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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279938,04610 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 76

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

Chapter 76:

Two days later....
Xavier's place....

“Food's here!” Ben called as he and Xander reappeared in the kitchen with multiple pizzas in tow.

They were descended upon by teenagers who were acting more like a pack of ravenous dogs then people. Well, Rahne was unusually well behaved, but that wasn't the point.

Both Xander and Ben were left clutching one last box apiece, holding onto them for dear life.

“Never again.” Ben said, wide eyed.

“Well, until next week.” Xander agreed.

Things had gotten strange quickly after the public fight Alpha team had against Trask's robotic monstrosity. Public reactions were mixed. Different news agencies were reacting as expected. Some were embracing the concept of people being born with the potential of being more than human with open arms while others were saying it was a matter of time before the mutants overthrow the government.

That's not even counting what the different religious groups were saying. Very few were embracing the concept of mutations as being part of 'God's plan' and were saying it was an act of the devil. All ready rifts were forming in different ministries across the nation as some people began quoting Trask's 'finding's verbatim while others were giving Xavier's book a chance.

On an international level, things had gotten stranger. Victor Von Doom had strode into the United Nations with several ancient tomes that described what in hindsight were mutants from various countries and ages. He even had first and secondhand accounts of people that were later adapted into the writings describing the events in the life of one Baron Von Münchhausen.

Doom had been questioned whether he'd known of the existence of Mutants before they'd suddenly been brought to the public eye. His statement was “Of course.”

He'd been asked if he could develop technology that could detect and prevent mutations from activating. His response brought some fervor that was still being talked about two days later. “Why would Doom want to stop the inevitable? Mutation is the key to our future.”

When asked why so many mutants were suddenly appearing, Doom gave his own explanation. “Perhaps nature knows something we don't.”

Bayville High....

“I don't want them in my school!” Principal Kelley yelled at Hank McCoy.

“Sadly Principal Kelly, you're just confirming my suspicions.” Hank McCoy sighed. “They have done nothing wrong, and each of them have shown exceptional control and a great deal of personal responsibility when it comes to their abilities. If they hadn't, well I doubt this school would still be standing.”

“They've blinded you McCoy.” Kelley stated. “They're not human.”

Hank raised an eyebrow. “Beings conceived by humans, born of humans but are not human? Unlikely.” Hank said. “They've got powers some of us couldn't dream of I'll admit. The temptation to use those abilities for selfish gain is greater than you may be ever able to imagine. The real reason you're afraid is that you don't know what you'd do if you'd suddenly woke up with powers far beyond those of your neighbors.”

“Get out.” Kelley snarled.

Hank McCoy nodded. “Somehow, I always knew it would come down to this.” Hank said. “As for being blinded by them...” Hank turned off his image inducer. “They've no reason to fool one of their teachers.”

“They've infected you!” Kelley cried.

“They freed me. I'd been suppressing my mutation for over ten years before it backfired stupendously. I owe them my humanity.” Hank said softly. “Be sure that you don't lose your own in the coming years Kelley. Otherwise one day you'll look in a mirror and see a monster staring back at you.”

Hank turned his image inducer on and left the school where he'd tried so hard to fit in, only to find a place where he truly belonged in the process. He was going home.
The Next Day....
The White House.....

“The number of Hate crimes has increased considerably in the past two days.” The President sighed. “What are we to do?”

Reed Richards glanced over at Doom who nodded slightly. They'd both been brought in to consult the President on the 'mutant uprising'. Both were here in secret due to the fact it would be a political nightmare for the man in charge of the world's greatest democratic country was taking advice from a dictator.

“Sir, as it stands I believe a live and let live policy would be best. You've received all the information that SHIELD was able to get from Trask and his men. His subversive group used international resources to spread fear and terror despite his intentions. He's an international terrorist responsible for what will be considered modern day witch hunts.”

“But he spread the truth!” The President shouted.

“He spread information, colored by bias.” Doom stated. “Mutants have existed on this planet for millennia. Though proof of such has been distorted by time and religions. Urban legends still live on though. You've been given files on Canada's own Weapon X program as well as what SHIELD has dug up over the years from your own government. Mutants aren't something new. Just something very visible at the moment. If necessary create a new task force to make certain justice is carried out equally for mutants that are 'criminals'. Equal protection and representation under the law.” Doom said as he removed his mask. “I myself have grafted genes into this body from someone that was more than human to ensure my longevity.”

“I should have known.” Reed Richards said softly.

“I rule my land alone.” Doom shrugged. “I've yet to find a queen worthy enough to give me an heir, until then I don't plan on succumbing to old age.”

Reed sighed. “You've been tinkering with nature again.”

“It didn't backfire this time Richards.” Doom smirked. “I rather like my current body. It suits my needs just fine.”

“It's an abomination before God, but that's besides the point.” The President sighed. “If we don't have a firm policy soon, things are going to escalate quickly. I called you here to help me here. This doesn't just include mutants, people with fantastic powers are being grouped with mutants under these rumors of a registration act as well.”

“We are people first Mr. President.” Reed said. “I've run some projections and we have a few choices here. Either total registration for all active mutants and genetic profiling for every person within the country, or we go another route. A route of peace.”

“We wouldn't force everyone to submit to genetic profiling.” The President spluttered.

“Maybe not during your term.” Doom said in a bored tone. “But in the next one. Mutants are people too. Just because they have advantages mean little. We need to find out the real reason so many are evolving in this generation. Either something happened to cause this, or something is coming.”

“We could argue that the ambient radiation levels in everything that increased once we developed nuclear weapons are the direct cause, but it would be near impossible to prove due to the fact we don't have ongoing studies on how trace radiation effects complex organisms over multiple generations.” Reed Richards said. “Doom is right though, this may be a result of something that's coming. I've been doing some interstellar mapping and I've found places where worlds should be, but aren't.”

“What are you saying?” The President asked.

“It's possible that there is something out there that will threaten this world on such a scale that it's causing these mutations in order to fight it. It's also possible that the mutations are part of some grand design in the life cycles of evolved species in which the outcome is the destruction of the planet. I need to consult with Victor in order to determine which is the right conclusion.”

“This is the first I've heard of this.” Doom stated.

Reed nodded. “It was what I was working on before this happened. I was trying to determine where that life form that disappeared may have come from. If it came here by a piece of interstellar drift or by other routes, I was unable to determine in the short time it was under my care.”

“Find out.” The President growled. “If something's coming, we need to be ready. The mutant issue is one we need to face now though. The Registration act, yes or no?” The President snapped.

Reed and Doom looked at each other before saying “No.” in unison.
In Latveria.....

“We need to talk.” Doom said to the alien life form. “What happened to your world?”

“It was devoured.” The creature said. “Eaten to feed the beast.”

“What beast?” Doom asked.

“Galactus.” The creature told him with a shudder.

Despite his many questions after that, the alien being was quiet the rest of the day.

Xavier's place.....

“My parents want me to come home.” Jubilation Lee said as she sat down in the entertainment room.

“A list has been made available of all the members of Bayville High that live here.” Kitty said as she looked up from her laptop. I've taken the site down, but it's been copied in five other places and people are contributing photos. You're on there.”

“So I wouldn't be any safer at home.” Jubilee said with a snort. “Figures. Damn Internet.”

“At least they can't confirm whether or not we're mutants.” Todd said with a shrug. “It's speculation till proven otherwise.”

“We are so boned.” Sam Guthrie sighed.

“Hey, the president's going to make a speech tonight at Nine.” Kitty said as she looked up from her laptop. “Says he's going t address the topic of mutants in society.”

“Great.” Kurt sighed. “Let's just hope he's listened to reason.”

Later that night.....

“All right, betting pool is closed!” Todd called as he and Kitty finished tallying everything up. “The President is on in five minutes. Places people!”

All people that were in the mansion were gathered around the large television in the entertainment room. Popcorn had been made, but few were eating it due to the nervousness everyone seemed to share at the moment.

The screen cut to the White House and the President walking up to the podium.

The whole group listened as the man in charge of their nation began to speak. Their hopes for the future were pinned on this one man.

They weren't disappointed.

Chicago Illinois, the same time.....

“The man's been corrupted.” A voice said to the crowd. “We have a new mission, to save us from those who wish to usurp us from our rightful place in this world. We have a new name.... We are the Friends of Humanity! We shall not suffer a mutant to live!” The man finished in a yell.

Cheers greeted him.

Things were looking up for Graydon Creed and his new cause.


“Dammit!” Kelley yelled. “They won't be coming back to my school! I'll make sure of that.” He growled. “If I can't keep them out, I'll have to discourage them from being there.”

Xavier's place.....

“Well this is good news for now.” Xavier said softly. “The tide may change though. As long as mutants are held in a sympathetic or slightly favorable light, we should be okay.”

“We still need to up the security here and at the other sites.” Logan said. “It'll be a matter of time before someone decides what we're doing is forming a private army. Once that happens it'll be a matter of time before something else goes south.”

“Ever the optimist.” Sean sighed. “I'm going to bed.”

“We'll be going back to Massachusetts.” Ben said to Xavier. “Thanks for putting up with us.”

“You're all welcome here.” Xavier said with a nod. “Be safe.”

“Always.” Ben agreed before motioning for his group to follow him out.

The Infirmary....

“Man, my head hurts.” Fred Dukes said as he opened his eyes.

“You're awake, that's good news.” Cordelia Chase-Creed said as she checked his pupils. “Welcome back.”

“What hit me?” Fred asked.

“Some experimental robot. From what we've been able to determine what you were hit with was a bastardized version of a weapon being developed by Stark Industries. Whatever it was, they're not talking about it.” Cordelia told him.

“How long have I been out?” Fred asked.

“Four days.” She said. “Emma should be here....”

“Freddie!” Emma said as she ran into the room.

“Now.” Cordelia said with a grin. “You'll be fine, just be sure not to get blasted again anytime soon.”

“I won't.” Fred promised as he sat up.

SHIELD Helicarrier....

“So he's not dead?” Fury asked his current head of medical research.

“No, he's... in a death like state at the moment. That last blow Spider-Man did caved in a fair portion of his skull. It's hard to determine if he'll have any brain damage or how much when he wakes up. It's like he's building up reserves in order to heal himself in one burst of energy.” The Doctor told him.

“Any idea when that will be?” Fury asked.

“We're keeping him in severe cold to prevent it, but it will happen soon.” the Doctor said.

“Make certain we can keep him contained this time.” Fury said. “Use the new designs if we have to.”

“Yes sir.” The Doctor nodded as he made some notes.

Forest Hills, Queens...

“What should we do?” Mary Jane asked Peter.

“Same thing we always do. Help people.” Peter said with a shrug. Where we got our powers from didn't matter before, we'll deal.”

“But I'm a mutant.” Mary Jane said. “What if they find out?”

“We're already targets.” Peter said. “We've got so many nuts here in the Five Boroughs that it isn't funny. Most of which have powers of their own that aren't from being Mutants. If we don't stop them, they'll cause way too much damage before someone else gets brought in to take them down. There are some things the police can't handle.”

“Tell me of Galactus.” Doom commanded the alien life form.

“He is a devourer. His herald comes, then him. Always hungry, always searching for his next meal.” The life form said quietly. “We fled one world only to have it devour the next two we went to.”

“It followed you?” Doom asked.

“No. We were just nearby and the planets suitable for its needs.” The life form said.

“Is Galactus coming?” Doom asked.

“If I can live here, he can eat it.” The alien told him.

Doom frowned. He needed to contact Richards on this.

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