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Harry's Inheritance

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Summary: When Dumbledore died he left Harry with a very interesting bit of inheritance, the foreign teenager he had found unconsious in the forest. Now what is he supposed to do with him? eventual HarryItachi.

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KirallieFR1579,45561710,19010 Sep 0820 Mar 10No

Chapter 7

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Chapter 7

Tsunade sat back and stared at the ninja in front of her. They all looked fairly shocked and she couldn’t blame them, the story was rather incredible.

“Kakashi you probably knew Itachi the best out of all of us, your thoughts?” The masked shinobi had put away his book for once and looked thoughtful.

“It would explain a few things I saw in the months leading up to the massacre. What about the person with him?”

“Potter-san. He’s no shinobi but he’s seen war. He’s also the one that neutralised myself and the guards though he was very polite about it. Whatever he did it wasn’t chakra based.” Tsunade explained.
“If he’d wanted to he could have killed us all but instead he released me as soon as I agreed to listen.”

“That makes Itachi’s story more believable in a way.” Jiraiya commented.

“Question is what to do now? If he’s telling the’ll be chaos if I reveal that.” Tsunade grumbled.

“So don’t tell the whole truth, say it wasn’t him that killed the Uchiha and he was undercover with Akatsuki. Or even let it be known that Orochimaru marked him and was controlling him, Sasuke isn’t listed very highly because of that so that could be used to our advantage.” Ibiki suggested.
“Either way I want to perform a light interrogation.”

“Agreed. I’ll send them the message.”

Harry apparated them straight into Tsunade’s office again and briefly froze the room to keep from being attacked. Once they’d been identified he released the gathered people and stepped back slightly, this was Itachi’s show after all. Itachi’s gaze flickered to him and Harry smiled at him.

“Uchiha Itachi, Potter Harry. Thank you for not knocking my guards out this time.” Tsunade greeted. Harry shifted slightly at that in embarrassment much to her amusement.
“Uchiha you know everyone but Potter-san this is Jiraiya my old teammate, Ibiki the head of Interrogation and Hatake Kakashi ex-ANBU.” She introduced them and Harry actually waved briefly.

“What’s ANBU?” Harry’s quiet question to Itachi raised a few eyebrows.

“Think Unspeakables but many times more deadly.” Itachi answered and Harry nodded.

“Oh. You’re culture is seriously death obsessed.” Harry commented and Kakashi snickered making Harry blush at being over heard. Itachi knew what Harry was doing, making himself seem as harmless as possible and it was rather easy with his looks and age. Tsunade cleared her throat, making everyone look at her.

“Revealing your story to the public would cause chaos.” She told them and Harry snorted, making Itachi hush him.
“You have a comment to make Potter-san?”

“Truth comes out eventually ma’am as my own people’s government had to learn the hard way, more than once.” Harry told her flatly and they others watched in surprise as Itachi reached out to rest a hand on his shoulder.

“Be that as it may things are tense enough without risking civil war within the village. Not to mention we have only your word that this story is true. I need more proof before I can go to the Council.” Tsunade told them and Harry scowled.

“I will agree to undergo interrogation.” Itachi stated and Harry growled.

“No.” He argued and Itachi turned to him, knowing why Harry was so against it.

“I will be fine Harry.” He stated softly, trying to calm the younger male. Harry shook his head and Itachi decided to ignore the others, pulling Harry close.
“It will not be like what happened to her.” He whispered. Harry clung to him tightly, his whole body tense.

Tsunade looked at Kakashi who’s uncovered eye was wide with shock at Itachi’s actions. She had never known the Uchiha but obviously this sort of behaviour was uncharacteristic. Just what had Potter seen to make Itachi try to comfort him?

Kakashi watched the teen who was practically vibrating in place as they watched Itachi’s interrogation through the glass.

“Ibiki won’t harm him.” Kakashi offered and green eyes focused on him.
“If Itachi were an uncooperative subject then there would be torture involved but Itachi is a willing participant.” Kakashi explained and Harry nodded stiffly.
“How old are you?” Kakashi asked and harry blinked at him in surprise.

“Nineteen.” He eventually answered.

“How long have you and Itachi been involved?”

“None of your business.” Harry spat and Kakashi raised his hands in surrender.

“Just curious Potter-san, no harm meant.” His answer made Harry sigh.

“Sorry, just on edge. Not long. Itachi nearly killed me when we met, took a while for him to even really talk to me, didn’t help that we spoke different languages.” Harry admitted.

“That sounds more like the Itachi I remember.” Kakashi admitted.

“He’s a good person.” Harry stated and Kakashi nodded.

“Didn’t say otherwise. The Itachi I knew as ANBU was loyal, quiet and very smart. The massacre never made sense to me.” Kakashi admitted and Harry relaxed a little.
“What about you?” Kakashi asked and Harry looked at him again.
“Why did you leave your home and come to Konoha with him?”

“Because there was nothing left for me there and Itachi needs me. I have no family left, no friends other than people were at war from the time I was eleven, I watched the people I loved die in that war. Itachi’s all I have left.” Harry admitted quietly. Kakashi nodded absently, that made a lot of sense. He’d seen war a lot younger but this kid was no shinobi, it made sense for him to cling to the one person he had left.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Harry's Inheritance" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Mar 10.

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