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Still Here

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Summary: Why Spike survived

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Drama(Past Donor)lucidityFR2116200175014 Sep 0814 Sep 08Yes

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A/N: BtVS is property of people who ain’t me. This is set between seasons five and six.

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“Get your your sorry ass out of bed, William.” The order from Angelus stung.

Beside Spike, Drusilla sat up, the sheet falling to expose her naked body. “Is daddy going to play with me?”

Angelus nodded in response even as he sneered at Spike.

“Oh goodie!”

Spike knew she didn’t mean to hurt him the way she did. He didn’t blame her, really. Angelus had messed her up good when he sired her. He managed to shift himself over to the wheel chair beside the bed. He ignored Dru’s squeals as he rolled out of the room. Still, he couldn’t help but turn at the doorway, watching as Angelus pressed her knees too far apart making her squirm with pain.

“Oh daddy! It hurts,” she moaned. “More, please?

He rolled the chair out of viewing range, but he could still hear them. He trued to focus on wiggling his toes, his daily exercise, but it didn’t do him much good.

“Fucking son of a bitch,” he mumbled. “I aught to stake ‘im. Aught to go right back in there and dust ‘im while he’s screwing MY Dru.” Even with the emphasis he kept his voice low.

A tall vampire with long dark hair came from the shadows of the hall. “You want your meal? It’s a little early, but it sounds like you could use something to chew on.” His head jerked in the direction that Dru’s passionate screams were coming from.

“Yeah, mate. What’s the Master of the house allowin’ me today, Brad?”

The dark haired vamp actually looked apologetic. Spike knew that meant something awful. “I’ll just go get it.”

He disappeared and Spike was forced to sit and wait for his meal. He could pull himself up and out of the mansion, but he wouldn’t have the chair when he got up there. Besides, who’s going to volunteer to feed a handicapped vampire? Fuck all, he thought.

Brad returned, a small rat in his hand. He offered it to Spike. Spike had little choice but to take it.

“Fuck, mate! It’s cold!”

“Yeah – sorry. Angelus had me kill it yesterday and put it in a box of ice.”

Spike sighed. “Of course he did.”

Brad hesitated before leaving Spike to his meal. “Spike, can I … can I ask you a question?”

“What,” he grumbled. He was dangling the rat by the tail, watching it swing steadily back and forth.

“Why do you let him do it?” At Spike’s look he clarified. “Not that I think you should go against your sires but … You don’t seem as angry as … Never mind. I’m sorry. I’ll go.”

Spike sighed and let the rat fall to his lap. “No, wait. You want to know why I'm still 'ere, I'll tell you."

"Look," he started. "Angelus is a right bastard – more so this time around than last time, even. But,” he paused as Dru’s screams were followed by Angelus’ laughter. Spike continued quietly. “He hasn’t dusted me. That’s what most would do. He might be torturing me with hunger and screwing my girl, but he hasn’t done half the things he could. No – he’s taking it easy on me. Never give’s me much to eat, but there’s always something. Beats me with his fists, but never with a blade. You take a vampire like ‘im – he gets ‘is kicks pulling the ears off a kittens, but me he leaves be.”

Spike nodded as the truth dawned in Brad’s eyes.

“Most sires would’a set me out to see the sun. But not ‘im. Wants me around, ‘e does.” He snorted and picked up the dead rat, as evidence. “I’m still part of the family.”


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The End

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