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Summary: This is a collection of plot bunnies that I am too busy to work on. They are driving me nuts and I hope someone will adopt them, if you decide to then review and tell me which one. There's something here for everybody, so give it a try.

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Son of the Dawn III

AN: Please note, this is un-beta'd, so if there are any mistakes then please point them out to me via review.

Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS or ATS, never have, never will, they belonged to their respective owners.


Luke stood on the roof of the Hyperion Hotel, his green eyes watching the Los Angeles sunset with some awe. He was dressed in a white cotton long sleeved shirt and matching white cargo pants with plain brown hiking boots. Luke looked to be fifteen now and his brown hair fell several inches below his shoulders, parted in the center with the bangs falling close to the edge of his eyes. His lithe form was lightly muscled, strong but still appearing soft to the untrained eye. His face had grown from adorable to handsome in an effeminate way due to inheriting his features entirely from his mother.

"It's beautful, isn't it?" Connor asked rhetorically, joining Luke on the roof's edge. "I never really took the time to enjoy it. I was always too focused on hating Dad or hunting something down to ever just sit back and admire it all. Funny thing to have saved the world but never stopped to appreciate it."

"The whole world is beautiful, even the cities have their own majesty." Luke smiled, his almost hungry gaze absorbing every possible sight. "But there are too many people. Mankind is destroying this planet in their ignorance and greed."

"Yep. It sucks, but that's how things are. I wouldn't know where to start fixing it." Connor lamented sadly, but still with a slight smile. Los Angeles was a magical place to live, but he knew more than most that it could be as cruel as it could be generous, though it was a bit stingier with it's generosity. "I'm just a guy trying to keep the globe spinning one day at a time. It's easier that way, I guess."

"I'll fix it all one day. I don't know how, but I will." Luke vowed, unwilling to let simple evils like greed kill the world after so many had suffered to save it. "I'll re-plant the forests and run rivers through the deserts. You'll see, I'll bring all of these corporations and beaucrats to heel and restore the Earth back to how it should be. I'm going to turn this planet into a paradise of unimaginable beauty."

"You may have a bit of a fight on your hands then." Connor told him, a bit of a grin on his face at the boy's dream. It was nice to hear someone dreaming about changing the world, even if it would probably never happen. "I don't think those fat guys raking in billions will allow you to stop their next paycheck."

"Let them come." Luke stated confidently, almost arrogantly. He crossed his arms defiantly over his chest, staring out at the city strangely like he wasn't really seeing Los Angeles. "The humans destroying the world are just as guilty as the demons Aunt Buffy fought against. It's the same kind of evil."

"You might be right." Connor conceded with a nod, having seen a lot of evil on Earth and not all of it was demonic or magical. "The question is: how?"

"Wolfram and Hart must be destroyed first of all. With them gone, some of the power that the corporations possess will be lessened. The world will be off balance. We'll use that to shake things up and see what falls out." Luke explained, a smile forming on his lips as he planned. "We will have to get ahold of Wolfram and Hart's records and find out who their clients are, then we hunt them down and take what is their's as our spoils. We can use that wealth to buy the world one piece at a time until we control all of it."

"Buy the world? That's your plan?" Connor asked incredulously, recieving a simple nod of the head in answer. The teenager thought about it for a moment then smirked, "Well, I've never heard of it being done before. I'll give you points for originality."

"Hm-mm. I'm going to buy the world." Luke grinned, his green eyes softly pulsed with supressed power as he imagined the world he would create. "Do you think Mom will like it for a birthday present?"

"I guess." Connor shrugged, never having considered it before. He knew Cordy would have loved to have been given the entire planet as a gift, but he wasn't sure how much of that was Jasmine and how much was just Cordelia. "Women like pretty things and planets are pretty, so by that logic she should love it. Um, where are we going to get the money to do all of this? I get that we'll be stinking rich after we destroy Wolfram and Hart, but we can't exactly take them on penniless."

"Actually, I haven't really thought about that yet. I sort of came up with the idea on spot." Luke admitted, scratching his head sheepishly. "I'm really good at knowing things, though, so maybe Vegas?"

"I'm less than a year old with no paperwork other than my birth certificate and your mom isn't even eighteen yet." Connor deadpanned. "We won't make it through the door."

"We could wait for Faith to get here." Luke offered after a moment of thought. "I think she might be twenty one. Maybe. If not, there's always Giles. I'd prefer Faith. It's weird, but I want her with us. I like Faith."

"I think you are panting after an older woman. Take my advice, it never works out. One minute it's all hot sex, then there's fire raining down from the sky and you find out she's some sort of fallen power." Connor advised wisely, having experience with that situation.

"But, but Faith's pretty!" Luke whined, looking a bit put out. "Just because you had a bad relationship experience with an older woman doesn't mean that it'll happen to me."

"Sure, whatever." Connor sighed, giving up on trying to convince Luke otherwise because, honestly, even he would not have listened to his own advice. "I'm just saying, hellfire raining down is a distinct possibility."

"It isn't." Luke snapped petuantly, not looking very certain. All of the confusing talk of romance, Faith, and buying the world had left him annoyed. "I'm going to find something to kill. Tell Mother that I might be back late."

"No! You tell her-" Connor's protest was cut off as Luke leaped off of the roof, the Destroyer's gaze following the movement. Luke didn't jump like he did or anything else he had seen, it was all Matrix-like as if gravity bent just for him. "-yourself. Dawn's going to kill me."

Luke smiled freely as he moved through the air with arms spread for balance, feeling gravity's stern grip soften and his momentum stretch instinctively until he landed on another roof with a softness that should not be possible. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, flaring his senses as he searched for the larger deposits of corruption and evil. Wolfram and Hart lit up on his radar right away, but he ignored them, seeking out a smaller and more attainable pocket of evil. He found one such pocket in the packing district near the docks, practically stinking of wickedness and despair in an almost mouth watering manner.

With another leap, Luke landed on top of a skyscraper and ran toward it's edge before jumping off with his arms spread eagle and heels together. The wind whipped passed his face, made cold by the speed before he samursolted and landed in a crouch some seven stories below his initial jump point. The thrill of falling spoke to something deep inside of him and caused an adrenaline rush that was amazingly strong. With every jump toward his target, Luke felt giddier and giddier with anticipation until he was nearly panting for battle with a flushed face like he was drunk.

It didn't take him too long to follow the 'scent' to his prey, an old meat warehouse that now was one of the many centers for human and demon trafficking in Los Angeles. He could actually smell the despair and pain coming off of the place. Luke took his time, flitting from shadow to shadow and point to point as he studied the nest. He was only one person, after all. There was only so much he could do at once, even with his unusual powers. His main concern were the twenty or so Faryll demons. They must've hired an entire clan of them as security with many lesser demons who were known to be approaching human intelligence. Clever, a full scale assasult by any of the known demon hunting gangs within the city would pose no threat.

None of them had ever planned for him.

Once he had a plan, he began to quietly kill off the main enforcers in small groups using his superior speed and his enviroment to his advantage. Within twenty minutes, he had removed the majority of the security just in time for them to check in and for the next stage of his plan. Luke made his way to the cargo container, slicing through the chains and lock with the light emanating from his hand like a blade. The doors swung open at his silent command, his green eyes roaving over the battered and bruised mix of human and demon slaves. There were quite a few children and no shortage of exotic women, all of whom looked horrible and terrified.

"Greetings. I am Luke, Son of the Dawn." He smiled at them warmly, dimly glowing with a pleasant light as he held out his arms as if to welcome them. "Would any of you like a job? It provides room and board, some pay, and you will be, for all intents and purposes, free. Doesn't that sound nice?" He paused then continued, "Of course, this is only for adults and those with useful skills, so the rest of you can do whatever you wish once we get you out of this place."

"I am K'dessa." A blue skinned demon woman who seemed vaguely Arabic spoke up, moving to stand. He was almost impressed that she was able to do so, given her bruises and other such hints of deplorable treatment. "And I am useful. I read twenty demonic languages and also American. I was not trained in combat, but my people are very flexible and I am very good with a whip."

"Excellent, K'dessa. You will have work with Angel Investigations if you wish." Luke nodded to her, keeping his smile on his face. Several more of the women crept forward shyly, each more scantily clad than the previous one. "Yes, ladies? You seem to have a question?"

"W-what of those who have no skills save for..." The pink skinned girl stammered, her voice fading off as she lost her courage.

A red skinned demon woman with small black horns continued for her, clasping a firm but protective hand on the pink girl's shoulder, "What about us whores? We don't have any other skills. Chances are we'll just end up in the same situation anyway."

"Um, well..." Luke frowned, trying to figure out what to do. She was correct, prostitution always had been and world continue to be a part of mankind. Likely as not, they would return to abusive pimps or end up stuck in some horrible brothel, being cut up for fun. "I suppose that I could try to open a place of my own and put you to work in a nicer enviroment, if you'd like that? I'll try to make sure you are safe and well looked after."

"You know anything about the business?" The red skinned woman asked doubtfully, eying him with suspicion even though she felt very strange. She felt...wanted, loved, protected, and she knew it was due to the glowing boy, so she resisted it as best she could.

"Not really, no." Luke admitted, shaking his head. "But I'm willing to try if it'll help you all. I don't really see myself doing it, but I'm sure I can find someone with experience and the know how to run the business for me later on."

"We'll need money to get a place." K'dessa reminded them, seemingly one of the leaders of the group. "Why not loot our captors and take back the wealth they paid for us?"

"You've convinced me." Luke said readily, due to that being part of his plan. The less power he used, the less anyone knew about how strong he was which was always a good thing. "There is a decent room that way where you can all stay until the fighting is over. Those who can fight may follow me if they choose."

With that, Luke began walking across the loading area toward the offices where he had no doubt the people in charge were becoming very nevous. After all, they had not heard from their security in nearly ten minutes. He'd be worried, too. Luke noted that three of the women were following him and one of the few men. The devilish woman from earlier, the blue skinned K'dressa, and the dark skinned human girl who looked like she was African or possibly from the Carribean. The man was a pale skinned partially reptilian demon with protruding bones and a nasty glare on his face who from the looks of him used to be a member of the underworld gladiator fights.

Luke turned to the group and gave them their orders, "Big guy, I want you to stay right here with K'dressa and make sure no one escapes. Don't kill them yet, we may need information from them. Red, I want you and Tribal Girl here with me. Stay to the sides and play defense, make sure no one leaves alive unless I give the order. Alright people, time to collect our pound of flesh."

He calmly walked up to the office and knocked on the door. He waited patiently while a ghostly flame-like sword appearing around his right hand, causing the two girls accompanying him to shift away from him as they readied their improvised weapons. When the door began to open, Luke kicked it forcefully causing the cheap plywood to splinter as it slammed into whoever had opened it for him. He walked into the office, reflexively catching one of the arrows aimed at his face without looking and throwing it into the offending archer's shoulder. He swiftly killed three of the five men left, but left those with the strongest feel of greed to them alive, though incapacitated and painfully wounded by those who had joined him.

"Please do something stupid." K'dressa hissed into an overweight human man's ear, looking very eager to inflict pain. However, if she looked wicked than the smirk on the red skinned girl's face was downright evil.

"Now, now, play nice." Luke scolded playfully, walking over to the sole human male. The other one left was a vampire and was currently guarded by the gladiator. He knelt down and smiled brightly at the man, "Hi! My name is Luke and I want to make a deal with you. You tell me where all of you money is and any hidden caches of slaves, then I'll-"

"What? Let me go?" The fat man laughed mockingly, interrupting Luke's speech. "I know the drill, hero."

Luke's hand flashed out and punched the man's chest, cracking the bones there viciously. His hateful green orbs glared into the man's pained watery blue eyes, the green pulsing threateningly as he twisted his fingers causing a few more cracks in the bone. "That was rude. Don't interrupt me. The correction is 'no', I won't let you go. I won't even let you live. What I can promise is a quick death, a nice and clean one. But if you don't tell me everything you know the first time, then there won't be any more conversations between us and I'll give you these lovely friends of mine. All of whom I am confident know a great deal about inflicting pain and keeping someone alive."

"Damn right I do." The red skinned girl breathed out, a dark smile on her black lips that had nothing to do with their color. Her orange eyes were gleeful, no doubt thinking up or remembering past tortures. "My name is Synna, remember me?"

"Y-your bluffing!" The human cried out, his eyes becoming wild from terror. Thankfully, he was able to retain his urine content or else risk offending Luke's delicate nose. "You can't do that, you are supposed to be one of the good guys! I'm human, remember!"

"I don't really care." Luke told him honestly, shrugging nonchalantly. "I'm sure if you refuse to say anything, your undead friend here will. Vampires can take a great deal of physical punishment. Why, we could be at it for centuries before it's done."

"There's a safe under the desk, the combination is 2003-1798! That's all the money made this week!" The man blubbered, it would have been disgusting to Luke had it not been so fascinating for him to see how merely the promise of pain could break a man. Synna licked her lips hungrily, like a lioness watching a heavily wounded Zebra leading Luke to stroke her hair idly as if to soothe the demon.

"And your car keys, please." Luke requested politely, sounding like he was asking a waitress for a refill. He knew that those cars out front would probably net him half as much as whatever was in the safe, maybe more. The man reached into his pocket and threw the keys at him which he caught deftly with a small pleased smile. He knew his mother would love a BMW. "Synna, would you kindly open up the safe for us? I would hate for our friend to have given us the wrong combination."

"It'll be my pleasure." Synna grinned ferally, showing off her elongated cannines. She kicked the desk, causing it to move back four feet. Luke's estimation of the girl increased. It appeared she was much stronger than he had assumed. She went to work, fingers deftly putting in the correct combination until the safe swung open and revealed the stacks of dollars, bags of gold dust, and a great deal of precious stones. "Jackpot, boss."

"Wonderful, Synna." Luke complimented, giving her a brief proud smile that she hesitently returned though it looked very awkward on the devilish girl. He turned to the human, "Thank you very much for your cooperation. It's been most helpful."

With that, Luke gestured toward the pale skinned demon to take the vampire out of the offices and began to follow him. The human screamed out after him, terror in every vibe, "Please, don't leave me here! You said that I'd get a quick death!"

"I lied." Luke stated simply as he turned back to face the man, shrugging his shoulders. "Who am I to deny you the karmatic vengeance of these beautiful ladies? What's about to happen to you is called 'justice'. In short, it is revenge for those whom you have victimized. I pride myself on being a just individual more than I do an honest one. Everyone lies, I merely do it when it is of the most benefit to me. K'dessa, Synna, please don't be too long. We must still discuss your living arrangements."

"Thank you." Synna whispered gratefully, not used to saying such words sincerely. Luke heard her and winked at her before he stepped out of the office. Once he was gone, she shared a truly malevolent smile with K'dessa as they turned on the slave trader.


"And what have we learned from our little mission?" Connor teased, mockingly sounding like a teacher as he sat down on the Hyperion's rooftop ledge. Luke groaned in reply, keeping his forehead pressed against the cool stone of the ledge.

"Good deeds suck." Luke whined, looking exhausted. "Nobody told me that being a hero included setting up housing for the victims or feeding them. All I wanted to do was kill the bad guys and get rich, not open up my own brothel."

"In your defense, it is a nice brothel and the girls seem very happy." Connor pointed out, patting the godling on the shoulder. "Plus you've got K'dessa and Synna around to help you out. They are the ones actually running the place, so you might want to do something nice for them. All women, no matter the species, like to be appreciated."

"I thought Mother was going to kill me." Luke murmured, looking hopeless. "I've never seen her so mad at me before."

"Dawn is a scary woman." Connor agreed, nodding his head as he recalled that particular screaming match. "But hey, even she warmed up to the brothel once she realized it wasn't your idea in the first place and actually talked to the girls working there."

"Yeah." Luke nodded, still looking down. "I did not how evil humans could be until the other day. I had to track down a few people who were too rough on the girls. One was an elementary school principal and other one was a priest."

"Yikes." Connor winced, able to see how that could be disheartening. "I'm guessing neither one walked away from the meeting?"

"Oh, they were capable of walking. Just missing a few things." Luke answered easily, unbothered by it. He had seen what those two had done to his girls and had not been happy. "I kind of raided their living spaces for anything expensive so the girls could get some compensation for the trouble. Speaking of which, do you have any idea how expensive a good demon healer is?"

"Very?" Connor guessed, never having actually needed one. He should probably look into finding one or two in case future clients needed them.

"Very." He answered, nodding his head in confirmation. He began to brighten a bit as he remembered that he had made some progress on one of his projects. "I did manage to create a pocket deminsion for myself."

"Well, that's cool." Connor offered, not knowing very much about magic or deminsional magic in particular. He made a mental note to change that, considering his past. "So what exactly does a pocket deminsion do? And how did you learn to make one?"

"I just...made it. To be honest, I really don't know how to explain it." Luke said with a puzzled frown, propping his chin up on his knuckles in the classical thinking pose. "It's not as big as a galaxy or anything, but it's definitely solar system sized. Right now, it's nothing. Just darkness and lots of space, but I hope to fill it up eventually with all kinds of neat stuff. I really, really want to make my own planet."

"You can do that?" Connor asked with more excitement than he meant to. Luke shot him a strange look, but nodded slowly.

"I think so. I don't see any reason why I couldn't. It's my deminsion after all." Luke replied confidently, realizing why Connor was so excited. "When I get my planet made, I'll definitely bring you along. Speaking of which, I should probably get to it. My Aunts should be here in a week or two according to Grandpa and I need something to keep them from going stake happy on me."

"That would be a good idea. Hey, you should take your mot-" Connor began, only stop as a blindling white 'tear' appeared in front of Luke and the boy leaped into it causing the deminsional rip to close. "Damn it, he left me to deal with her again!"

Luke felt like he was falling, but there was nothing to support that sensation. No light, no passing matter, just that strange feeling and it felt wonderful. He could feel it, the nothingness all around him that seemed to stretch out into the infinite darkness. Power was infused into him, the power to change or make whatever he desired. It made him wonder if that was how his mother felt like long ago before she lost her memories. To say the least, the sensation of power was terrifying yet strangely addictive. His imagination seemed expanded, his focus sharper than ever before and it allowed him to clearly picture what he wanted.

Blinding light lit up the darkness as a new sun appeared, white at first then slowly dimming into a warm yellow like Sol in accordance to his desires. Luke gasped, though it made no sound in the deep black. The majority of his strength had left him with that one act and he floated in the darkness, exhausted as he observed the sun he had made. It's warmth suffused his body, relaxing his muscles. To Luke, it seemed like he existed for an eternity as he recovered his deminsionally granted powers. It was a good thing he had designed the deminsion to possess a roughly 1,000/1 ratio for time as compared to Earth.

When he finally recovered, Luke floated a good ways away from the sun and stretched out his arms as he concentrated on making his desire into a reality. Slowly, matter began to appear in the blackness and collected together forming floating spheres of dead stone. Unable to actually 'create' Luke summoned matter from the other deminsions nearest to his own and transmutated them into what he wanted, forming the spheres into the most dense formations with layers rich soil on top of them. One large sphere and two smaller ones encircled the sun, the light hitting them for the first time and warming them. Luke had no time to relax, he had to pull the spheres away from the sun and set a pattern for them to orbit.

Again the act exhausted him and he floated, unable to summon the strength to even move after the titanic acts. Months had passed which he was able to tell only because of the rotations of the spheres around the sun. In that time of merely existing, Luke thought up names. For the sun he had made: Helios. For the largest sphere: Tara. For the two smaller spheres: Selene and Artemis respectively. He drew two of the names from Greek mythology which had been taught to him by Aunt Willow and his Grandpa Giles, but Tara was named in honor of Tara Maclay, a picture of kindness and comfort according to all whom he knew. He hoped they would be proud. Luke even had a plan already for the different spheres: for Selene, it would a place of knowledge for scholars to study and for Artemis, a place for hunters and fierce warriors. Finally, Tara would be the place for those who wished to relax and enjoy themselves.

As soon as he judged his strength recovered enough, Luke let his own light out and formed it into six large, golden wings on his back to visit the spheres. He flew down to them and landed, looking around at the wasteland of Tara with a frown. Luke had based much of the landscape off of Earth with different sized continents and many more islands that dotted over where an ocean would one day be. He walked and walked, observing the hellish lands as he planned the different sights and landscape. Once he reached a cliff, he stood there and closed his eyes as he tapped into the deminsional energy of the surrounding demensions and searched until he found one that was a bit farther away than the rest, but had more than plenty of what he needed.

Water exploded from the ground as hundreds of springs were made and he raised it up high, letting the water fall back to the ground in an evenly distributed mist that moistened Gaia all over the land. His knees shook from the strain, but he carefully estimated his power this time and was able to remain standing. Luke smiled in awe as he watched the water spread, forming an atmosphere before his stunned green eyes. He felt rightous, as though he was meant to do all of what he had done. Luke was bringing life to a dead world and it felt wonderful. The boy traveled, loving planting the favorite flowers of his mother and aunts as he walked. Roses, daffodills, jasmine, and forget me not's dotted the land as fresh grass began to grow at his silent urging.

His crown of stars glowed brightly on his forehead, almost blindingly bright and perhaps it would have been blinding if there had been anyone there to see. His flesh was luminescent and the green of his eyes glowed fiercely with power. Some unknown craving had been satiated inside of him, a thirst he had always known but never understood and still remained mysterious to him even in a place where his power was at it's peak. Every rock, each drop of water, all of it was connected to his mind and spoke to him without words. They knew him, knew he had brought all of the life and they thanked him for it silently. All around him was beautiful silence, lending to the feel that he had stepped into a glorious painting as he seeded the land slowly.

An idea came to his mind and he focused intensely, forming what he wanted from the transmutation of stone and soil until he finally made a group of dinosaurs: huge longnecked species, groups of herbivors, different species of raptors to hunt them, and many others sorts, each with a strong instinct to ignore and not harm any human being or anyone in the company of a human being. Idly, he added a condition to all demon kind: unless he marked their auras with his light in protection, then they were to ripped to pieces. When he brought his guests to Tara, he hardly wanted them being eaten. He wanted to be a good host. Uncle Xander had watched Jurassic Park with him and provided a surprising amount of philosophical advice to him during the film.

Finally, Luke was satisfied by his work. Exhausted beyond what he knew was possible, but content and so happy that he breathlessly laughed near constantly as he laid on the ground, staring up into the new bright blue sky as wisps of clouds floated by. When he had recovered enough, Luke stood and made another deminsional rip before leaping through it back to earth so he could tell his mother the happy news.


Dawn stared down at Luke's unconcious form with worried eyes, dabbing at his forehead with a cool rag. He had disappeared for nearly two weeks then suddenly appeared in the foyer of the Hyperion completely out cold. For the last day, she had tended to him and woke him up briefly to drink some water before allowing him to sleep. She should be angry at him for disappearing for so long, but for now she was just happy to have him home safely. The mother stroked his cheek lovingly and pecked him on the forehead, wondering when he was going to wake.

The last two weeks had been hectic without Luke around. Connor had taken to working with those demon girls in making sure their 'clients' paid their dues and protected the prostitutes there from violent customers. That part was actually working out well. However, it did not keep the red skinned demon Synna from badgering her about Luke's whereabouts. The blue skinned K'dessa also bothered her, but she kept it civilized, at least. K'dessa had sent a white skinned demon to the Hyperion for Dawn's 'protection'. The demon, whose name was Aklesh, had proven to be surprisingly good company. It turned out that in Aklesh's race the males gave raised the children as well as protected the den while the females hunted and went to war, so he understood her worry for her son and told her many weird, but kind of sweet stories about his brood.

She wondered where Luke had gone and what sort of place could exhaust him. Connor had told her that Luke had made some sort of deminsion and went there to improve it's conditions, but the idea of it was beyond her. How could her son, not even a year old, make his own plane of existence? Oh yes, she had many questions for Luke when he woke up, but she was also proud in a strangely foreign way. What sort of place had he made? Had he accidently appeared in one of the many Hell Deminsion by accident? Those questions filled her head, begging her mouth to ask them, but she held her tongue, waiting for Luke to wake up, and pointedly avoid thinking about that.

The arrival of the Slayer brigade had been a hell of it's own. Connor had been kind enough to play the host and allowed the girls to sleep in the many rooms of the Hyperion, but it was tricky given that some of the rooms already had demonic occupants that Luke had rescued from slavery who were staying there temporarily. It was only with some quick talking that Dawn managed to avoid any potential bloodshed only to learn from Connor that there was a Sanctuary Spell on the entire hotel! It was annoying, no, it was worst than annoying. It was maddening. Spike had died, perished in the final battle but he had his chance to be the hero and had saved them. It made her proud of her former babysitter, but that pride did not outweigh the feeling of loss.

Suprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly, Xander had offered to help out Synna and K'dessa at the brothel. The big surprise was that he was damn good at it. He was able to manage the money thanks to skills learned from living with Anya and his teddy bear-ish warmth put him in good with the girls. His experience with female emotions and drama had allowed him to handle the girls, playing the role of friend, brother, father, and boss all at once. In short, Xander was a good pimp and one who made damn sure people paid the correct amount or else he would sic Connor on them. She wished that Spike was around to see 'Droopy' at work, he'd get a real kick out of it. Then again, he'd likely offer to work there considering it paid well, he would get his violent streak satisfied, and would get to know some of the prettiest prostitutes in Los Angeles.

Kennedy had been particularly headache inducing. Her new slayerness had gone to her head and now she expected everyone to wait on her like a queen, despite the fact that most of those people were also Slayers. When that didn't happen, she had whined and complained to Willow while urging to use her magic to 'convince' everyone. Connor had promptly told her she wasn't welcome in the Hyperion anymore. Kennedy, in her arrogance, had made the mistake of challenging the Destroyer to a fight, something about how his 'protection spell wouldn't be able to save him from a REAL fight'. Connor took her out of the Hotel and promptly beat her bloody, using his superior skills and experience against the girl. That, at least, had quieted the hotel somewhat and allowed an odd peace to descend. A peace that had shattered when Luke had fallen into the Hyperion unconcious six beautiful angelic wings on his back that had faded away not long after his arrival.

Buffy, Giles, Wood, and Faith had since focused on making plans for the International Slayers and Watchers Council or ISWC while Willow tried to recover from her world wide spell that had activated all of the potential Slayers. Dawn stayed out of their way for the most part, focusing on tending to Luke's sleeping body. Oh, she had talked to them. Buffy, in particular, had demanded the reason why her 'adorable little nephew' had started up a prostitution ring while Faith had laughed uproariously in the background. Luckily, she was able to calm Mt. Saint Buffy and explained the situation as reasonably as possible....after kicking Buffy in the shins to catch her attention.

She had recieved many visitors from the rescued demons who had found their clans or local groups of their species. They brought many gifts for her and for Luke, laying them at the foot of his bed to honor him in their way while speaking prayers for his recovery in their own tongues. Currently she was wearing one of the gifts, a beautiful floor length toga-like dress that was a light orangish cream near the top and faded to a twilight purple near the waist that only deepened as it neared the hem. It was, without a doubt, the most amazing dress that she had ever seen and when she wore it she felt like a goddess. It was all silky and gausy, so very comfortable and not to forget elegant.

Dawn had not told anyone that her own powers were increasing to the point that she had sensed Luke's deminsional travel. That now she had a taste of her son's abilities, though her own were far more deminsionally oriented and not quite as powerful as Luke's apparantly. Luckily, she was able to sense the invisible doorways to different deminsions and realities around her as they shifted locations. If she concentrated, she could feel all of the portals in the Los Angeles area. It was almost a physical feeling, like walking through rows and rows of curtains that touched the edges of her shoulders with different weights, material, and lengths. She was pretty sure that she could access those deminsions, too, but was afraid to risk it in case she was wrong and ended up somewhere she didn't want to be. Luckily, Luke was now home and apparantly could teach her what to do. That was, if he actually knew and hadn't just leaped headfirst into a possible hell deminsion.

Speaking of Luke.....

"Morning Luke." She greeted softly, a glowing smile on her face as Luke's eyes fluttered open. Green eyes raised to meet their match and a large grin crept across his face. In a flash, he had her in a tight hug that she returned. A few tears escaped her eyes, but she wiped them away quickly before he saw them. Finally, she released him from the hug and put her hands on her hips, "Now, what is all this business about making your deminsion?"

"It's wonderful, Mother!" Luke crowed with a grin, not noticing that she was going for the imposing mother impression. Dawn deflated from her stern attitude when she saw his happiness. "I made a sun, a few planets, and the main one, that's Tara, has water now! I even planted your favorite flowers! And it has dinosaurs, but they don't eat people!"

"And how long did it take you to do this?" Dawn asked calmly with a raised eyebrow, doubting that even her son could make all of that in two weeks. Luke mumbled his reply, but she called him on it, "What was that? I didn't hear you correctly?"

"Around....seventeen years...I think, but most of that was just resting!" Luke said quickly, noticing his mother's darkening face. "Besides, I'm not even close to done with the place. I'm going to make some water park-ish waterfalls and rivers next."

"Seventeen years." Dawn stated slowly, sounding out the words as her eyes narrowed in anger aimed at the bedridden boy. "And you never thought visit me or call or ANYTHING!"

"I meant to." He answered nervously, sitting up in bed and proping himself up against his pillows while noting the absence of his wings. It was weird, he had worn his wings for so long that he felt off to be without them. Well, at least he could always form them when he went to his deminsion. "I really did, but things just kept coming up that had to be adressed: gravity, a supernova, atmosphere...did I mention that I am really, very, truly sorry?"

"You did. Might want to mention it a few more times when you're groveling." Dawn snarked, nodding her head seriously. It was difficult to stay mad at him with how adorable he looked, so she decided that she would forgive him later on in the evening. "Next time, you take me with you."

"I'll try. It's just, I didn't know if you were strong enough yet. I could survive there with nothing because I made it so it couldn't hurt me. If it wasn't mine, I'd have died immediately." Luke explained, sounding confused himself. He didn't really understand it, but he knew it worked, so that was enough for him. "But when it's done, I think I can bring people there...forever. For the first time, I feel more like what I am."

"Just rest for now and think on it. Don't let the power master you, Luke." Dawn told him wisely, ruffling his hair and mentally thanking Giles for those words of wisdom calendars he kept sending sent to each member of the Scooby Gang on their birthdays. "I'm going to get you something to eat, but don't leave the room yet, you are as weak as a newborn kitten right now."

"Yes, Mother." Dawn heard him sigh out as she left his room, walking down the halls to the staircase which she then used to get to the foyer. To her surprise, some of the gang was already there waiting for her. "Well, he'll survive. Luke should be fine in a day or so, but if he did grow stronger while he was gone then probably later this afternoon. He's just exhasted himself."

"Good to know." Buffy nodded, giving her sister a bright smile that Dawn hadn't seen in what seemed like years. It seemed like a weight had been lifted off of her. "I still need speak with him on the whole pimp thing."

"Buffy, just let it rest. That was the only thing they knew how to do. If not for Luke, where do you think they'd be now?" Xander spoke up, looking at Buffy pointedly with his single eye. He looked harsher now, tougher in an inexplicable way. The fight had taken it's toll on him. "So Wood, you had some questions for Dawnie?"

"Yes, I do. What's all this that I keep hearing about a....godling? I think I might have come in a bit late for that part." Wood asked politely, not wanting to offend anyone. He actually liked the group, but they were very different from any other demon hunting gang out there, so it took a little while to get a handle on them if you were new. "Isn't a godling a, well, by it's definition: a new god? And for that, don't you typically needed other gods or, at least, goddesses?"

"My sister is an anicent goddess of sunrise with a weird name, wanted a kid, got pregnant asexually, birthed my nephew, named him Luke, and he grew up very fast." Buffy summed up in her typical manner with Faith sniggering behind her. "Where's he been?"

"Apparantly, a different deminsion. A deminsion that he made." Dawn answered blasely, acting as though it happened everyday in the traditional Scooby fashion. "He's built a small solar system for himself, nothing too ostentacious. Very bare basics. Still, he is young so can't be too harsh on him."

"Is she serious?" Wood asked of Faith, looking a bit lost. Faith studied Dawn's face, then nodded, taking a drag off of her cigarette.

"I think so." Faith confirmed, trying not to look awed and acted as normally as possible. "How do you think all of those deminsions got made? Beware a bored Summers. So, what's the new place look like? I might want to visit."

"He hasn't told me yet. It's not done, but he thinks that he might be able to bring others along once he gets a decent atmosphere up." Dawn told them, now in the kitchen looking through the refridgerator with equal parts horror and fascination. She grabbed some bottled water then went to the cabinets, pulling out a ready to eat can of new england clam chowder soup which she dumped into a bowl that she placed in the microwave. "Knowing him, he will turn it into a paradise. It's already got two smaller sister planets decently close to the main planet Gaia."

"Good Lord." Giles murmured lowly, cleaning the lens of his glasses. He hadn't expected Luke's powers to come out for a good deal of time yet and not in such a bizarre way. "Is he alright? I mean, the mental strain and power necessary to do something like that is-"

"-is something for you to talk to him about. Not me." Dawn continued on, interrupting Giles seamlessly as she pulled the microwave open and grabbed the bowl. She cursed under her breathe then grabbed a towel to grab the bowl, stirring it with a spoon as she added spices that Luke liked. "I'm just glad to have him back right now, Giles."

"Of course." Giles nodded, giving a tired smile. He understood what it felt like to have one's children return safely or not so safely in some case. "I'm certain that he'll be in need of rest, so it can wait."


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