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The All-Spark Teen

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Human All-Spark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 2nd in the Human All-Spark series. What happens when Xander, trying to revive Angel, starts his sophmore year of highschool?

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Marvel Universe > Transformers > Xander-CenteredAlmadynisFR1833,44012917,71315 Sep 082 May 09Yes

Rebirth of an Angel

The All-Spark Teen
Rebirth of an Angel


Xander blinked open his brown eyes, groaning at his stiff body. He had cried himself to sleep with his head on his knees. He couldn’t really remember the last time he had slept, let alone eat. With that thought in his mind, he peered over at the door to the place he had been living in for who knew how long, and saw that one of his Terrabots had left him food again. He grabbed it and began to eat absently, not tasting anything, as he started to think again.

He had to have Angel back…

…but how can somebody raise the dead?


The Cube perked up. The boy was focusing on the problem! Now, just to connect and send the answer…


Xander blinked. Then blinked again.

Could it be that simple?

Gathering his body beneath him, Xander jerked open the door and ran smack into a metal wall. He heard above him, “All-Spark? Are you alright?” He heard the concern in the feminine voice, some part of his mind identifying the speaker as Iceflame, but his focus was on something else. He thought he said something, but wasn’t sure as he started to run.

His eyes searched desperately through the junk yard that was his home, scanning the vehicles rusting in various piles. Then, he saw it. He stretched out his mind, wishing with all that he was for a new Terrabot, a savior, a healer, someone who could fix Angel. His eyes were tightly closed, but he could still see the bright blue lightning from the glow that burst out of his hands.

The lightning searched the piles of junk, pulling parts together, arranging into a cohesive order on the chosen vehicle. A new headlight, stereo, CB radio, and several other unidentifiable components raced across the yard toward the large, bulky car. Then, with a slight groaning of metal against metal, it stood up.

The new Terrabot stood at approximately 14 and a half feet tall, and had the classic double snakes around a stake with wings in red on his chest. An ambulance in his other form, he was a healer now, and one that specialized in Terrabot care. His white coating with red trimming brightening the yard with the setting sunlight.

His bright orbs looked at Xander, a knowing look in the depths, and said simply, “Show me.”

Xander nodded and ran back the way he had come, almost hitting his head once again on Iceflame, but he managed to dodge this time. Apparently she had followed him, was watching over him. Protecting him.

Xander darted around her and ran the rest of the way into his Zone, stopping cold at the sight of Angel’s still body. His friend still lay there, not moving at all. Looking so perfect…and yet, so foreign.

The new Terrabot stepped close and bent his knee, gently running fingers along Angel’s chest before coming back up to place his hand palm-down over the spark that should be glowing a brilliant blue. He looked at Xander and asked softly, his voice a gentle rumble, like comforting thunder, “How much do you want to give?”

Xander’s blue-flecked eyes met the other’s, tears laying just beneath the surface, “My life.”

Iceflame, who had remained silent throughout the new Terrabot’s birth, and the subsequent running around, made a sound of protest, but was silenced by one look from the new ‘bot. Glaring for her silence.

He nodded and said quietly, “It won’t be easy.”

“Please…just save him. Give him back to me.”

“Very well All-Spark. I will do as you ask.”


The Cube felt the blush of pride for the other half of his soul. He had solved the problem.

He had his Angel back.

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