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Past Sins

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Summary: It's 10 years after the Labyrinth, and Sarah's a successful writer. The only things marring her bliss is her mother's murder, and Jareth's return. What's a girl to do?

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Recovery and Revelations

Jareth stood by Sarah as she gave her testimony for the police. He had put an illusion spell over Sarah, so that it looked as if her injuries were still there. He had already said he would take care of them. After the constable had gone, Sarah collapsed from the stress of the whole situation. She just sat on the floor, and for the second time in as many months, Jareth held her in his arms, and let her soak his shirt with her tears.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *

Sarah looked up at Jareth through her tears. These months would have been much harder without him as her rock. It was so hard having those barristers cross-examine every nuance of every word she said. But, it was finally all over. Craig Nichols was going to be in prison for a very long time.

Jareth squeezed her hand in sympathy, and they got up and left the courtroom. Six months had passed since the incident with Craig in the apartment, and Sarah had grown very close to Jareth. She realized now that the only reason he had seemed so mean and cruel back in the Labyrinth is because she had wanted him to be.

Jareth took her to Peabody's, a fancy restaurant, and they spent most of the remainder of the evening talking about things. Jareth told her about his six brothers and sisters, as well as his father, and how things were now in the Underground.

On the opposite side of the coin, Sarah told him about how Toby was constantly sending her his school pictures and how he'd read all of her books. They both laughed and joked and kidded around with each other. Soon, it was time to leave and Jareth dropped Sarah off at her apartment.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *

Sarah lay on her back and went over what had happened that day. And, over dinner, Jareth had said he was going to take her somewhere for a surprise the next day. She had no idea where he was planning on taking her, but she had a feeling it was some place exciting.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *

"Now, Sarah, I want you to close your eyes, okay? I want you to trust me. You've been doing it for months."

"Okay," she said. She felt a slight wave of dizziness, but it soon passed. With her eyes closed, her other senses were heightened. She could hear that there were now other people in the room, but didn't know how many. "Okay, you can open them now," said Jareth.

Sarah did, and caught sight of a place she hadn't seen in over ten years. But, she and Jareth, as said before, weren't alone in the throne room in the Labyrinth.

"Jareth! Good to finally have you back!" cried Lucas, slapping his oldest son on the back and kissing Sarah on the cheek. "This must be Sarah. My son's told me a lot about you. My name is Lucas, and this is my family. You've already met Jareth. He's my eldest. This is his twin, Crysta, as well as Hunter, Amaryllis, Jeremy, and Victoria."

Crysta came over and Sarah could easily see the resemblance of the siblings. They had the same gilded hair, although Crysta's was halfway down her back. They also had the same mismatched eyes, though Crysta's were the mirror image of her brother's.

"Well, we just wanted to introduce ourselves before we all had lunch. After lunch, however, Jareth gets you all to himself."

"And none too soon," muttered the Goblin King, a smirk on his face.

*. *. *. *. *. *. *

Lunch was delightful and Sarah learned more about Jareth's family. His twin sister was Queen of the Gremlins, Hunter- King of the Western Fey, Victoria was Queen of the Sprites, and Amaryllis was Queen of the Eastern Fey. Jeremy, the youngest, didn't have a specific kingdom, but helped all his brothers and sisters when they needed him. But now, Jareth was taking her on a private tour of the Underground. Sarah saw parts of the Labyrinth she had never known were there, but ones Jareth was more than happy to show to her.

Right now, they were both swimming in the lake created by Rainbow Falls. Jareth raced Sarah back to the shore, but she still beat him and was already dressing by the time he got to the bank. He sat down beside her on the picnic blanket as he looked out at the beautiful sunset painting the Underground sky. He glanced over at her, dressed in a pale green sundress. He just sat back and watched the sun set along with her.

They'd already eaten, and Jareth knew this was the right moment. Sarah leaned up against him, and he reached into his pocket as she sat back up.



"You go first."

"No, you."

"All right. Jareth, I've gotten to know you, all over again, for about a year now. I found out that, when I wished Toby away, I didn't know you at all." Sarah took a deep breath. "What I'm trying to say is- Jareth, I love you," she said, smiling.

Jareth kissed her deeply. "Thank you, Sarah. Now, there's something I'd like to ask you." As he said this, he handed her a green velvet jewelry box. Sarah opened it, and stared in shock at the antique ring that was an exact duplicate of the one Jareth had given her to wear the night he had taken her to the theater.

"Sarah, will you marry me?"

Sarah looked at him, love shining in her eyes. "Jareth, I would love to."

The End

You have reached the end of "Past Sins". This story is complete.

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