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Lost Souls

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Summary: this is a retelling of my I want to be a cowboy story. I am leaving the older one up in case anyone want to read than one. It will contain new as well as old parts. Enjoy

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Highlander > Xander-Centered > Theme: Immortal XanderThewanderFR181133,580611332,38810 Sep 0812 Dec 09No

part 2

Lila Morgan stood off to the side of the squad room, waiting. She watched as the FBI moved around the room, each of them doing their little FBI jobs - writing reports, making phone calls. But her attention was focused on the red headed woman, and her male partner. Those two had given her firm a headache or two over the last three years. Mostly they were UFO hunting, but lately they had started to fall into her sphere of influence. Having to help out that cigarette smoking ass was bad enough but to now have to deal with those two stuck up agents - it was almost too much to bear.

Her plan was failing.

The boy would never turn on his friends. The senior partners told her that they wanted the Slayer out of the way, by any means. And this had been just too perfect an opportunity to pass up. One word from the boy and she could have had that blonde teenybopper thrown to the wolves. But no, the boy wouldn’t open his damn mouth.

Well, if he wouldn’t help her, he needed to be removed by any means. She didn’t have time to deal with loose ends. She turned to look at the police officers sitting at their desks and her eyes fell upon Stein.

He would be Prefect.

She smiled as she walked up to the large man.

"Officer.", Lila said in her nicest voice. The one she had used to wheedle any man she had met into do what she wanted.

"Ms. Morgan." Stein replied shortly. He had seen the lawyer around her before. Usually working a case to protect one of his fellow officers when some asshole decided they could make some money off of them, by calling police brutality or abuse or some other made up crime. It turned his stomach to see such a honest woman as this defending this punk. While good officers such as himself had to defend their actions to a bunch of out of town Feds. Ever since they brought that Harris Kid in, the FBI agents have been going over everything with a fine tooth comb. Which in his mind was a waste of time. Just take the punk out behind the station and shoot him as he was trying to escape, then no more paper work problems. But no those two were looking into everything.

"Been a long hasn’t it? The Walker case I think it was?" Lila said still smiling, "To bad about what going to happen soon." shaking her head.

"What do you mean?" Stein asked turning to look at the woman full on.

"Well," Lila said smiling down at the officer, "If Harris makes it to trial, I have to look for any defense I can. I will have to call in witnesses. And that would be his friend here and maybe even some of you fine men working on the force. Now if that happened, I would have to point out all the problems that are going on here. Maybe even make someone else look bad. Maybe even bad enough to be fired. And once that happened they would no longer be protected from the – shall we say Darker sides of this town."

Stein looked around nervously as he listened to her speak.

"Now IF something were to happen, I'm sure no one here would be blamed for that. *If* it happened before he goes to trial. Oh, there might be someone looking over the case, but in a few weeks it COULD all go back to normal around here."

Stein looked up at the woman.

And then nodded his head. He understood.

"I don’t know about you, but I need to take a break." The large man stood up, "See you, Ms. Morgan."

"Later, officer." Lila let the smile fall from her face as the man walked away. It was just to easy.


"Still holding to your story?" Scully asked as she walked into the holding cell area.

"What story?" Xander replied, putting on his best innocent smile.

Scully shook her head looking at the boy.

"I know," Scully said looking at the boy.

"Yeah?" Xander asked raising his eyebrows. "I know stuff, too."

"You couldn’t have done this alone," the redhead said, "You needed help just getting some of the materials into the school. Why don’t you come clean? Save yourself."

"Agent," Xander replied, "have you ever been part of something. Something so important that nothing else mattered."

"What could be more important than getting out of here?" Scully asked shaking her head. "There's nothing life and death going on here. This town is just a small town in the middle of nowhere. Your friends? They left you to hang. No one came to see you but two of your classmates and your high school librarian."

"Word of advice," Xander said, his voice dropping and his eyes darkening, "leave them alone."

Then, just as fast, the darkness disappeared. So fast, Scully wasn’t even sure it was there.

Then she noticed the boy's eyes focus in on her chest with an intense look. Now as a women, she was used to catching men checking her out. But most of the men she had caught would look fast then away; she had even seen the looks her partner threw her way every now and then.

But there was just something unsettling with this look.

"Agent Scully?" Xander asked, "Are you true believer?"

Scully’s hand raised to the small gold cross at her throat. It was a gift from her mother.


"Do you happen to have another cross?" Xander asked. The police had taken everything from him when they locked him up, and he felt naked with at least a cross.

Scully reached into her jacket pocket.

"I can't give it to you," she replied. Rules were rules. The rosary could be used as a weapon. So it was on the banned lists.

"I need a cross," Xander told her.

"I can't. I’m sorry." And she really was. If anyone needed help right now, it was this boy.

Xander kneeled down at the bars. Tears in his eyes. Scully walked up to him, every maternal instinct calling out to her.

But as she closed on the cell, Xander moved. She felt his hands slide across her ass, then her breasts. The he was smiling into her face.

He jumped back, still smiling as the woman instinctively tried to slap him.

"Hey," Xander said with his hands behind his back, "this might be my last time to touch a woman. Might as well make it a good looking one."

Scully fumed, turned and stormed out of the cell block.

Once the door closed behind her, Xander pulled his hands from behind his back, letting his hand open, the agent's rosary came into sight.

He looked at the door to the cells that the Scully had walked out of. He smiled again at the though of how nice it had felt running his hands over her body. But he was equally as happy that the agent was so busy with outrage at his groping her that she failed notice him pulling the cross from her jacket.

"At least I won't be defenseless tonight," Xander thought as he looked around the cell, "Now, weapons."


Stein looked at the cop manning the camera room, then reached over to turn off one of the cameras.

"You didn’t see anything," the detective told the junior officer, who only nodded his head. He had learned early on that you didn’t cross the higher-ups in the department. Not unless you want to get a call one night and have no back up. He shuddered at the thought of the last man that had happen to.

Stein then pulled out his cell phone.



It was close to midnight when something woke Xander.

He had heard something.

A clang? Maybe a click, but he wasn’t sure.

After looking around his cell to make sure he was alone, he then looked up at shelving over his bunk. The clear plastic cups were still where he put them.

After letting his eyes scan the cell one more time, he slowly let himself sink back into sleep, not noticing that the light on the security camera had turned off.


Xander came awake as he was pulled from his bunk. The next thing he knew he was on the ground, sliding into the bars.

Dazed, the first thing he saw as he pulled himself up was a uniform - a Sunnydale P.D. uniform. Then he saw the yellow eyes.

He would have screamed if he had breath in his lungs, almost whimpering as the vampire pulled him up.

"The Slayer's lap dog," it snarled, then slammed him into the bars.

Xander felt his head almost bounce off the bars, then he was flying again, slamming down in the bunk and almost bouncing back off and to the floor.

"Dinner time!"

"Uh," Xander gasped frantically, "couldn’t we order pizza?"

"No," the vampire growled, walking over to stand over Xander. "You're all the snack I need."

Xander was terrified and looked frantically around the room. This was usually the time that Buffy would show up –

Anytime now. Buffy would be pulling the vampire off of him.

Where the hell was Buffy at? Xander's scrambled mind couldn’t figure out where his Slayer pal was. He only knew that he was going to die.

Slowly, it sank in that she wasn’t coming.

And that he was going to die.

Then it struck him - he didn’t want to die and if he wanted to get out this, *he* would have to do something. He would have to fight back.

"You know I kind of like nuts myself," Xander told the vampire, then he balled his fist up and struck out as hard as he could - straight into the crotch of the vampire.

Xander almost flinched with sympathetic pain as the vampire's testicles were smashed flat under the impact.

The vampire screamed, loud enough that the cops outside the door flinched, then smiled at each other. No way was that kid going to bring out anything about the town now.

Xander looked down at the vampire. Nothing in the cell could be used as a stake, or anything to cut off its head. He couldn’t even run away as the vampire had closed the cell door as it came in.

Looking back up at the cups, he then remembered what Buffy had done to one vampire before.

He smiled.

Pulling up the cup, he could feel the rosary moving around in the water.

"Man," Xander smiled, "you look thirsty."

And with that, he poured the water down the screaming vampire's throat.

Smoke poured up from where the water splashed on the creature's skin. Then the cross and water slid down and it screamed again, its eyes wide.

Then it screamed again, one final time, before it turned to dust.

Xander fell back on to his cot, gasping.

Locked in with a vampire, and he won.

"Who the man?" Xander said quietly, with a small 'Whoo!'

Then he looked around the cell again. He noticed the light on the camera was off and he knew that someone here had set him up. Someone in power that didn’t like him.


{He was lucky the fat detective hadn’t sent more than one vampire after him,} Xander thought as he rubbed his neck, feeling for sore spots.

Not finding any major damage, he looked up and said, "Thank you, god."


The next day

Stein was still on duty the next morning when Ms. Morgan arrived with the Marshals to take Harris down to LA for trial.

He was happy the way things were going to play out. While it did make them look bad about the boy dying in his cell, it would be quickly pushed under the carpet.

Some fast payouts, and the boy's parents would disappear. He knew the type of people they were - one whiff of some money, they would be gone.

And without them pushing, the state would let it drop and everyone could go back to their normal lives again.

He had waited in the hallway outside of the cells, just waiting for him to be called in to help with the clean up.

But no such call happened.

Ms. Morgan walked out, her cell phone to her ear. She gave the officer a disgusted look, then walked out.

Then came Harris. A little bruised and messed up, but still ok.

"What the hell?!?" Stein said before he could catch himself.

Xander looked at the older cop.

"Better luck next time. Dickhead," Xander told the cop with a grin, one that he used to piss off everyone in power that he knew.


Three months later.

After everyone had fought about where the trial would take place, and whether it was a state or a federal matter, Xander had finally gotten to a court room.

And as Xander sat in the court room, in his new suit and tight shoes, he had came to one big conclusion: the trial was a joke.

The Judge was the ring leader.

Judge Micah Hornsby had been up for re-election before this trial, and it looked as if he was going to lose, for being too soft on crime.

Now he had someone that the world could hate - a home grown terrorist. One he could throw the book at and no one would care. It was too bad that the courts couldn’t find anything linking him with any of the known terrorist groups. They did, however, find enough strange dealings in his past to cause them to want to look closer. And closer was bad.

He had started not answering the lawyers' questions. He had answered, at first, the simple stuff. But soon, that changed. Every statement he made was turned around on him or his friends. So he did the simple thing. He stopped answering.

At first, the judge just threatened him. But they had already told him they were going for the death penalty, so how could adding a few more years on top of what he was already doing going to make that much of a difference? It's not like they would dig him up and lock him in a cell again.

At least he hoped not.

He was two months into the trail when he noticed that his lawyer was spending a lot of time talking to the Prosecution. And then he had heard she was pushing to get him locked up in the crazy house. That just didn’t set well with him. Now he might be a ass, sometimes. He might be a jerk. Hell, he would even go as far as saying he was an asshole.

But he was NOT crazy. So even though he was scared spit-less about going to the chair, there was no way would he be locked up in a nuthouse.

Once he found out about it, he had gone to the Judge to get a new lawyer. But there was no way the man would do that. If he had, it would moved the trial back to after the election for his job. There was no way would he make it look like he was going soft on criminals right now. On top of that he had gotten an interview on 20/20 this week about the trial. So he refused the motion for a new lawyer and told Xander to deal with it.

It was then that it finally sunk in he was so totally fucked.

Giles' new lawyer, a Matt somebody, wasn’t even allowed into the court room.

So while he was sitting in my new shiny cell, Morgan was getting her private meetings with the DA and Judge. It was after the last meeting he found out that she was most definably NOT on his side.

Whose side she was on, he didn't know - her own more than likely. But she was setting him up. He could feel it. He was rubber room bound, or at least that was what it looked like.

The only ray of light that he got in those early days was that he found out that he was not the biological son of Tony and Jessica Harris. He was a foundling they had adopted.

It was a lightness to his soul to find out that he wasn’t a real Harris. It still looked like he wouldn’t have time to hunt down his real parents now. But still it was a nice thing to find out about.

As the trial went, the Scoobies were called in, one at a time.

Willow, sweetheart that she is, broke down in court and had to be walked out. She couldn't say anything to help him. Every time she said something, the DA turned it around on her, so by the end of her statements, he was the next Jack the Ripper. And if it wasn’t for Giles, he honestly think she would have turned the DA into a radish or something.

And speaking of Ripper, Giles came in. He didn't say much that would help him, but didn't say anything that would hurt, either. He tried - Xander could tell he honestly did try - but there was just too much against him.

Xander had some time to talk to Giles later. Xander found out the Council was cleaning up everything having to do with them.

Not him, just them. Him, they would let swing.

"Should have let Oz bite me then, maybe I would be important enough to get out." Xander mumbled to himself after hearing that.

{ Maybe if I had studied harder and got some book learning skills like Giles, } Xander silently thought to himself after Giles had left. { Hell, who was I kidding. Never would have happened. } He was just a loser, like he always had been.

Buffy and Ms Summers were at court as well, but they couldn't get much out of them. It had looked like Buffy was going to slay the DA, once or twice, because the DA had made it seem that when Buffy turned him down, I started to get into drugs.

The 'gangs on PCP' thing came up once or twice, too. He just about fell out of his chair the first time he heard that. Then, they brought up the Hyena, evidence about him eating the pig, links with the others around Mr. Flutie's death, how he was acting about that time.

Supposedly, he was working with the gangs to get into the school and he was seen driving around with O'Toole, the local troublemaker, before he disappeared.

The rest of the Gang didn't understand what that part meant, but he did. A group of boys seen breaking and entering stores, and then they all disappear but him? Even Giles had looked at him funny after that.

That was when the dates in question hit Giles. The Hellmouth had opened that night. After the looks he gave Xander, maybe the rubber room wouldn’t be so bad. At least he would have a nice bouncy wall to hit after Giles knocked him into next week. And to top it all off, he could almost feel the glares from his girls after Giles talked to them. Man, those rubber rooms sounded better and better.

That all stopped when a court clerk leaked it that he was going to get off. Get off? Being sent to an insane asylum was getting off?

The papers threw such a cloud in the air that the judge finally came out and said that was off the table. And that the state was looking for the death penalty or life in prison.

You know, when you know, really KNOW you're going to die or never be free again, it changes you. But really the only thing in that time that really bothered him was that he couldn’t get snacks when he wanted them.

And sometimes looking at the world, and the people in it - like Morgan and the judge and any number of humans he had met so far, he would wonder if it was really worth it.

But the looks from Ms. Summers was enough that he knew was doing the right thing. He was protecting her baby.

And he knew she didn’t want him to be hurt or go to jail over it, but as every parent would say, better someone else’s child.

It sucks but it’s the truth.

So he knew where he stood. His own mom and dad had stopped coming to the trials; later, his uncle Rory had told him that they received a lot of money from someone and moved off somewhere. Just packed up in the middle of the night and were gone.

It wasn’t a big blow to his defense but it was the start of it falling apart. So far, Morgan was doing an okay job defending him. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but ok. She had thrown up enough smoke to at least look like he was a fool working for someone else. That he was harmless. Just easily lead.

And it was almost working.

Until -

Private James Ackerson.

He was stationed at the military base outside of Sunnydale. He remembered Xander from his little trip there. And that brought in the rocket launcher. That Xander had stolen for the Scoobies.

And then there were a whole list of people that saw Xander at the Mall when it was allegedly used to blow up a statue there. No one seems to remember that he didn’t fire it. But at least five people claimed that they saw him doing just that.

That was when he knew someone was paying the witnesses. And that he was going to die.

Morgan was still hammering on him about the others - that if they came forward or if he turned on them that he could get off. Maybe even get out of jail in a few years.

But there was no way that was going to happen.

Luckily, the day that Ackerson was in court, Cordy wasn't. If he had recognized her, there was no telling what would have happened. Then came Special Agent Fox Mulder. He was the last nail in his coffin. His testimony was the most damning that there could be.

Within a few weeks, the trial was over. Six months.

And he finally knew how the rest of his life was going to play out.

He was sentenced to death.

On top of a death sentence, he was also given life in prison. Something about if he had gotten off of the death sentence that he would still have to spend the rest of his life in locked up. But no matter what, he wasn’t going to be a free man again.

Looking around the court room as he was taken away, he realized he was never going to laid again. He looked at all the women. And he was never going to able to touch one.

"Damn it." Xander muttered, "no snacks. And now no sex. God hates me."


"Alex, could we talk?"

Xander looked up at Fox Mulder as he walked up to his cell.

"I don't think you were alone in this. Just tell me who else was a part of this and we can work something out. You wouldn't have to die for them."

Xander just sat back watching the dark haired agent looking at him.

"Where are they? If they were such good friends, would they let you die for them?"

Still Xander said nothing, just watched with a smile on his face.

He knew what they would do for him, and maybe one day they could get him out. Who knew. Giles might even be able to get the Council to help him.


"Come on. You can't be willing to just take this alone. You just tell me who they were and I can get you a deal. You'd still be in prison but NO needle." Mulder almost begging.

"Agent Mulder, shut up, and leave me alone. You are starting to bother me, and you really don't want me to start bothering you."

"Look, son. I'm just trying to help you."

"Son? Did you call me Son? That's funny. Does the old bastard know you've been fucking my mom?"


"Let's get something straight. I am not your son, your friend or anything else. And if I could, I would be beating your ass right now. You just got me sent to the chair, So get the hell out!"

Outside the cell block, Scully looked up from a monitor as Mulder walked in.

"Got yourself a fan there, don't you?"

"Give it a rest. I thought I could get through to him. Looks like I can't."

"You can't help someone that doesn't want it."

Later that day.

The ride to the prison was long and dry. It was in the middle of a salt flat. Funny thing about it, it was only 3 miles from Sunnydale. He'd been out to the salt flats on a class trip one time with Willow.

Now it would be his home.

The Prison was huge.

Wilkins Prison, named after the first warden, who later moved on, to found Sunnydale.

It was a Gothic structure. On the outside, it was smooth and foreboding, and inside it didn't get much better. It was a dark place for the Soul. It also held the record for the amount of inmates that killed themselves. A lot were suicide by guard; just pick a fight and wait for the Guards, then try to kill them. You usually end up dead. So you get your wish, you're out of here.

They cremated the bodies here, too.

Not enough land to use, that wasn't covered in salt.

It was hell.

Then it got bad.....
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