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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,76410 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 57

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 57:

“What happened here?” Peter asked as he took some photos of the site.

“Near as we can tell, someone was playing with explosives.” One of the fireman told the teen. “We can't tell you much else. Haven't found any bodies yet and it'll be a while before we can dig through everything.”

“Oh.” Peter said as he snapped a few photos. He'd have to go higher if he wanted better shots. “Who owns this building anyways?”

“As far as we knew it was abandoned.” The firefighter said.

“Huh.” Peter said as he opened his cell phone. He needed to call this one into the office.

The Daily Globe....

“Peter, what have you got for me?” Ben Urich said as he answered the phone. “Supposedly abandoned warehouse went up in massive explosion? What's the address. Uh-huh. I'll dig into it, see who owned it last and what company was in charge of selling it. Get those photos here as soon as you can. You'll get the photo credit as usual, thanks for the tip kid.”

Ben's fingers flew across the keys as he accessed city records. He got the phone numbers he needed and started making the calls he'd need to have this out by the next edition.

“I love working here.” Ben grinned as he picked up his phone again.
Back at the blast site...

Peter was on a rooftop near the destroyed building. He was taking a few more photos when he felt his spider sense start to tingle. He quickly switched rolls of film and webbed the camera into place before switching into his costume. As he swung towards the site something began to shift in the rubble.

Peter's spider sense increased in its intensity..... He shouted at the fire crew. “Get clear!”

Something large and green roared as the rubble flew in various directions.

“It's the Hulk!” Someone shouted.

“No, it isn't.” Spider-Man said. “The Hulk doesn't have horns.”

“Spider.....” The thing hissed as it's body began to glow with an orange light.

Spider Sense roaring, the costumed hero shouted. “Clear out now! He's about to...”

The scene exploded once more as Spider-Man leaped towards the closest fire fighter to shield them from the blast.

Once the area cleared, Spider-Man shook his head. “Thank goodness for the suit.” He muttered. The unstable molecules had partially shielded him from the blast and he felt the dizziness pass. “You fellas okay?” Spider-Man asked the man he tackled.

“The Hulk don't explode like that.” The firefighter said as he looked around. “Guess we know what happened here.”

“Yeah. Question is, where's the exploding guy?” Spider-Man said as he looked around. “I'm going to go try to find him.”

“You do that Spidey.” The fireman said. He looked around. “Does this count as arson?” He asked a coworker.

“That'll be up to the captain.” Was the reply.

“Heh.” The firefighter said before laughing. “Better him than us.”

“Nothing!” Peter fumed as he changed back to his civilian clothes. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. “Damn it!” he swore. The thing had been damaged in the blast. He reached into his pocket and found he had just enough money to call the office from a pay phone. “Better call this in.” He said.

The Daily Globe...

“Peter!” Ben Urich said after answering the phone. “What happened? It melted? Really? You've got insurance right? It's always worth the extra two dollars a month. How did it happen? A green thing blew up the area again? You've got the photos right? Head on in and I'll write it up.”


Norman Osborn slipped into his spare suit and adjusted his tie. The suit was fairly snug but it'd do until he could get some new ones tailored. He had to grin at the experience. The serum had some... unanticipated side effects but he'd adapt. He'd have to rebuild the glider to some more extreme tolerances and redo the armor and the rest of the weapons. He wouldn't necessarily need the bombs anymore though.

“I really am a genius.” He laughed. “Next time I'll squash that little spider. But first, I've got to get my materials together. The Green Goblin will rain hell upon my enemies...”

Xavier's place...

“Are you all right?” Ororo asked Hank as she sat down at the table.

Hank looked up from his crossword puzzle. “I've been better dear lady. I'm suddenly questioning my place at Bayville High. The principal.... I fear I won't remain long under his employ. He's a man that seems to thrive on the... normal.”

“We could use another set of hands here Hank. You're a teacher and we've got loads of fresh young minds that could use some extracurricular help.” Ororo told him. “Even with Sean and Moira helping out, we're still outnumbered over two to one.”

“The little rapscallions too much for you?” Hank asked her with a grin.

“Something like that. Now that we've an increasing number of adults, qualified and otherwise.... Charles has been talking about turning this place into a true school. We could use all the teachers we can get.” Ororo told him.

“I'm listening dear lady.” Hank told her.

The Daily Globe.....

“Peter these shots... are you sure this isn't Hulk related?” Urich asked him.

“The Hulk doesn't have horns Ben. I also don't carry around a Geiger counter to check for gamma radiation. You've got what I saw and the photos. Whoever owns or occupied that warehouse is the key to this.”

“Well I've done some research and it once belonged to Justin Hammer but he sold it off years ago.” Urich said.

“Isn't Hammer the main competitor with Stark Industries?” Peter asked.

“Not just him, but yeah. There's also the chance that this is all a smokescreen for somebody else.” Urich sighed.

“Now that's just crazy.” Peter laughed.

“Is it?” Ben asked him.

“I guess not. I need to head back home.” Peter said.

“Be sure to bring your girlfriend around for Halloween. We've got some fashion people coming by for the night.” Ben told him as he handed Peter two invitations. “Robbie suggested it.”

“Great. I'll talk to her about it, but first I need to get home. My cell's trashed right now think I can get a loaner?” Peter asked him.

“You're still freelance Pete. You can't requisition stuff unless you're on assignment.” Ben told him. “Sorry kid.”

“It's cool.” Peter sighed. “I'll be going.”

“Be sure to pick up your check before you go.” Ben reminded him.

Xavier's place.....

“You ever get the feeling that what you do is sometimes unimportant?” Xander said as he looked up from what he was doing.

“No that's just you.” Cordelia said as she turned a page in her magazine. “Now get back to pumicing.”

Yes dear.” Xander said as he went back to exfoliating his wife's feet.

Forest Hills,Queens....

“Aunt Anna I'm home!” Mary Jane called as she entered the house. “Sorry I'm late but drama practice ran a little late.”

“That's all right. Come into the kitchen dear.” Anna called.

“What did you need to talk to me abou.... Dad? Why are you here?” Mary Jane asked her father.

“It's your mother. She died.” Phillip Watson said softly.

“Get out.” Mary Jane ground out. “Just get out.”

“The funeral is in three days.” Phillip said. “She'd want you to be there.”

“She'd want you not to hit her, but you did it anyways.” Mary Jane half snarled. “Go.”

“Mary...” Philip began.

“You heard her.” Anna Watson said. “Get out Phil. I've got custody of her, you don't.”

“That can change.” Philip growled.

“You're a documented abuser Dad.” Mary Jane spat the last word. “No sane judge would let me live with you. Get out.”

“I'm going.” Philip said after a few moments. “Your sister says hello.”

“Gayle's a fool.” Mary Jane said. “I'll see her at the funeral. If you're there, god help you.”

Philip Watson nodded somberly and walked out of his sister's house.

The Parker residence.... One hour later....

“Aunt May, I'm home!” Peter called as he entered the house.

“We're in the kitchen dear.” May called to her nephew.

“We? The bridge club stay late again?” Peter joked as he walked into the kitchen. He found two of the most important people in his life and Anna Watson sitting at the table. “What's wrong?” He asked.

Mary Jane got up from the table and hugged him.

“MJ, can't... ribs...” Peter gasped.

The Jameson residence....

Jonah stared at his big board with his head cocked to one side. “Maybe John's right.” He mused as he puffed his cigar. “This can't be right. There's no way Parker is Spider-Man. That's just silly.”

He sat down and stared at the board. The time line was right but his gut said otherwise. Parker was a good kid. He wasn't a menace. There was no way he was Spider-Man. “I need a vacation.” he muttered as he walked out of the bedroom to go find his son.

SHIELD Hellicarrier...

“What can you tell me about the explosions?” Fury asked.

“From what we've been able to determine they're biological in origin sir.” The bridge operative told him.

“What else?” Fury asked.

“That's it sir. The most I can tell you is that if it happens again, we should be able to detect it if it's done above ground.” The operative told him.

“Damn it, what good is this place if we can't find out what did this?” Fury demanded.

“We're working on it sir.” The operative said. “This is relatively new technology sir and tech support is down for the night.”

“Damn teenagers.” Fury muttered. “Fine. Keep watch on it. If this happens again, I want to know when it does.”

“Yes sir.” the operatives said.

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