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Part Angel, Part Halliwell, All Winchester

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Piper Winchester-Halliwell". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Phoebe has always been interfering, this time she is focused on two things, rekindling Dean and Piper’s relationship and showing Dean a certain picture Chris has kept hidden.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: CharmedChosenfireFR1312,213281,96810 Sep 0810 Sep 08Yes

Title: Part Angel, Part Halliwell, All Winchester
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Fandoms: Supernatural/Charmed
Piper/Dean – History at galorechallenge
#111 – Antikythera at tamingthemuse
Characters/Pairings: Piper/Dean, Piper/Leo reference, Chris, Phoebe, Sam
Word Count: 2,140
Spoilers: SPN season 1, Charmed season 6
Summary: Phoebe has always been interfering, this time she is focused on two things, rekindling Dean and Piper’s relationship and showing Dean a certain picture Chris has kept hidden.
Series: Piper Winchester-Halliwell verse.
This story occurs after Definitely Not An Angel and before An Angel With a Shotgun.
Author’s Notes: Beta’d by the awesome who keeps my grammar in line. So, finally I have done another story in this verse, if you want to read the other ones they are linked above. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


“Why are we here Dean?” Sam asked, annoyance clearly in his voice as Dean pulled up to the old Victorian style house. Dean wasn’t looking at him, instead his eyes were drawn to the manor and the memories that place held for him.

For a split second, a few months back, he had come so close to thinking of this place as home. Not his home of course, because he had never had one of those, just home.


“Huh?” Dean turned back to his little brother. “Oh yeah, wait in the car. I’ll be back in a bit.” Dean cut the engine and ignored Sam’s glare as he pocketed his keys. Sam could hotwire the car if he was desperate but Dean didn’t think he was that stupid. Sam knew how he felt about his car.

Dean climbed the steps and stood in front of the door, debating whether to knock or not. There had been a time once when he would throw open the door. Things had changed though, so much.

Before he knew it, the door opened and a familiar perky brunette was grinning up at him.

“Dean Winchester.” Phoebe beamed, pulling him into a tight hug. “What took you so long?” She was already dragging him into the house, her eyes scanning the street before landing on his younger brother sitting moodily in the passenger seat. Her eyes brightened and she grinned. “Oh who’s that? Is that Sammy?”

Dean rolled his eyes and steered Phoebe into the house, closing the door firmly behind him. “Yeah, his girlfriend was just killed. He’s not exactly the best company.”

Phoebe’s eyes widened and Dean marveled at the depth of compassion this woman possessed. Maybe it was the whole empath thing or maybe it was the beauty that was Phoebe Halliwell. She touched Dean’s arm gently her eyes sympathetic. “How’s he doing?”

Dean tried to force a grin that was more brittle than genuine. “Not so well. He doesn’t get any sleep, nightmares.” Seeing the way she was reaching out to him, Dean backpedaled, standing straighter and switching gears. “So where is she?”

Phoebe, sensing that he needed to talk about something else, allowed herself a small smile. “Upstairs, trying to figure out sleeping arrangements now that…”

“Phoebe!” Piper Halliwell’s voice echoed from upstairs. “Do you know where Wyatt’s crib is?”

“Ummm...” Phoebe looked a bit panicked. “Not at the moment,” she shouted back, her eyes wildly locked on Dean.

Comprehension dawned on the hunter and he swore under his breath, glaring at the witch. “You didn’t tell her I was coming,” he accused.

She looked sheepish. “Not in the actual sense of saying anything, no.”

“Didn’t you and Paige put it somewhere?” Piper asked, her voice growing closer as she came downstairs. She stopped on the bottom stair, stunned as she took in Dean. His eyes traveled over her features, tracing each beautiful curve down her body and he took in her swollen stomach and the hand she clenched protectively over it. There were lines of pain in her face and Dean panicked.

“Hey, you okay?” He rushed forward, arm going around her waist as he guided her to the couch in the front room. “You should sit down or something. Put your feet up or your head between your legs. Maybe you need a cool rag or a hot—“ he babbled as he helped her sit down.

Her hand moved across his forearm, her grip tight and her eyes blazing with annoyance. “I’m fine,” she ground out and she stared at Dean a second longer, gazing at him in sorrow before she hardened, turning to Phoebe. “You called him?”

Phoebe held up her hands in innocence. “I had a vision, I couldn’t exactly ignore it.” She waved her hand in Dean’s direction. “He could help with this demon and you could spend some more time with Wyatt and Chris.” Phoebe looked helpless. “Plus, you’ve missed him and Leo’s gone and I just thought you needed someone around to help with the boys.”

Piper looked stricken at the mention of Leo and her voice was firm as she declared, “Leo is Wyatt and Chris’s father, Phoebe. Just because he’s gone doesn’t change that.”

“I know,” Phoebe whispered softly. It was hard for her to ignore the things she knew, the things Chris had let slip out about the future, about Dean, about the hunter in their living room that had been more of a father to Chris than Leo ever had.

Phoebe loved Leo. She missed her brother-in-law and she hated seeing her sister in pain. She would give anything to see Piper and Leo back together again because se knew just how much her sister loved him. But she had watched Piper begin to fall in love with Dean and she could still see the look in Chris eyes as he had talked about his childhood hero and the man that had been Dad to him and how Leo hadn’t been there.

All she knew was Piper seemed pretty certain of the fact that Leo was gone, this time for good, and she wanted to see her sister happy again. She wanted Chris to have that father that had turned him into such an amazing and brave young man.

“Hey, I’m not here to take anyone’s place.” Dean’s voice was soft and he hid the bitterness about a break up he hadn’t wanted behind kind words. “But Phoebe called me saying you guys needed some help and I want to help.”

Piper looked between Dean and her sister and sighed, nodding as she spoke. “Okay.” She moved to stand and Dean immediately helped her up, neither of them noticing that the way they moved together was so natural, so in harmony with the other.

Phoebe noticed.

“I’m going to go lie down,” Piper muttered, seeming to realize how close she was standing to Dean. She moved away, looking uncomfortable. “So you two talk or something.” She turned away abruptly, heading back up the stairs as quick as she could.

Dean watched her go, his eyes following her every movement.

“You’re still in love with her,” Phoebe observed, not needing to feel it from Dean to know.

He smiled sadly. “Yeah, but she’s still in love with Leo.”

“A part of her loves you too.”

“Not enough.” Dean sighed shaking his head. “Okay, let’s cut this touchy feely crap. What’s the son of a bitch that you need help with?”

Phoebe waved her hand in dismissal. “Oh that. Just a few spirits. I already tracked down the graves and everything so not much to do except your little salt and burn thing.” She shrugged, unapologetic. “I just wanted Piper to see you, you to see Piper.” She smiled broadly.

Dean studied her for a moment before shaking his head. “Uh-huh, sorry, I’m not buying it. You’re up to something.”

He wasn’t a freaking empath but Dean liked to think he could recognize a trap when he saw one.

Before Phoebe could say anything, there was a jingling sound and Chris orbed in right next to Phoebe, looking the worse for wear with a long lash twisting its way up his arm and blood staining the collar of his shirt. Dirt dusted his neck and part of his face and his hair was tousled, falling in his eyes.

He looked annoyed. “Did you know there were demons in Antikythera? How come the Book of Shadows says nothing about there being demons in the Greek islands?” He leveled his aunt with a very Halliwell glare. “Do you have any idea how many places I had to chase the clan until they decided to hide on that island?” He looked worn out and tired and just a bit peeved.

Phoebe looked guilty. “Oh, the Book didn’t say anything about them being anywhere other than the Underworld.”

Chris snorted before turning to look at Dean and he did a great impression of his mom when she had seen Dean. He pulled himself together, his voice hardening with suspicion as he turned to Phoebe. “What is he doing here?”

“Well, the spirit problem at the bank.”

“I told you I could take care of that,” Chris argued. “It’s not hard to salt and burn some bones.”

“Well, yeah.” Phoebe slipped her hand into her pocket, letting her fingers close around a photo she had snuck out of some of her nephew’s stuff at P3. “Why don’t you two talk about it and come up with a game plan or whatever it is you guys do?” She smiled nervously. “I am going to go find the crib.” With that she rushed by Dean, making sure to shove the picture into his hand.

Subtlety only worked for so long. Sometimes you just needed to force the issue and make people deal with things to get any results.

“Huh,” Dean grunted, watching Phoebe go before looking down at what she had pushed at him. He heard Chris suck in a quick breath as he turned the photo over and with quick reflexes, he ducked out of the Whitelighter’s way as the younger man tried to snatch the picture out of his hands.

Dean held him off with one hand, his eyes locked on the picture as his throat tightened. It was an old picture, worn and folded in one corner, but the people in it wouldn’t be taking the picture for another ten years or so. In the future, Dean didn’t look that much older. His hair wasn’t visibly graying and a part of him was relieved to see he hadn’t put on too much weight. Piper was as beautiful as always, her head resting against his chest and her arm was wrapped around a gangly preteen, blond haired, blue eyed Wyatt. Beside Wyatt, and leaning against Dean, was a younger boy with brown hair and green eyes. He was smiling and leaning into the hand of the hunter that was on his shoulder with familiarity. Dean could see the ring on his left hand and his eyes sought out the matching one on Piper’s.

Dean turned over the pictur,e feeling Chris stop struggling against him and Dean’s fingers dug into Chris’s shoulder as he read what had been written on the back in the messy, loopy print he had become used to reading in some of Chris’s notes in the Book of Shadows.

Mom, Wyatt, Me, Dad, at Uncle Sammy’s House

Dean’s throat tightened and he moved his eyes from the words to Chris, his voice soft and flat. “So, you’re Wyatt’s younger brother.”

Chris nodded, his lips forming into a snarl. “You’re not my father.”

Dean grunted. “I know that, dumbass. I don’t have wings and any kid of mine would be quick enough not to get their ass kicked while hunting.”

Chris looked pensive. “I won.”

Dean nodded. “I can see that,” he said, his hand still resting on Chris’s shoulder. He waved the picture slightly. “So mind explaining the whole Dad thing?”

Chris swallowed down the familiar ‘future consequences’ denial and breathed out, his voice soft and strained, “You’re not my father, not biologically, but you did raise me.”

There it was, the reason why Phoebe had shoved the picture in his hand and Dean was pissed with himself that he hadn’t noticed it before. The kid was Piper’s, no doubt about that. He had the attitude and the coloring and Dean could even see a bit of Leo in the kid if he squinted.

The kid was Piper’s but something about Chris screamed that he was Dean’s too. He had the sarcasm and the grin, he had the walk and he definitely had the ability to lie his ass off if need be. Hell, Dean had even seen the kid play pool and Chris was a damn good shot.

He was a Winchester, maybe not genetically but he had some Winchester traits that were definitely learned.

Sometime in the future, he had raised this kid, Chris, who had risked everything to come back to the past and save his brother. Dean was an idiot. Sometime in the next ten years Chris would call him Dad and he would learn how to sacrifice himself to save his family.

Dean nodded, a smirk breaking out across his face as he felt himself accept something that had happened, would happen, might not happen. The future was tricky and Dean didn’t like to spend too much time dwelling on it. “So you can salt and burn, huh? Want to head to the cemetery with me? Uncle Sammy’s in the car,” he said and he was practically bouncing on his heels with how much he was enjoying this.

Chris gave him on odd look before nodding. “Okay.”

Dean was going to totally rock at this Dad crap.

The End

You have reached the end of "Part Angel, Part Halliwell, All Winchester". This story is complete.

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