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Summary: After the fall of Sunnydale everything seemed to be over. Then something unpredictable happened and Buffy was given the very power that she had rejected before, the power the Shadow Men gave the first Slayer. What will happen to her and the Scoobies now?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Buffy-CenteredwinddrinkerFR183583,6741619696,94213 Sep 084 Apr 10Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I lay claim to nothing. Do you here me, nothing!!! (so sad=(
Chapter 1

“What are we gonna’ do now, Buffy?”

Buffy and the rest of the Scooby Gang, plus extras, stood on the mouth of the crater, formally known as the city of Sunnydale. She knew she should be having all these profound thoughts or something. They’d defeated the First, for crying out loud. Her home of seven years, where she’d met friends and lost them, where she’d experienced so many good and horrible things, was gone. But really, all she could think was that she wanted some ice cream. Maybe some mint chocolate chip or some Rocky Road or even some Mint Chocalate Chip and Rocky Road. Dammit, even though Buffy had never admitted it, Faith was right about those H’s. Both of them. She smiled secretly, not that she’d ever tell her that.

She stood there for a moment, the breeze ruffling nicely through her hair, contemplating ice cream and other things, taking in the destruction before her with numb eyes. The crater was huge, farther across than she could see. Water from underground streams and pipes had begun to pour into the bottom. All those shoes, she giggled in a slightly hysterical manner, ruined. Buffy turned to share her observation with Willow or Dawn. Then she realized everyone had filtered away and was heading toward the bus.

Apparently the moment was over. Chuckling a little she turned around and began limping back to towards the bus, damn gut wound. Everyone was milling around and Willow waved excitedly at her and she raised her hand to tell them she was coming. Then something went wrong. Willow wasn’t waving happily anymore. In fact, her movements looked rather frantic and her face horrified. Senses primed, Buffy spun to face the danger, but just a fraction slower than usual because of her wound. It was black and oily looking and it rose from the depths of the Sunnydale crater and shot straight into her body.

“NOOOO!” Was the last thing she heard as Willow screamed and then her world was filled with pain. It was teeth gritting, muscle shaking, earth shattering pain and it seemed to go on and on forever. It was like the pain was trying to take over her whole body. But Buffy was used to pain. Since she had been Chosen at fifteen, her entire world had been defined by varying degrees of it, emotional and physical. So she set her jaw and rode through it.

They were like her Slayer dreams, only even more vivid, the visions that began flashing through her mind. She felt Faith’s terror as she crouched in the corner of her mother’s trailer, trying to escape the lash of the latest boyfriend’s belt. All the while knowing that this was better than what would come afterward. She knew Kendra’s iron hard dedication and absolute loyalty to her Watcher and the secret fear that she wasn’t good enough. She felt the terror Woods' mother felt for her son because she had to bring him into her world, but at the same time the absolute and overwhelming love she had for him and her fierce need to protect him. Over and over, again and again, she lived lives that were not her own.

As she lived though, she learned. Tactics and strategy for battle that she would never have thought of on her own, things she would never have considered. A garot soaked in holy water, pit traps and snares and all manner of things. She still thought her hairspray flamethrower was the coolest though. It seemed like it took centuries to do it all, but it must have only taken hours, because the next thing she knew her eyes popped open and she was looking at Willow and Dawn. The bus was rocking slightly and it was getting close to sunset.

“Buffy!” Dawn yelled, and Buffy flinched back at the loudness of it. There was more yelling as everyone heard and gathered round. She glanced around wildly. Her vision seemed different as well. Her depth perception was off and it she kept blinking wildly at the weird shapes and colors that popped out at her. Everything was more vivid, even the smells, it was dizzying and disorientating.

“Buffy?” Willow’s voice was soft, soothing compared to the harsh sounds of the others. Buffy focused on her, it seemed easier to focus on one thing. Her voice rambled as Buffy watched the interplay of color in her friends hair, it was as if she could see every individual strand. Fascinated, she put out her hand, trying to touch, but her depth perception was off so all she got was air.

“Pretty,” she heard herself say.

“It’s a drug demon!” She heard Andrew yell. “It’s made her high!”

“Shut up, Andrew!” Dawn hissed.

Buffy could feel the disorientation grow and with it the anger, the rage to take something out so the noise would stop. She growled low in her throat, warning them to back off. But they didn’t seem to get it, they just got louder! Frantic not to hurt her friends she looked to Willow, who actually seemed to be the only one staying calm.

“Willow…,” she rasped, “…me…out…”

“Buffy, what?”

Buffy lunged toward her friend, not knowing how fast she was really going and that it appeared as if she hadn’t moved at all, but was just suddenly there. Willow didn’t even have time to flinch back. Buffy bared her teeth and growled.


Willow’s eyes flashed in understanding and she brought her hands up quickly. She whispered, “Rest!” There was a flash and Buffy knew only darkness.


Author's Note: here it is. This is a setup for a, hopefully, long story. I'm just testing the waters here. Provided I get a good response (or probably even if I don't) settle in cause it's gonna take a while. I look forward to constructive criticism and any suggestions about where people want the story to go. I have an outline and I know how it will end, but my stories have a tendency to take on a life of their own (back...down, you blasted plot bunnies! Crack! Crack!)
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