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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,36510 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 75

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 75:


“Dammit! Breathe!” Spider-Man said as he attempted CPR on Harry Osborn.

“Step away from him” A police officer ordered him

Spider-Man turned to face the man in uniform. “Then take over. I need to go get the thing that did this.”

The police officer nodded. “Go get that freak.”

Spider-Man cast a web line and followed after the Green Goblin's glider. He needed to take him down, hard.

SHIELD Helicarrier....

“I need eyes on the Goblin now!” Fury ordered.

“Working on it sir. We're getting a lock on him with the satellite in three, two, one. He's heading toward Oscorp.” The bridge member told him.

“Contact SM, call in SW.” Fury ordered. “Get three containment teams in the area immediately. He's not getting away again. Full media blackout if we can get it.”

“We'd have to take out the cellular grid to do that sir.” The bridge agent told him.

Fury sighed. “Keep that option open.”

With Mary Jane....

“I have to go.” Mary Jane said to Gwen Stacy as she put away her phone. “Something has come up.”

“All right. We're not done talking you and I.” Gwen told her.

Mary Jane nodded. “I know, but I really have to go. Rain-check?”

“Sure.” Gwen said as she watched the redhead run off. She picked up her smoothie and began to follow her. “What is she up to?” Gwen mused as she watched her recent acquaintance run out the closest service hallway.

Back with Peter.....

“Osborn!” Spider-Man yelled as he knocked the Green Goblin off his glider with a devastating right hook. “Give it up!” He yelled as he punched the beast again.

“You work for those people don't you Spider? I never would have guessed you were a government stooge.” The Green Goblin laughed as his body began to glow.

Spider-Man stopped holding back and punched the beast again as they fell. This time he felt something give under his fist and the glow surrounding Osborn stopped. The two impacted the street a moment later, Osborn taking the brunt of the impact as Spider-Man rolled to minimize the damage to himself.

Spider-Man sprang to his feet and faced his opponent. Osborn wasn't getting up.

He sighed as he began webbing up his foe, restraining his legs and arms together in multiple layers of webbing.

Spider-Woman landed moments after he finished. “You got him.” She said softly.

“I did.” Spider-Man agreed. “Wagon on the way?”

“Yes.” She told him as she looked at the Green Goblin. “Is he breathing?”

“I don't know.” Spider-Man admitted. “Frankly after all it's done, I don't care. It was going to explode again.”

A SHIELD containment van made it's way through the crowded street. It pulled up and a team got out.

“We've got it.” The team leader told the Spider themed duo.

“It may or may not be dead. If this guy can regenerate... he might be playing possum.” Spider-Man told them. “Keep it sedated.”

“Those are our orders.” the agent agreed as the team advanced on the prone Green Goblin.

Xavier's Place....

“Has anyone seen Logan?” Charles Xavier asked as he looked around the dinner table.

“I think he went looking for something.” Hank McCoy said. “He left a few hours ago.”

Charles sighed. “He must be having one of his one with the road moments again. That's been happening more often lately.”

“We all know he has issues with crowds.” Sean Cassidy said. “He'll be back.”

Charles nodded. “So, how was everybody's day?”

SHIELD Helicarrier....

“Sir, we've a problem.” One of the bridge officers reported.

“What is it?” Fury asked as he looked up from the report on the Green Goblin.

“The team that's been monitoring Trask hasn't reported in.” The bridge officer told him.

“The whole team?” Fury asked. “Are they dead or compromised?”

“We don't know sir.” The officer told him.

“Well fucking find out!” Fury shouted. “Last thing we need is a nut like Trask totally going off the radar! Get two teams to go over the reports from the monitoring team. Find out when things changed.”

“Yes sir.” The officer said.

Fury sighed. “It's always fucking something! I'm getting too old for this shit.”

Friendly's T&A Bar.....

Logan grunted as he felt the broken bottle pierce his skin. “That all you got Bub?”

“We have so much more Wolverine.” A voice said from behind him.

Logan turned and growled as the guns fired, encasing him in some sort of gelatinous goo. He was stuck.

“We have him sir.” One of the agents said.

“Good.” Bolivar Trask said as he stared at the trapped mutant. “Have the beta team take the Massachusetts compound. They should provide little resistance according to the latest intelligence. I want more test subjects.” Trask ordered.

“Yes sir.” Said the former SHIELD agent.


“We have a go.” The agent said as he listened to his comm.

“You heard him. Let's secure these freaks and head back to alpha site.” The team leader said as he started up their assault vehicle.

“Let's ram this bitch!” One of the lesser restrained team members shouted as they approached the gate to the Massachusetts academy.


“Stay here.” Ben ordered as he stood up suddenly. “Somethings up.”

The alarms started blaring. “Someone has gotten through the gate.” Calvin said in shock.

“Get everyone to Xavier's.” Ben ordered. “I'll take care of this.”

“You're certain?” Calvin asked. “I've never teleported more than two people before.”

“Then do it one at a time.” Ben ordered before vanishing from sight. He needed his Hammer.

Calvin looked at the others. “You heard him.”

“What's going on?” Felicia asked.

“Shit's hitting the fan.” Calvin said. “Forget your stuff we're going. Who's first?”

“We'll go.” Adrienne said as she stood up from the kitchen table. “We don't have any active powers like the others.”

Cordelia nodded as she also stood. “Let's go.”

Calvin offered both Frost sisters a hand and they vanished along with him.

“He can do that too?” Felicia asked Vance.

Vance nodded. “It's weird the first time.” He warned her as Calvin reappeared. “Take them next.” He said with a nod to Angelica and pushing Felicia towards Calvin.

“I don't want to...” Was all Felicia could get out before Calvin took her somewhere else.

Vance sighed. “She's going to be pissed.”

“Damn right she is.” Calvin said as he reappeared. “Let's go. The Boss can take care of himself.”

Vance nodded and took Calvin's hand.

Outside the school.

“They're not stopping.” Ben said as he watched the obviously armored vehicle speed down the road towards the school. “Perfect.” He grinned as he gripped his hammer.

Inside the van....

“He's not moving.” The driver said to the team leader.

“Even with his known mass, we'll take him out.” The leader said as he checked his notes. “Run him down.”

“What was the size of this guy's hammer again? Because the one he's holding doesn't look like the one in the file.” The second agent in the front seat asked.

The team leader looked out the window. “Everybody hang on!” He yelled as they watched the white tiger man swing his hammer at them.

With Ben..

“And it's a pop fly!” Ben called as he watched the van suddenly switch directions due to the blow from his hammer. “I love this thing.” He said as he kissed the head of the hammer.

Inside the van...

“There was nothing in the reports about this!” The leader shouted as the vehicle flipped end over end while soaring through the air. “Call Trask!” He shouted to the driver who was pinned behind the steering wheel as the front had collapsed inwards.

“Can't.” The driver grunted.

There was a moment of floating for all of them.

“Shit, we're going down!” The leader called.

Ben watched the van crash into the earth. He listened to the sounds coming from the vehicle. The men were injured, but not dead.

“Time to have a little talk.” Ben muttered as he walked over to the vehicle and ripped the door off the side. He grunted as someone fired a handgun and the bullets impacted his chest. “Those things sting.”

“We're so fucked.” One of the people inside of the vehicle groaned.

“You'd better start talking.” Ben growled at them.

“Or what?” One of the other people sneered at him.

“Or I'll rip the information from your minds.” Another voice said from behind Ben.

“Professor.” Ben said without looking back at the man. “Welcome to my home.”

SHIELD Helicarrier.... an hour later....

“Six months.” Fury ground out. “Six fucking months of a 'routine' reports and no one noticed! The entire team is working for that nutball!”

“Sir, we've got a call from Xavier. One of them has been taken by Trask, but the were unable to locate Trask's base.” One of the bridge crew told him.

“Fuck. He actually managed to nab one. Which one is missing?” Fury asked.

“Weapon X sir.” the Bridge member said.

“Shit on a stick. He's gotten a heavy hitter. For what? Someone bring up Trask's leftover files. What the fuck was he working on before he went apeshit?”

“You're not going to like this sir.” Another bridge member said as they found the requested information.

Fury looked at the files. “Shit. I fucking hate robots.”

Xavier's place....

“Anything?” Charles asked Xander.

“I've looked for him with the sword twice Charles. It doesn't work when there's heavy magnetic interference involved. He's shielded from the eye.” Xander said with a sigh. “Where ever he is, I can't find it.”

“Heavy magnetic interference?” Charles asked. “Forge, I need you to get over to Eric's compound. Maybe you and he could cobble something together....”

“On it.” Forge said as he got up from the table. “Kitty, Todd.”

The two younger teens got up from the table and followed the mechanical genius towards the sub levels where the transporter was.

Near Dawn.....

“I think this will do it.” Forge said as he finished the connections to the helmet. “I'm sorry this took so long, but you kept shorting out the other prototypes.”

“My apologies Forge, I'm not used to my current status yet. Things are still in flux as my hormone levels fully stabilize.” Eric said. “Let's find our lost friend.”

Forge turned on the machine and Eric concentrated. “I need a map.” He said after a few moments.
Back at Xavier's.....

“He's in fucking Bayville!” Ben swore. “Under our nose the whole goddamn time!”

“Patience Ben. We need cool heads going into this. Trask didn't give his strike team much information on what goes on at the base. He's obviously very well informed. While we send a team out there, I want either you or Xander here to protect the mansion.

“The bastards attacked my home.” Ben growled. “They came after my charges. I'm going after them.”

“To what end?” Xavier asked. “you nearly killed the ones who attacked you.”

“Fine. I'll stay here.” Ben growled.

“I'll go.” Xander offered.

Xavier nodded. “All right. Alpha team gear up, you leave in five minutes.”

“You heard him.” Scott said as went to go get his gear.


“Sir, Agent Cassidy is calling.” A bridge member said to Fury.

“Patch him through.” Fury ordered as he picked up his phone. “It's not really the best time.” He said into the phone. “Where? Dammit. Don't let your people go, Trask has recent files on everyone. He's built a machine that is supposed to be able to be able to defeat you. What do you mean they're gone already?”

“Sir, we're getting a news feed that you might want to take a look at.” Another bridge officer said as she pulled Bayville's Channel 6 traffic copter.

“Sean, I'll call you back.” Fury said before hanging up the phone. “That one is a lot bigger than his prototype.” He said as he stared at the screen. “He fucking built it. A goddamn Sentinel.”

On the ground....

“Fred's Down!” Scott called to Xander as he fired another optic blast to counter the beam coming from the giant robot's hand in order to protect his fallen friend.

“Now I'm just pissed off.” Xander growled as he drew his sword. “The girls are getting Logan and it's just the two of us against this freaking Megazord.”

“Just shred it.” Scott said. “I can't keep this up much longer.”

“Ho!” Xander shouted as his sword increased in size.
South Dakota...

“As you can see several figures including the costumed person known simply as Cheshire are fighting what appears to be a giant robot here in Bayville's industrial section.” Channel 6's eye in the sky reported. “It seems the hero has associated with others with fantastic powers of their own. This begs the question, where are these people coming from? Are they human or something else?”

“Fuck.” Todd said as he realized this was a national feed.

“This could have gone better.” Eric said. “Callisto, put the security on high alert. We may have company soon.”

“Shit, he's leaked data on mutants to the international news circuits.” Todd said as he checked the Internet. “Oh this is bullshit.” He said as he read some more. “Menace to humanity? We're the fucking next stage!”

“Guys, rally up. If they can release a lot of negative info, we can take it down.” Forge said. “But we need to head back home to do it.”

“We'd better hurry. There's no telling how far this is going to get.” Kitty said as she grabbed the two other young mutants and phased them down a floor.

“Damn kids.” Callisto muttered before heading out to the security station.


“It's all over the net now.” Forge said as he checked his computer. “Emails, bulletin boards, newspapers.... even porn sites have links to this information. What the hell did he do?”

“We're fucked.” Todd sighed. “We can't counter this without taking down the entire Internet. That'll cripple everything.”

“Can we correct the information?” Kitty asked. “Keep it neutral instead of so off kilter?”

“We'd be able to duplicate what he did, but we can't take his down.” Forge said. “We'd need some of Xavier's files. He's got that book on mutation he's been holding right? I think I can host it on enough sites for everyone to read without crashing anything.”

“I'll go.” Todd said as he ran from the room.
Back with Alpha team...

“Cheshire! I think it's dead!” Scott called.

Xander stopped blasting it with his sword. “What is this thing made of?” He said as he relaxed slightly.... “I know these... Where the fuck did they get these polymers? Fury!”

“What is it?” Scott asked as Jean, Emma and Logan floated up out of the hole the giant robot had made in the ground.

“This thing was made out of materials I developed with Forge's help. We fucking let Fury have some of the formulas and this is what we get!” Xander snarled. “Betrayal!”

“It wasn't Fury.” Emma told him. “Trask had plants all through SHIELD feeding him information and equipment. We know who they are. They'll be taken care of.” Emma promised him.

Jean looked around. “We've got incoming. Military and police!” She said as she got Fred over to where Xander and Scott were standing. “We need to go, now!” She said.

“Everyone hold on.” Xander said as he touched Fred's unconscious form.
Channel 6 Traffic Copter:

“Did you see that? They just vanished in thin air, moments before the police arrive! What power!” The newsman on the helicopter said as the police and military rushed onto the scene. “Just what are these people? Are they People?”

Back at Xavier's.....

“We're on lockdown?” Xander asked as he came out of the infirmary.

“We are.” Xavier said. “The damage has been done. The world knows about Mutants now.”

“Emma said she knows all the people in SHIELD that were behind this.” Xander sighed. “We need to contact Fury and tell him.”

Xavier nodded as he received the information from the distraught teen. “I'll call him. For what it's worth, I'm sorry what you helped create was turned into that.... thing.” Xavier said to Xander.


Channel 6:

“From what we've been able to determine, the four people we can confirm that were there at the site with the one known as Cheshire are students here in Bayville. Scott Summers, Frederick Dukes, Jean Grey and Emma Frost. All four of which currently reside at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. It is unknown at this time if any of the other residents possess fantastic powers. We'll report more on this story as it develops and we sort out the conflicting reports we've received electronically” The newscaster reported.

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