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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279938,03610 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 66

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 66:
2 days until Thanksgiving....

“Oh this is ridiculous.” Xander said as he looked at the arrival schedule. “This is going to run me ragged.”

“It's not so bad.” Ben said as he appeared with a grin. “I'll help.”

“Between the two of us it shouldn't be so bad. How's everything on your end?” Xander asked his clone.

Ben sighed. “Never volunteer or get railroaded into a position of power. It's crap. But on the plus side, they're all getting along fairly well. Things could be a lot worse. There are two cat women at the sanctuary who are kind of grabby.”

“So that's why Forge looked at me funny when he got back.” Xander grinned. “Better you than me.”

“It's always better when it's someone else.” Ben groused.
The day before....Thanksgiving....

“Goodness this place is large.” Anna Watson said as they reached the mansion.

“It's bigger than it looks.” Mary Jane said.

“You could have told me you were this Spider-girl.” Anna said to her niece.

“Spider-Woman, Aunt Anna. It's a secret identity for a reason. It's bad enough we've got so many costumed people coming out of the woodworks. We don't advertise who we are because they'll come for our families.” Mary Jane said.

“It's a good policy, I won't deny that.” Anna said. “You could have told me though.”

“We did, just a while after the whole thing started.” Peter said. “I didn't tell Aunt May for close to a year.”

“I was close to furious when I found out, Anna but he has his reasons. Some of those criminals he fights are quite vicious.” May said softly.

“And then some are regular push overs.” Peter grinned.

“Stilt-Man.” The two teens said together before laughing.

Emma and Jean's room.

“Why do they have to be here?” Emma asked Jean.

“I know you don't like your sisters very much, but they're doing the same thing you did aren't they?” Jean asked. “Getting out of your father's shadow and striking out on their own?”

“But they're copying me.” Emma whined.

Jean sighed. “You know that Ben has instituted Xander's argument settling idea right?”

“He didn't.” Emma paled. “He wouldn't.”

“He did, and he brought them.” Jean grinned.

“I'll try to get along.” Emma said quickly.

“I knew you'd see the light.” Jean grinned. “Now let's go make sure all the parents get in okay. We're all supposed to be there.”

“All right.” Emma huffed. “Let's go greet the folks.”
The entrance....

“Well, there are an awful lot of them aren't there?” Kitty's mother said to her husband.

“That's sort of the point dear.” he replied.

“All right everyone, welcome to our humble home!” One of the driver's called. “My name is Ben Ravenson. If you have any problems with your accommodations, ask someone else.”

“I thought his name was Xander.” One of the other adults said.

“No, that would be me.” A voice said from behind them.

The adults turned and saw the same man wearing the same outfit behind them. The looked at the one in front of them and the one behind them. “Well that's new.” One of the adults said.

“I'm a recent development.” Ben continued, ignoring the conversations that were taking place. “Now everyone's waiting for you inside. Dinner's waiting and will be buffet style as will the next couple of meals until the big dinner on Thursday. You'll have limited access to the underground levels except for the residential areas. It's more for our peace of mind than anything else. We've got some... interesting experiments going on right now.”

Ben opened the door and gestured for the people to enter while he brought up the rear with Xander.

“What the devil?” Winston Frost said as he saw his three daughters among the sea of faces standing at the entrance. “Adrienne, Cordelia! Why are you associating with this riffraff? It was one thing for Emma to associate with these freaks of nature, but not you two as well!”

“This is why I didn't want him here.” Emma sighed.

“We're mutants as well Daddy.” Adrienne said loud enough for everyone to hear. “The only one who isn't is Christian but you think he's damaged goods anyways.”

“I don't have to deal with this!” Winston said.

“Then don't.” A voice said from behind him. A hand grasped the man's shoulder and both were suddenly somewhere else.

“Man that's a neat power.” Jamie said quietly.

“Why did he even come?” One of the other adults asked.

“He's a father, but he's an ass too.” Was Hazel Frost's reply. “Is there a bar?”

“This is a school.” Was Xander's answer.

“That wasn't a no.” Hazel stated.


“Where am I?” Winston Frost demanded as he found himself some where both dark and cold.

“A place I come to think.” was the reply. “I've heard a great deal about the wondrous Frost family from two of you daughters lately. Frankly things would be better off if you were dead.”

“You can't do this!” was Frost's reply.

“You'd be surprised what I can do. It's because of me that you even have half the money you do now you asshole.” Said the man as he stepped out of the darkness.

“What are you talking about?” Winston said in confusion.

“Boston, and the death of Deacon Frost.” Ben Ravenson growled. “You were one of the ones who swooped down in the aftermath of Boston's decimation and profited. You were the one who took over Frost's enterprises even though he was one of the ones involved in the forming of those blood farms.”

“No, that couldn't have been you. They told me it was them!” Frost denied. “They were the ones who'd been responsible for my success and good fortune! You can't have been the one!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ben demanded.

“You're not with them are you?” Winston asked before laughing. “You can't understand.”

“Understand about what?” Ben asked.

“The Hellfire Club!” Winston said.

“Start talking!” Ben growled as his fur started coming out.

He did.
Hours later....

“Ben's been gone a long time.” Adrienne said as she stared at the clock.

“He'll be fine.” Cordelia Frost said as she stared at the piece of cake on her plate. Her appetite hadn't been much since Ben had taken their father.

“You guys save any dinner for me?” Ben asked as he appeared in the kitchen.

“Xander saved you a plate.” Adrienne said. “Where's Daddy?”

“He's... somewhere he should have been a while ago. I need to go get Emma. There's something we need to talk about.” Ben told them. “Warm up that plate for me would you?”

A mental health facility in Massachusetts....

“How did he get in there?” The doctor asked the orderly.

“We don't know sir. We've checked the security tapes and he wasn't on them.” The orderly replied. “What's the harm? They're talking.”

“This is the most I've seen Christian Frost do in months.” was the Doctor's reply. “Let's just keep him in there for a while.”
Back with the girls....

“We were being groomed for this.... Hellfire Club?” Adrienne asked. “Preposterous.”

“Is it?” Ben asked. “You know I wouldn't lie to you.”

Adrienne stared at Ben. “I would have seen it.” She said confidently.

“Not if they didn't want you to.” Ben replied as he crossed his arms.

“An underground mutant society.” Emma sighed. “It makes about as much sense as anything else has. I've seen some weird stuff since I joined these folks and Xander or Ben wouldn't lie.”

“But he could be lied to.” Adrienne countered.

“Not with my senses.” Ben said. “ I need to speak with the Professor about this. Are you three going to be okay?”

“We'll manage.” Emma told him.

Ben nodded before heading off to speak with the professor and the rest of the adults.
The Next Morning.....
The Danger Room....

“Holy shit!” Adrienne said as she watched from the control room.

“He's pissed off.” Xander sighed as he watched his clone in action. “He's been in here since late last night.”

“When he's been training us, he's never been this... brutal.” Adrienne said. “Cordelia was right. He has a lot of rage in him.”

“Things haven't been easy for him.” Xander said as he sipped his coffee. “He's got a long time to get used to his new situation though.”

“What do you mean?” Adrienne asked.

“We're both likely to live very long lives Ms. Frost.” Xander told her. “Our mutation has seen to that.”

The entertainment room...

“Oh sweet, it's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade!” Mary Jane said she hopped onto Peter's lap.

Peter grunted at the impact but didn't say anything.

“Oh look, the Fantastic Four are in it this year!” Mary Jane grinned.

“They seem like nice people.” Anna said.

“Oh they are.” Mary Jane told her Aunt.

“What the hell?” Peter said as he sat up and watched the screen. A purple colored glider coasted over the crowd spraying a green gas over everyone.

That's when the crowd started to freak out.

“What is going on?” Anna asked as the news announcer started screaming about monsters.

“Trouble.” Peter said as Mary Jane got off his lap. “Big trouble.”

“We need to find Xander and Ben. That crowd could seriously hurt some people!” Mary Jane said as the two teens took off running.

“Emergency at the parade!” Peter said as he burst into the Danger Room's control room.

“What's up?” Xander asked as he switched on the intercom and shut down the simulation.

“The crowd got dosed with some kind of gas and started freaking out.” Mary Jane said.

“On it.” Xander said as he vanished from the room and Ben appeared.

“Where did Xander go?” Mary Jane asked.

“Probably to get some gas masks and the sprayers we developed for crowd control.” Ben told her.

“When did you develop crowd control weapons?” Peter asked.

“After we reverse engineered your webbing.” Xander said as he reappeared and handed Ben a gas mask and what looked like a flame thrower. “Sorry about not telling you, but since you've got your own natural stuff now, we couldn't let your formula go to waste.”

Peter sighed. “Not a problem. Just ask next time would you?” He touched his watch and his clothes switched with his costume. “Let's go to work.”


“Thanks for the big bubbles Suzie” Ben Grimm said as they got out of their Fantasticar.

Everyone was running around screaming and the balloons had all been released in the panic.

“I think the gas was a hallucinogen.” Reed said. “I'd have to get a sample back to the lab in order to reverse it.”

“What can we do?” Johnny asked.

“Using our powers may only panic them further.” Reed said. “I need to get back to the lab. Susan, see if you can work on crowd control.

“What about me?” Johnny asked.

“See if you can get those balloons down safely.” Reed suggested.

“On it.” Johnny said as he took off.

“What about me Stretch?” Ben asked.

“I don't know Ben. Just stay here and try not to scare anyone.” Reed ordered.
One block down...

“This isn't working!” Ben called to Xander as they coasted over the crowds with their hover boards and tried to secure a few of them. “They're too many of them! Restraining them only makes them panic more!”

“I can't keep stunning people!” Spider-Woman called out as she sent a few more blasts into the rioting crowd.

Just then Spider-Man looked up and saw the low flying plane. “What the?”

The Plane started spraying something and their Spider senses went off.

“Get us out of here!” They called to Xander and Ben.

A moment later all four were high above the crowd and the plane. They spotted a few more and Xander recognized the emblem. “This is SHIELD!”

Ben caught wind of the mist. “They're spraying a sedative. I know this formula.”

“Well, that was eventful.” Spider-Woman said with a huff. “I guess we weren't needed after all.”

“The Helicarrier must be nearby.” Ben said. “Who would do this?”

“That's a good question.” Xander sighed. “A better one would be why.”
Four Freedoms Plaza....

The Black Cat paused in her tracks as she watched someone she never thought she'd see in person. Doctor Doom was fighting someone dressed in a weird goblin costume.

“Well this is awkward.” She said before getting back into the ventilation shaft in order to find an alternate route into the lab where the alien was being kept.

“Will you just stand still!” The Green Goblin shouted as he flung another explosive blast at Doctor Doom.

“As you wish.” Doom said, taking the blast full on. The smoke cleared and he was unharmed.

“Well shit.” The Goblin said to himself before ducking Doom's own energy blast.


The containment lab....

“Where the hell is it?” The Black Cat asked as she looked around the lab. Something had interrupted the power supply to the containment chamber and it had escaped.

She didn't see the black mass until it was too late.
After the fight was over...

Doom stared at the body that was coated in the quivering black life form. He undid his cloak and wrapped the figure in it and enacted a set a set of runes in his armor. Both Doom and his prize disappeared from the building.

The Green Goblin snapped up as consciousness returned to him. “Dammit. I lost.” He said as he stood. He heard voices nearby. “Shit. They're back.” He pressed a button on his collar and his glider turned on and came to him. He hopped on it and flew out of the hole he'd made getting inside.

“It's gone Reed!” Susan said. “Whatever took it, did a lot of damage in the process.”

Reed stared at the containment area. “I think it escaped in the commotion Sue. Some of the damage is from inside the containment unit. More than one party was involved, but we won't know more until we check the security.

“That'll be a problem Stretch.” Ben said as he walked up. “Whole system's been wiped.”

“Who could have done this?” Susan asked.

“The security could have only been taken down by a few people.” Reed said. “But the rest, I'm not sure.”

Victor Von Doom stared at the mass in the tank. From his readings the body was dying due to the parasite. It would be another thirty hours before it would be fully consumed. He was detecting two different sets of higher brainwaves which meant the parasite was either intelligent or replicating the mind of its host body. He wanted to learn more, but the body didn't have much time left.

Struck with inspiration, Doom headed towards his genetics lab. This just might work if he could do it in time.

Back at Xavier's place, hours later.

“Okay everyone, dig in!” Charles grinned as Logan started to carve the turkey.

Dinner was on.

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