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Summary: Series of ficlets/scenes inspired by today's particle physics experiment at CERN. Open to all to add more.

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The Large Hadron Collider experiment began testing today at CERN. So many facinating possiblities, so many theories to prove or discover!

For more info start by checking out: here

These are a few weird plot bunnies generated whilst waiting for the universe to (possibly...) cease to exist! :0)

It's got the old neurons firing if nothing else.

Please feel free to add more.

To any scientist reading please don't take offence to any bad science. It's only a bit of fun, artistic licence definitely necessary....

Disclaimer - if you recognise it it belongs to someone else!

Warnings posted at the beginings of each piece.

Warning- character death

Xander staggered, feeling as though he’d been punched in the gut. A blinding pain in his head that had him gasping for breath followed it shortly after. It all subsided pretty quickly and he pulled himself upright.

“Jesus.” He headed down to Willow’s office thinking he’d get her to check him out.

Before he’d gone two steps he heard frantic cries for help from Andrew. Instantly setting his own discomfort aside Xander ran downstairs. He was pulled up short at the sight of the common room; every Slayer in there wasvslumped unconscious with Andrew flitting frantically from one to the next.

“Oh thank god you’re here!” Andrew looked up from his position beside Vi. “They’re alive but I can’t rouse any of them.”

“What happened?” Xander moved to help arrange some of them into more comfortable positions.

“I’ve no idea, I had a sudden pain in my head then when I looked up they were all like this.” Andrew looked round nervously. “Do you think we’re under attack?”

“No idea. Let’s tool up, just in case. You ring Watcher HQ, let them know what’s happening. I’ll go check on the rest of the girls.”

Xander ran back upstairs heading to Willow’s office. He entered without knocking calling out as he went.

“Wills, we’ve got a,” He trailed off as he took in the scene before him. She sat in her chair, head back looking serene and pale. Xander froze, he didn’t need to reach out and feel for a pulse, his heart knew the instant he saw her that his oldest, bestest friend was dead.

Xander backed slowly from the room, hitting the wall behind him with a thud and slid slowly to the floor. He never moved until Andrew found him later, staring sightlessly ahead.


Giles cleared his throat uncomfortably. They were gathered for a conference call, all the remaining Scoobies from Cleveland, England and L.A.

“We’ve finally finished gathering all the information. At 14.44 BST the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN came fully online and a particle collision occurred. While the fears of a micro black hole ending the Universe never materialised the event created an expected form of energy. This sphere of unknown force expanded to encompass the entire planet and in its wake removed all trace of magical energy. From the reports I’ve gathered from non-magical individuals Europe was struck first, radiating from the site. Dawn, Spike and Buffy,” Giles’ voice broke as he spoke her name and he paused for a moment to gather his thoughts.

“Dawn Spike and Buffy were among the first of us to be affected. Eyewitness reports state that Dawn flared green before vanishing, Spike was instantly turned to dust and Buffy collapsed into her coma. Unlike the Slayers called after the fall of Sunnydale who have since awoken, Buffy and Faith have not regained consciousness. We believe that this is due to their stronger magical connection as naturally called slayers. All humans with some magical element were affected, from headaches through to unconsciousness. The time taken to recover seems to have been related to the strength of their previous magical signature, some may never fully recover. Willow,” Again Giles was forced to pause. “We all know how strong our friend was and it appears that the trauma was simply too great. As far as we can tell there are no surviving demons, vampires or other magical creatures or beings, they were all eradicated in one sweep.”

“While it appears that Willow had flagged the CERN event as something to be aware of no one could have foreseen this outcome. We’ve lost friends, colleagues and family and I hope that those of us that remain will not grow apart. However I see no reason for the continued existence of the Watchers Council. If anything it will only serve to harm us as the rest of the world investigates exactly what occurred on that fateful day. As such I am officially terminating the Council effective immediately. All assets will be liquidated and the proceeds used to aid those affected by these events. May we all find a place in this strange new world.”
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