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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,99910 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 63

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 63:

The Daily Globe, Nov. 1st:

“All right everyone listen up!” Jack Jackson called to his newsroom. “We all know that our new owner, Mr. Fisk is a man of questionable character and background.” He said to a large amount of muttering. “That isn't the point. From now on, all of us are on notice and are replaceable. I would say you should keep your head down and do your jobs, but you're reporters. In the end, we're here to seek out the truth. Well that and get paid for it. If you're researching something that isn't part of the new company line, keep it at home. Don't talk about it. Farm it out under an alias somewhere else. We're journalists, the truth needs to be heard. Just not here.” He said with a sigh.

“I hate to say this, but I think we need to call Jonah.” Ben Urich said to Robbie.

“We just jumped ship and now the Kingpin owns the second largest paper in New York.” Robbie sighed. “Why didn't anyone see this coming?”

“It's Fisk.” Was Urich's reply.

“I'll call him.” Robbie said softly.

Xavier's place.....

“Well this is different.” Hank said as he held up the outfit.

“It's adjustable. One size fits all.” Xander told him. “Though I know a guy. He was referenced by the guy who does our shoes.”

“A tailor?” Hank asked.

“Yeah, his name is Leo Zelinsky.” Xander said. “Steady hand, doesn't ask too many questions.”

“Where is he located?” Hank asked.

“On 23rd near eighth.” Xander told him. “Leo's Tailoring.”

“I'll look into it when I get the chance.” Hank told him. “After that, I can get it treated with the unstable molecules right? Fascinating bit of work that is.”

“Won't be a problem.” Xander told him. “So, you and Storm huh?”

Beast sighed. “Do I need to ask?”

“The nose knows.” Xander told him.

“Just don't spread it around. It's bad enough with some of the girls following us around on our dates.” Hank told him.

“Theresa and Rahne are a handful aren't they?” Xander grinned.

“Lord save us from the redheads.” Hank sighed.

“Actually, they were better when Mary Jane was staying with them.” Xander told him.

“If you say so.” Hank grinned.

Genetics Lab....

“What can you tell me?” Fury asked Moira after she'd looked over the data he'd gotten from OsCorp.

“This formula is very dangerous and it's not even half finished. There are a lot of different methods this could have been completed. Without a sample from the end result, I can't even tell you how this was finished. I also can't even begin to counter this until I know where it ends.” Moira told him.

“That's just peachy.” Fury muttered. “Thanks for the consult. The payment will be wired to your account.”

“I'm here if you need me.” Moira told him.

“Consider yourself on retainer.” Fury told her before walking out of the lab.

“Great.” Moira muttered before going back to her own research.

Xavier's Office....

“I really don't like him coming here so often.” Logan groused to Charles as they watched Fury leave.

“He's one of the benefactors of this place Logan. They also leave us alone for the most part. If he's having problems one of us can troubleshoot....” Xavier trailed off.

Logan grunted.

“Yes, despite how despicable some of it might be... we need to gain favors now and again.” Xavier told him.

“How's the clone doing?” Logan asked him.

“Fairly good. He's mentoring the mimic and the progress is impressive. As it stands, I think he's ready for the other two.” Charles said.

“They're damaged goods Chuck.” Logan told him.

“Aren't we all Logan?” Xavier asked him. “Aren't we all?”

New Jersey....

“You want me to what?” Ben said into his cell phone. “That's asking a lot Chuck, I've already got my hands full with Calvin.”

Calvin looked up from his data pad. Ben shrugged and Calvin went back to his reading.

“They're powers are maturing but haven't fully activated yet? What do you want me to with them? Yeah, I can know the place. It's the beta site. Why me Chuck?” Ben asked. “You trust me, right.” Ben hung up the phone.

“What's up?” Calvin asked.

“We're picking up two other mutants and heading to the beta site to set up a mostly independent outfit.” Ben sighed.

“What's the beta site?” Calvin asked.

“A recently refurbished private school in Massachusetts.” Ben told him. “The two we're picking up come from abusive homes. How do you feel about kidnapping?”

“Kidnapping?” Calvin asked. “Really?”

“We don't have any legal custody over these kids, both of which are about to head into the foster system for different reasons.” Ben told him. “If they come with us, things will get different. You'll get more powers.”

“What kind of powers are we talking about?” Calvin asked, his curiosity peaked.

“We're not certain yet.” Ben told him.

“It's a crap shoot?” Calvin asked.

“Something like that. If the main man knows what their powers are going to be, he's not telling.” Ben said.

“Well, I could use some other friends.” Calvin mused. “All right, I'm in. Besides, it'll help them deal to learn to use their powers with someone who's doing the same right?”

“That's the positive outlook.” Ben grinned as he started his van.

“So where are we headed?” Calvin asked.

“New York.” Ben said as he pulled out of the space.

Forest Hills, Queens.....

“What is his deal?” Peter asked Mary Jane as they boarded the bus that would take them to school.

“I don't know.” Mary Jane sighed. “This is the third time I've seen him in the neighborhood Peter. It has to stop.”

“What can we do?” Peter asked.

“Well, filing a restraining order comes to mind.” Mary Jane muttered. “That'll take some time with the courts anyways. I don't know why my father is hanging around like this. He certainly never showed me this much attention when I was growing up.”

“You're one of the last links to your mother besides your sister.” Peter said. “How exactly did she die?”

“Coroner ruled it an accident.” Mary Jane told him. “We both know what that means.”

“There's a chance he was involved. “Peter muttered. “We should see someone about it.”

“Who? The only person I know whose dad or mom is a cop is that new girl.” Mary Jane sighed.

“Gwen Stacy?” Peter asked. “Her dad's a cop? Really?”

“It's complicated.” Mary Jane told him.

“Isn't it always?” Peter grinned.

Saugerties New York....

“So who are we looking for?” Calvin asked Ben as he handed the younger teen a cup of coffee that had been loaded with sugar and cream.

“His name is Vance Astrovik. Let's try the public school first, then social services.” Ben said as he ate his breakfast.

“Why help him?” Calvin asked.

“It's what I do.” Ben shrugged. “Doing the right thing.... someone has to. Finish your breakfast.”

Sanctuary, South Dakota....

“The treatments feel like they're working.” Eric told Dr. MacTaggert.

“You're doing better, that's true.” Moira said as she examined the blood work. “Though the levels of MGH are higher than they should be. Have you been taking more than what I prescribed?”

Eric didn't say anything.

“This is a dangerous substance Eric. It's largely unknown save for the fact it's found only in mutants. Why are you taking more than what I prescribed?” Moira wanted to know.

“They make me feel good.” Eric told her. “Younger.”

“MGH has increased your testosterone levels which were on the low end of the spectrum. Go back to the original dosage and I'll get you some testosterone supplements. You're going through something which is being termed as Male Menopause.” Moira told him. “It's a natural part of aging.”

“I don't want to be aging Doctor MacTaggert. I feel like I'm falling apart.” Eric sighed.

“The chamber is almost complete.” Moira told him. “If you keep the treatment like I've prescribed, you should be able to hold out until then. Now, I've heard you've gotten a few more people here at this sanctuary of yours. Are there any I need to look over?”

“The Callasantos sisters.” Eric told her. “I will warn you, they show most of the signs of having been sexually abused.”

“Send them to me in about fifteen minutes. I need to update some more charts before I start any new ones.” Moira told him.

Eric nodded before leaving the examination area.
Saugerties New York...

“Have you got everything?” Ben asked Vance as the teen climbed out of his bedroom window.

“Enough to keep in me in fresh clothes for a while.” Vance told him. “Where are we headed?”

“I've got to pick up another teen in a similar situation as yours. She's in Rhode Island.” Ben told him.

“A girl?” Calvin asked as he faded into sight.

“Don't do that!” Vance gasped as he clutched his chest. “Damn near gave me a heart attack!”

Calvin looked at him. “Dude, your powers just jump started.”

Ben sighed. “Startling people can do that sometimes. Our next pick up is Angelica Jones. Let's load up the van and get out of here before someone notices you're gone.”

Vance nodded and followed the two others. “None of this would have happened if I hadn't been visited by my future self.” He said softly.

“Time travel?” Calvin asked. “That's sounds almost as good as Ben's story.”

“He has a story?” Vance asked.

“I'm a clone.” Ben told him.

“I think I'm going to fit in just fine with you guys.” Vance said with a soft smile.

“That's sort of the point.” Ben told him as he got in the van.

Xavier's Place....

“Then you insert Tab Zeta twenty four into slot b.” Todd said as he read the instructions.

Kitty looked up from the component parts. “Who wrote these instructions?” She asked him.

“Some guy from a long time ago. Vita Rays. Huh.” Todd grinned. “More like Gamma Rays.”

“For World War II era science, this guy knew what he was doing.” Kitty said as she connected a few more circuits. “Still, the use of Gamma Rays has shown to be beneficial in a few people.”

“Thanks for helping out on this project.” Todd told her.

“Are you kidding? When else am I going to get to build something that uses vacuum tubes?” Kitty grinned. “This is like my birthday and Hanukkah all rolled into one!”

The Kitchen...

“We got another letter from May.” Kurt said to Fred as he opened the large envelope. “Seems she's gotten a second opinion on her side too.”

Fred looked up from his mixing bowl. “That's neat. Think it'll help move things faster?”

“Well she has been helping us revise some of these.” Kurt said as he looked over the corrections she'd given in the recipes. “Seems when you scale it down to cook for smaller groups, certain parts need to be adjusted more than others.”

“We'll get it.” Fred told him. “Let me see what she's done.” He said after he put the latest work into the oven.

Sanctuary, South Dakota....

“All right you two, everything seems fine. I'm sorry about that last part but it's a necessary thing.” Moira told the two sisters.

“It's fine.” Maria Callasantos said a little too quickly. “How long before... that has to be done again?”

“Another year.” Moira told her.

Both girls sighed in relief. “Those things are cold.” Lucia said quietly. “Are we done?”

“You are.” Moira told them. “Is there anything you'd like to talk to me about? If not, I can recommend a good therapist.”

“We're good.” Maria told her. “We're... adjusting to life here fairly well.”

“All right. If anyone else needs an exam, send them in would you?” Moira asked them.

“We're the last.” Lucia told her.

“All right.” Moira said. “Let me clean up and I'll get out of your hair.” She said as the two teens left the medical wing.

Flannigan's pub, Yancy Street New York City.....

“Are we safe to talk here?” Robbie asked Ben Urich as he sat down at the card table.

“Safe as we can be.” Ben told him. “Have you called Jameson?”

“I have. He hasn't sold off his equipment yet, and he'll be in town once his son gets back from his mission.” Robbie said. “I can't believe we're going back to him.”

“It's that or work for the Kingpin's mouthpiece.” Urich groused. “How is everybody else doing?”

“Keeping quiet. This would be easier if we could just get some evidence of him doing something criminal. I've heard he's under investigation, but I've also heard he's blackmailing the investigators.” Robbie said. “Whatever the reason for him buying the paper, we can't let him corrupt the truth.”

“Not like Jameson ever stuck to the truth.” Ben sighed. “Still, better the devil you know.”

“And we know Jonah.” Robbie agreed. “Should we talk to Peter about this?”

“Hopefully Jameson has lightened up, but I doubt it. Pete'll be fine, he's still freelance after all.” Ben said. “I'll talk to him.”

“Thanks Ben.” Robbie said. “How did you get access to this back room anyways?”

“The owner owes me a few favors.” Ben said as ways of an explanation. “It's all I can really say on that.”

Robbie nodded. “Meet here again next week?”

“I'll let you know what time.” Ben told him.

Providence, Rhode Island....

“For a tiny state, this place has a decent capital city.” Calvin said as he checked the information on the city with his data pad that Ben had given him.

“Our stop is coming up.” Ben said as he turned the van onto an exit.

“Think it'll be easy to recruit this one?” Calvin asked Ben.

“We'll see.” Ben said as he parked the van.
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