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Xander and his two lovers: The Beginning

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Summary: xander finds a place to belong after an accident one night.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing you see in this story. I hold no claim to anything. I make no money off this story.

Chapter 1: Xander and his Lovers: The Beginning

Xander sighed as he was once more sent out to get the donuts for the research party they were having at the library. It was getting old. It seemed Buffy thought he was not good enough for more than going on food runs. Xander sighed again and ran a hand through his brown hair. ‘What do I do now?’ He thought when he saw the store had been closed down. He sighed and looked up at the sky to stare at the full moon. He never saw the three pairs of yellow eyes following him. He was almost back to the library when his stalkers pounced on him.


Xander jerked awake with a gasp. He looked around wildly before laying his head in his hands. He had been dreaming of the night he had been turned into a lycanthrope. He was actually a pan-were, a person infected with more than one strand of lycanthrope, in his case a cross between wolf, leopard, and hyena.

After being bitten he had woken the next morning still in the same place as he had been attacked. By the time he made it home it was time for school, which he skipped. It wasn’t until a few hours later that his ‘friends’ even noticed he had been missing and came over to yell at him. It was after Buffy had called him ‘Attention and power seeking’ that he had decided it was time to leave.

It had been quick work for him to bully his parents into emancipating him once they learned he wouldn’t be coming back looking for money. He had gathered his life savings that he had been saving for a road trip and got on the first flight to St. Louis. Boy had he been surprised to find that, not only did vampires have souls, but they were legal! After he had gotten that fact around his head he had found an apartment on the edge of the Blood District and a job as a stripper at a place called Guilty Pleasure.

Xander looked up from his hands to see that it was only 3 in the afternoon he still had a few hours before he had to get to work. With a sigh he got up, knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore today, and made his way to his closet to change. He might as well go get something to eat.

After changing into a pair of leather pants that looked painted on and a blood red shirt that barely covered his fit body. He looked at his reflection and left with a smirk on his face. He made his way to The Lunatic Café, whistling the entire way. When he finally made it he had to stop outside the door to concentrate on masking his lycanthrope. When it was hidden he went in, not noticing the man standing in the alley behind him, watching.

About an hour before it was his time to go on at Guilty Pleasure, and an hour of Listening to the so called Werewolf King getting yelled at by the so called Wereleopard Queen, He couldn’t actually see them, They were in the backroom, both of which made Xander glad he didn’t make himself known to the both of them, Xander got up and made his way out of the Café.

He was about to turn the corner down the street from the Café when one of the other strippers from the club came up behind him. “Hey Xander,” it was Jason, the most likable one of all those who worked at Guilty Pleasures. Xander turned and smiled at him, “Hey Jason, What’s up?”

Jason just smiled at the question and swung an arm around the strange mans shoulders. “I just thought you might like to ride to work with the most handsome werewolf you know.” He commented with a flourish.

Xander laughed, “Well when you introduce me too a handsome werewolf I’ll be sure to ask him for a ride.” Truthfully Jason was the only werewolf he knew, and he had only seen the ones that worked at Guilty Pleasures. Xander smiled at the faux hurt look on Jason’s face before hugging him.

Jason laughed and hugged back making sure not to squeeze too hard before leading him to his car. They laughed and joked the entire way to the club.
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