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Slayer/Cop Central

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Suddenly I See". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The next morning… 4th in series.

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Slayer/Cop Central


Rating: FR15

Crossover: BtVS/Life

Pairing: Willow/Dani

Summary: The next morning…

Notes: The precinct is made up. There are other crossings in here, not a MAJOR part of the story.

Disclaimers are at the front of the series. Gilmore Girls is not owned by me – it would be interesting to see how it went if it was. Blood Ties is owned by the brilliant Tanya Huff.


Dani’s apartment very early the next morning from the previous story…

Dani was curled up into the sheets and her pillow when she felt something shift. That was different, she didn’t bring guys back to her place. Her brain began to connect as she opened one eye, she was facing the clock and she saw it was three in the morning. She looked back the other way to see a pale redhead sliding out of the bed.

“Willow?” she asked hoarsely.

Willow turned to look her way. “I didn’t mean to wake you,” she replied as she slid back onto the bed. “I have to go, I have work to do and Xander’s probably waiting for me.”

Dani looked confused. “At three in the morning?” she asked as she sat up and Willow kissed her.

“My work is different,” Willow replied. “We’re going to have to head for England in a couple of days.” Dani nodded even though she didn’t understand fully, her mind wasn’t with it yet. “Let me get my clothes,” Willow finished and headed out of the bedroom.

Dani watched her as she looked to the room and rubbed her eyes. It still had that aroma of sex to it. She smiled as she realized that they had spent around three hours having very good sex.

Willow came back in with both sets of clothes. “I think I’m missing my bra somewhere. I couldn’t find it.”

Dani looked up at her. “Is this a one night thing?” she asked stilling herself just in case it was.

Willow stopped looking for her jeans. “I hope not, but I don’t want to pressure you… I-I don’t want it to be if you don’t.”

Dani nodded and got up kneeling on the bed she went over to her and she smiled. “Maybe the time apart will get our minds clear. I would like to hear from you more than at AA meetings though.”

Willow smiled. “You have email? A-and cell phones always are good.” They looked to each other as one rang from somewhere in the jumble of clothing. “Is that yours or mine?” Willow asked.


Watcher International, Los Angeles Branch

Willow drove into the parking lot to the renovated building at almost four in the morning. She parked her car and looked to the grand ‘old’ manor that had once been a starlet’s home in the 1950’s. The girls that were posted there loved the heart-shaped pool and that they were in L.A. The main floor was where local Slayers that didn’t want to work for W.I. checked in at and research work was done along with the offices there. They had ten girls that had full times jobs with them patrolling the city and doing other things that were needed.

She rested her chin on the steering wheel and thought about Dani. She hadn’t expected to sleep with her that evening. It had been cathartic and amazing at the same time. The woman was gorgeous! Even more so naked! That and she hadn’t had a serious girlfriend since Kennedy four years ago.

They had broken up after the first year from Sunnydale’s end. It had been nice during their time together, but Kennedy was wanting to battle all the time being a new Slayer. Willow was just tired, wanting to help but not constantly fight against the darkness. She had moved back to the States from Brazil and Kennedy was a little sad, as was she, but after two months apart they realized they had both moved on. Willow went on to finish her degree and worked between helping the Watchers Council and her own magical and nerdy projects. Some of them were very profitable.

There was a knock at the window and she looked up to see the Slayer, Candace, who was on desk duty there that evening.

Willow opened the door and got out. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay, Ms. Ro-,” Candace started but Willow looked her way and she smiled. “Willow.”

“I’m older than you, not ancient. Ms. Rosenberg-,” Willow let out a pfft of disbelief, “-just Willow is fine.” They went inside and Xander was there at the front desk talking on the landline phone.

“No… no…” he replied as he looked to Willow. The eyepatch was still there, and Xander wore relaxed clothing like her, usually jeans and a t shirt. Too much happened for there to be anything more stylish. He had a bit more muscle on him, but she wasn’t sure how long that was going to last now that he was getting married and taking a more of a desk job for the W.I.. “I swear to you Lorelai, I’m not inviting my biological family… no, your family can come…,” he nodded as he listened to her complain about her mother, which he knew, Emily Gilmore was a bit on the self-absorbed side. “How about we elope?”

Willow gave him a dirty look at that comment. She thought about it though, if they eloped he might actually make it through the ceremony this time.

“No… Willow and Buffy won’t kill me,” he told his fiancée. “They both love you.”

Willow nodded at that as she went past and into the study room with the computers to research the latest slayer-type happenings. Lorelai was weird enough to keep Xander happy and busy. They had been good for each other and he really liked Lorelai’s daughter Rory who was in college now.

“Wherever you want it baby,” Xander answered his wife-to-be in a gangster sounding voice. It was cheesy, but it got the laugh he was looking for because he smiled. “Listen, Will’s here, we’re going to head off tonight and we’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Willow left him to go through a lot of ‘I love you’s’ and so on. Buffy had found herself a man by the name of Henry. They met in Canada but at the moment he was with her in England.

They all knew he was a vampire the instant they met him, but he was different than all the others so far. It seemed like he had a soul. Giles didn’t believe it as most of the Watchers didn’t either until Henry himself produced the literature on his vampiric heritage. Not only that, but he was the bastard son of King Henry the VIII.

Apparently, one demon who was banished when the earth was turned over to man wasn’t so evil. Go figure. The vampires made kept their souls, what they did with it after that was up to the vampire themselves. Buffy was overjoyed and soon the two were an item.

Willow smiled as she found her laptop case and her luggage. They had been there two days already but she rarely unpacked until she was home in England.

“Will, meeting went a little longer did it?” Xander asked coming her way. Willow made a face and turned to look at her oldest friend who saw it. “You can’t lie to me Willow,” he told her in a sing song voice. “I know all your deepest secrets.” He slung an arm about her shoulders and grinned. “What’cha been doin’?”

Willow smiled but released herself from him. “I just met up with a friend I made at the meeting,” she told him.

Xander raised an eyebrow as she didn’t say anything more, she just collected her things, they had to go out to check a few demon hotspots in the city then catch a flight back east.

“Willow, are you taking candy from strangers again?” he asked and she went bright red. He grinned as he came her way but she left her stuff and backed around the table from him as he nodded smiling. “Who is she?” Willow made another face but kept silent. Xander watched her. “We have three hours on a very small plane and Buffy can be contacted by phone.”

Willow scowled. “It was unexpected,” she told him as she sat down in the nearest chair at the table.

“So if I see her I’ll say, ‘hi Unexpected, my name’s Xander,” he said sitting across from her.

“Dani, her name is Dani, okay?” she told him.

Xander sucked on his bottom lip for a second. “Is she the reason you went to the meeting tonight?”

Willow looked up at him and he was smirking. She rested her forehead on her hands. “I’m a bad person, Xander,” she said. “She-… she understands. I guess we understand each other.” She peered up at him.

“Soooo, do you like her?” he asked and she nodded. “Is she an evil demon?”

Willow smiled a little. “No, she’s human. She’s a detective.”

“So that means you haven’t seen her in uniform,” Xander replied.

Willow scowled at him then went red thinking of what Dani would look like in her police uniform and out. “I am a bad person,” she said burying her face back into her arms.

Xander laughed. “You’re human, Wills. Or as human as one of the most powerful people on the planet can be.”

Willow sat back looking at him. “She doesn’t know about me that way. She thinks I’m a computer geek.”

“Will, you are a computer geek,” Xander reminded her.

“Only with better fashion sense,” the two said in unison, speaking for Buffy who would say it when Willow started to belittle herself.

Two Slayers came to the doorway, it was time to go. Xander nodded. “I want to meet the woman that’s stealing my girlfriends heart,” he told her with a fake sniff of sadness.

Willow sighed as she stood. “One day when you’re fat and have four kids, then we’ll see.”

The two Slayers smirked as Xander gave a noise of protest. “I’ll have twelve kids, damn you, witch!” he mocked angrily shaking his fist at her.

Willow laughed and he joined in as the two gathered their stuff and left the manor. Even knowing them the Slayers thought the original scooby group was a bit strange, if not funny.


12th Precinct, L.A. …

Dani rubbed at her eyes with one hand and a to go cup of coffee in the other hand while she rode the elevator up to her floor. She smiled a little at the memory of last night. Even after Willow had left she laid there in bed for a long moment. The heat from Willow’s body was still on the bed and her scent was in the pillow… well, it was everywhere once she thought about it.

The elevator dinged and she automatically looked up to see if it was her floor. There were two other cops in uniform and a few civilian workers in for the morning on the elevator with her.

She stepped out and onto the floor heading for where her desk was to see that her Lieutenant was in but Crews wasn’t yet.

She saw Lt. Davis look her way and motion for her to come to her office. Dani set her coffee on her desk and her jacket on her chair and went to see her.

Lt. Davis pointed to a chair across from her and smiled. She was Dani’s sponsor at the AA meetings and usually wanted to know if she was going and how it went. She didn’t think she should mention she took one of the women from the meeting home with her and had hours of wonderful sex with her. That might not go over too well.

“Dani,” Lt. Davis asked. “Are you still with the program?”

It was the unobtrusive way of asking if she was keeping her nose clean without asking anything official as her commanding officer.

“Yes, yes I am, Lieutenant,” she replied.

Lt. Davis smiled a little at that. She had been Dani’s father’s partner back when she was a rookie and Dani had grown up around her. She had made having Jack Reese as a father bearable. Dani pretty much looked at the Lieutenant as an older sister, which was how the Lieutenant treated her, but she was firm too. Dani was expected to do good work. She had been the only one to pull Dani out of the hell drugs had gotten her into. Her parents tried, god knew her mother did. But they didn’t understand the pull, the need, the want for that ‘thing’. Lt. Davis did, and for that Dani would be eternally grateful to her ‘big sister’.

“Good,” Lt. Davis replied sitting back in her seat she looked her way. “You seem different today.”

Dani’s eyebrows went up at that. “Is that a good thing?” she asked.

Lt. Davis watched her a little more then nodded. “I think so. Everything okay with Crews?”

Dani rolled her eyes and nodded. “Yeah, he’s… okay.”

The Lieutenant leaned forward putting her arms on her desk she looked to her seriously. “The instant he’s out of line, Dani, I want to know.”

Dani nodded slightly. She knew, in a way she understood. No one wanted Crews in their department. He spent twelve years in prison for a crime that DNA proved he didn’t commit. He was out, he was there as a homicide detective and there were people above the Lieutenant’s head that wanted him gone or back in prison.

Dani understood the pressure, she had her father for a father and he had retired as a Captain. There was no playing or fun with Jack Reese, he was all business, all the time.

“I’ll let you know,” Dani said standing up.

The Lieutenant looked to her as she leaned back in her seat once again. “You’re doing good, Dani,” she told her as Dani went for the door. Dani looked back at her. “Keep it up.”

That was a pat on the back and a well done. Dani smiled a little. “Thanks.”

She went out to her desk to find that Crews had come in. He was sitting at his desk eating… fruit. The man had a serious fruit fetish. This morning, it was pineapple and apples. She shook her head and scowled his way, she really didn’t want to hear about his combo choice for the day, but knowing him, he would tell her.

“Crews,” she said bluntly as she sat down at her desk.

He nodded her way with a smile. “Pineapple?” he offered. She looked up at him with her normal stare then shook her head. “Apple?” he offered the other and she rolled her eyes and looked back to her computer.

“You know,” Crews said as she began to type at her computer. “I’ve always wondered why a pineapple is named a pineapple.”

Dani sighed and glared at his way. “I don’t care Crews,” she told him.

He smiled that damn smile anyway not listening to a word. “I mean, apples have been around forever,” he told her taking a bite of a red one. While chewing he looked to the pieces of pineapple he had in a cup. “Where as a pineapple is nothing like an apple. You can’t eat the peel-,” he continued and that was where Dani shut him out at.

She turned on her computer. They had a few bits of some cases to clear up but they were cut and dried homicides, mostly it was making sure the paperwork was right for the D.A.’s office.

She got the internet going and typed in ‘Sunnydale, California’. All of the stories about the collapse came up first, it was a sensation and a panic all at the same time. A lot of people thought it was another 9/11 terrorist attack, but then why would they target an unknown town like Sunnydale?

She looked through some of those while slowly working on her cases. She would glance at her partner to see he wasn’t doing paper work, she never really knew when he did it. At the moment he was staring at the ceiling. Dani closed her eyes willing herself NOT to look at where he was looking but she gave up and looked anyway.

“There were thirty seven wire lines in the window of the door my room,” Crews told her talking about his cell in prison. How the hell he knew she was even looking… she sighed; she looked, he spoke, she had invited it in. “But no tiling,” he told her looking her way. “I think the time would have gone by a little faster with something to count on the ceiling.”

Dani sighed. “Don’t you have paperwork to do?” she asked.

He smiled her way. “I did it last night.”

Dani scowled. “You’re outside of prison now, don’t you have a life outside? Something to do besides work?”

He held up the apple. “I grow fruit.” He leaned his arms on the desk looking her way. “I’m thinking about putting a sunroof on my whole house. Light everywhere you go.”

“What about the basement?” she asked raising an eyebrow his way.

Crews looked thoughtful at that and she went back to her computer with a shake of her head before he could comment.

After learning about the end of Sunnydale and it flowing in with water to now become a resort lake she went back to see if she could find anything in old newspaper archives.

“Odd,” she muttered as she typed along. It seemed like Sunnydale’s newspaper had a massive obituary. She looked back to the population to see it was about forty thousand. Yet in one week there were over twenty people dead, a lot of them from ‘accidents’. Every week was literally almost the same as she went back through the years then she hit nineteen ninety seven and the deaths were higher. There was four pages of obituaries and there were more pages of missing people. Anytime back from ninety seven the deaths were higher.

Every inch of detectiveness in Dani’s being didn’t like that, it screamed of cover up. “What the hell were the police doing just sitting on their asses?” she muttered to herself. Why in the world did people move to this town with such a high death rate?

“Another case?” Crews asked leaning over his side of the desk trying to look at her screen until she glared at him.

“No-, researching some stuff,” she said pointing for him to sit down in his seat. God, she felt like a kindergarten teacher around him sometimes.

Crews sat back down and continued his ceiling stare as she went back to searching again. Dani was surprised to see lunch come and go and they had to go out to get information on one of their open cases but by the end of the day she had learned some things about Sunnydale she wasn’t sure about.

Her email ‘dinged’ and she saw it was from Willow. She opened it up.

‘Hey, I have a moment of free time and thought I write.
I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed last night because it was wonderful. Spending the night with a beautiful woman, even if it wasn’t the whole night but it was worth it.
I hope I get to see you soon. Write or call if you can.

Dani smiled at this. She saw Crews watching her and the scowl returned. “You can go home now.”

Crews nodded, he almost looked like he was going to say something but he wisely didn’t and left. Dani looked around to see that while most of the people were there, they didn’t pay attention to her as she read the note again.

At least something good came out of Sunnydale.


The End

You have reached the end of "Slayer/Cop Central". This story is complete.

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