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Summary: Series of ficlets/scenes inspired by today's particle physics experiment at CERN. Open to all to add more.

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Multiple Crossings > General(Past Donor)HiltonK + 3 othersFR1874,526094,69510 Sep 0811 Sep 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Misalignment? by SpiralMemory

These characters me don't own. Me own nothing good like them.


The date was October 14, 2008. With initial testing of various parts of the LHC, CERN finally gave the green light to perform a particle collision. A press conference was held earlier that afternoon, which various groups showed up claiming that this was the End Game or the End-of-the-World if the LHC was used. Currently, a group of scientists were preparing for an experiment underground in Cessy, France.

"Paolo, please tell the team to engage the safety protocols, then start the generators, " asked Carlo as he did last minute preparations for their first "true" test of the Large Hadron Collider. For weeks, they have tested each seperate processes of the collider. Everything had to be precise, otherwise the test results would be skewed or worse, they experiment could fail all together. Today they were shooting for the high prize. Today, they were going to run the CMS experiment. This experiment is designed for a wide range of physics, including the search for the Higgs boson, extra dimensions, and particles that could make up dark matter.

"We have confirmation of safety protocols engaged. Generators at points A through W have been brought online. We have reached 12.21 trillion e. volts and rising, " stated Paolo as he called off the readings from his console.

"Good, good. We should hit the designated range within 2 minutes, " reflected Carlo. "Proceed to phase 2 and engage monitoring and recording devices."

"Confirmed, " Paolo replied. "Phase 2 has been initiated and all monitoring and recording devices have been brought online. Electromagnetic shielding appears to be holding firm. No damage to any cameras or audio equipment."

"Excellent. What are the EV readings now?" asked Carlo as he looked over his monitor. Everything appeared to be going as planned.

"We are almost at 14 trillion e. volts. Shall I have the teams get ready?" asked Paolo as he grabbed the mic to the intercom system.

"Yes, please have all teams standby. We will proceed with the test in one minute, " replied Carlo as walked over to another console and sat down.

"All teams, please be ready to initiate the particle collision test Alpha. Initiating in T-minus 60 seconds, " came Paolo's voice over the intercom system networked over across the 17 mile collider. A steady hum could be heard rising and rising in pitch as the timer counted down to zero. Carlo leaned forward from his chair and stared intently at the monitor in front of him.

"5...4...3...2...1...Initiating proton beam. Proton beams are good. Introducing the first set of particles in the primary tube. Particle load successful. Introducing second set of particles into secondary tube. Particle load successful. Increasing magnetic field an increments of 5 percent, " said Paolo. Carlo watched the monitors indicating the particles were increasing their speed slowly to nearly the speed of light. Anticipation filled the room as they waited for their goal to finally be met after spending $8 billion dollars and many, many years put into the project.

Unknown to the crews of the LHC, in one of the four collision chambers where both tubes were to intersect and the particle collision occur, some of the structure started to shift slightly due to the magnetic pull from the superconductive magnets. This particular chamber became misaligned by almost a half centimeter. Most would figure this not to be an issue, but due to this was a particle collider and every tube had an ultrahigh vacuum inside of it, precision is required for the equipment not to tube or parts not to be sucked into the vacuum. This also prevents the any stray matter or anti-matter to go outside of the tubing.

Carlo looked over at Paolo and nodded. Paolo understood and prepared to engage the super magnets that would pull the particles from both tubes into the collision chambers. It was not exact science as this was the equivalent of shooting 2 bullets from a 1000 miles away and hoping to hit the middle. "Commencing!" shouted Carlo over the intercom and pressed the collision button.

Two beams of particles traveling nearly the speed of light collided. The colliding particles produced various energies signatures, radiation, as well as some dark matter. The side effect of this collision was the creation of microscopic black holes. In theory, these black holes trapped in the vaccum would just evaporate as nothing to feed it to compound on itself. Unfortunately, today was anything, but ordinary. The collision occurred in the one chamber that had shifted some of its structure. The energy of the collision plus the pressure from the vacuum caused the seal to break at the moment of impact. Now imagine what you would get if tiny microscopic blackholes, as well as antimatter, collided into regular matter? Yes, today the only law that was observed was Murphy's Law.

"WARNING! WARNING! CONTAINMENT COMPRISED! CONTAINMENT COMPRISED!" came the automated warning over the networked sound systems. Paolo, Carlo, and the other various scientist all jumped in their skins simultaneously at the loud sound.

"What is going on?" asked Carlo as he jerked himself to his feet. Paolo checked various monitors and frowned as he saw the results.

"It appears that one of the collision chambers have had a seal breach, " stated Paolo as he checked another monitor and paled. "We have a big problem. The collision occurred in the very same chamber. We have a contamination problem!" yelled Paolo as he ran to one of the computers connected to the video security system. He punched in a few commands and brought up an image on the main screen of the damaged collision chamber.

" is that?" asked Carlo who peered at the video screen. It was an image of chamber, split apart and fragmented. On the tunnel wall, a void sat there slowly moving. It hurt their eyes to look at the image as it appeared to be almost like an optical illusion. The edges of the void rippled like water.

"I...I don't know, " replied Paolo. "It looks like...well, like a hole in the wall, but..." Paolo ran back to one of the monitors he previously looked at just a minute before. He paled once again to a shade of white. "Carlo... I may know what it is, " Paolo said as he rubbed his head and gazed back at the image of the collision chamber.

"Well, what is it?" demanded Carlo, who had just realized that it was going to be weeks before another experiment could be ran. He was going to throttle whomever was responsible for this, if there was anyone to blame. Years of work into the collider to have it break on the initial test run.

"Sir, " replied Paolo, " I believe it's a wormhole." Carlo's head whipped around back at Paolo at such an alarming rate Paolo was surprised that the man didn't get whiplash.

"What?!" exclaimed Carlo. "Explain."

"Well, it appears that some of the darkmatter and, if I'm correct, a microscopic blackhole or multiple blackholes collided into the tunnel wall. Since they were traveling near the speed of light, the combination appeared to have punched a hole through the matter as well as the dimensional wall. I read a few scientist that have claimed this was possible, but didn't think it would have occurred since the system have the ultrahigh vaccum running inside the tube to keep everything contained, " said Paolo as he looked upon the video screen again. "I believe some of them were released during the impact and caused that, " Paolo said as he pointed to the image of the wormhole.

"This is groundbreaking! We need further documentation of this and further study. Keep the cameras running and send a team to investigate! No, change that. Have a team come pick me up and we go there together, " commanded Carlo as he ran out of the room toward the access.

"Team 18, Team 18, please report to location H-12 to pickup Dr. Rubbia. I repeart, Team 18 report to location H-12 to pick up Dr. Rubbia, commanded Paolo over the intercom system and sat down. He looked at the screen dumbfounded and sat in awe at the rippling wormhole.


Across the dimensional barrier, a young man flees from a terrible army into a portal. He was promised this would send him to a place that was safer so he ran straight in. If this young man was able to finish his journey, he would have ended onto a parallel Earth similar to the one he was originally from and the portal would have closed behind. But, his luck held true and a foreign wormhole had collided with his and he was sucked into it. This resulted with him traveling to a different world as well as reopening the portal that he stepped through and allow those chasing him a chance to follow.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" yelled the young man as he was thrown out of the portal into a tunnel wall. "Ouch, " he said with his face squished against the wall. Gravity took effect and he fell backwards onto the ground behind him. "Did someone get the name of that truck that hit me?" he asked as he stood up and leaned his back against the wall. He looked around him and saw that he was in a strange tunnel with a pipe running in the middle of it or most of it. In the center, stood the remains of something. He cast a look behind and grimaced as he spotted the portal. "He said it was supposed to close up once I stepped through. I don't think he would've lied about that, " replied the young man as he scratched his chin with his mechanical right hand. He stared at the portal a few seconds before the scuffle of various feet echoed toward him. He turned around and pulled out his trusted shotgun, loaded 2 shells, and pointed the barrel into the direction of the sounds. 3 men in white labcoats and 2 armed security guards appeared from around the corned. The lead labcoat instantly stopped when he saw the man and the gun pointed at him. The 2 security guards swiftly pulled out their sidearms and pointed it at the young man.

"Who the hell are you and where did you come from?!" asked Carlo with an Italian accent, the man currently the barrel of the shotgun was pointed at. He had both hands up in the air as well as the other two labcoats.

"What is it to you?" asked the young man as he glanced back at the 2 security guards. He motioned with his gun toward the lead labcoat and spoke to the guards. "Put down your guns or I'll pump him full of buckshot, " stated the young man as he had a stare-off with the guards.

"Do as he says, " said the lead labcoat man. Reluctantly, the 2 guards put their sidearms onto the ground, then slowly raised their arms up.

"Who are you?" asked one of the labcoats with a french accent.

"I'll be asking the questions around here, Frenchie," said the young man who kept eyeing the portal to his side. "First of all, where am I? Second, what is this place?"

"You are at CERN in Cessy, France. You are in the underground LHC, " said Carlo. The young man just looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Okay, so I'm France. That would explain Mr. Fancypants here with the French accent. But what is CERN and what's an LHC-thingamijig, " asked the young man as he kept his gun pointed at the labcoats. Feeling as they really don't have any choice, the 3rd scientist that hadn't spoken up yet sighed and looked at the young man.

"CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. A LHC-thingamijig is a Large Hadron Collider or, in other words, a particle collider. That's what we are in right now," stated the 3rd scientest, who surprisingly was American. He pointed his raised hands around in tunnel.

" we are in a big machine of some sort. Great, you wouldn't happen to the guys responsible for that would you? " said the young man as he pointed over his shoulder to the wormhole. The American had the decency to look embarressed and nodded. "Well, Mr. Smartypants, do you think you can figure out a way to close it, like soon?" said the young man as started to look at the portal nervously.

"Close?" said Carlo. "Are you out of your mind? This is greatest discovery of our time. Why would you want to close it? Besides, even if we could, we did it by accid-" babbled the Italian labcoat before realizing something. "Did you come out of the wormhole?" asked the man as awe crept on his face.

"Wormhole? You mean the portal? Yeah, I did, " stated the young man. "and if we don't close it soon we're going to have a big problem on our hands." The young man smirked as he glanced at his metal right hand.

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?" asked the Frenchman. As to answer his question, an object flew out of the wormhole and blurred past the young man and scientists. Everyone stared in shock as what appeared to be shield was imbedded into the tunnel wall, with the body of one of the guards lying underneath it and his head decapitated.

"You just had to ask, didn't you, Frenchie? " the young man snarled and pointed his shotgun the portal just in time for a masked head to poke it's head out. The mask was blue and appeared to look like a chainmail. A faded "A" stood on the middle of it's forward. White, pupiless eyes looked back at the young man. It's lips were missing as if where eaten or rotted away. A twisted parody of smile stood on its disfigured face.

"Ah...fresh meat, " the masked man spoke in a raspy voice as if his vocal cords were damaged or possibly rotted away. The young man said and pulled the trigger on his shotgun. Two barrels of buckshot peppered the masked man's face, the force pushing it back into the portal.

The young man looked at the scientist and remaining guard and yelled, "RUN!" Running past them and down the tunnel. The guard pushed the scientist toward the direction of the young man.

The young man found the jeep the scientist and guards had arrived in. He jumped in and started it up, since the keys were left in the ignition. He looked over and saw the 4 men running toward him. "Get in the damn jeep! Get in quick if you know what's good for you!" The scientist and guard didn't have to be told twice and jumped into the vehicle as the young man pressed the accelerator down to the floor. The vehicle's tires spun in place before the wheels finally gripped the ground and the vehicle was off like a devil was behind them.

"Who are you? What was that thing?!"asked the American scientist as they looked back. They could hear growls and footsteps of what sounded like more people coming from the tunnel as they sped away.

"My name is Ash. I'm the Chosen One. Those, " Ash pointed behind him as he drove, " were deadites. Demons. And I'm the only one that can stop them." The look on the faces of the guard and scientist were mixed. Two were confused, another skeptimistic, and one had a look of terror on his face.

Back at the control center, Paolo watched in shock as more disfigured creatures, as they surely couldn't be human, exited out of the wormhole dressed in various masks and spandex costumes. Some had stayed behind and started to devour the remains of the guard. The rest quickly move down the tunnel toward where his crew and the mysterious young man ran down. Just when it appeared masked creatures were all out of the wormhole, a low growl would have been heard if the security camera had a microphone on it. A single gloved hand reached out of the rippling void of the wormhole and three metal claws extended out between its knuckles.

CERN...please "meat" the world of Marvel Zombies....

The End?

You have reached the end of "L.H.C." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Sep 08.

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