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Confessions of Cops and Witches, part 1

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Suddenly I See". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Detective Dani Reese is at a mandatory AA meeting where she gets to meet a redhead around her own age and finds a kindred spirit. 1st in series.

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Confessions of Cops and Witches, part 1


Rating: FR15

Crossover: BtVS/Life

Pairing: not yet

Summary: Detective Dani Reese is at a mandatory AA meeting where she gets to meet a redhead around her own age and finds a kindred spirit.

Notes: This is the first of a series of short stories, more like ficlets, but it can change so I leave that option open. Dani Reese is played by Sarah Shahi in the TV show Life. Excellent series. I’m not sure when I’ll write on it, it’s more of an inspired thing having watched the first season of Life again recently. When new parts come, they come. Ratings will vary as the stories progress.

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and maybe a studio, if they are that one. Life is owned by Universal Media Studios and NBC.


Downtown L.A., 2008…

It had been a long day and Detective Dani Reese sat at the back of the room filled with folding chairs and different people from all walks of life there. Color, sex, size, working class; none of it mattered. They were all here for one reason. They were addicted to something at one time or another, in one form or another.

She looked to her cup of coffee as she thought about everything in her life. She was still on the force, still a detective, mostly because her dad had pull and she was ‘friends’ with her L.T.. She had worked undercover in Vice trying to get a drug dealer when she found herself caught up in the world of hard drugs. Heroin, cocaine…

She pushed herself to work harder to stay on the force, to put the memories of the last year out of her life. Now she was back with a badge and a new partner she didn’t want. A cop put in prison for twelve years and DNA found out he hadn’t done the crime. His settlement? A shitload of money and a detective’s badge.

Charlie Crews was just a damn strange man, but she supposed prison could do that to you. Dani looked up to see a woman around her age come in quietly and sit down on a seat across the aisle from her.

She had to take a second look at her. She was trained to understand who people were just by looking at them and this one was different. Where the majority of the people here were down and outs, middle class, blue class workers, overweight and under paid. This woman looked, different.

She was around her height, slim with long dark red hair, definitely not out of a bottle and that was rare to see in L.A. She had pale, slender features. And while she wasn’t a stunning beauty, as many had pegged on herself, and Dani would roll her eyes at that, this woman was a very pretty woman.

She saw the woman pull out a small wallet from her jacket and produce a small photograph. She couldn’t tell who was in it, but it looked worn, as if she had looked at it a lot. The woman looked up and Dani saw the hazel eyes were tired, her kind of tired. She was someone who worked at a job that wasn’t mediocre. Her jeans and boots were common but her coat was a light peacoat of fine stuff, not cheap. She wasn’t middle class, and if she had been, it didn’t show.

Moreover Dani hadn’t seen her here before, she was new. So either she was just starting her sobriety, or she was new to the area.

The room clapped for the speaker at the podium and Dani looked up to see them sit down, then with a surprise the redhead got up and headed to the front of the room. She sat back to listen.

The woman stood up at the podium and looked around the room.

“My name is Willow and I’m an addict,” she told them as she bit on her lower lip a little, the photograph was in her hand. “I’m five years sober… my last huge big binge was five years ago today, the day my lover… my partner Tara, was killed.”

She looked up to them. “I don’t normally come to AA meetings,” she told them as a single tear rolled down her pale cheek. “But she had to deal with my addiction and she loved me enough to leave me, forcing me to deal with it so she could come back to me.” She looked to the photograph again and licked her bottom lip, you could see the memories in her eyes. “Tara could see me spiraling down; the power, the so called freedom of being a junkie.” She smiled sadly. “We never see it, not until it’s too late. I just got her back only to lose her to a lunatic with a gun and a stray bullet.”

Another tear slid down her cheek. “My binge was so bad when she died… the world almost ended. I was so out of control, my friends, my family, they tried their best to help me. They did and it took time to heal and clean myself up.” She slid her thumb over the photo. “I swore to myself from then on, for her, I wouldn’t touch the stuff again.” She laughed sadly. “Easier said than done, right?” The group nodded, some smiling, knowing that it was. She swallowed. “She died in my arms. Everyday I see it when I go to sleep, her blood on my shirt and her body laying there in my arms.”

She looked up to the group as two more tears fell down each cheek. “My family doesn’t know what it’s like, to want that feeling back because you can’t deal or cope. To be so high that nothing can touch you but the sky. So I come here on this day so that I keep my promise to her.”

She smiled at them. “Another day is almost done, another day I’ve kept my promise to her. Another day to know that she would be proud of me.”

The group clapped as she sat down. Dani had been tense. Most who came to the meetings were alcoholics, she was a junkie like Dani…

It was a while before Dani got a call on her cell and saw on the screen it was Crews, they had a lead on a case. She stood up and saw Willow glance her way. Dani nodded to her acknowledging the courage it took to do what she did.

Willow smiled back a little then Dani left…


The End

You have reached the end of "Confessions of Cops and Witches, part 1". This story is complete.

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