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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,98010 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 47

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 47:

“Whoa!” Jamie screamed as he fell to the floor and split into six people.

Bobby Drake stared at his new roommate. “You know, maybe I should take top bunk.”

“That might be a good idea.” One of the Jamie's said. “Now I need to pull myself together before breakfast.”

“You do that. Wake me when it's a decent hour.” Bobby said before turning over to get some more sleep.

“You're up early.” Xander said to Jamie as he found the kid wandering the halls.

“I'm used to getting up early.” Jamie told him. “This place is big.”

“That it is. You sleep okay last night?” Xander asked him.

“Yeah. I was real tired though. Where do you stay in this place?” Jamie asked him.

“I'll show you after breakfast. You eat yet?” Xander asked.

Jamie shook his head.

“Well if I'm right my little brother is up making breakfast for everybody right now. You want to go help?” Xander grinned.

“That'd be fun!” Jamie agreed.

“Let's go little man.” Xander said as he put the kid up on his shoulders.

Jamie's laughter filled the hallways as they went.

It was a good sound. A fitting one.

When Xander and Jamie made it to the kitchen Sam, Paige and Tabitha were already getting an early start on everyone else meal wise. “Hey gang.” Xander said as he put Jamie down.

“Hi sir.” Sam said as he tried to grab a slice of bacon from his sister's plate, only to have her smack his hand with the handle of her spoon.

“Man the food here is worth the trip.” Tabitha said as she spooned her oatmeal. “Even the bland stuff tastes good.”

“We try dear.” May Parker said from where she and Kurt were preparing some dough. “Is your young friend joining us this morning too?”

“Jubilee? She's still on West Coast time.” Tabitha said with a snort. “She'll get up when she gets up.”

“Bobby wanted to sleep in as well.” Jamie said as May handed him a plate of eggs. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome dear.” May said softly. “Do half the people here sleep in?”

“Only during the summer.” Xander told her. “Not all of us need a lot of sleep.”

“Me included.” Peter said as he came into the kitchen. “Thanks for the loan on clothes Xander. They're a little snug.” Peter said as he sat down.

“We'll get you kitted up later today.” Xander promised. “Regular stuff. I'm not buying you a suit until I'm certain you're done growing.

“His father grew an extra inch after he turned twenty.” May said. “I think we've enough people to move over to the dining room.”

“Jamie, if you would?” Xander asked the preteen.

“Got it.” Jamie said as he began duplicating himself.

“That's... handy.” Peter smirked.

“Don't knock it. He can do all of his homework in a fraction the time.” Xander grinned as he watched Jamie bustle everyone out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

“Something that's the envy of us all.” Mary Jane said as she and her roommates came into the kitchen. She gave Peter a kiss on the cheek, something that took her standing on her tip toes to do now. “That's going to take some getting used to.” She said with a grin.

“I know. I feel way stronger now.” Peter told her. “You look radiant as always.”

“Flatterer.” Mary Jane snorted while her roommates laughed.

“Is it me or is there a disproportionate number of redheads here?” Xander asked as almost the rest of the household came into the dining room for breakfast.

“You're not wrong.” Scott said as Jean thumped him in the arm.

“Not all of us are so blessed.” Charles said as he ran a hand over his barren scalp. “My mutation caused incredibly premature baldness.”

“Chuck, kid's got a phone call.” Logan said as he came into the dining room with the cordless phone.

“You mean me?” Peter asked.

“Yep. Can't call you runt anymore.” Logan smirked as he handed him the phone while the others laughed.

“Hello? Robbie, hey. What's up? What do you mean he wants me to be there? Look I don't even know the guy. Uh-huh. Urich'll be there? He can only go if I'm there to do the photographs? It's going to be televised too? What's the deal? Really? I heard he was all Phantom of the Opera under there. Uh-huh. No idea then? Big unveiling. I'll be there. You're paying how much? I'll definitely be there.” Peter said before hanging up the phone.

“What's up?” Alex asked.

“I have to be at the Latverian Embassy at noon for the press conference. Only three papers have been invited and one cable news network. Doom's going to unmask himself today.” Peter said as he set the phone down on the table.

“He cloned himself a new body.” Xander said before trailing off. “That sneaky bastard.”

“Language.” May scolded.

“Sorry. Doom called me a while back. Told me he cloned himself a body from a member of the press he found aesthetically pleasing.” Xander growled. “Odds are he got a sample of your DNA Pete. Bastard always has an ulterior motive for everything. Even trouncing Richards and Grimm in golf.”

“What can we do?” Peter asked.

“Well we could destabilize his genetic structure.” Moira said. “That is if the clone is still fresh. If the clone has stabilized enough it'll age like a normal person depending on the method he used.”

“It'd still be attacking a king on his home turf.” Xander said. “It's in the embassy. Legally we can't touch him.”

“But that was before my Spirit Walk.” Peter said. “My genetics shifted after that. I was purged of the trace radiation too.”

“Doesn't matter. Doom's a master at just about everything he does.” Xander said. “He would have taken care of any of those problems. Odds are that clone is at least equal to what you were at the time Petey. If not more. That's not counting his armor.”

“So what can you do?” Mary Jane asked.

“Go to the press conference and pray something goes wrong.” Xander said with a shrug.

“Better plan that what we've thought up.” Fury said as he walked into the room. “Suit up you two. Kid we've got some threads for you to wear. Creed, your going to be in that stupid costume of yours right?”

“Yeah. He invited me as Cheshire. You know he'll detect any bugs I could try to bring in.” He told Fury.

“I know. I just want you to be there and get a feel for the situation.” Fury told him. “Not much we can do. There aren't any laws against cloning at this level really. At least not in any treaties or accords that Latveria has signed.” Fury said. “It's technically legal if the body had been grown on Latverian soil.”

“I hate politics.” Peter sighed.

“Heh, it's all uphill from here kid.” Fury told him as an assistant came in with a garment bag. “Go suit up.”

Grumbling, Peter grabbed a muffin before taking the garment bag and heading upstairs to go change.

Mary Jane had a contemplative look on her face. “I think I want to go through with it.” She said to Fury.

“Excellent.” Fury told her. “What made you make up your mind?”

“It's a big and scary world isn't it? I can't hide behind Peter when he has to go fight someone all the time.” Mary Jane said with a sigh.

“Mary Jane, I can't tell you how dangerous working for this man is.” May Parker told her. “Peter's parents are just two of a long list of people who've died under his watch.”

“And the rest of the world survived because of what my agency has done.” Fury countered.

“Like what?” Theresa asked.

“Classified.” Fury smirked while the rest of the table groaned in response.

Latverian Embassy, New York City....

“Jesus Pete, what have they been feeding you up at that summer school?” Ben Urich asked the formerly gangly teenager.

“Lots of steroids.” Peter joked as he fiddled with his tie. “Just finally hit that growth spurt I've been wanting.”

“Uh-huh.” Ben said skeptically. “Any idea why Doom requested you?”

“A few.” Peter said softly. “Can't confirm though. So what's been going on since I've been out of the city?”

“Not much. Some Spider-Man sightings but no confirmed reports or pictures. Some of his Rogue's gallery broke loose recently but were taken care of pretty fast. Jameson's pissed no one seems to be able to get a photo of him since you skipped town on us.” Urich said.

“Peter. Good to see you.” A deep voice said as a tiger man shimmered into being in front of the two press workers.

“Cheshire.” Peter nodded as Urich had a near heart attack.

“Don't do that!” Urich half yelled. “How can you be so calm with that Peter?”

“Ben, it's me. I photograph Spider-Man in action. I don't flinch when random stuff happens.” Peter grinned. “You scaredy cat you.”

“Just don't tell anybody.” Urich said. “I'll never live it down.”

“It's time to head inside gentleman.” Cheshire said.

“So what are you anyways?” Ben asked. “Human? Alien? What?”

“No comment.” Cheshire grinned as Peter snorted.

“Worth a shot.” Urich shrugged. “Let's see what the big show is all about.”
The Press Conference....

Xander looked around and nodded to both Richards and Grimm while ignoring the Storm siblings. He hadn't had any direct contact with them that he could acknowledge.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Lord Doom...” A voice announced as the main lights dimmed leaving the podium to be the brightest lit part of the room.

A man in black armor approached the podium. The armor was new but the crest was not. Peter was already taking photos as some of the members of the invited crowd were becoming a little restless.

The man in the armor lowered the hood of his cape and reached up to remove the mask of his armor.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Doom said in a cultured voice as he set down the mask. “Today is a new day for Doom, and for the world.”

Peter almost dropped his camera. “That son of a bitch.” He hissed.

“Take your photos.” Cheshire told him. “Freak out later...”

“What?” Ben asked.

“What you see before you, is not some miracle of regeneration. No, I've grown myself a new body. Transferring my consciousness, my very soul was a simple task for one such as I. With this new body, I have decided to start a new beginning for Latveria. Because of this, I am rescinding Latveria's self imposed trade embargoes. Aspects of my technology will become available for public consumption. The first of which are low emission vehicles and my recycling technology. Within five years if your country agrees, my technology will virtually eliminate the need for landfills and provide jobs for countless numbers of people. My medical technology will give those who have been crippled by injury a chance to walk again. And provided this nation relaxes it's stringent genetic research restrictions, Doom will offer genetic screening for families for those with certain hereditary conditions. Within two generations, we can eliminate certain genetic conditions such as Huntington's disease.”

“Dear god, he's talking about Eugenics.” Urich said softly.

“But with real science to back it up.” Peter said softly as he took more photos.

“This is program is by no means an attempt to create some master race. No. Instead Doom wishes to focus on the future. Where people can live to their full potential without problems such as Alzheimers, arthritis, or even cancer in time. Doom is more than willing to share his research with the world provided they see it for what it is, an opportunity for the advancement of mankind. Along with this Doom is also instituting a new diplomatic outreach program. If nations have problems with other nations, Doom is willing to mediate these issues. The United Nations, while a noble gesture has failed on far too many levels. If your country is in need of assistance. Doom will help you.” The man stated.

“One last thing...” Doom smiled. “Is Peter Parker here?”

Everyone turned to face Peter who was in the back of the room.

“Doom would like to thank you for your unwitting donation. Your genes are a prime example of what the melting pot that is America can produce. From what I've learned from you, I will have many long and healthy years ahead of me. You have Doom's respect and wishes for a happy life.”

“Wait, he cloned himself a new body from you?” Ben asked Peter.

“Not just that.” Peter gritted out as he ignored the news camera on his face. “He's wearing my Uncle's face.”

“Shit.” Ben said softly.
Back at the Mansion...

“May?” Charles asked. “May! She's having a heart attack!”

“Kurt, get us to the medical lab.” Cordelia ordered.

“Right.” Kurt said, grabbing hold of Cordelia and Mrs. Parker and teleporting them down below.
Outside the Embassy

“I'm sorry this happened son.” Reed Richards said to Peter outside of the Embassy. “If there is anything we can do.”

“What can you do? He stole my genes and my uncle's face.” Peter yelled.

“Easy kid.” Ben Grimm said. “We can't do much. Doom's a vain man. I doubt he took your Uncle's face on purpose. If he cloned you, the body would have had your face. He made it different enough right?”

“You... Just....” Peter said as he turned red in the face. He took a deep breath. “My Uncle was a kind and loving man. That thing... in there isn't him despite what he looks like. If I catch him off the grounds... We'll have words.”

“Doom is a dangerous man. But please, don't agitate him.” Reed said softly. “He says he wants to turn over a new leaf. I say we just keep a careful eye on him for now. Give him the benefit of the doubt.”

“Easy for you to say Stretch. He's not wearing your uncle's face.” Grimm said to him.

“True. For what it's worth, you have our sympathies Mr. Parker.” Reed told him before handing him a business card. “If you need anything.. stop by the plaza okay?”

“Thank you.” Peter said softly. He turned to Urich and gave him the film. “Jameson knows where to send the check. I'm going now.”

“I'm sorry about this Pete.” Urich told him.

“Not a lot we can do about it.” Peter said softly. “I'll be back once school starts up again.”He walked off and met Xander near the subway entrance.

“We've got a problem.” Xander told him as they made their way to a secluded alley.

“What's up?” Peter asked.

“It's your aunt.” Xander said as he teleported them back to the institute.

“She had a heart attack.” He finished as they reappeared in the medical wing.

“Dammit.” Peter growled as he rushed into the infirmary.

“She's fine Peter, it was a mild heart attack.” Cordelia told him as he rushed to May's bedside.

“This is my fault.” Peter said softly.

“No Peter. It isn't.” May told him as she opened her eyes. “That... man stole my husband's face.”

“What's the verdict?” Peter asked.

“She'll be fine in time. But she will have to take it easy for a while.” Cordelia said softly.

“I can take it easy here Peter. It's nice to be in a place that's so alive.” May told her nephew.

“We can stay here Aunt May. For as long as you want.” Peter whispered.

“You have your responsibilities in the city.” May said softly. “You can't just give that up.”

“I would for you Aunt May.” Peter whispered.

“No. Those madmen will seek you out if you're not there.” May said. “You have to be Spider-Man. It's who you are.”

“All right Aunt May.” Peter said.

“I'm tired Peter.” May whispered.

“Get some rest Aunt May. We'll be here for you.” Peter told her.

“How is she?” Mary Jane asked Peter as he came out of the infirmary.

“Resting.” Peter said soflty as Mary Jane hugged him.

“We'll pull through this tiger.” Mary Jane said into his ear.

“I know.” Peter sighed. “He.... he has his face.”

“But not his soul Peter.” Mary Jane said. “Now, I've made my decision. I want you there with me when I go through with it.”

“You really want to do this?” Peter asked her.

“It's for us right? I can't just sit on the sidelines while you go off and do the right thing. I don't want to be that kind of girl.” Mary Jane said softly. “Besides, it'll really piss off my dad.”

Peter snorted. “Yeah he would be mad wouldn't he?”

“Furious.” Mary Jane grinned. “Come on. Dr. MacTaggert and Fury are waiting.”

“Let's do this.” Peter said as she dragged him towards the Genetics lab.

The Daily Bugle.....

“I just can't believe Doom did that.” Robbie Robertson said in disbelief.

“I don't care. Get us that file photo of Parker. I've got a great headline. “Unsuspecting Employee Duplicated by Dictator...” Jameson said as he lit his cigar. “Run it.” He told Robbie.

“Jonah....” Robbie trailed off. “You do this and Peter might not be coming back.”

“We have the exclusive here Robertson! One of our own was cloned for god's sake. Run the headline.” Jameson told him.

“All right Jonah.” Robbie said softly. “If that's how you feel.”
Genetics Lab #2

Mary Jane stared at the shot that Dr. MacTaggert was preparing. “That's a big needle.”

“It'll hurt.” Moira told her. “Possibly more than you can imagine.”

“Let's just do this.” Mary Jane said as She closed her eyes.

Moira jabbed her in the arm with the needle and pressed down on the syringe. “Now to energize it.” She said as she withdrew the needle.

“How are you going to do that?” Peter asked.

“The easy way.” Moira said as she pulled out a stun gun from her lab coat's pocket. She pulled the trigger and the wires shot out at the red headed girl.

Mary Jane fell to the ground convulsing from the shocks being sent into her system. Just as Moira stopped sending energy down the contacts, four thin spider like legs erupted from Mary Jane's back.

“Well it worked.” Fury stated from where he was standing.

“What... I never grew extra arms.” Peter yelled.

“I told you she was similar, not identical.” Moria said. “For all we know those might be temporary or even retractable.”

“You'd better hope they are.” Peter growled.
Two hours and A liter of Amino acids later.....

“Mmmhhhh....” Mary Jane groaned as she sat up.

“How do you feel?” She heard a soft voice ask.

“Hurts...” She said as she opened her eyes. She saw four reddish things sticking up from the bed.

“What are those?” She asked softly.

“Your new appendages.” Moira told her. “Try and draw them into yourself.” She suggested.

Mary Jane furrowed her brow in concentration and the four legs withdrew themselves into her upper back. “That felt really weird.”

“Thank goodness.” Moria said. “Peter would've had my head if that was permanent.”

“What else can I do?” Mary Jane asked her.

“Let's find out.” Fury said. “Get up kid. Moria said your genes have stabilized. Time for a little field test in the danger room.”

“All right.” Mary Jane said as she stood up, only to half leap as she misjudged the strength in her limbs. “That's going to take some getting used to.”

“You'll get it.” Moira said. “Now let's go tell your boyfriend the news.”

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