinitis in her shoulder.” Dr. Strange commented. “Those ribs were decent this time around I'll admit.”

“I'm just glad we've antacids back at the Sanctorum.” Wong stated. “I feel we've been lucky to have such decent service.”

“Well I think I've got a new favorite type of food.” Wanda stated. “Are there any decent Chinese places in Bayville?”

“Just two.” Xander told her. “Time to head back?” He asked her.

Wanda nodded. “Yes. Thank you for today.”

“So how long were you gone?” Peter asked her.

“About fifty years.” Wanda said. “It was a different time and place. The crossroads... are a place of learning. So far, this has been the best day ever.”

“Wow. Still, I have been meaning to talk to you about my little.... arachnid connection.” Peter said to Stephen.

“I know. We can explore that after our friends get back to their home.” Stephen told him. “I assure you it will be an enlightening conversation.” he said with a smile.

“On that note, we'll be going.” Xander smiled. “It's been fun gentlemen.” He said with a nod before he and Wanda disappeared from sight.

Back at the Mansion.....

“You were really gone for fifty years?” Xander asked her as the walked up the drive.

“No. It was more like a century. Time was different at the crossroads.” Wanda said. “On the plus side I've gained control of my powers and my anger has lessened. Shame I couldn't have brought my wardrobe back with me.”

“Oh dear.” Xander muttered. “There's going to be a lot of girl talk when you get inside isn't there?”

Wanda's smile was her only answer.

Xander sighed.

“Welcome back.” Charles Xavier said to the two of them as they entered the mansion. “I trust your trip was useful.”

“You could say that.” Wanda said with a smirk. “I owe you both a great deal for my freedom. There won't be any problems from here on out.” She told him before heading towards her room. She paused as she walked up the staircase. “Where is Kurt by the way? I owe him a favor for his introducing me to swordplay.”

“Down in the Danger Room doing another of his more fanciful simulations. If they didn't allow him to think on his feet I wouldn't allow him such freedoms.” Charles told her.

“Those simulations helped me out Professor.” Wanda told him before heading downstairs to the lower parts of the mansion.

“Just what happened in New York?” Xavier asked.

“She went on an adventure with Dr. Strange. A rather long one.” Xander said with a shrug. “She hasn't told me much more than that and I'm not going to pry. So what's up?”

“You're going to be very busy this summer.” Xavier told him as he handed Xander a list of names and addresses. “These are the easy sells.” he said with a grin.

“Oh man really? This many?” Xander asked. “This will almost double our population.” Xander said in shock.

“You can deal with the ones in America. It would be problematic to get your van through customs in other nations.” Charles told him.

“You're all heart Chuck.” Xander said as he read the dossiers. “This one kid... Lee? Mind if we stop by my old stomping grounds while we're out there?” Xander asked.

“That would be agreeable.” Xavier said with a grin.
Down in the Danger Room....

“Wanda! It's good to see you!” Kurt said after taking the dagger out of his mouth.

“Good to be seen Kurt.” Wanda grinned as she flipped over a pirate that tried to tackle her.

“You've gotten better.” Kurt grinned as he threw the dagger into the boot of one pirate pinning him to the deck of the ship.

“I've been places and done some things. Your brother... it's never boring around him.” She grinned as she sent a blast of energy at a cannon causing it to fire at the opposing ship.

“He's a good guy.” Kurt laughed. “What brings you down here?”

“On my journeys I met someone named Talia.” Wanda said. “She says hello by the way.”

“I don't know anyone named Talia.” Kurt said, confused.

“You will.” Wanda smiled.
Up in the control room....

“Oh man.” Todd whined. “Chicks really do dig the fuzzy dudes.”

“What?” Kitty asked as she looked up from her homework. “What is she doing?” She half screamed

“I think she's checking to see if Kurt still has his tonsils.” Todd sighed. “Lucky bastard.”

“Oooh!” Kitty huffed before phasing through the door of the control room to go up to her room to sulk.

Todd was half tempted to up the difficulty on the simulation but decided against it. It wasn't Kurt's fault. “Wonder what's happening on upstairs.” He mused. “May as well let the program run itself out.” he said to himself before heading out of the room.

Anna and Kitty's room.....

Anna looked up from her magazine as Kitty stormed into their room and began crying as she hit her bed. “Something wrong?” She asked.

“It's that... that witch!” Kitty screamed. “She's here for like two days and she's making out with Kurt down in the Danger Room.”

“Really?” Anna asked, tossing her magazine aside and sitting up. “Big move for a girl fresh from the crazy house.”

“She went with Xander to New York to visit that Strange guy today. She came back and kissed Kurt.” Kitty said. “I was still working up my courage to ask him out.”

“You snooze you lose.” Anna told her. “Besides there are other mutants out in the sea.”

“There's Todd. But he's.... Todd you know?” Kitty said. “We'd probably argue all the time over little stuff.”

“I'm not saying date him Kitty.” Anna said. “You're not even fifteen yet. You should really shouldn't let this get to you.”

“I know. It's just... everyone's dating. Even you and Forge are getting along really well.” Kitty sighed.

Anna sputtered. “Forge and I are not dating.”

“Uh-huh.” Kitty snorted. “You two so are.”She said before tossing a pillow at the girl.

“What's that?” Cordelia asked Xander as he came into their room.

“List of the places we're going this summer on a recruitment drive.” Xander told her. “We've got four mutants to recruit.”

“Doesn't sound so hard.” She said as she took the list from his hands. “Classes are over in a week so we've got plenty of time to get these people here before the fall semester starts up.” She flipped over the first page. “California? Maybe take that as a chance to head back home for a bit.” She smiled.

“It'll be good to see the gang again.” Xander agreed. “I had a fun day.”

“You leave that Richards guy a Stretch Armstrong again?” She asked him.

“Not exactly.” Xander grinned. “Though Doom thought that was hilarious.”

“I still can't believe you're on speaking terms with him.” She snorted.

“Actually, there's something he's invited me to go to.” Xander told her.

“What?” She asked.

“Annual charity golf tournament.” Xander grinned.

“Doom golfs?” Cordelia laughed.

“He says he does.” Xander said with a shrug. “He can't be an all oppressive tyrant all the time.”

“Wait, are you going as yourself or as Cheshire?” She asked.

Xander's grin was answer enough.

The Daily Bugle....

“Parker get in here!” J. Jonah Jameson yelled as he took his cigar out of his mouth.

“He's not here sir.” Betty Brant told her boss.

“Where is he?” Jameson bellowed.

“I think he's in school right now sir.”

“Well page him or something. He's covering a golf tournament this weekend.” Jameson said before storming back into his office.

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