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The Masky Creatures

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Summary: Xander looked over his shoulder again, speeding up as he walked away. Yep, the big, freaky looking thing with the white mask was still there.

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Anime > BleachScratFR151501132,68715 Sep 0815 Sep 08Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Characters are not mine to play with, but Joss Whedon's and Mutant Enemy Productions. Bleach, to my great sadness, also does not belong to me, but to Tite Kubo (and anyone else that might have a claim).

Author's Note: Again, a drabble I revamped a little. It's not perfect but I thought it was silly and fun to read, so I might as well share it. There's no point to it - just enjoy it!


Xander looked over his shoulder again, speeding up slightly as he walked away. Yep, the big, freaky looking thing with the white mask was still there. Yup, it was still chewing the vampire with an almost curious look on its face, as if it couldn’t tell whether it was good or not.

These strange creatures had started appearing a couple days ago. They never attacked a human, just went after demons and undead with an unnatural focus. Giles had decided that it was best to leave them alone, after all they were helping with the slaying, right? Besides, the people of Sunnydale just walked around them, going ever so slightly out of their way not to get too close. Willows said that meant they probably couldn’t see them, probably just knew not to go near wherever they were.

Buffy said they were monsters and she should slay them all. Xander agreed.

But as it was they already seemed to be leaving. This was actually the first one in a couple of hours that Xander had seen, two days ago you couldn’t look around without see one or two of them all the time.

Entering the Magic Box for the daily scooby meeting, Xander joined the others all gathered around the counter so they could still see outside. Buffy looked pissed and Willow had her ‘interesting specimen’ face on. Giles was looking through a book rather intently. The others were nowhere to be seen.

“Something happen?” Xander asked casually. As freaked out as the masky thing made him, he wasn’t going to let on to the girls that he might just be afraid of them.

Buffy scowled, “Some idiot with a sword claimed it was his job to clear the White Masks,” the masky creatures as they’ve taken to calling them, “out. I told him he was rather lazy as they’d been here for four days already and this was the first time I’d seen him. He panicked and left. Not so good at this saving the world stuff, is he? Anyway,” looking over at Giles her voice held that ‘I told you so’ tone to it, “if it’s his job to kill them that means they are bad and I should kill them!”

Giles, briefly looking up from his book, sighed, “Maybe Buffy, but I have never heard mention of these creatures before and that is highly worrisome. They might be valuable allies for all we know.”

Willow, still looking out the window at the last White Mask to have been seen in awhile, gasped. “Look!”

As one they turned to watch, Buffy still grumbling slightly. A man, presumingly the one Buffy talked to earlier, jumped and cut the White Masks mask in half. Within seconds the entire creature screamed in pain and seemed to dust. In the slow moments it took to turn to dust though, they all saw the human face beneath it.

Xander looked back at the others slowly, “So... do you think those are buffed up vamps?”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Masky Creatures". This story is complete.

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