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The Corruption of Uzumaki Naruto

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Konoha Mysteries". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What makes Naruto, Naruto?

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Anime > NarutochrishillFR733,43821116,13614 Sep 0814 Sep 08No

Don't leave scrolls lying around

One of the things about Konoha, is that they were pleasant and easygoing.

Well, to everyone except for one person, Uzumaki Naruto, Future Hokage.

Many people have to wonder, however, since the boy is hated and put down a lot, why would he declare himself to be the future hokage? Naruto always talked about it, when in a serious situation, as though the outcome was already decided, despite his many drawbacks. Of course, there were some people who told him that it was impossible.

You see, the Hokage, or Fire Shadow, was the position of the leader of the shinobi of the village of Konoha, and he had only a little less authority than the Damiyo of Fire in all matters. For that, you needed a strong person to lead them, and to accept the challenges that came along with the position. Then again, given the people that he would be meeting with, perhaps a raft of manners should be included into what he had to learn.

For these reasons, among others, people his age would always say that Naruto was dreaming, that he didn't stand a chance of becoming Hokage, and that no one respected him enough to let him become Hokage. Now the important thing is the people who were trying to correct him. They were all his age.

For some reason, and everyone knew that some were looking for the slightest reason for censure, the council did not repudiate Naruto's claims.

The reason for this occurred several years ago.


Sometimes, being with the old man was boring, or at least that's what Naruto thought as he was now playing in the outer office where the secretary usually was instead of inside with the old man.

Earlier, old guys came in. Not as old as the old man, and certainly better smelling, but still old. They had wanted to see the old man right away, and that meant he had to play in the outer office and that was just boring.

Looking around, he saw there were some papers on the lady's desk.

Going over, he rolled open the document and saw a space. It was just the right size for what the hokage had thought him to do. He looked around for something to write with and came across a pen. Taking it, he made the symbols the old man showed him how to do.

Having completed one, and pleased to do it, Naruto did it again with two other rolly things that were also on the desk.

He was about to open a fourth rolly thing, when the lady who usually sat at the desk came back in.

The Hokage's secretary, on the other hand, just sighed when she came back into the office from a bathroom break.

She had already learned from her brothers kids that the ages of 2 to 6 (The age where parents could dump the children into the school) were the worst. Too old to look cute and stay in a small confined area, and too young to be disciplined for things they clearly did not understand. With four year old Naruto, who had a lot of energy, this meant that one had to look out for burst of boredom, or excitement.

It wasn't that she hated the child, rather she was constantly exasperated when the Hokage couldn't take care of him, and being a village of Shinobi, the tower didn't exactly have a day care, or room for that either. Not that Shinobi were known for taking children to work in the first place, except in times of emergency. She really did hope that the Hokage considered the request to at least give the boy a tutor of some kind, just to keep him out from underfoot.

Still, just maybe she could get some revenge on the Hokage, in an unsuspecting kind of way. The cafeteria did have that rich chocolate cake on display today, and she could easily get the whole thing for Naruto. In fact, if she brought him back to the office right after he scarfed it down, as kids were wont to do...

Smiling, she went up to the desk. “Naruto, would you like something to eat?”

“Eat?” asked the four year old.

“Yes, something yummy,” she continued while smiling and rubbing her stomach.

Naruto nodded excitedly, and got out of the chair. The secretary looked at what had happened, rolled up the three scrolls and placed them back to the side of the desk where they were before she left for the washroom. Knowing the people inside of the office, they would want to get them afterwards.

Thinking of her revenge, she just gathered Naruto in order to feed him all the sugar filled contraband she could.


In his office, the Hokage was tempted to just toss the four people in front of him out of the room through the window. Not that it would harm them, it was just the principle of the thing, given how long winded they tended to be. Whoever said politics was fun was to be condemned or assassinated, or at least that is what Sarutobi thought. “What is the next item of business from the council?”

Hyuga Hiashi decided that this next one was up to him. If anything, the people who accompanied him here were too full of respect to come right out and say what they wanted. Or at least that's how it was with the Thirds advisor's, Homura and Koharu. The Uchiha, Fugaku was probably thinking of something stupid again, as was his wont. “Hokage-sama, there is the matter of choosing a successor for you.”

Sarutobi chuckled, “Ah, you're all anxious to see me out of this chair.”

Hiashi said flatly, “No. We are concerned with what may happen if you die. When the Fourth died, we were fortunate that you were still alive and available to take over. If you hadn't been, then it might have been months, perhaps a year, before we had another to lead in your place, and given the time, one who may have taken us to war to prove our 'strength.'”

“I see,” Sarutobi said as he pulled out his pipe, “What you want is contingency plans in place in case something happens to me, in order to prevent possible wars.”

Fugaku shrugged, “We're shinobi, so none of us are strangers to war and killing, or doing what is necessary. However, we should do only what is necessary, and war is not necessary unless as a last resort. It was fortunate that the Forth was there in the last war as his participation was the only thing that prevented it going on longer. Prosperity comes with having peace, and we need the stability.”

“I agree,” Homura stated, “Without stability, we will not recover. Far too many losses have happened in the last 20 years, and we will need at least another 20 years to come back up to strength from just 5 years ago. We can't afford to have someone like Danzo manipulate the council if he has a chance.”

“Who do you have in mind?”

“Jiraiya, and if he refuses, then Tsunade.”

Sarutobi had a coughing fit as hot smoke went into his lungs unexpectedly. “...You do know they'd never accept the position.”

Koharu smiled sadly, “I know there are problems, but if Konoha really needed them, they would come back. I have to have faith they would come back and not leave us.”

“Very well...I will agree to this. Do you have a document prepared?”

Hiashi smiled slightly as Koharu went to get the scrolls from the next room, “Earlier today, we managed to get the entire council to sign three copies agreeing to our choices. Danzo put in the position of openly protesting it, or agreeing with the more prosperous members where his power lies. He, of course, signed the document.”

Sarutobi took the documents and read the first one, raising his eyebrows slightly at the name that was right after Tsunade's. This was a surprise. “I want to know, do you agree to what has been written here? Without hesitation, without question?”

Each nodded in turn, and Sarutobi himself nodded after making sure all three scrolls were marked the same. He then inked his own name and placed his seal on the document, and under each of the names that was listed as the candidates, in order. He then motioned them over, Please help me in sealing the scroll against someone changing the document.

All of them put their hands one at a time over the rolled up scrolls, applying a bit of chakra to ensure that the document become as tamperproof as possible. Sarutobi then turned motioned to one of his hidden ANBU guards to take one of the scrolls to the Archive, while he filed one into his storage room. The final one was given back to Hiashi so that he could show the council that the document was agreed to and signed.

Naruto choose that moment to run in through the door which had been left slightly open. He went up to the hokage holding out something as he approached. “Hey Old Man! Have some!”

Sarutobi laughed and took the candy bar from the boy. “Naruto, do you want to be Hokage when you grow up?”

“Hokage? What is a Hokage?” the curious child asked.

“The hokage is a person who leads the shinobi and the village providing protection and safety.” Sarutobi answered with a small grin.

“Huh?” was Naruto's response while his face scrunched up.

“He keeps everyone safe, and people like him.” the Hokage said in a manner that the boy would understand.

“Then I want to be Hokage!” shouted Naruto excitedly, having had a lot of sugar.

“Good. Because you will be Hokage in the future. The people here have made sure of that!” Sarutobi laughed as he looked at the suddenly stunned faces in the room.

Hiashi quickly opened up the scroll, and noted that Naruto's name was on it, and it wasn't in Sarutobi's neat script. It looked hastily scrawled rather than purposefully put in and he had a suspicion that Danzo had something to do with it. He had always wanted Naruto to be part of his Root organization, and to be a weapon. Getting his hands on the boy would make him into a mere puppet instead of a leader. Giving the scroll over to the others so that they could peruse it, he stated, “Naruto. You will need to go to the academy to become a shinobi.”

“What is a shinobi?”

“A person with super powers,” whispered a stunned Koharu after perusing the signed and sealed scroll.

“Then I'm going to be the best shin'bi and 'kage ever!”

The four people seeing this hyperactive child, advisor's and councilmen alike, couldn't help but wish Sarutobi a nice, long healthy life.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Corruption of Uzumaki Naruto" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Sep 08.

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