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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Chapter 46

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 46:

New Mexico, Road 502, thirty miles outside of Los Alamos....

“Is this place what I think it is?” Anna asked Xander as he stopped the van.

“Yeah. Stay in the van. All of you.” He told them as he got out of the vehicle.

“What's going on?” Tabitha asked.

“Demon Bar.” Cordelia and Anna said in unison.

“Don't look.” Forge told them. “I've heard about what he can do, this might get messy.”

The group watched as a weird looking brown skinned demon dressed in biker's gear was tossed through one of the blacked out windows of the bar. It's neck and one of it's arms were twisted at funny angles.

“Oh gross.” Sam said for all of them.

“I told you not to look.” Forge said.

“How do we know that isn't a mutant?” Paige asked.

“Because demons are real and Xander doesn't kill humans.” Cordelia told her. “We're going to be teaching an introductory class to the supernatural at the institute this year. Sorry about this but Xander really hates evil demons.”

“I can see that.” Tabitha said as the building caught fire. “He doesn't do things by half does he?”

“No. He doesn't.” Cordelia told her. “He should be done soon.” She said before turning on the radio.

Somehow 'Hot in the City' was oddly fitting for the moment.

Madrox household, outskirts of Los Alamos.

“This is the place.” Xander said as he parked the van.

“How can you tell?” Paige asked.

“The high privacy fence for one.” Forge said. “Plus this is the address we were given. They had intended to move to Kansas but they have managed a life here to an extent.”

“James Madrox is one of the rare mutants whose mutation is active at birth. When the doctor slapped his bottom, suddenly he was a set of twins.” Xander said. “They've managed to keep things fairly contained though whenever James leaves the house, it's actually one of his duplicates that can't produce any more.”

“That's kind of creepy.” Tabitha said.

“He can't help being what he is. None of us can.” Anna said. “It's our nature.” She said the last a little bitterly.

Forge took her hand and she smiled a little.

“Let's just get inside.” Xander said. “Xavier said he's been in contact with this family for a while. It should be pretty easy to get him in.”
Inside the house...

“Thank god you're here.” Joan Madrox said as she showed the group the living room. “Daniel's in his lab working on that blasted containment suit that still isn't working and Jamie's been getting antsy to go to this place.”

“A containment suit?” Forge asked. “Where's the lab?”

Joan told him and Forge wandered off as Xander was tackled by a multitude of the same boy.

“Easy, this is a good suit!” Xander said as one of the Jamies fell and duplicated himself in the process.

“Sorry.” Jamie said.

“It's okay. Just, pull yourself together okay? Say, have you ever been to Disney?” Xander asked him.

“No.” the Jamies all said together.

“Well if Forge can help your dad get a handle on this containment suit we'll make sure you go okay?” Xander said. “Just give him a little time. In the meantime, let's go pack your stuff.”

Xander led the multiples of the same young teen upstairs and just after the door closed a great shout was heard from the general direction of Daniel's lab.

“Looks like Forge figured it out.” Anna said.

“That's great news.” Joan said softly. “Are you really going to take him to Disney?”

“We are now.” Cordelia said. “I haven't been in forever myself.”

“Never gone.” Sam said while Anna, Tabitha and Paige nodded.

“Should be fun. We've got another stop in Los Angeles anyways.” Cordelia told them.

“This suit itches.” Jamie complained. He was clad head to toe in a unique looking suit but it did the trick. He couldn't multiply himself very easily anymore. He'd have to remove some of the fingertips to snap his fingers in order to make one clone.

While happy, Daniel Madrox was pissed he hadn't seen the flaw in his math sooner.

“So how many other mutants are at the institute?” Joan asked Xander

“Quite a few, though Jamie's going to be the youngest.” Xander told her.

“Well, be sure to have him call us.” Daniel said softly. “We're going to miss you son.”

“I'll miss you guys too. One last group hug?” He asked

“Sure.” Joan said softly as Jamie snapped his fingers.
In the Van....

“This is stupid.” Jamie said.

“You're still too short son.” Daniel said as he put in the booster seat in the last row of the van. “Now that the suit works we actually have to worry about you getting hurt on trips instead of a duplicate.”

“Fine.” Jamie huffed as his father strapped him in.

“All right, everyone ready?” Xander asked as he finished loading up the van.

“Ready.” Everyone said.

“Great, next stop is Beverly Hills.” Xander told them as he backed out of the Madrox's driveway. “Wave goodbye to your parents Jamie.”

He did.

Beverly Hills, Lee residence....

“You want our daughter to go to this institute with these... ruffians?” Mrs. Lee asked Xander.

“The Xavier institute has a lot to offer her.” Xander told her. “She'll have training in order to control and master her ability. Along with that she will have a chance to be with a group of teenagers with the same new problem in life. We have an excellent preparatory program and she will be able to get into the college of her choice provided she puts the effort needed into it.”

“She'll be able to get into one of the East Coast colleges?” Mrs Lee asked.

“Provided she puts in the effort, yes. The man in charge is quite a character reference.” Xander told her.

“I'll go inform her of her new situation.” Mrs. Lee said before going to find her daughter and the ruffians he had brought with him.

“So I'm a human cannonball, She's got fireworks at her fingertips and Tabitha's a walking bomb factory...” Sam said trailing off in thought. “Can't we just join a circus or something? Maybe work as a demolition crew?'”

“I'm not joining a circus.” Jubilation Lee and Tabitha Smith said in unison before sharing a look.

“Okay fine.” Sam said backing off.

“He can be taught.” Jubilation said as she stared at the admittedly country boy.

“That he can.” Tabitha grinned.

“So what's he look like with his shirt off?” Jubilation asked.

“Jamie, I think it's time we go.” Paige said softly.

“Why would they want to know what he looks like without a shirt on?” Jamie asked, confused.

“It's complicated.” Paige told him. “Plus it's something I don't want to hear.”


“This place is awesome!” Jamie said as he got in line for another ride.

“Glad you're having a good time.” Xander told him. “Sorry about saying you had a skin condition but it was the best way you could get away with wearing that suit here.”

“Well I do have a skin condition don't I?” Jamie asked him.

“I guess you do.” Xander chuckled. “Come on, I'll get you a mouse shaped ice cream bar after this ride is over.”

“Awesome.” Jamie said while Paige laughed.

“Why are we going to Sunnydale?” Jubilee asked as They left the greater Los Angeles area.

“I've got some friends there. It's just for a few days then we're going to Vegas followed by a quick trip to South Dakota.” Xander told them. “It'll be pretty quick.” He assured them.

“Can you just take me to the institute?” Jubilee asked as they entered the city limits. “This place doesn't feel right.”

“Yeah. Anyone else want to go?” Xander asked.

He was surprised when all of the younger kids raised their hands. “Right.” Xander said before he teleported the van to Bayville. “I need to be in New York for a press conference tomorrow anyways.” Xander told them. “All right, Xavier's place is about a five minute drive from here.”

Genetics Lab #2, Xavier Institute:

“You see? Your whole family's genetics leaned towards recessive genes that are normally found in spiders. That bite was just the push you needed to become what you are.” Moira explained to Peter as she highlighted multiple sections of his grandparents DNA.

“Does that mean that this could happen to other people?” Peter asked. “If their own genetic code is activated in a similar manner as mine was?”

“That could be where this whole totem thing comes from.” Moria said. “Mystical aspects aside of course. Though if magic is just another form of energy it could be just what is needed to trigger the change. Atavism has been seen in multiple cultures around the world after all.”

“Okay. I see where you're going with this.” Peter said. “But it's still fairly astronomical.”

“You said you'd been chosen.” Moira countered. “It fits.”

“Right. Thanks for this Mrs MacTaggert.” Peter told her.

“No problem Peter, this was quite the challenge for me. In fact I've come up with a mutagen that could actually imbue others with atavistic qualities based upon their own genetic structure. It's quite fascinating.” Moria told him.

“You know what happened to Curt Connors, that sounds like a bad idea.” Peter told her.

“Only because he was using far too potent a mixture.” Moira told him. “The best one to test this on would be your friend. She has quite a few markers that are similar to yours.”

“You mean Mary Jane has latent spider genes as well?” Peter asked, surprised.

“Like attracts like my young friend.” Moira said with a wink. “Don't be too surprised. My own genetic structure leans more towards a wasp for some reason. Think of what this could mean.” She told him.

“It means you can turn people into weapons.” A voice said as the lab door opened. “That's something I'm very interested in.” A man with an eye patch stated as he approached them.

“You're Nick Fury aren't you?” Moira asked. “Sean told me about you.”

“Yeah I am. This project of yours ties into something of SHIELD's that could be a great asset to the world. Tell me, what do you two know of Captain America?” Nick asked.

Peter frowned. While his spider sense wasn't tingling this guy bothered him.
The X-Garage....

“And we're here....” Xander said as he stopped the van. “Let's unload so we can get all of you set up.” Xander told them. “I don't blame you guys for not wanting to go to Sunnydale. It's actually a pretty nasty town.”

“It was weird. It was like my skin was tingling as soon as we got there.” Sam said with a shudder.

“He's not kidding.” Jubilee said. “That place was just wrong.”

“Seems we have a few sensitives in this batch.” Xander said softly.

“But all of them?” Cordelia asked. “None of us could feel the hellmouth until after we left it.”

“Weird I know. I might have to ask Dr. Strange about it.” Xander said. “Let's get you guys inside.”
The Kitchen....

“Steve Rodgers is that you?” May Parker asked the man as she studied his jawline and eyes.

Steve looked shocked. “You know me?”

“Do you remember a teenage girl with pigtails that lived a couple of apartments down from you?”

“Little June O'Hara? Is that you?” Steve asked with a grin. “I haven't seen anyone from the old neighborhood since I woke up. How are you? You look great for your age.”

“That was my mother. She had some pictures of you.” May said softly. “You're larger but it's still you.”

“I didn't want to be like this May.” Steve told her. “It just kind of happened. So what brings you here?”

“My nephew.” May told him.

“Oh. Is he one of these... active mutants?” Steve asked.

“No, he's something else.” May told him. “He does a lot of good though. So what brings you here?”

“My CO, Nick Fury. He's here because of the research that's been going on. They might be able to make what was done to me much safer because of it.” Steve told her.

“What did they do to you?” May asked.

“Do you remember being told about Captain America?” Steve asked her.

“You mean... Lord that was a time wasn't it?” May said softly. “What happened after was worse though.”

“You mean McCarthyism.” Steve said. “That was terrible. I wouldn't have stood for it if I'd been around.”

“You'd have been a traitor Steve. That was a bad time for everybody from what my mother told me.” May said.

“You want me to what?” Peter asked.

“I want you to undergo Project Rebirth.” Fury told him. “Your more than human physiology means you could withstand the process. You'd be faster, stronger and live longer than you will now.”

“Why?” Peter asked.

“You're a candidate kid. A good prospect in a couple of years.” Fury told him.

“For what?” Peter demanded.

“The Avenger Initiative.” Fury said. “You have a lot of bad press right now but you've been monitored since you first showed up. You're the real deal. A hero.”

“Why?” Peter asked.

“They need a test subject. The last one was a human and it didn't' end very well.” Xander said as he came into the lab. “I thought I smelled your cigars.” He said to Fury as he shook the man's hand.

“Welcome back kid. Maybe you can talk some sense into him.” Fury said.

“Will you put him on retainer? Maybe pay for his education?” Xander asked.

“Bribery?” Peter asked.

“NYU isn't cheap.” Xander countered. “I'm not going to pay for it and that funds I gave your Aunt will run out eventually.”

“They want to test this new mutagen out on Mary Jane since some of her genes are close to what mine were before my accident.” Peter told him. “They want to make her into a weapon.”

“Have you asked her about it? Besides being close to people like us implies a high level of risk. She'd be safer with abilities of her own wouldn't she?” Xander countered.

“We brought the chamber here kid. Ten minutes is all it will take.” Fury told him.

“Ten minutes.” Peter said. “I do this and you'll cover me for college? What about my post graduate education?”

“That too. We could use someone with your abilities and intelligence at SHIELD even if you're more of a freelancer.” Fury told him.

“Will you leave Mary Jane out of it?” Peter asked him.

“That'll be her choice kid, but we'll tell her the whole deal.” Fury said. “Besides, couldn't you use a regular partner on patrol in the big city?”

“You guys know that Mary Jane has a half formed X-Gene right?” Moira asked. “You do this it could fully form and activate.”

“What do you mean half formed?” Fury asked.

“Meaning any of her children would have a strong chance of having a full X-Gene. They'd have a greater chance of mutation. That would also depend on the father though.”

“You knew this and didn't tell me?” Peter demanded.

“A great deal of people have the half formed gene Peter. It's part of the evolution that's happening.” Moira told him. “In another three generations half of the children born will have the potential to be mutants. It's the future.”

“Thanks for backing up the intel we've gathered.” Fury told her. “The public won't know that for a while if we can help it. One of our guys who had been in charge of the mutant research department went off his rocker when he found that out. He's been quiet since then. We're keeping him monitored though.”

Peter's mind was a torrent of different thoughts and feelings. He felt a firm hand on his shoulder. “Just breathe Peter. Breathe.” Xander said to him.

Peter did that and calmed down considerably. “Thanks Xander. You think I should go through the treatment?”

“I think you should take whatever advantage you can man. This thing just boosts your natural stats from my understanding.” Xander told him. “I don't need any boosting myself.”

“I'll do it.” Peter said. “Let's get this done.”

“Man what did you guys do while I was gone?” Xander asked. “What did you find?”

“Apparently all I needed was a genetic kick in the pants to become Spider-Man.” Peter told him. “While I don't have the X-Gene, I did have a set of genes that activated giving me my abilities.”

“Atavism.” Xander said with a nod. “I got possessed by a Hyena primal spirit once. I did some research on it. It's common in a lot of places on one level or another. I don't know if I had latent cat genes but here I am, a totem of the felines.” Xander said with a shrug. “Least that's what my magic sword tells me anyways.”

“The Atavisitc genes can work in unison with the X-Factor?” Moira asked. “I need to get a sample.”

“Nothin' doing lady.” Xander growled. “Least not with me. I don't need people trying to replicate me.”

“Or me.” Peter said. “It's bad enough you've learned to make other people like me. That kind of power shouldn't be handed out like prizes in a cracker jack box.”

“It wouldn't. Thorough testing would be done on each candidate.” Fury said. “Psych evals have gotten a lot better since WWII.”

“Let's just do this.” Peter said. “We can argue about it later.”

“What is Peter doing?” Mary Jane asked as she watched her boyfriend go into the military big rig that had pulled up on the drive of the Mansion.

“He does look better in costume.” Theresa said. “Let's go see what he's doing.”

By the time the trio of girls came out to the lawn, it was already too late. Peter was in the chamber.
After the smoke clears....

“That hurt more than being bitten by the spider.” Peter rasped as Xander handed him a bottle of water.

“Well I think you're going to need a bigger costume.” Xander told him.

Peter looked at his costume. It had been skintight, now it was ripped to shreds, barely covering his modesty. “Crap. Strange's magic was just to switch my civilian clothes to my costume.”

“Peter what did you do?” Mary Jane yelled

“Hi honey.” Peter said softly. “The good news is I finally hit that growth spurt I've always wanted.”

“Boy I'll say.” Theresa said with a leer.

“Hey no ogling my boyfriend until I get a chance to!” Mary Jane told her roommate.

“Can you fix this?” Peter asked Xander.

Xander shrugged before pulling out his sword and giving it a shot. Peter's costume mended and was fitting correctly despite his increased mass.

“How do you feel?” Fury asked him.

“Hungry.” Peter told him.

“Let's see if we can remedy that.” Fury said. “Everyone that isn't on the security detail, get back inside.”

They went.
The Kitchen....

“Peter good lord what did you do to yourself?” May asked him as Peter began raiding the fridge.

“He went through the process.” Steve said softly. “He'll eat like a horse then sleep it off. Least that was how I was after we took care of the traitor.”

“Why?” May asked softly.

“He had reasons May.” Fury told her.

“You.” May growled, recognizing the man.

“Yes me.” Fury said softly.

“What's going on?” Peter asked.

“I owe your family kid.” Fury told him. “That's all I can really say.”

“He was your father's contact.” May said. “He should have been on that plane with them.”

“Oh.” Peter said as he bit into his sandwich. “That explains nothing really.”

“It's complicated. Your folks were involved in some iron curtain stuff.” Fury said.

“Really?” Peter asked. “Spies?”

“Yeah. That's all I can tell you. It'll be another fifteen years until that stuff can be declassified.” Fury said.
Later... at Dinner...

“Man if that chamber can do that to him, I want in.” Todd said to Kurt.

“You'd have to pass some serious psychological testing before we'd even consider you a candidate.” Fury said as he dug into his meal. “This is good stuff. Who cooked?”

“Kurt and I did.” May said. “I'm thinking of making a cookbook and the young man has been helping me fine tune some recipes.”

“Really?” Xander asked. “What have I missed while I've been gone?”

“A lot.” Mary Jane said as she ignored her boyfriend's shoveling of food.

“I guess.” Xander said. “Oh yeah, everyone, these are the rest of the new batch, Jubilation Lee, Tabitha Smith, Paige and Sam Guthrie and Jamie Madrox.”

The kids waved hello but most were focused on their meal.

“I take it you haven't been up to South Dakota yet?” Xavier asked him.

“No, I intend to get Berzerker a little later.” Xander said. “I've been meaning to get up there to see how everything is going at the compound.”

“I'd like to visit this sanctuary myself.” Moira said. “Can you take me once I've done some more of my research here?”

“Is this research going to involve me?” Mary Jane asked.

“You've a fair number of similar traits that Peter had before he became Spider-Man.” Moria told her. “I think I can activate those traits with the right energized cocktail.” She told her.

“You could give me super powers?” Mary Jane asked.

“I could give a lot of people super powers. Yours would just be remarkably like Peters.” Moira told her. “As it stands there is a decent chance any of your children will have the X-Gene.”

“Seriously?” Mary Jane asked. “That's messed up.”

“It's progress.” Xavier said from the head of the table. “It's a strange new world we live in Mary.” he said softly.

“What's in it for me if I agree to this?” Mary Jane asked.

“College tuition. Place to live.” Fury told her.

“Seriously?” Mary Jane asked.

“You'd be on retainer as a SHIELD agent but yeah. It's not free but you'd be a test subject on the blending of an old and new process. Much like Peter was today.”

“I won't turn into a guy or anything will I?” Mary Jane asked.

“No. The project was designed to work on both genders.” Fury said softly.

“Let me think about it.” Mary Jane said.

“That's all I ask.” Fury said.

Todd grinned as he downloaded the specs and the formulas needed for this project rebirth. He'd just keep it in a secure place and use it if he didn't pass the requirements. Maybe it'd make him taller.

He avoided the security patrol and managed to make it back to the boy's wing before he got intercepted by Professor Xavier.

“Come with me Todd.” He said softly as he guided his wheelchair towards the elevator.

“Man I'm in trouble aren't I?” Todd asked.

“No.” Xavier said as they entered the elevator. “I know you want to use the chamber and I understand the temptation.” He pushed a button and they were headed to the first sub basement.

“Where are we going?”

“Genetics Lab 1” Xavier told him.

“What's in there?” Todd asked as the elevator reached the correct floor.

“I am.” Xavier said as they got out of the elevator.

“Huh?” Todd muttered confused.

Xavier keyed open the door and inside was a tube with an exact duplicate of Charles Xavier inside of it.

“Oh.” Todd said. “You're gonna jump ship ain't you?”

“Yes.” Xavier said softly. “I want you to leave the data here Todd. It can benefit mutant kind once we get a better understanding of the process.”

“This is the real reason why Dr. MacTaggert's here isn't it? Growing you a new body?” Todd said.

“Among other things yes.” Xavier told him.

“Cool.” Todd grinned.

Doom stared at the runes he'd inscribed upon the interior of his new armor. The magic in them was powerful but not overly so. The pure black of the armor's exterior was a new change but a welcome one. It fit with the new motif he wished to use in celebration of his new shell. He'd considered a white spider for the chest piece but instead went with his family's crest instead. He was proud of his source of power, but even prouder of his true heritage.

“For Tomorrow, the world will see the new face of Doom.” he said softly as he began to don his new armor.

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