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Key Continuum

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Keys to Pegasus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Dawn gets a mystical warning to get out of Pegasus, she never guessed where she'd get stuck.

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Of Feelings and Sisters

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I’ve gotten over it.

Hi!! This is the second story in K2P series. I highly suggest reading "Keys to Pegasus." This story follows “Stargate: Continuum,” but I swear you don't have to know anything about the movie to read this. It’s been floating around in my head for the last few weeks… I hope you like it!

Chapter 1: Of Feelings and Sisters

Dawn packed jeans and a few more shirts into her bag. She stuffed a few of Ronon’s things in too. She double checked her weapons stash. She paused when Glinda came in.

“I can’t talk right this second,” told the Kat-tail who only tilted her head at her.

“I can’t explain it any better than I could this morning…” she argued with the Companion, “all I know is that everything is screaming that I have to get to Earth ASAP.”

Glinda jumped to sit on the bed next to the bag she was packing. ‘Explain again,’ was the equivalent of the mental images she was sent.

The young woman paused, “fine.” She slammed the drawer of her dresser closed. “Ever since I woke all I’ve gotten is this bad feeling. Not a Slayer bad feeling and not from Candrima. I’m not getting a vision. So the only conclusion I have is that something has been screwed up enough to set off my Key powers.”

Glinda sat there as to say, that’s all?

“I told you I can’t explain it!” Dawn yelled throwing her gun into the bag.

“It’s not her fault Pixie,” a voice said from the door. Dawn turned to face her Satedan husband.

She sighed, “I know Ronon, but whatever this is… we have to get out of here quick.” She could feel his hesitation, “I know. I’m worried about them too… what ever this is though… it will kill us. Somehow… they’ll be fine.”

~We’re ready to dial, ~ Chuck, the ‘Gate tech informed them.

Ronon tapped his comm, “we’re on our way.”

Dawn patted Glinda’s head before zipping the bag she’d been packing, “Let’s go.”

They walked to the ‘Gate room together. There were a larger number of people waiting for them than she had expected. Dawn looked around the room.

“Damn Sheppard,” she looked at Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, “did you broadcast it through the comm system?”

The dark-haired man gave her a look.

“I think,” a young curly-haired blonde girl said, “the grape-vine is better than you ever suspected.”

“Lexi,” Dawn sighed, “we need to go.”

“But you have no idea why?” Teyla clarified.

“A common occurrence,” she agreed, “one that as soon as we deal with this… thing hopefully I’ll be able to explain.”

Rodney McKay glanced at her bag, “are you sure you have enough?”

Dawn raised her voice, “Chuck you said something about dialing this thing!?”

The technician looked at the Colonel for confirmation. John nodded.

‘I hope you return safely,’ Candrima told her.

‘Just keep them safe for me,’ she requested.

As the Stargate activated Dawn looked at her friends, “do they have everything setup?”

John and Rodney nodded. “They are prepared to bypass quarantine,” John assured her, “and the personal things you asked for are waiting for you.”

“Woolsey will be here in two weeks,” Rodney reminder her as the wormhole engaged.

“I know,” she said, “and trust me, if we can, we’ll be back in time to meet him. And kick the new recruits’ asses. But at this point my biggest concern is whatever is screaming that I need to get back to Earth.”

“You have a green light,” Chuck informed them.

“See ya in a bit,” she waved back at them as her and Ronon walked through the Stargate.

When they arrived at the other side Ronon’s arm was around her waist before the ‘Gate deactivated.

“Thanks,” she whispered as her head spun a little from being disconnected from one of her power sources.

~This isn’t a good idea, ~ Dr. Bill Lee voiced over the intercom.

“I know Bill but I’ve got no choice,” she told the scientist.

~Dialing Earth, ~ he announced.

“Thanks Bill,” she waved as the wormhole engaged.

~SGC is ready to receive you, ~ he waved back.

She took a deep breath. “Ready Ronon?”

His only response was a squeeze of his arm.

On the other side she felt the Earth beneath her. Landry was waiting for them.

“General Landry,” Dawn greeted the head man of the SGC.

“Dawn, Ronon,” he smiled, “I’ve got to admit you’ve got everyone up in arms.”

Dawn nodded, “I’m just as unseated by this as you are General.”

“And that doesn’t help any.”

Dawn grimaced, “The moment I have an answer you’ll be informed.” She knew that wasn’t a satisfying answer, “It’s the best I have for you right now.”

The General nodded once as an SF approached carrying a small bag. Dawn took it opening it just enough to glance at the contents.

“Everything is there that you requested,” he assured her.

“Thank you General,” she closed the bag and handed it to Ronon.

“I’ll escort you to the surface myself.”

“That’s not necessary sir,” she assured him.

“Humor me,” he requested.

They followed the General out of the ‘Gate room and down the hall to one of the rooms.

“You can change in here,” Landry told them, “temp out there is about 60 degrees.”

The couple nodded. When they were both in jeans and t-shirts each with a bag over their shoulder they reappeared to the waiting general. The three continued to the elevator. As they waited in the steel box Dawn frowned.

“Where is SG-1?”

“SG-1 and General O’Neill have gone to the Tok’ra home world to see the execution of Ba’al,” he informed her.

“About time they caught him,” she groused.

“That’s what Jack said,” he grinned at her.

“Well torture tends to make people eager to kill you,” she said.

Ronon grunted in agreement.

Landry glanced back at them. Dawn knew it was a little odd to some people. Ronon was 6’4”, with long dreads and green eyes; he carried himself with the attitude that screamed ‘don’t mess with me.’ She stood rather tall for a woman at 5’9”, brown hair, blue eyes, and she had a very open expression… most of the time. No one ever made a comment, especially not on Atlantis…

“What is your goal?” Landry asked.

“We’re going to head for my sister’s place,” she told him, “if something is upsetting Earth enough she’ll know. Or she’ll get me in touch with the Council…”

“And if neither know?” his curiosity getting the better of him.

“Then I’ll watch for the signs and let them take me where they may.”

“That’s rather adventurous.”

“And hopefully not necessary, but I’m ready to face whatever it is that is making the alarms go off, as long as they shut off.”

Landry nodded as they stepped off the outer elevator. “Well good luck kids,” he offered.

“Thanks General,” Dawn smiled at they all walked past the guards to the car waiting to take them to the gate.

“How far does your sister live?”

“A few miles,” she assured him, “there is a car to take us there.”

The car came to a stop at the gate. The general signaled for the men to let the two through.

Dawn smiled, “I’ll call you when I have an update.”

“That’s all I ask,” he told her.

Ronon and Dawn got into the second car that was just beyond the gate. Buffy lived in Colorado Springs less than fifteen miles from the SGC which resides under Cheyenne Mountain.

Dawn twisted her hands. Her nervous energy always caused her to move, if she had the room she would just pace. Without it she was doomed to breaking her fingers. She was so focused on her nervousness that she nearly jumped when Ronon took her hands into his.

“Calm down Pixie,” he said quietly.

She smiled weakly, “I will when this makes more sense.”

He squeezed her long slender hand. She could feel his irritation at the entire situation.

“I know,” she glanced out the window, “at least we’re close to Buffy’s house.” She recognized the neighborhood from their short stay over a month ago.

“We’re here ma’am,” the driver announced.

“Thank you,” she got out and closed the door. Once of the car passed she walked to pass Ronon. Dawn walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened to reveal a small brunette haired girl.

“Auntie Dawn!” she yelled launching herself into Dawn’s arms.

Dawn smiled, “hello Sydney. Is your mommy home?”

“Yes,” she wiggled down and ran for Ronon who scooped her up. The look on her love’s face made Dawn’s heart squeeze painfully. She walked into the house leaving the door open behind her as her niece giggled.

She found Buffy in the kitchen.

“You know,” Dawn said watching her sister jump, “it’s not a good idea to let a three year old answer the door.”

“Dawn!” the blonde stood 5’2”, “what are you doing here?”

“One of my spidey senses,” she returned the hug, “it screamed, ‘get back to Earth.’ Any idea why?”

“No,” her sister replied worried, “where is Sydney?”

“Outside,” she said glibly, but seeing her sister’s worry she clarified, “with Ronon.”

A slight calm restored itself in the Slayer. “Do you need me to call the Council?”

“Yes please,” she pleaded.

Buffy nodded and picked up the phone as she dialed she looked at her sister. “You know you are going to have to learn to visit when there isn’t something wrong?”

“And as Vala pointed out in one of our e-mails, sometimes you just have to make time.”

Buffy gave a weak smile. Her attention suddenly snapped to the phone, “Giles, I need to know if you have any signs of apocalypse or something that is strong enough to call Dawn from Pegasus.”

“It’s my Key powers that called me back,” she offered as she heard the question. “And I can’t seem to find any signs of why… no visions, no nothing to explain.”

“Giles?” Buffy frowned, “Hello?”

“Did he hang up?”

“No it sounds like he just left.”

Dawn frowned as the alarm bells started to blare louder than before. “Ronon!” she called.

He was beside her in a moment, Sydney on his shoulders. He set the small girl on the floor.

“It’s happening,” she told him, “for whatever reason the bells are getting louder.”

“Where’s Sydney?” Buffy asked.

Dawn looked down where the girl was not a second before. She was gone. Dawn took Ronon’s hand and led him to the front lawn.

“Watch,” she said.

“For?” he asked.

“We’ll know it when we see it.” She turned towards the house, “Buffy do you…” but her sister was nowhere to be seen.

“Some of the children are disappearing,” Ronon told her.

“Buffy is gone too,” she looked at the playground. She looked around, “it’s coming fast now…” She pushed against what was trying to pull them apart. After a moment she felt and saw it pass around them.

“It’s gone,” Dawn said, looking at Ronon’s profile.

“What was it?”

“Somebody has changed something… drastically…”

He looked at her as she let go of his arm and turned to look at her sister’s house. It didn’t look like anything had changed, but on the neighbor’s lawn. On Sam’s lawn there were children’s toys, lots of them.

Dawn pulled a phone from the bag on Ronon’s back. She pulled the phone list out that was around it. She dialed the SGC.

~We’re sorry but the number you have dialed has been discon- ~ she slammed the phone shut and tried Landry’s direct number. Same thing.

“Damn it!” She dialed another number. “Willow!? It’s Dawn… Rome? No… can we meet? Where are you? Cleveland… Can you transport us there…? Colorado Springs, Colorado…” Dawn sighed, “Thank you…” Dawn grabbed Ronon’s hand and pulled him to stand between the two houses.

“Dawn!” Willow’s voice was surprised.

“Willow,” she turned to the witch, “something is going on…”

“Who is he?” Willow pointed behind her.

Dawn frowned and glanced back, “Ronon, you met him when we were here a month ago.”

“Dawnie I haven’t seen you in six months,” Willow said slowly.

Dawn swung around to look at the red-head again. “Wil, this is going to sound weird… but where is my sister?”

“Rome, where you’re supposed to be.”

“Rome? Wil I need you to run me through the last five years.”

The older woman frowned but started to explain their battle against the First. Dawn listened as she explained how they were all involved in the battle.

“You and Buffy left for Rome, said you wanted to see the world,” Willow explained. “You started school and took an interest in Art and languages… Dawn what is going on?”

“Willow,” she said cautiously cutting her off, using her best ‘I’m harmless’ voice, “I’m not your Dawn.” She saw the witch shift, “I am Dawn… but something has changed and my powers as the Key have made it so that I’m not affected.”

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously.

“I don’t know yet, my first order was to use the phone numbers I had to make contact… yours was the only one that worked and had the right person answer.”

“Dawn you’re not making any sense…”

“I know!” she yelled. Ronon’s hand on her shoulder helped to stem her churning emotions. “Look Willow I need to borrow your computer. I need to get some answers on people that I know.”

“Okay,” Willow said slowly, “will you explain about your friend?” she waved them towards the door.

“Willow this is Ronon,” she introduced, “my husband.” She could feel the witch’s hackles rise.

“Dawnie!” Willow said in dismay, “Buffy is going to be so mad… are you pregnant?”

Dawn scoffed and closed her eyes. “Willow, I’m from an alternate reality or timeline… somebody fucked with it.” She moved to pass the witch to get the computer. “And for reference Buffy likes Ronon. We’ve been married five months. And no.”

“Reality?” Willow asked.

“I don’t think so,” Dawn sat at the computer bringing up various sights and entering searches for key members of each team. “It wouldn’t have made Sydney and then Buffy disappear… I think somebody messed with the timeline…”

“Disappear?” Willow questioned.

“It would explain the lack of visions and why the world changed around us…” she read the articles, “Samantha Carter… astronaut… killed in accident… Jack O’Neill… Air Force… commemorated today with wife, Sarah, and… and son, Charlie, 15, at his side…” she looked back at Ronon, “We won’t find Lexi here…” She read on, “Dr. Rodney McKay… married his second wife… Aerospace engineer… wealthy…” she frowned at the screen, “Nothing on Daniel since a lecture he gave in ’96…”

“Why?” Ronon asked.

“So he speaks,” Willow commented.

Dawn ignored the witch, “he was laughed out of academia… if it wasn’t for Katherine Langford he never would have been able to legitimize his claim that the pyramids were landing pads for alien ships… like our Daniel did, even if he never got to publish it.”

“Andrew may know about him,” Willow suggested.

Dawn shook her head, “Cam doesn’t exist…” she ran a finger down the screen. “A Mitchell died at sea in the 1930’s bringing something over from Africa… something top secret… the ship was lost at sea…” she glanced at Ronon, “what do you bet it was the Stargate?”

“Stargate?” Willow asked.

Again she ignored the witch, “that fits as a change… the ‘Gate never making it to the States… but its all speculation.” She grabbed a notepad and a pen and started writing things down. “Willow do you have my – me – your Dawn’s phone number?”

“Of course,” she replied.

“Call it.”


“If there is a me in this – whatever – I need to know because I’ll have to keep off the radar,” she told the witch, “if she doesn’t exist I’m free to be Dawn Summers… since I have no idea how this was caused I’d like not to damage everything.”

“You know way too much about this,” Willow commented.

“Not nearly enough or I’d be able to fix it,” she sighed, “or at least know what the heck is going on.”

“Well, yeah, but even to be able to theorize…”

“Willow,” Dawn cut her off, “that phone call.”

“Right.” Willow pulled the phone from the charger next to her computer. She dialed and placed the receiver to her ear, “Hello? Dawn…? Buffy! Hi, how are things? Oh, well she’s with me…” she glanced at Dawn, “she called and asked to be… Buffy… fine… yea… bye.”

“Big sis coming?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah, apparently our Dawn disappeared right in front of her about an hour ago…”

“Shit,” Dawn cursed, “and she asked you to transport her here?”

“Yeah,” Willow winced at the younger woman’s glare and left to summon Buffy.

“Fine, let’s get this over with,” she looked at Ronon, “this may go badly…”

He shrugged, “it went too well the first time.”

Dawn laughed slightly, “well I think we’re about to get a crash course in exactly how bad it might have been.”

“Could it be that bad?”

“She doesn’t have Sydney,” Dawn told him. “And this Dawn followed her to Rome…” she sighed and walked over to hug him, “we have to remember that we can’t let this affect our opinion of our Buffy… our timeline is the only one of consequence.”

“Buffy!” Willow’s yell echoed down the hall as the door slammed open.

Dawn turned to look at the blonde Slayer who had fury written across her face, “told you it was bad.”

“Bad?!” Buffy stemmed, “you disappear from before my eyes I’m worried some thing has got you and WILLOW calls to say she transported you here!?” Willow stood at the door.

“Buffy, stop,” Dawn said in her no nonsense voice. It stopped her sister cold.

“I’ve been worried for the last hour,” Buffy said teeth clenched, “and here I find you in the States with your arms wrapped around a guy I’ve never met, who I bet you barely know, and you expect what?”

“I’m Dawn,” she said, “but I’m not your Dawn. In my timeline or reality or whatever I was sent across the universe by the Powers that Be almost five years ago.” She faced Ronon, “without the ‘Gate, Atlantis wouldn’t have been repopulated, the Wraith would have stayed asleep for another century… that’s why this Dawn didn’t leave… that fits the theory…”

“If you’re not Dawn you’re doing an awfully good impression,” Buffy said.

“I am Dawn, just not yours. I didn’t go through the fight with the First or go to Rome.” She looked at her sister and took the purse from the Slayer’s shoulder. “Mine?”

“Duh,” Buffy replied.

“Don’t get cranky with me, I’m being dicked with here just as much as you are,” she shuffled through the purse. She took the pack from her shoulder and put it inside.

“Still not explaining this guy,” Buffy snapped, “or why he feels off.”

“Buffy this is Ronon; in my reality you met him a month ago. He feels off because he’s not Earthling. And I’m married to him.”

“Dawn!” Buffy’s outrage ended Dawn’s resolve. With speed and precision she had Buffy up against the wall by the neck in a matter of seconds.

“Look I’m not your Dawn, I have had a really crappy day,” she stared her sister dead in the eye, “And honestly sis, I have a timeline to fix and a life to get back to…”

Buffy frowned as she looked into her sister’s eyes.

“You’re not Dawn…” Buffy said quietly.

“Thank you,” the young woman said. “What gives it away?”

“My sister isn’t a Slayer…”
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