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Last Battle

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Death Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander was just expecting a happy reunion. Instead he found himself carrying an injured Willow over one shoulder, running from a horde of demons, and wishing Buffy would just save them already.

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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Characters are not mine to play with, but Joss Whedon's and Mutant Enemy Productions. Bleach, to my great sadness, also does not belong to me, but to Tite Kubo (and anyone else that might have a claim).

Author's Note: This is a slight crossover, mainly only at the end. It was written originally as a drabble that I have revisited and revamped a little, but it's not perfect. I'm pretty sure this has been done a time or two before, but I'm not planning to take it any farther than I have, so enjoy!

Edit: 9/17/08. I fixed a few tiny errors that were bugging me and changed the ending slightly. Hopefully it makes a bit more sense.


Xander swore, half carrying Willow as he ran. Buffy was off in another part of town fighting demons and the rest of the slayers stationed to this town were randomly scattered across town trying to protect the citizens. This was supposed to have simply been a happy reunion for three of the original scoobies. They weren't too worried when they heard there was supposed to be a prophecy going down and instead made jokes about it being like the old times.

So they split up, Xander with Willow to stop the baddie who was using magic and Buffy off with the girls protecting the innocent. Only, the bad guy noticed them and did something, and suddenly more baddies were pouring through portals. Willow did her thing though and off they ran, but not before getting badly hit.

So there they were, running for their lives. Willow was depending wholly on Xander and he was desperately looking for Buffy or one of the other slayers. He wasn't stupid, with the horde he had following him there was no way he'd live if he tried to fight alone with an injured Willow and old (but sharp) axe. But as it was they had been running for nearly five minutes and he was no closer to finding Buffy but Willow was a hell of a lot closer to collapsing.

With a faint frown he figured they had no choice, instead of looking for friends he started to look for a defensible corner where Buffy still should be able to find them. And somewhere that was close.

It didn't take long, thankfully, before he found a corner. It was a little more out of the way than he would prefer but the walls were high enough and deep enough no monsters should be able to jump over or through them. He had a few moments lead on the monsters, mostly vampires and a couple demons he couldn't name, but he knew it wouldn't last long. So using the time he had he set Willow up in the back corner and tried to deal with her wounds the best he could.

He was sweaty from the run, his clothes stuck to him uncomfortably, and he was panting for want of air. His arms, legs, and back was scattered with scratches the demons had caused as they ran, him barely out of reach. Willow looked like the child she once was laying limply against the wall, eyes closed in what he could pretend was peace and mouth open slightly to breath. Her left side from her shoulder down was a burnt mess, her leg barely there at all. The damage was extensive but this was the town of the best healer Xander knew of. Kneeling in front of her Xander made a promise.

"You will survive," he whispered, before standing slowly and picking up his axe. Turning he looked towards the entrance of the small alleyway, "I promise you that you will still be safe when Buffy gets here."

He stood there silently, his peace made and resolve formed, waiting for the demons to turn the corner. A long minute passed and Xander let himself a tiny amount of hope that help would arrive in time, that maybe they had lost the demons back there somewhere. But then it was to late to think of anything as the first vampire turned the corner and howled as it hurled itself at him. A lifetime of fighting these monsters allowed Xander to keep his cool and swiftly bring the axe up to meet a much faster and stronger opponent. And then everything moved too fast for thinking, just reacting, and sometimes not even that was enough. He was weakest on his right side due to the loss of his eye but having lived without it for years now, he knew how to cover for it.

Unfortunately with so many opponents sometimes there was nothing he could do to block them. One vampire was lucky enough to stay in his blind spot long enough to grab his neck and that was it. Xander knew it was the end of the line for him even as the vampire started to squeeze but he never stopped fighting. Even as the rest of the monsters backed off, recognizing the kill had already been taken, Xander's free left arm, his right now trapped along the vampire's body, went towards the eyes. Every living creature dependent upon them would react instinctually and flinch back and that might be enough-

"Aye mates!"

And then the arm was gone and his blind side covered. Xander glanced at Spike briefly before turning back to the battle, "The Calvary arrived?" Despite trying to hide it the exhaustion and relief showed clearly in his voice.

Spike didn't bother to glance back, "Sorry mate, just me." His voice was too steady, too calm, "Buffy should be on her way but I went on ahead when they got blocked by a Veslique Demon. Nasty buggers those are."

And Xander knew, from those few words, that Spike didn't believe she would arrive on time.


In all honesty, it hadn't taken Buffy very long to get through the Ves-whatever demon for all that she hadn't been an active slayer in over ten years - but she took an extra second dodging when she should have attacked. Xander had already been fighting for over half an hour and Spike had been fighting his own fights along with his dash to get to Xander and Willow's side.

The mere number of vampires and demons overwhelmed them when Buffy had been only minutes away.

After all these years Buffy knew the likelihood of something terrible happening was very high, but still she tried to keep her hopes up. After all, hadn't they beaten those very high odds time after time? Despite this, what was waiting for her when she arrived was like nothing she could have imagined.

The floor was scattered with piles of vampire dust and demons. The walls were cracked and streaked with blue blood, the same blue blood pooling underneath all the dead demons. And in the back, there was a single dead Xander with Spike's trademark coat lying over a pile of dust next to him. Behind them was Willow, propped against the wall – her harsh breathing standing out to Buffy’s ears despite the grunts of the few demons hurt, but still alive.

Demons that seemed confused on how to act. For still standing in front of Willow were two see-through bodies. Feeling removed from the scene, as if it was a movie set up and not the death of two friends, Buffy found herself wondering how she missed the ghosts.

But impossible to miss, standing in front of Willow were Xander and Spike. A Xander who was nearly twenty years younger than she remembered, bringing back fond memories of the beginning of her slayer adventures, and a Spike that was… just Spike, as unchanged as ever. If it hadn't been for the army of slayers at her back, Buffy didn't think she'd have remembered to move. But as it was there were still demons inching forward, starting to realize ghosts couldn’t hurt them.

So it was with a scream of anger and pain that Buffy lead fourteen slayers onto three hurt demons.


Xander had died first. So when his eyes opened and he was still in the middle of a battle he had no clue as to what was happening. Immediately he stood back up but as he reached for the axe laying behind him he got his first inkling all was not as it should be.

Then he watched Spike’s death – and watched Spike stand right back up from a pile of dust.

So they were left standing facing the last three surviving demons, knowing if the demons pushed forward there was nothing they could do but still needing to do something. The demons finally seemed to notice there was nothing blocking their way to the troublesome witch, when a war cry called out.

It was an all too brief goodbye before Buffy picked up Willow and took off, everyone present knowing time was of the essence to save her life. But it wasn’t until after Xander watched Buffy and her small army of Slayers round the corner that he took a deep breath and came to turns with what happened, "I'm dead. It's finally happened."

Spike nodded and walked over to look at Xander, "Not looking bad either mate. Got your eye back I notice."

Xander's hand immediately went to his right eye in surprise, he hadn't really noticed the double vision until Spike pointed it out. "Yeah..."

"What, didn't like the trade?" Spike asked, smirk forming, "I've made worse ones."

Xander smiled a little, "I guess, but I think I would have preferred my life really."

"Quite a fight."

Both Xander and Spike spun around startled, falling into fighting stances out of habit.

"Good! Good!" The tall man boomed. He wore a tight fitting eye patch over his right eye and his black hair was spiked and belled. "You two seem like worthy souls. Makes me glad I took an assignment for once. Look, once you reach Soul Society do me a favor and try to apply to the academy, tell them the 11th division wants you."

With his piece said, he hit both of them on the forehead with the end of his sword, smile still firmly in space. And then Xander blacked out.


The End

You have reached the end of "Last Battle". This story is complete.

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