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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,29410 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 48

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 48:

“Jameson did what?” Peter yelled into the phone. “That bastard.” He paused as he listened. “I know Ben. It's not your fault. Look, that press conference gave my aunt a heart attack. She's fine now and being cared for. He's wearing my uncle's face. It's younger but it's him. She lost him only a little over a year ago. It damn near killed her to see that. You want a real human interest piece? You find out about my uncle and compare him to Doom. Yeah, I will be back to the Bugle. I'll be back to spit in Jonah's face.” He snarled before he slammed the phone down on it's receiver, tearing the phone out of the wall.

Peter looked at the bits of plaster and the crushed phone and sighed. This anger wasn't helping. It never did.

“Don't worry about it Pete. We've got spare phones in the house.” Xander told him.

Peter looked up. “It's been a real shitty day.”

“Don't let your aunt hear you talk like that.” Xander grinned. “Mary Jane's awake. The legs retracted.”

“Good. Where is she?” Peter asked, happy to focus on something else.

“The Danger Room.” Xander told him

“All ready? It's too soon!” Peter said before he took off running.

“You'd be surprised.” Xander chuckled as he teleported ahead of the wall crawler.

“Dear god.” Peter said as he watched his girlfriend maneuver through the danger room like it was child's play. The extra legs coming from her back were capable of firing an energy blast of some kind and she was moving around objects without even having to look at them. She was.... “Beautiful.” Peter whispered.

“Glad you approve kid.” Fury said. “She's got her own natural webbing and Moira thinks the energy blasts act as a paralytic based on their energy readings.”

“She appears to be slightly precognitive as well.” Xavier said as he grinned softly. “She seems to be able to sense objects approaching her. Perhaps a heightened field of vision.”

“Yeah. Something like that.” Peter said softly. “You're not going to put her through the chamber today are you?”

“Moira said her genes have stabilized already.” Fury said. “She also says she's developed the X-Gene.”

“Is it active?” Peter asked.

“Not yet.” Fury told him. “We still haven't come up with a reliable way to activate mutation.”

“I know a way.” Xander said softly.

“You didn't.” Xavier turned to face the younger mutant.

“Paige asked Charles. It works.” Xander told him.

“What did you do?” Fury asked.

“I made her afraid.” Xander said. “She literally jumped out of her skin.”

“Do it.” Fury said.

“That's up to her.” Peter growled.

“Any idea what the power is?” Xander asked Charles.

“I believe hers might tie in to the laws of probability, but I could be wrong.” Xavier told him. “Activating it now could produce odd results.”

“Don't bullshit me Xavier, you want to see if this'll work as much as I do.” Fury snorted.

Xavier frowned slightly. “While that may be true, Mary Jane is a person, not a guinea pig.”

“Doesn't look like that to me.” Fury said as he gestured down at the danger room floor.

“She's a person first, regardless of what she can do.” Xander said softly. “We can try it, but ultimately it's up to her.” He nodded to Peter and both of them walked out of the control room and headed to the entrance of the danger room.

The door opened and Mary Jane rushed into Peter's arms with a triumphant smile on her face. “Did you see me?”

“You were great.” Peter told her before kissing her.

“What's wrong?” Mary Jane asked.

“A lot of things. Jameson's doing a cover story with me as the headline.” Peter told her.

“He does that a lot anyways.” Mary Jane said, confused.

“No, on me. Peter Parker.” Peter told her. “Since I worked for the Bugle he feels has the right to go forward with it.”

“Worked? You're quitting? Great! That guy's a prick.” Mary Jane grinned. “So now what?”

“Moira said your X-Gene developed.” Xander told her.

“What does that mean?” Mary Jane asked.

“You have a chance to become a mutant as well as what you are now.” Peter told her. “It's up to you though. There's a chance it'll never activate, but Xander has a way to do it safely.”

“Relatively safely.” Xander corrected. “Though you might not like me after this.”

“What do you do?” Mary Jane asked.

“Ask Paige. She was the first one I tried it on.” Xander said. “I'll be around.” He teleported somewhere else.

“What's up with him?” Mary Jane asked.

“I think he's starting to blame himself for this.” Peter said.

“For what?” Mary Jane asked.

“All of it. Us being here, Doom having a new body. All of it.” Peter sighed.

“Ha, someone to out guilt you.” Mary Jane grinned. “Let's go find Paige and ask her.”

“You want to be a mutant?” Peter asked her surprised.

“Peter I fit in better here than I do at Midtown, and people love me there.” Mary Jane told him. “Sure the communal bathroom takes some getting used to but so far, it's been great here. It's way better than back home in Queens.”

“Is that a yes?” Peter asked.

“It's a maybe.” Mary Jane grinned.

“You okay?” Cordelia asked him as she came into their bedroom.

“I've been better.” Xander said quietly.

“It's not your fault.” She told him.

“That isn't going to make it better. Doom's got Pete's powers.” Xander half growled.

“If he wanted to he could have exposed Peter as Spider-Man.” Cordelia said.

“That just makes it worse.” Xander sighed.
The library....

“Mind numbing, bowel loosening terror.” Paige told Mary Jane.

“Really?” Mary Jane asked.

“Worse.” She said with a shudder. “I've never felt like that before and I don't want to again.”

“Oh.” Mary Jane said as she trailed off in thought. “Do you like your power?”

“It'd be better if I didn't end up naked every time I shed my skin.” Paige told her.

“Couldn't you get something made out of unstable molecules like the Fantastic Four use?” Mary Jane asked.

“Honestly? I've never heard of that before.” Paige said. “You think it'll work?”

“Worth a shot.” Mary Jane said. “Peter got a card from them today. Might be worth calling them.”

“Can he do that for me?” Paige asked. “Please?”

“I'll ask. Thanks for telling me about Xander.”

“He's a nice guy, but he can be really really scary.” Paige told her.

“I know. I'll see you later.” Mary Jane said before walking off.

Paige stared after her. “No. You don't” She whispered.

“Yeah?” Xander asked as he popped his out in the hallway. It was Jamie.

“They want you in Genetics Lab #2” Jamie told him.

“Oh.” Xander said softly. “All right.”

“Are you okay Xander?” Jamie asked him.

“It's been a long day kid.” Xander sighed.

“Is Aunt May going to be okay? She's real nice.” Jamie asked him as they walked down the hall.

“She should be in time.” Xander told him. “You call your parents?”

“They're okay. They said it's real quiet at home now.” Jamie told him.

“Yeah, it probably is.” Xander said with a grin. “Thanks for coming to get me kid.”

“No problem Xander.” Jamie said before running off to the entertainment room.
Genetics Lab #2:

“You're going to record this aren't you?” Peter asked Fury.

“Yeah. We are.” Fury told him. “X-Genes haven't been activated in a laboratory setting before. Not like this. We're going to monitor her brain activity as it happens. Personal feelings aside, this is a big leap in science.”

“I know.” Peter said softly.

“I'm here.” Xander said as he walked into the lab.

“Let's just get this over with.” Mary Jane said softly. “I want to get out of this MRI.”

“Let's begin.” Xavier called as the MRI started up.

“Mary Jane. Look into my eyes.” Xander said to her over the noise.

The only thing louder than the MRI machine was Mary Jane's scream.

“It worked.” Xavier said, stunned at the data he was receiving. The energy given off during the mutation was... intriguing to say the least. It was a unique wave form that he hadn't detected before. If that could be replicated.... Xavier shuddered at the thought. It could induce mutation in those with the correct gene. It could also quite probably kill a normal human. The implications were... disturbing.

“Never do that again.” Mary Jane gasped as she stared at Xander.

“I won't.” Xander told her. “Your eye is glowing.”

“Really?” Mary Jane asked. “Is it pretty?”

“It's golden.” Peter told her.

“What the....” Xander said as his pants fell down.

Mary Jane giggled. “Sorry.”

“That was weird.” Peter said.

“No, it was improbable.” Xavier called into the room. “I think she can alter probabilities like Wanda can, but to a lesser extent.”

“Cool.” Mary Jane said as she got up.

“Very.” Xander grinned. “You doing okay?”

“Yeah, but seriously don't ever do that again.” Mary Jane told him.

“What was it like?” Peter asked her.

“Mind numbing, bowel loosening terror.” Mary Jane told him. “It's not fun.”

“Oh.” Peter said.

“Happy?” Xander asked Fury once Peter and Mary Jane left the room.

“Ecstatic.” Fury deadpanned. “Shame only the young can activate their mutations. We've a few on staff that are in their middle ages.”

“Hormone treatment?” Xander asked.

“Risky. Besides I don't think an adult body would adapt to the change as well. Could kill them.” Fury countered. “Teenagers are freakishly resilient.”

“Ah.” Xander said with a nod. “Is there anything we can do about Doom?”

“Not really. Our Psi ops say he's shielded.” Fury told him.

“Crap.” Xander muttered.

“Yeah. You look like shit kid.” Fury told him.

“It's been a strange week.” Xander sighed. “You're getting that chamber out of here after she uses it right? Last thing we need is some of the kids here getting ideas.”

“Yeah, I'll make sure it's back on the helicarrier within an hour of that Watson girl going in it.” Fury told him.

“Good, some of these guys are a handful now. It'd be damn near impossible to keep them in check if they had nearly unlimited stamina.” Xander said.

“Like you?” Fury asked.

“Yeah, like me.” Xander sighed. “I'm going to go round up some grub.”

“Later Kid.” Fury said as he watched the teen leave.

“Charles are you sure these energy readings are correct?” Moira asked Charles as she looked at the findings.

“Yes. The adrenalin spike along with the centers activated by the induced fear caused the shift in neural energy which triggered the mutation. It's quite fascinating.” Charles said as Fury came around to look at the findings.

“Can this be replicated?” Fury asked.

“I could probably do the same thing myself but it's the equivalent of torture.” Charles told him.

“Right.” Fury sighed. “Still, send me the relevant data once you've sorted it out okay?”

“We will.” Moira told him.

Fury nodded and left the lab.

“We need to prepare the body for the switch once he leaves.” Charles told her. “Have you found any recessive types that could be activated by the mutagen?”

“In you, it's a mishmash Charles.” Moira told him. “It would probably be a very bad idea to expose you to the mutagen. In Peter and Mary Jane the recessive traits are very clear, in you it's a mix of mammalian and lizard traits.”

“Oh well, it was worth a shot.” Charles mused.

“I'm half tempted to use it myself.” Moira told him. “If things go at this pace, Kevin just might be able to have a normal life one day.”

“We can only pray Moira.” Charles told her. “Until then, You are welcome here for as long as you feel it's productive in your work.”

“Thank you Charles.” Moira told him. “I'm going to go see if Kevin wants to come up for dinner tonight.”
The Infirmary....

“You know this means we're going to have to come up with healthier recipes right?” Kurt said to May who was eating some of his soup.

“This recipe is different. What did you do?” May asked him.

“Sea salt.” Kurt told her. “I figured it would be okay. Is it?”

“It's fine dear. Thank you for bringing this to me.” May told him.

“It's no problem. If you want I can have Peter and Mary Jane down here after they have dinner.” Kurt offered.

“How is he?” May asked.

“He seems angry from what I've seen, but he hasn't been around where I am most of the day.” Kurt told her.

“It isn't his fault.” May said. “That man.... What he did was wrong.”

“My mother is a shapeshifter.... the possibility of her wearing the face of someone I care about is a high one. That kind of shock for the average person, no offense, must have been terrible.

“It broke my heart Kurt. That's all I can say about it.” May told him. “Go on, I know that nice Wanda girl is out there waiting on you.”

Kurt nodded. “I'll check on you again after dinner.”

“Thanks again for the soup son.” May told him

“Yeah.” Kurt said before walking out of the infirmary.

“How is she?” Wanda asked Kurt as he came out of the infirmary.

“Heartbroken.” Kurt sighed. “She's a really nice lady. It sucks this happened.”

“May Parker will pull through.” Wanda told him. “She's got a strong spirit Kurt.”

“Good. She's... This house needs her.” Kurt said softly.

“You like her don't you?” Wanda teased.

“She's like an aunt I never had Wanda, she's just willing to let you into her heart.”

“I know. I wish I had someone like that to care for me growing up, it would have been... wonderful.” Wanda sighed. “You're making dinner tonight right?”

“Yeah. You want to help? I can't keep an eye on all the Jamies at once. That little one is a human typhoon.” Kurt grinned.

“Sure.” Wanda smiled.

“That was horrible.” Mary Jane said as Peter handed her a bottle of water.

“We're going to need to get you some new clothes.” Peter told her.

Mary Jane looked down. “How am I supposed to fight crime with these?” She said as she stared at her chest.

“Flashing comes to mind.” Peter grinned.

“Quiet you.” Mary Jane said as she thumped him on the arm.

“Ow!” Peter screeched. “That hurt.”

“Good.” Mary Jane said with a laugh.

“Abuse!” Peter crowed.

“Not funny Peter.” Mary Jane frowned.

“Sorry.” Peter sighed. “Come on, let's go find something for you to wear that won't give Todd any more fantasies.”

“I've got some unisex coveralls.” Fury offered.

“That'll have to do for now.” Mary Jane sighed. “I'm going to need a lot of sports bras though.”

“The danger room sessions should be enough to gauge your abilities for now.” Fury told her. “We'll need to do some comprehensive testing before the summer is over though.” He said. “I'll be sure to get both of you some limited check cards so you can pay for new wardrobes.”

“How much we talking about?” Mary Jane asked him.

“Three grand each enough?” Fury asked.

“Three Grand that's way...” He stopped as Mary Jane elbowed him in the gut.

“That'll be fine. Won't it Peter?” Mary Jane said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah sure.” Peter gasped.

Fury nodded. “You'll get them tomorrow.”

“Great! It's been fun!” Mary Jane said after zipping up the cover alls. “Bye now!” She grabbed Peter's arm and dragged him from the big rig.

“All right folks, let's load up!” Fury called.

The truck started less than five minutes later.

“So you're like six feet tall now.” Peter told her as they made their way inside the house.

“You've still got a couple of inches on me Tiger.” Mary Jane countered. “Growing four inches overnight isn't so bad right?” Her stomach growled angrily. “Though it comes with a price.”

“Let's get some grub and check on my Aunt. Are your roommates going to give you any trouble?” Peter asked her.

“Probably not.” Mary Jane told him. “I'm going to need to design a costume though. Maybe they'll be able to help.”

“Maybe we can get Doctor Strange to get you a quick change charm too. I need to see him again pretty soon anyways.” Peter suggested.

“You want me to visit him?” Mary Jane asked. “Isn't he all in the mumbo jumbo? Would I have to do that spirit walk thing too?”

“It might be a good idea.” Peter said softly. “I felt more complete after doing it.”

“I'll think about that, but first..... we eat!” She told him.

Peter laughed.

The Daily Bugle.... Just before midnight....

Robbie Robertson listened to the phone conversation that Urich had taped. Peter was more than upset but the kid had a good idea. He sighed. He picked up the phone and called Urich... “Urich it's Robbie. Go ahead with the research. If Jonah kills it, farm it out to the Post. If he bitches, I'll join you in the unemployment line. What he did to Parker is inexcusable. It wasn't his fault that Doom used his DNA. Hell it was Jonah that put him on that golf tournament in the first place. Uh-huh. Take your time on this Ben, be thorough. Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow.” He said before hagning up.

He drummed his fingers on his desk for a few moments before calling it a night.

Genetics Lab #1:

“Are you certain you wish to do this now?” Moira asked him.

“You mean can I do this myself without Jean or Emma helping me?” Charles grinned. “It should be fine Moira.”

“What are we going to do with your current body?” She asked him.

“Once I vacate it, it should slip into a deep coma.” Xavier told her. “Although... call Xander and Logan will you? My dreams lately have seen a second presence.”

“I'll go get them.” Moira told him.

“Why are we here Chuck?” Logan asked Xavier, completely ignoring the clone in the growth chamber.

“Just a precaution Logan.” Xavier told the man. “Just in case something happens to my old body after the transfer.”

“You expecting company?” Xander asked. “I'm not too happy with the whole clone thing after today.”

“I want to walk again Xander.” Charles told him.

“Isn't there another way?” Logan asked.

“Not at the moment no. I also don't want to owe Doom any favors.” Xavier stated. “Can I trust you two to take care of my old body if something happens?”

“You can trust us.” Logan told him.

“Let's take care of this then.” Xavier said as Moira began to drain the tank.

The two men watched as Xavier placed his hands on the temples of his clone. A moment later Xavier slumped over in his chair and the newer body's eyes opened. “It worked.” Xavier said in a soft voice.

“That it did.” A menacing voice said as Xavier's original body sat up. “The Shadow King thanks you.”

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