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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279938,02110 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 67

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 67:

The kitchen....Xavier's place The morning after....

“Why is everyone up so early?” Ben asked Xander as he looked up from his borrowed sketch pad.

“It's Black Friday.” Xander said. “I'm on escort duty for the mall today.”

“You know, I'd actually forgotten about that particular nightmare.” Ben grinned. “A year already huh?”

“Don't remind me.” Xander sighed as he sat down. “Wait, since when are you left handed?”

Ben shrugged. “Something I picked up.”

“Whatever.” Xander sighed. “You dealing?”

“The Hellfire Club.... we need to find them.” Ben said softly.

“The twisted upper class/under belly of the mutant world.” Xander nodded. “We'll deal. What did you do to Emma's Dad?”

Ben smirked.


Victor Von Doom stared at the alien life form. It's mass was almost hypnotic in a way. The last two attempts at gene grafting had failed. The body had rejected them. He'd have to attempt to use one of the lesser modified samples. One that was more suitable to the host's DNA. “Damn my curiosity.” He whispered. If the host survived the next attempt, it would be forever changed.

The Bayville Mall...

“Dear god, this is madness!” Charles said as a mother well into her early forties shoved him to one side so she could get into line at the toy store.

“Madness descends and makes beasts of us all.” Hank said as he sipped his Icee. “Nothing quite like a brain freeze so early in the morning.”

“We trust our children with these people?” Jean's father asked Kitty's mother.

“Well, being a little bit crazy helps people run the asylum I guess.” Kitty's mother said with a shrug. “Can you say your daughter hasn't been happier here? I can't. Kitty has changed so much here and I have them to thank for it.”

“Jean has nothing but good things to say about here, well except for the fact her roommate dresses in seven different shades of white.” He sighed. “As long as she's happy, healthy and remotely sane.”

“What more could a parent want?” Hank asked.

Far too soon, the holiday was over. Families, briefly united were separated once again. Tears were shed in some, hugs were given in most. Some arguments were settled with words, others were settled with style.

“This is ridiculous.” Peter said as he watched Bobby and Jamie put on the over sized outfits.

“I'd been meaning to buy these myself, but they're not exactly something you can explain to the wife.” Xander said. “Nice to see someone's using it.”

“But sumo suits?” Peter asked. “How does that solve anything?”

“It doesn't.” Xander said. “That's what so great about it! By the time their done, they'll realize how silly it all is.”

“What are they fighting over anyways?” Peter asked him.

“Curtains versus venetian blinds.” Xander said.

“That's......” Peter sighed.

“Jamie's twelve and Bobby's emotionally retarded.” Xander reminded Peter.

“Point.” Peter agreed.


Felicia Hardy opened her eyes. She was in a new place. She remembered.... so much. “What happened?” She asked as she sat up. “Where am I?”

“You are in Castle Von Doom.” A stern voice sated. “I should be upset with you for trying to steal the life form, but then again.... I've been trying to cut back on my hypocrisy.”

She looked towards the voice and saw the face of Doom. “You. You're the one that took care of the security system at Four Freedoms aren't you? I knew that job was a bad idea.”

“Tell me who you were working for.” Doom ordered.

“What does it matter to you?” She asked. “My clients are my own.”

“The life form that bonded to you would have consumed you entirely if it had not been for my efforts. I managed to extract it once it no longer posed a danger to you.” Doom stated. It was a partial lie, but a good one.

“What did you do to me?” She asked him.

“I had to infuse you with someone else's DNA. His was much more durable and enabled you to survive the parasitic symbiont. You will be forever changed by this action. For what it's worth, I am sorry.”

“Forgive me for not believing you.” Felicia snorted. “But I suppose I can give you a name. Wilson Fisk.”

“The Kingpin?” Doom asked. “Interesting. He trespasses on things beyond his understanding.”

“Not my problem. He pays well.” Felicia shrugged.

“He betrays better.” Doom said. “He will be dealt with in time. Your association with him should end.”

“I'll take that under advisement. So now what?” She asked.

“We determine just how you've changed and you will be released.” Doom told her.

“Not buying it.” She told him.

“Believe what you will. A drone will be by with food shortly. I suggest you eat, it's been a rough few days for you.” Doom said before leaving the room.

Doom entered the next room.

“You.” the being said. “You changed me.”

“You've evolved.” Doom stated. “You no longer need to bind yourself to a host. This outcome was unexpected, but not unwelcome.”

“What are these?” the being asked as it gestured at it's chest.

“Those are called breasts. You've much to learn.” Doom said softly. “I will be the one to teach you.”


“It's good to be home.” Ben sighed as he settled in his recliner. There was a knock on his door. “Damn it.” Ben muttered before calling out, “Yes?”

Cordelia Frost opened the door. “I wanted to thank you for finding out about the Hellfire Club.”

Ben shrugged. “It took a little convincing, but your father spilled the beans. You all had a right to know.”

Cordelia nodded. “Also, I want to warn you. Adrienne bought a large box of condoms.”

Ben pinched the bridge of his nose. “Wait, how old is she?”

“Over the age of consent.” Cordelia told him.

“Super.” Ben sighed. “I can't promise anything, but I'd recommend you get some earplugs. I'm not a monk by any means.”

Cordelia nodded. “She'll break your heart.”

“It already is.” Ben told her. “Thanks for the heads up.”

FBI branch office, New York.

Victor Von Doom strolled into the offices with his usual confidence. He walked to the branch head's office and went in uninvited.

“What is the meaning of this?” The man behind the desk demanded.

“Your branch is compromised.” Doom stated as he produced two CDs from his cloak. “The first is a list of your members being bribed. The other contains those being blackmailed. Clean house, and I can help deliver the Kingpin.”

The man stared at Doom for a few tense moments. “What's in it for you?”

“Some of the children of Latveria live in this city. Doom protects his people.” Doom said before strolling out of the office.

The man stared at the two discs for a moment before opening the first one.
Back in Latveria...

“Who the hell did he get these genes from?” Felicia wondered as she examined herself in the mirror. She'd gotten stronger and sharper fingernails and her body. “Look at me now.” She felt herself. “Wait... where are my implants?” She said as she felt around for them. “Weird.”

Elsewhere in the castle, Doom had two slightly used paperweights sitting on a desk.
Four Freedoms Plaza
December 1st....

“Well, it took longer than anticipated, but the repairs are complete.” Reed said as he came into the common area of the groups quarters.

“Any results on trying to reconstruct the security information?” Susan asked.

“No, whoever did this was quite thorough.” Reed sighed. “We've got more than a few governmental agencies mad at us for losing the life form.”

“We were busy with the parade.” Ben said. “Not like we knew the government had new anti riot technology.”

“Still that formula was fascinating.” Reed said. “Organic compounds absorbed through the skin. It's quite frightening to think about really.”

“What do you mean stretch?” Ben asked.

“People could make that particular concoction in less than twenty steps with ingredients from a local herbal remedy store.” Reed said. “I just wish we could have done more at the time, even if it was all a distraction.”

“I'm just glad nothing else was taken.” Johnny said. “We really need to up the security again. It seems like it keeps getting bypassed.”

“Is anyone else seeing this?” Sue asked as she stared out the window.

There was a man with large white wings flying over a dozen floors down.

“Unless the Vulture as has gotten a new motif, this bears some investigating.” Reed said. “Johnny, if you would?”

Johnny nodded and opened the window and took off to follow the winged man.

“I still say we should have gone to Fiji.” Ben groused.

“We still can if you want Ben. It's just going to be later than we would have otherwise.” Susan said. “The security of our home comes first.”

“I know Susie Q. I know.” Ben sighed as Johnny and the winged man flew into back into the room.

“I wasn't aware I needed a permit to fly in the city.” The winged man said.

Johnny snorted. “I was kidding. It's not every day we see someone that can be confused with an angel.”

The man shrugged. “I can't help being like this. I've had these wings for years.”

“Let me make a call, there's someone you should talk to. He can help enlighten you about your condition.” Reed offered.

“There are others like me?” The man asked.

“Not exactly, but if my suspicions are correct, you fall into a new sub genus of humanity like many others.” Reed told him. “Can I ask for your name?”

“Warren Worthington.” The man said.

“Greetings Warren. Welcome to our home.” Reed said as he reached for the phone.

Xavier's place.

“Reed, good to hear from you. Winged man you say? Well that wouldn't necessarily trigger my Cerebro more than once due to it being a purely physical mutation. Let me check.” He said before setting the phone down and activating the remote Cerebro module. “Yes, he is a mutant.” He said as he picked the phone back up. “Let me send someone over to talk with him.”
The Library...

“Not it.” Xander said as Xavier walked into the room.

“Not it.” Cordelia added.

Charles turned to Hank and Ororo.

“We're listening.” Hank grinned.
Four Freedoms Plaza, 30 minutes later.

“So you have this school full of people like us?” Warren asked Hank as the man sipped some tea.

“Mostly younger students, but there are a few adults as well. Some of us like yourself have physical mutations.” Hank said.

“I'll believe that when I see it.” Warren said.

Hank turned off his image inducer.

“Touché.” Warren said as Ororo chuckled softly.

“We're not asking you to stay hidden.” Ororo said after a few minutes time. “Just with the current season and everything you might draw considerably more attention than you would in the summer. Helping people while noble has its risks. What if someone started taking pot shots at your wings?”

“People wouldn't do that would they?” Warren asked.

“I think we could manage something.” Reed chipped in. “But it would require regular maintenance. You'd have to be here frequently. On either an official or unofficial basis of course.”

“Manhattan is my home.” Warren said. “Give me a few days to decide.”

“That won't be a problem.” Reed told him.

Christmas Eve....

“No.” Adrienne said firmly.

“Why not?” Ben asked. “What's the harm?”

“I don't sing.” Adrienne said.

“Everyone else is going.” Ben told her. “It's not about how well you sing it's about spreading cheer.”

“Spread Joy on your own.” She said.

Ben sighed. “Your loss.” He said before walking off

Adrienne stared after him. He wasn't supposed to give up this easily. “Dammit.” She muttered before following him.

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