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Elvish Blood

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Summary: Willow lands in middle-earth when stepping in a portal. W/Legolas

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: LegolasSerenaFR152029,98591647,2478 Jan 0315 Jan 03Yes



And so, like in every good fairy tales, life went on, everybody happy. Celeborn and Galadriel were still watching over Nislynn and Elrond was as fair a ruler as he had been when Rivendell was the most spectacular city of Middle-Earth. Bilbo and Frodo were still enjoying the wonders of the island even after all that time spent on it. Gandalf and Tirmindon exchanged knowledges regularly and Haldir made it a daily ritual to point out any resemblance between Tirmindon and his descendant.

As for Willow and Legolas, they couldn’t be more happy. Everything was perfect... or so it seemed.

To be perfectly honest, the two Elves had always been restless on Nislynn. Legolas had been an adventurous Elf for so long, it seemed impossible to live at peace. As for Willow, her unusual life on the Hellmouth had quite corrupted her and she was dying for a good fight.

Time passed quickly for happy Elves. They had indeed spent many quiet and peaceful centuries on Nislynn. But they couldn’t help it. They felt as if it was time to spread their wings once more and soar.

The problem was, nobody knew what the world looked like anymore. From Willow’s calculations, Europe was entering the 18th century. It would be quite entertaining. But noone had seen an Elf in over five centuries. According to the redhead, Elves were already just fairy tales creatures. What would happen in one of them met with a human and their true identity was discovered? None could predict what could possibly happen when two species met for the first time in over five hundred years.

Willow already had her resolve face on when Elrond tried to convince her not to go back on the continent and stay on the island. She and Legolas had already talked about it. Elrond sighed when she told him they weren’t going back to Europe, but his expression became alarmed again and he gasped when she told him they were heading to America. Deep inside the rain forest.

After many preparations and hopeless arguments for Celeborn and Elrond, Willow and Legolas were ready to go. They embraced Galadriel and the two Hobbits one last time. Haldir almost kissed them both, promising he would think of them every day and annoy Tirmindon as much as he could. That one glared at the blond Elf then gave his descendant a hug, wishing her and her mate good luck. Willow jumped into Gandalf’s arms and held him close to her. He laughed and gave her a push back to a smiling Legolas.

They got on the boat. One last time, they looked at their friends. “We’ll miss you all!” the redhead yelled. She blew them a kiss. Legolas took her hand in his and together, they sailed off to South America, casting one last look at Nislynn, the hidden elven island.


the sequel should be there in spring if not sooner.

The End

You have reached the end of "Elvish Blood". This story is complete.

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