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Summary: This is a hint at a new story I'm writing, but I would like some imput on it!

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Movies > Nightmare Before Christmas, TheManyNamedChibiFR72731081,32812 Sep 082 Oct 09No

Chapter One

I do not Own Xander, Buffy, Giles, Oogie, or Jack. Nor do I own Tim Burton's concepts of Halloween Town.

That being said, this is a hint of a story but I would like some ideas from my readers. I would be very happy if ya'll gave some construtive critisism please. When I finish the ideas and such, I will load them as a new story.

Meanwhile, thanks for the help!


Now, remember the holidays of old-

Halloween with its tricks, Christmas' biting cold.

Easter with its yellow chicks, love on Valentine's,

families with turkeys, and new year’s lights that shine.

Peace has reign’d them for many years between.

But calm has not always been the accepted theme.

It starts with a monster, made from bugs and cloth,

he was thought to be cunning and extremely wroth,

A family of power joins him on his quest,

to conquer the dark town and prove who was best.

One member of this family, a child though most wise,

he alone could see through all his family’s lies.

He went against his father and told the town one eve.

A plot was formed by Jack with his tricks up his sleeve.

The plans of the monster and the family were foiled,

but the family was exiled from holiday soil.

To the world of reality the family took flight,

all but the boy who was spared their plight.

In his holiday, the boy, he stayed,

though he lived extremely dismayed,

For he thought of his family, never seen again,

and that, my friend, is where our story begins…

Xander gasped for air as he ran, the wind coming through his hair, almost as a mother would when comforting her child. In fact, if he hadn’t been running so hard, Xander might have paused to wonder why the wind felt so solid to him. He had been running from the town, from what had happened.
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