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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,93910 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 72

don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 72:

“Man, we should totally be doing something.” Tabitha Smith complained to her friends. “We've done all this training and for what? It's not like we're helping anyone.”

“There haven't been too many things we can help out with is there? I mean we haven't had a real big fight since we took care of the Juggernaut.” Emma said. “Trust me, you do not want to go against something like that without training. He was almost unstoppable.”

“Really?” Tabitha asked.

“We can show you.” Emma said while Jean nodded.

“All right, it's not like it was something we couldn't have handled.” Tabitha smirked while the other newer recruits save for Paige nodded.

“You heard her.” Scott said. “Show her what he's like.”

Both Emma and Jean closed their eyes and replayed the incident with Professor Xavier's step brother.

“Crap.” Tabitha said. “It took all of you to take him down.”

“Scott went full power against him. That's enough to punch a hole in a mountain.” Jean said. “He just took it and didn't stop coming.”

“I stand corrected.” Tabitha said. “Training is good for us I suppose. We need someone to fight though.”

“That can be arranged.” Xander said as he appeared in the room. “In fact, I know just the group. In the meantime, homework then a light session in the Danger room before dinner. All of you.”

“All of us?” Scott asked.

“If I know my brother, the team you'll be fighting knows quite a few dirty tricks.” Xander grinned. “This should be pretty fun. Think of it as a competition between schools.”

“You heard the man!” Todd grinned. “Let's get to it!”

“You're just saying that cause you finished your homework.” Sam groused.

“Not my fault you guys haven't.” Todd said as he buffed his fingernails on his shirt.

Massachusetts Academy....

“You want to what?” Ben said into the phone before chuckling. “Sure. Five on five. My team versus your teams with adequate rest periods. Yours can't have any advance looks at the tactics of my team though. All on the fly. Three days time.” He hung up the phone.

“What was that about?” Vance asked.

“Suit up.” Ben grinned. “We're going to war.”


“I've good news. You can go back to America now.” Doom told his captive/experiment.

“The Kingpin is dead?” Felicia asked.

“As are most of his underlings. His associates are next on the list.” Doom stated. “Of course, I have nothing to do with such... butchery.”

“No, wouldn't want your dainty armored hands to be stained with the blood of criminals.” Felicia said. “Not like I can prove you're behind it can I?”

“No one ever will because I'm not.” Doom said. “Enjoy your freedom Ms. Hardy. We teleport in ten.”

“What about that holographic thing? So I can go out in public?” She asked him.

“You'll have it once we reach the Latverian Embassy.” Doom told her.

“Fine.” Felicia said with a nod.

Leo's Tailoring, New York....

“I have to say Leo, you do amazing work.” Hank McCoy said as he rotated his shoulders inside his suit coat. “It's got the flexibility I need in all the right places. What's your secret?”

“If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret now would it?” Leo grinned. “If you need any more adjustments, I could use the business.”

“I've a few friends who could use some specialized tailoring themselves. Some young friends of mine have some unusual needs.” Hank said.

“What are we talking about?” Leo asked.

“One has a prehensile tail, the other squats a considerable amount.” Hank told him.

Leo raised a brow. “Come by after hours. I can guarantee privacy better that way.”

Hank nodded. “You've my thanks Leo. I will most certainly bring my friends.”

Hank paid for his alterations and left the tailoring shop with a smile on his face that lasted most of the day.
Massachusetts Academy....

“We're not front line fighters, what do you expect us to do?” Adrienne asked him after Ben explained the training exercise.

“She's got a point.” Cordelia chimed in.

“That's what these are for.” Ben said as he handed them both what looked like a police baton.

“What can these do?” Adrienne asked, not touching hers.

“They carry a focused electrical charge on the tip that acts like a tazer. It also has a second use where if it impacts skin, it'll leave behind the gel form of the sedative solution we have here. It isn't fast acting, but it'll slow down your opponent enough to get a second shot in. The three main hitters are going to be Angelica, Calvin and Vance. Calvin for the fine tuned hits since he's got half the others powers. He's got finer control since he has less to work with.”

“Will we be able to the things Calvin's been able to?” Angelica asked.

“In time. You've both got more power than him, and yours are still growing. In time you'll be able to do the same as he does. We just need to work to get there. The tactics I've in mind right now aren't about fine control for you two yet. We'll get there. These other mutants have a huge head start on you because they've been training their powers for a lot long, but I know we can win. If not win, we can put on a hell of a show.”

“That we can do.” Adrienne said as she touched the baton. “I've got some suggestions for how it should go.”

“What have you got?” Ben grinned.

Adrienne explained what she'd gleaned from the future events she witnessed while touching the baton.


“Why didn't we get any calls about this one?” Detective George Stacy asked the stationed uniform.

“We don't know sir. He made enough of a show to get someone's attention. They might not have called because they were afraid too.” The police officer said. “It's a real mess in there sir.”

“How many this time?” Stacy sighed.

“At least fifteen. I recognized a few from the books.” The officer said. “What's left of them anyways.”

Stacy nodded. “Forensics here already?”

“Came in just before you did.” The officer told him.

“Thanks. If they press stops by, no comment.” Stacy ordered.

“Yes sir.”

The Daily Bugle....

“Punisher declares war.” Jameson suggested as Robbie looked at the front page layout.

“It's better than what I was going to go with.” Robbie sighed. “I thought we were done with this level of violence in the city.”

“Sometimes blood is what's needed to clean the streets.” Jameson said. “It worked for Ness.”

“This isn't the Twenties.” Robbie said. “The public shouldn't have to read about this.”

“They need to know, avoiding this guy might be the only way not to get in the crossfire.” Jameson countered. “A little knowledge can save a lot of lives.”

“Or in this case take some. The Punisher has to be working with someone. He's got all the intel he needs to make near surgical hits.” Robbie said. “We aren't getting much from the police other than casualty reports.”

“They're hushing this up as much as possible.” Jameson said. “The police can't do anything and it's something they don't want to admit to. They're almost as powerless against this guy as the criminals are.”

Robbie nodded. “I'll run the headline. Thanks Jonah.”

Jameson smirked. “I've still got ink running through my veins Robbie, don't forget that.”

Manhattan Midtown Magnet High:

“I need to see Parker and Watson.” The guidance counselor said as she entered the room.

Peter banged his head against his desk before gathering up his books. As necessary as this was, it was starting to bug him.

Mary Jane just grinned as she got her stuff together.

New Jersey.....

“Seriously, here?” Spider-Man asked as they landed.

“He hasn't been seen leaving yet.” the SHIELD agent told him. “You need to find him and try to take him out before he blows shit up again.”

“Let's get to work.” Spider-Woman said before leaping out of the helicopter.

“Don't get killed.” The SHIELD agent told Spider-Man. “I don't need that kind of mark on my record.

Spider-Man didn't say anything as he leaped down onto the rooftop.

“You have the tracers?” Spider-Woman asked.

“Built the launcher last night. Should work. Should being the key word there.” Spider-Man said as he showed her a wrist mounted launcher before putting his glove back on.

She nodded and they snuck into the building to try to find the Green Goblin before he blew everything up again.

They found him in the biological research division.

“Man has a habit.” Spider-Woman whispered.

“I need to get closer to tag him. Try hitting him with some of your stunners.” Spider-Man suggested.

“I've added enhanced audio equipment to my glider.” The Goblin called. “It knew you were coming twenty seconds ago.”

Both heroes flipped off of the ceiling and Spider-Woman extra legs came out and blasted him with her stunners while Spider-Man flipped over and tagged him with a tracer as he kidney punched him.

The Goblin grunted but lashed out with a backhanded fist which Spider-Man barely dodged. “You really should stop interfering in my business.” The Goblin said. “It's safer that way.” He reached into his satchel and pulled out a detonator switch.

“Window! Now!” Spider-Woman called to her partner.

They were down three floors before the blast blew out the floor they'd just vacted.

“You tag him?” Spider-Woman asked.

Their Spider Senses went off as the Goblin left the ruined floors of the building.

“Yep.” Spider-Man said. “He shook off your stunners. Whatever he's juiced with its altered his nervous system to way beyond normal human levels.”

“That or his armor was able to disperse the energy enough to render them ineffective.” Spider-Woman said before snorting. “Man that was nerdy.”

“Still proves you were listening over the summer.” Spider-Man said. “Let's track him. If he's based in New York, we might not be alone in finding him. Doom's cloned from me.”

“We better follow him now before he crosses the river. Swimming in that stuff stinks like hell.” Spider-Woman said as she cast a webline.

Spider-Man followed. “I just wish he'd stop blowing shit up. I'm going to go deaf by the time I'm twenty if he keeps this up.”

“You know, you're going to catch hell for swearing later.” She told him.

“I told you my Aunt was psychic.” Spider-Man laughed. “Let's get this explosive happy freak.

Five minutes later....

“That glider is fast.” Spider-Man said as he ran along the George Washington Bridge.

“No kidding.” Spider-Woman said from behind him. “He might be back at his headquarters or a safehouse by the time we get back.”

“Shame that chopper couldn't keep up with us.” Spider-Man said.

“He wouldn't have listened to our directions anyways.” Spider-Woman said.

Latverian Embassy....


Doom lowered a slightly smoking hand from the open window and turned towards his guest.

“You okay?” Felicia asked him.

“There was just a fly that needed swatting. That should have been enough to clip it's wings.” Doom said. “Now about this holoimager. It runs off of a gamma cell and it should last you for a few years provided you don't fool around with it. It will keep your appearance normal while your clothes remain. Good luck Ms. Hardy. If I were you I'd consider going into something more... legal.”

“Any suggestions?” She asked.

“Private detective, maybe a safecracker.” Doom said. “Your life is your own.”

“I'd say it's been fun, but I'd be lying.” Felicia said as Doom led her to the front door. She turned on the holoimager and walked out of the embassy a mostly free woman.

Elsewhere in the city.

The Green Goblin growled as he pulled his face out of the asphalt. “Potshots. Potshots took out my glider! Do you know how much time went into that!” He yelled at a pedestrian who started running away from him.

“We should thank whoever that was.” Spider-Man said as he kicked the Goblin in the back of the head, knocking him out for the second time in a short span of time. He grabbed what looked like the hem of the man's armor and yanked it before firing a stinger into the man's toughed hide.

“Stun him, would you? I don't want him blowing up again.” Spider-Man asked Spider-Woman.

She zapped him before pulling out her cell phone. “Let's call SHIELD, get a wagon that can hold him.”

“Who do you think it is?” Spider-Man asked.

“Dunno. We won't till whatever he's juiced with wears off.” She said as the phone connected. “This SW. We need an extra sturdy wagon on my location. Green guy's down for now.” She hung up the phone. “They'll be here in five.”

“Good. I'm tired of chasing this guy.” Spider-Man sighed.

Massachusetts Academy....

“Everyone ready?” Ben asked as he strapped his hammer to his back.

“As we will be.” Vance said as he took a deep breath. “I'm jittery.”

“Well if anyone has to go to the bathroom, now is the time.” Ben said.

“I'll be right back.” Angelica said before dashing for the ladies room.

Xavier's place.....

“LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!” was said over the intercom in the Danger Room.

Scott, Jean, Emma, Fred and Kitty were up first against Ben's team.

“The adults are enjoying this too much.” Jean sighed. “No telepathy. Just pure telekinesis. Psychically knocking them out is the ultimate cheat.”

“I don't think my powers would work on my sisters.” Emma admitted. “Let me take care of the redhead.”

“Let's just get this over with. I have some wiring I need to get back to.” Kitty said.

“Up top!” Scott said to Fred before they high fived.

“We begin in three, two, one!” Came Logan's voice from the intercom.

Calvin grinned as he vanished from sight.

“Oh fuck.” Scott said as he recognized that opening move. “We're screwed.”

“Way to be optimistic Scott.” Jean sighed.

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