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Willow's Rose

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Rose Legacy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow has been told she's her daughter's new Watcher. But, can she protect her family from the Watcher's Council after they deliver an ultimatum?

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Highlander > Willow-CenteredChristyFR1541,986053,15515 Sep 0815 Sep 08Yes

Part Three

~Three weeks later~

"Well, haven’t seen much of anything around here, Mom, ‘cept for the usual amount of vamps. Anything else you-"

"Hey, Rose, come outside! There’s this really hot guy. You’ve got to see him!" cried Elizabeth, running into the library.

Willow chuckled. "Go, go," she motioned, letting the girls go.

But, before they could leave, the gentleman in question walked into the library, and just turned around in a circle, slowly. "Definite improvements over the last time I was here," he said, facing Willow.

"Oh, when was that?"

"Oh, you, me, Buffy, impending apocalypse, paintball."

"Oh my gosh! Riley Finn! It’s good to see you again!"

"You mean your mom knows the hottie?" Elizabeth asked Rose conspiratorially. "Man, she’s got all the luck!"

"Oh, Riley, I’m sorry. Where are my manners? This is my daughter, Rose, and her friend, Elizabeth. They’re part of the new Scooby Gang. Girls, this is Riley Finn. He used to date Buffy Summers, the first Slayer to train here at Sunnydale High. So, why are you in town?"

"Actually, it’s classified. I’m working for the organization that owns the Initiative."

At the mention of the name of the group she had discovered in college, Willow looked stunned for a moment. "Riley," she asked in a hushed voice, "What’s the name of the organization?"

"That owns the Initiative? I thought you’d found out."

"No, I hadn’t."

"It’s the Watcher’s Council, why?"

Willow just stared at him in shock before collapsing into a dead faint.

Riley caught the young woman, then turned to Rose, "Rose, go get you father. Now!"

Rose and Liz rushed out.

"Come on, Wills, wake up."

"What happened?" asked Angel, running into the library. He and Riley had formed a tentative friendship after Angel had met the young man. Riley hadn’t begrudged him when, as Riley was posted overseas, Buffy had decided to get back with her old boyfriend.

"I’m not sure. We had been talking, and she fainted."

"Um, dad, maybe it could’ve been something Riley said," suggested Rose.

Riley told Angel what they’d said, but the former vampire couldn’t see anything that could have done that.

"Look, I have to go take care of my job. I just thought I’d drop by and say hi. Hope Willow’s okay. I’ll see you all later."
Angel said bye, and then held some smelling salts under his wife’s nose, causing her to wake up with a gasp.

"Willow, honey, what happened?"

"Travers! He’s sent the Initiative to get rid of us. I just know it!"

Angel just held her close. "Relax. We’ll figure it out."

6 days later

Riley came into the library. "Willow, are you in here?" he called.

She came out from among the bookshelves. "Yeah, Riley. What is it?"

"I’ve got some bad news. Is Angel or Rose here?"

"Yeah, I’ll go get them. What’s the problem?"

Riley didn’t answer until the whole DeMornay family, sans Willow Anne, Buffy’s daughter, was in the library. He sighed, then began. "It’s about my mission here. It’s Travers. I was ordered to eliminate the DeMornay family, since they had been captured and turned. I didn’t make the connection until I went to check out the house, then remembered about the wedding announcements. Anyway, Travers wanted to make sure you were all completely eliminated. For what reason, I can’t tell you, because I don’t know."

Willow gasped. "My god! Travers is worse than his father! He will do whatever he can to get rid of us, just because I refused to give Rose the Cruciamentum!"


"Don’t worry. Just, what do we do now?"

"I can get the three of you out of the country. Well, that’s good. But, why would Travers do this? Just because you wouldn’t give Rose the Cruciamentum? What is a Cruciamentumanyway?"

"What it is, is that, on every Slayer’s 18th birthday, they are given a special serum that makes them like any other human, and they are supposed to fight, and defeat, some sort of demon that the Council chooses," said Angel grimly.

"Did Buffy go through this?" asked Riley in wonderment and horror.

"Yes. And Giles wasn’t supposed to help her, but he did."

"That’s barbaric! Look, I have a friend that I can contact. He’ll help you out."

"Good. This is the son of the man who had Giles removed as Buffy’s Watcher, and, since Buffy had his father killed, he might have something to do with her death, as well. Buffy proved that the Slayers didn’t need the entire Watcher’s Council. I got in it to try and change things. I’m surprised that they didn’t have Giles killed as well when they had him removed."

"Don’t worry. I’ll get you all to England. I know the founder of the Initiative. He might be able to help."
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