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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Cartoons > Thundercats
CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,35110 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 88

I don't own the X-Men, those belong to Marvel Comics and were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Emma Frost was created by Chris Claremont and John Bryne.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created By Joss Whedon and all the characters with the BTVS TV series are his as well.

The Thundercats were created by Ted Wolf and currently belong to Warner Brothers, at one point in time Marvel comics did do a run of the them in comics form, although DC comics do them now.

AN: sorry for the delayed update... The wedding was nice and such but when I came home I found out my family decided to adopt a very energetic five month old Labrador and I was 'volunteered' to watch her for the majority of the time this past week. She's fun, friendly and a bit of nibbler, but it's hard to write and watch her at the same time....

Chapter 88:

Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Australia:

“Sir?” The official said as he looked at the passport. “This passport was issued eighty years ago.”

“Does that mean it's not good?” The man asked.

“Sir did you get this from your grandfather?” The official asked him.

“No it's mine. It was good enough to get into the country, you saying I can't leave?” The tall man asked.

“Exactly how old are you sir?” the official asked.

The man shrugged. “Dunno, birth certificates started up after I was born.”

“Sir, I know for a fact that compulsory birth certificates started in 1853 in England.” The man said with a sigh. “Never mind the fact that this is a passport for the United States, the oldest stamp in here is from a country I know doesn't exist anymore.”

“So what you're telling me is that I'm stuck here?” The man half... growled, showing sharp canine teeth.

“Yes sir. You can't leave here with an invalid passport.” The official gulped.

The large man sighed. “I tried doing this the easy way.” He said before walking off.

“Sir, don't you want your passport? Mr. Creed? Sir?” The official called to the large man, only to lose him in the crowd. “How the?” the official said as he scratched his head. How did such a large man vanish into a crowd like that?

Four Freedoms Plaza....
New York City....

“You okay there Oscar?” Ben Grimm asked The Silver Surfer as he read his morning sports section.

Norrin Radd looked up from his half eaten meal. “I... I can't believe he tossed me aside like that. I may not have liked my duty but I did it without hesitation. I became his herald to spare my world and now I'm stuck on this backwater planet.”

“This backwater world had more than enough brains and firepower to hold you off and outwit your master.” Ben said as he looked up from his paper. “You should be careful how you voice your opinions in the future.”

“I am sorry... now that I've been freed from my mantle.... My memories are returning. Zenn-La, my home world had been a paradise, free from war for generations.... This place is... so primitive in comparison. People here fight for the most asinine reasons.” Norrin Radd said as he sipped his coffee.

“Guys, something's happening in Mexico.” Reed said as he put his head into the kitchen. “A dome has appeared over a Mayan temple. It's unknown in origin.”

“Which temple?” Ben asked.

“The oldest.” Reed said. “We need to investigate.”

“You heard him Oscar.” Ben sighed as he folded up his paper. “You're on probation for now, so you're with me.”

The Silver Surfer nodded before finishing the rest of his coffee in one last gulp.
Xavier's Place....

“It's him.” Xander said as he turned on the TV in the entertainment room. “That's the oldest known Mayan Pyramid in the world.”

“I see. You assemble the team to go check out the dome and I'll contact Eric.” Charles Xavier said as he reached for his cell phone.
One hour later....

“It's not a dome...” Reed said as he stared at the energy field. “It's a sphere.”

“No tunneling then.” Cheshire sighed. “Think we could bend the energy in one spot to make a hole?”

“Not from the readings I'm getting. Nothing we have would be able to produce the needed.... level of power.” Reed said as he trailed off. “Radd.”

“Not how I would put it.” Cheshire frowned. “This is serious. We have no real idea what his agenda is. He's got posession of the Eye of Ages.”

“The Eye of Ages?” Reed asked. “Oh dear.” He said softly.

“What?” Cheshire asked. “What do you know?”

“I've encountered the original owner before. He's a.... descendant of mine from the 40th century.” Reed said.

“I fucking hate time travel.” Cheshire muttered.

“As do we all.” Reed said. “If this En Sabbah Nur has a hold of that level of technology, there's no guarantee anything we do will work.”

“It'll work. There hasn't been any tech I can't work with.” Forge said. “We just need to study this a bit more.”

“I'm with him.” Beast said as he looked up from the readings he'd been recording. “We shouldn't do anything hasty. There's no telling what will happen if we do.”

“Well there goes my idea.” Magneto muttered from the side.
Three hours later....

“Hmmm......” Reed Richards said as he perused the data while Forge and Beast were building the energy bender.

“What is it?” Charles Xavier asked.

“It's a just that I've correlated this with some satellite imagery and some historical documents. There's a pyramid of similar age in Egypt and some ruins in China as well. If you were to pinpoint them on a globe.... You'd get this....” Reed said as he inputted the data. “Triangulation. With continental drift and time passing, perfect positioning for even energy dispersal.”

“What kind of energy dispersal?” Xavier asked, curious.

“It's a low level energy wave right now, but this is what we've found underneath the field the sphere is composed of.” Reed said as he brought up the data.

“Oh dear god...” Charles said as he stared at the display.

“What is it?” Reed asked. “You've seen this before?”

“Yes, it's the energy we detected when a girl we were observing had her mutation activated. If this type of energy is broadcast across the world.....” Charles said in horror.

“Mutations all over would activate and it would kill any of those who don't possess the potential.” Reed surmised. “A worldwide evolution and extinction event.”

“We need to stop him.” Cheshire said solemnly. “We need to defeat him before he can take another step in this.”

“We aren't certain if that is his plan.” Charles cautioned him.

“What would you do?” Cheshire demanded. “He's got the powers of just about every mutant under our roof and Eric's. Add that kind of power to the technology he's probably got hidden in here, we're fucked unless we manage to defeat him.”

“Being upset does bad things to your vocabulary.” Eric observed.

“Yeah, I'm cranky.” Cheshire admitted. “So sue me.”

SHIELD Helicarrier.....

“Mr. President, from the data we've received from the teams involved any action taken directly against the sphere would result in bad things happening for everyone involved.” Fury said to the American President and his Joint Chiefs via video conference.

“Is this mutant in origin?” The President asked.

“Not exactly.” Fury said with a bit of wince. “A mutant is behind the controls, but from what I've learned he's a mutant that was around 5000 years ago and is using technology from two thousand years into our future.”

“You lie!” One of the seated members shouted.

“No, I don't. I've received some records from Richards confirming that they met and defeated a time traveler from the 40th century in Ancient Egypt. Historical records we've retrieved from a destroyed tomb in Egypt tell us the history of one En Sabbah Nur, loosely translated as 'The First One' He rose to power and gained use of the technology that was brought back to the past by the one known as Rama Tut.” Fury said as he sent a PowerPoint presentation with the various pertinent data needed to illustrate his point.

“We're doing what we can to try to eliminate this threat with as little collateral damage as possible.” Fury stated.

“Well get to it.” The President said before cutting the transmission to glare at his vice president. “Don't do that again.” He growled.

“Yes sir.” The Vice President said softly.


“I think we've got it.” Reed said as he finished the calibrations. “Surfer, you're up.” He called.

Norrin Radd nodded and began channeling the Power Cosmic into the device that had a ring attach itself to the edge of the dome.

What they found on the inside was.... trouble.

“Pietro?” Eric asked as he saw his son for the first time in months. His skin was covered in what looked like circuitry.... and he wasn't alone.

“Don't let Anna's clone touch you!” Cheshire called as he pulled his sword to face off against an enhanced Mystique.

“My powers aren't working on them!” Charles said after attempting knock them unconscious.

“In that case, stay outta the way.” The Thing said as Pietro blurred out of sight only to run into the man's Rock like body only to knock himself out. The Thing sighed. “They don't make Minions like they used too.”

“Says you.” Cheshire muttered as his mother evaded his punch by turning into a swarm of bees.

“I've got this.” Sue called as she encased the bees in one of her patented force fields.

“Thanks, that just leaves.....” Cheshire said before teleporting to another spot...

“Anna's clone.” Beast finished after knocking her unconscious with a large tree branch. “A bit primitive but it works.”

“But what about....” Charles said before he collapsed.

“Mesmero....” Eric said as he took some ball bearings out of his pocket and launched them into the hole in the sphere. There was a thump in distance. “Is taken care of.”

“You....” Reed said.

“Bludgeoned, but not dead.” Eric told him. “Though he deserves it for being a willing participant in this madness.”

SHIELD Helicarrier.....

“This isn't good sir, we're not getting the permission we need to eliminate the sites.” A bridge member told her commander.

“Dammit! I don't care if they're historical sites, they're part of this and need to be blasted to bits before they can be activated!” Fury shouted. “What the hell is happening down in the UN? This should have been taken care of by either them or the actual governments!”

“The Translators are on strike sir.” Another bridge member chipped in.

“Damned Unions!” Fury swore. “Anybody here speak Chinese?” He asked.

Back in Mexico......

“So now what?” The Thing asked Reed as they stared at the advanced technology that had been hidden by the exterior of the Mayan pyramid.

“We blow it the hell up.”Cheshire said as he sheathed his sword. “Apocalypse is probably ready for us.”

“Make a decision.” The Silver Surfer said. “I cannot maintain this level of power much longer.”

“We go in.” Cheshire said. “I might be able to teleport us back out.”

“Might?” Reed asked.

“I haven't had any problems before, but this is something new.” Cheshire shrugged.

“In we go then.” Reed said. “Johnny, Ben?”

“We're in Stretch.” Ben said while Johnny nodded.

“You won't be alone.” Eric said as he and Charles approached the entrance.

The six men stepped inside and the ring maintaining the entrance shorted out, trapping them inside the dome.

“Crap.” Beast summed up for everyone outside the dome.

“Sorry.” The Silver Surfer said as he slowly began to regain his energy.

“It wasn't you.” Forge said. “The shield adapted and destroyed the bender.”

“I believe my previous statement bears repeating.” Beast sighed.
Inside the dome....

“Well that sucks.” Ben Grimm said as he stared at the solid wall where the entrance had been.

“Onwards then.” Reed stated as he walked towards the large piece of future technology.

“We few... we brave few.” Charles sighed.

“He knows we're here. What's he waiting for?” Cheshire asked.

A powerful fist collided with his jaw.

“Never mind.” Cheshire said as he rubbed his jaw. “En Sabbah Nur...”

“You. You're the source of the deviation.” Apocalypse said. “You're the one that took out the monitoring station.”

“Deviation?” Reed asked.

“This time line is not as it should be.” Apocalypse stated. “It traces back to the moment of this one's conception.”

“Chaos likes me.” Cheshire shrugged. “Good punch by the way.”

Apocalypse's eyes glowed. “That's not all I can do.”

“Bring it.” Cheshire snarled.

“Now would be the time for us to go.” Charles said to the others. “I can prevent him from perceiving us, but not for long.”

“Inside then.” Richards said as he began to run towards the 'temple' on elongated legs.

The rest followed as fast as they could manage on their own while Apocalypse was distracted.
Back outside....

“I have to say, you're good.” Cheshire said as he spat some blood. “I haven't had to work this hard in a while.”

“You cannot stop the evolution!” Apocalypse declared as he punched Cheshire once again.

Cheshire smirked as he broke Apocalypse's hand with his own. “You really have been gone a while haven't you? The Evolution is already happening, and right now? The world is with us!”

“The Future says differently.” Apocalypse said as the bones in his hand reformed.

“I've already thrown off what you know.” Cheshire said. “There is no fate but what we make.”

“Our kind will be put through atrocities that will make all of history before it pale in comparison.” Apocalypse said. “The Eye of Ages isn't wrong. You can't throw off the whole of human history that much.”

“Watch me.” Cheshire laughed as he vanished from sight.

Inside the machine....

“And we have access.” Reed said as he managed to hack the controls. “This language is a mathematical variant of English, all you have to do is...”

“Can it Stretch. Can you cause this and the others to self destruct?”

“Are your eyes blue?” Reed grinned.
Back outside....

“We are too evenly matched. You cannot defeat me.” Apocalypse stated.

“You know, there's something I've been meaning to tell you.” Cheshire grinned.

“What would that be?” Apocalypse asked.

“My sword doesn't like you.” Cheshire said with a laugh.
Inside the machine....

“I take it the flashing light is a bad thing?” Ben Grimm asked.

“Yep.” Reed grinned. “ We should run now.”

“I wonder if this is what being a side kick feels like?” Eric asked Charles as they both began running.

“Let's hope not. I'm still not used to running.” Charles grinned.

“Next time, don't wear penny loafers.” Eric suggested.

“Seriously, that's kind of gay.” Ben Grimm added.

“Says the man not wearing shoes.” Charles laughed.


“This day is lost.” Apocalypse said as he stared at his pyramid. “I'll be back.”

“I know.” Cheshire said. “I'll be waiting.” He said before his sword pulsed with light. When the light receded Apocalypse was gone. Cheshire sighed. He had a feeling fighting Apocalypse was going to be a recurring event.

Reed and the others ran up to him. “We need to go.” Reed told him as the dome began to flicker.

“Lets.” Cheshire agreed.


“That's one more crisis averted.” Charles sighed as he rubbed his feet. “I really need to get some better shoes.”

“You never did have much of a talent for field work.” Eric laughed.

“I did once, I've just been out of the game too long.” Charles shot back. “So what now?”

“Typically, a large meal that we'll regret later.” Reed told him.

“Sal's Pizza.” Ben suggested. “They finally got a special booth for me.”

“It's not even noon.” Cheshire said as he rubbed his face.

“Good. They've got some good bar specials for lunch.” Ben said.

“Fine.” Cheshire sighed.

“What is this Pizza you speak of?” The Silver Surfer asked.

“Buddy, you've got a lot to learn about this world.” Johnny Storm told his new acquaintance.

The US/Canadian Border.....

“Far too easy.” Victor Creed said after crossing the line. “You'd think they'd put a fence up sooner or later.”

“So you made it back.” The apparition said as it reappeared.

“Yep.” Victor said as he reached into his pocket. “You're not a delusion, I figured that out when I burst my own eardrums back in the outback.”

“You can't ignore me.” The Apparition said.

“Watch me.” Victor said as he jammed the earplugs into his ears. “I need to find someone to help me with you... maybe my kid knows what's going on with me.”

The First watched him jog off without a care in the world. She'd have to have some of her agents interfere with his progress. The last thing she needed was the involvement of the other Creed brother.
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