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Alexander Creed

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Summary: Graydon isn't the only Creed Brother/ X-men Evo universe

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
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CrazyDanFR1889212,3031161279937,99010 Sep 0819 Sep 09Yes

Chapter 9

X-men, the X-Gene and various elements involved in that belong to Marvel Comics.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it's various characters belong to Joss Whedon. The Show itself was a Fox thing.

Chapter 9

"So now what?” Buffy asked him as the two made their way back to the center of town after seeing Willow home.

“Tell me, can you jump?” Xander asked her with a grin.

“Huh?” Buffy said as she saw Xander jump way higher than he should be able to before using the nearby alley wall to propel himself up higher and onto the building's roof.

“Oh, jump.” Buffy said as she processed this. “This... changes things” She said with a grin before leaping up and using the fire escape to propel her the rest of the way up to the roof.

“Glad you could make it.” Xander said with the same grin on his face.

“Yeah, I haven't really jumped like this since the Harvest.” Buffy said. “Most of the fights I have are on the ground after all.”

“True” Xander said, “But you can still sense vamps and stuff right?” He asked her.

“Yeah, why?” Buffy asked.

“You can cover more ground faster up here, besides most people don't look up. Vampires might just be the same.” he told her.

“Huh, I never thought of that.” Buffy said. “Come on, let's give this roof thing a shot, that is if you can keep up.” Buffy said before running and leaping to the next roof.

“Heh.” Xander smirked before following. His landings didn't have the same level of instinctual grace as hers, but they did the trick.

A block away, Angel watched the two teens in action. He was confused as to how the Harris kid was keeping up with Buffy. It was.... unnatural.

“Are you okay?” Buffy asked Xander as they stopped on a rooftop.

“I think we're being...” Xander said before reaching into his back pocket and throwing something to his right.
The sound of pages flapping graced the night for a moment before someone caught the thrown object and immediately dropping it while screaming in pain.

“Followed.” Xander finished.

“What did you throw?” Buffy asked him as she gripped her stake.

“Pocket bible.” Xander grinned as they found Angel clutching one hand.

“Harris!” Angel half screamed.

“Good to see you too deadboy. Still hiding I see.” Xander smirked.

“Huh?” Buffy wondered before realizing that she hadn't seen Angel since she stumbled across him and Giles talking about the prophecy.

“He sticks to the shadows Buffy, you know that.” Xander said. “Being around and not really doing anything... You know what? I'm being negative. I'll leave you and the vampire alone to talk.” Xander said before picking up his pocket bible and jumping over the side of the roof to street level.

“He's right you know. Where were you?” Buffy asked him.

“How are you alive?” Angel asked back.

“Xander brought me back. I drowned in the Master's Lair.” Buffy told him.

“So you did die.” Angel said softly.

“Like it matters, I'm here and I'm still kicking. Where were you when the Master's minions were running around the school? We could have used the help.” Buffy said.

Angel didn't say anything.

“Angel? Where were you?” Buffy asked him again.

“In my apartment.” Angel said finally.

“There was an apocalypse and you stayed home?” Buffy asked, incredulous.

“Yes.” Angel admitted.

“Coward.” Buffy said.

Angel didn't deny her accusation.

“I'm going now. Either help out or don't. If you do help, be regular about it. Show up at normal times, go on routine patrols and stuff like that. If you don't want to help, stay out of our way.” Buffy told him.

Angel nodded. “I'll go.” he told her. He couldn't face his shame.

Buffy nodded. “I'll be leaving now. If I see you again... it might not be on friendly terms if you're keeping secrets okay? I don't need more surprises like when I found out you were a vampire.”

Angel winced. “I didn't mean to deceive you.”

“Yes you did.” Buffy countered. “Goodbye Angel.” Buffy said before following after Xander.

Angel stared after her “Man, I really screwed this up.” He said to himself.

“That you did Rat Breath.” A Brooklyn accented voice said from behind him.

Angel turned. “Whistler?”

“You okay?” Xander asked Buffy.

“I.. I liked him. He's a vampire, but I liked him.” Buffy said as she sniffed a little.

“He's a twice cursed corpse Buffy. You may have felt something, but it was wrong. You may have liked his face, his voice and even the person he seemed to be, but he's a walking corpse that was buried centuries ago. Vampires have no place with the living.” Xander told her.

“You really believe that?” Buffy asked.

“I read up on him. He wasn't a saint when he was alive. His body count when he was a regular vampire is legendary. He's better off dead. At least then the soul won't be tormented by sharing a body with a demon.” Xander said.

“You've had a strange summer haven't you?” Buffy asked as she wiped her eyes.

“Yep. Come on, let's go kill stuff. I'll get you some ice cream afterwards.”

“Yeah, let's go kill things, should make me feel better.” Buffy told him.

The Warehouse....

“What do you mean you didn't get any footage of the Slayer?” Spike screamed at the younger vampire.

“I'm sorry... She wasn't around! I tried, I really did!” The vampire pleaded.

“I'll do it myself.” Spike snarled before snapping the vampires neck.

The next Afternoon....

“So you're adopted?” Buffy asked Xander as they sat around the table in the Library.

“Yeah, and if what I'm smelling around the school, I might not be the only one. A lot of people here don't match the scents of their parents.” Xander said.

“Am I adopted?” Willow asked.

“Nope. You're your parents child.” Xander assured her.

Willow seemed disappointed.

“Do you know who your parents are?” Buffy asked.

“I do, but I don't plan on seeking them out. I was sent away for a reason. I'm going to honor that at least until I'm out of High School.” Xander told them.

“But you know who they are? How did you find out? Did you find some paperwork at your house?” Willow asked before babbling even faster.

“Willow, my parents... The Harris' ,they don't know I'm adopted. Frankly it's better that way. Besides, I think the reason there are so many adopted kids here is right below us.” Xander told them.

“The Hellmouth?” Buffy asked.

“Maybe some demon in the know set it up to keep this place a feeding ground.” Xander said. “Either way, adopted or not, families live here. Let's keep as many of those families together as we can all right?”

“Right.” Buffy and Willow said in unison.

Giles looked up from his reading. Yes, all was well.


Warehouse district...


“Yes Dru?” Spike asked his love.

“Be careful tonight.” Dru told him with an odd look on her face.

If Spike had been paying attention, he'd have seen his beloved have a moment of clarity. But he wasn't.

“This is silly.” Buffy told him.

“You're just saying that because you can't do it, Ms. Ex-Cheerleader.” Xander teased.

“I can so.” Buffy retorted.

“Then do it.” Xander challenged.

“I will.” Buffy told him. “Now get on.” She said.

Giles rolled his eyes at Xander's goading, but it was working.

Xander jumped up and landed on Buffy's shoulders.

“God, what have you been eating?” Buffy demanded as she braced her legs.

“Good stuff, Chinese, Twinkies, ham and cheese biscuits. The Usual.” Xander said from above her.

“Now, lunge.” Giles told her.

“Right.” Buffy said before beginning leg lunges with Xander's weight on her shoulders. “Damn this is hard.”

“Which is why we're doing it.” Giles told her.

“Sure.” Buffy said before doing some more. Her legs started to give out on the third set.

“That's enough for today.” Giles said “Now I want you two to patrol near the warehouse district, there's been some reports of unusual activity near there lately.”

“Got it G-Man.” Xander said with a grin before flipping off of Buffy's shoulders.

“Buffy....we're being followed again.” Xander whispered to her.


“Alleyway behind the boxes, don't look. He's taping us.” Xander said in low tones. “I'm going to go and double back on the guy. There's some vamps coming. I think he's going to test you.”

“Right, I'll make my way to him, you going to go up top?”

“Yeah. Get the drop on him.” Xander told her.

“See you in a few.” Buffy told him before heading off.

Xander ran in the other direction.

Spike grinned as he watched the Slayer's friend run off.

“That's right boy, leave the fighting to her.” Spike said to himself as he began taping the Slayer fighting some fledglings. He wanted to see her in action, get to know her fighting style before fighting her himself. He was smarter than the average vampire after all.

He was about to skip out when something really heavy fell on him.

“What the bloody hell?” he screamed as he found himself in a weird wrestling hold.

“Slayer's Little helper.” Buffy said as she walked up to the struggling vampire.

“Little?” Xander asked as he tried to keep the vampire in his grip.

“Well.... average?” Buffy asked before staking the vampire.

All that was left was a pile of dust and the coat he'd just slipped out of.

“Average?” Xander said incredulously.

“Well you could prove me wrong.” Buffy teased as she picked up the coat. She read the name written on the tag. “Nikki Wood? That's a girl's name right?” She asked Xander

“Yeah. Why would he be wearing a girl's coat?” Xander wondered aloud.

“Dunno. Suppose we could ask Giles.” Buffy said with a shrug before trying it on.

“You look like the Hamburglar.” Xander laughed.

“It is a little big isn't it?” Buffy grinned.

Warehouse district:

“No! No! The Chaos Kitten has destroyed my Poet!” Drusilla screamed. “Daddy's Gone away too! It's all wrong!”

“Do you have any idea what she's talking about?” One of the vampires asked the Anointed One.

The last vampire created by the Master shook his head.

Drusilla stopped her ranting and stared at the Anointed one. “Blood of my blood. Angel daddy would have worked... but in a pinch....” Drusilla said before caressing the child vampire's face.

The Anointed one flinched from her touch.

Drusilla grinned. “You'll have to do.” She whispered in his ear before vamping out and sinking her teeth into his neck.

Yes Spike is dead. Frankly James Marsters has had too much time as a villain lately.
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