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Gotta Make It Right

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Summary: One Hero’s final thoughts an the promises she couldn’t always keep.

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Television > Heroes > GeneralJmariaFR151232021,13611 Sep 0811 Sep 08Yes
Title: Gotta Make It Right
Series: Justify It to Me
Author: Jmaria
Disclaimer: Kring owns the Hero, Joss owns the character being alluded to.
Spoilers: Season one of Heroes, Season seven of Buffy.
Summary: One Hero’s final thoughts an the promises she couldn’t always keep.
Words: 164
A/N: Found it on the back of my flash drive after it crashed. Was rewatching season one and got the itch to type.

Gotta Make It Right

Eden McCain couldn’t help it. She couldn’t let that monster get away with it, not one second of it. She knew she wasn’t an innocent by any means, but at least she’d never - never - tortured people to get their powers.


No. She had never taken it that far. Not on purpose. But the thought nagged at her, distracted her. She knew, in that split second that maybe she should have waited, waited for the Haitian. Waited until it there wasn‘t just her staring at the average looking homicidal maniac who had her by the throat sizing her up. The thought that he was the kinda guy she would have liked back in the day skittered across her mind.

Self preservation won out in the end, and her finger pulled the trigger. She wouldn’t hurt anyone any more. And that son of a bitch wouldn’t use her to hurt anyone else either.

Sorry, big sister…just some more promises I don’t always keep…

The End

You have reached the end of "Gotta Make It Right". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking