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Elvish Blood

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Summary: Willow lands in middle-earth when stepping in a portal. W/Legolas

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Lord of the Rings > Willow-Centered > Pairing: LegolasSerenaFR152029,98591647,2478 Jan 0315 Jan 03Yes

Elvish Blood

disclaimer : I own nothing.
WARNING! : Major spoilers of the first movie and the third book.



A redhaired young woman walked down the street, crossing it, heading to Sunnydale University’s campus ground. Any demon would fly away if they came in her path that night. Furious she was and every single demon knew not to be in an angry witch way. Especially when that witch was best friend with the Slayer.

“How dare he?! Stupid human male! Always making trouble or laughing at others. What’s wrong with me?!” she yelled. “I shouldn’t have let Buffy dress me. I look ridiculous.” She looked down at her outfit, one she wouldn’t dare wear... except when friends would practickly *beg* her to wear it.

Buffy had begged Willow to wear that outfit when she had finally accepted to go bronzing with the rest of the Scooby Gang. Half an hour later, the redhead was walking down the campus with leather pant, black boots and a medieval black shirt. She wore her family’s crest on her left hand, playing nervously with the simple silver ring with a black stone resting on top of it.

A couple of drinks later, her *date* that her friends had planned had turned out badly and she had ended up there, walking back to her dorm room. “Why do I let myself walk on so easily?” she sighed, then looked up at the moon. “I’m no date material. I’m not at my place here. I should have been somewhere else tonight.”

Unfortunatly, her lightly spoken works were heard.

Willow stopped dead in her track when a swirling spot of light appeared right in front of her. Wind blew her hair around her face, haze of fire and blood. Without realizing it, the light got nearer and nearer. She held her hand away from her chest, waving it throught the swirling temporal fold. Not that she knew it was that or she would have never stepped in...

Never would have fallen unconscious in a forest of Middle-earth.
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