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Summary: This is a collection of plot bunnies that I am too busy to work on. They are driving me nuts and I hope someone will adopt them, if you decide to then review and tell me which one. There's something here for everybody, so give it a try.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsTheLaughingManFR15129305,51111634511,21110 Sep 0811 Dec 14No

A God In Hiding

AN: This is the start of something interesting. This chapter is set about six months after Chosen. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or any other fictional or mythological characters. They are the property of their respective owners. I am not making any money by doing this. This is the disclaimer for the whole story so read it.

Xander knew they wondered why he fought. Why he survived for years, how he had taken a hit from a hammer that knocked Glory on her ass, what made him survive Willow's magic barrage without serious injury. Oh he knew how they stared at him when they thought he wasn't looking, like he was a mystery they didn't and didn't want to understand. They didn't question him because that would reveal things they didn't want to know.

To them he was the token human. The man who stood with giants and proved his worth. He proved it in small ways, yes, but sometimes that's where it counts most. To most he represented the importance of regular people in the good fight, to others he was the 'heart'. They never knew that he had been and still was on some levels more heartless than most big bads they fought.

They never looked closer because they didn't want to and that's the way he liked it.

He had never liked Spike or Angel. Everyone knew that, but not many knew why. The reason was simple: they were too much like he was. Angel had been a villain turned good guy, Xander had never been what you would call a villain, though some would argue, but he hadn't been a nice guy. Angel had changed from homeless vampire into a champion for the love of a girl, Xander had tried to be good for the same reason. They had both been in love with strong and independent women who happened to be fighters. They were both bad for their respective loves.

The difference here? Xander had never been able to let his love go to her death. Hell no, he had fought to hell and back just to bring her back, sometimes without her knowing. That's when Angel went from pain in the ass to destroy utterly. He had never liked quitters. Another reason he hated Angel was that he had the strength to do what Xander never could: to let her go.

He wasn't talking about Buffy here either. No, his love was far more elusive. He had thought that Buffy was her for a while but the pieces didn't fit. For one thing Buffy wasn't merciless, she wasn't dark, and she wasn't a killer looking for redemption. No she didn't fit.

Then Spike came along and he hadn't destroyed him. Partly because he reminded Xander of himself when he was younger and partly because he hoped that the guy could do what he couldn't: get the girl and save the day. Spike's love for fighting and battle had matched his own, plus both fell for girls that tore them apart. However, Xander had never tried to rape his love and Spike had, that was why he hated him. In the end, though, Spike had earned his respect and forgiveness. He did what Xander tried and failed to do. Spike had gotten the girl and saved the world.

Xander had wanted to see what it was like to be human, to live a human life. He couldn't really live in a human life being what he was, so he had transformed his appearance into that of a little boy, set up some fake memories in a pair of newly weds, and boom, a chance to see what it was like to live a human life. He had wanted to make a friend so bad and then he saw a shy redhead in the corner of a classroom. She had reminded him of Gabby, and he had naturally panicked when she started to cry over a crayon. He had asked himself: what would his annoying, goody two shoes of a brother do? So he handed her his crayon, took hers, and told the teacher that he broke it.

Of course, his brother would have gotten suspicious if he didn't show up every now and then and try to kill him. So he had popped in occasionally with some half baked schemes and attempted fratricide. That's what big brothers are for after all.

When his love, Faith, had showed up in Sunnydale he had almost missed it, she did look different then usual. He had even slept with her before he figured it out and, boy, hadn't THAT been a kick in the balls? He had wondered if he should tell her who he was and who she was. It would jump start her memories, but he had decided that she wasn't ready.

He had also figured out that Willow had been Gabby's reincarnation. She was *his* best friend and hated Faith. The irony is just too funny for words.

He was going to tell her soon. Maybe in a few days. He would tell them both. He would drop his current form and reveal who he is and who they are. That he was Ares, the God of War, and that Faith was Xena, his eternal love.

And he would tell Willow....just for kicks.

AN: Hope you enjoyed it. If anyone wants to adopt one of my stories then review and tell me.
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