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Christmas at the Hyperion

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Demon Hunters". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Demon Hunters. Chris, Connor and Luke go to the Hyperion for Christmas. However while there Buffy arrives to see Angel. SLASH

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Charmed > Conner-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1854,498063,62217 Sep 0817 Mar 09Yes

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Chapter 1

Chapter One

Chapter One

Connor smiled and waved at the small crowd in front of the Hyperion. Chris gave a laugh from the driver’s seat as he saw Spike jump onto Angel’s back so he was the tallest of the group and begin to wave frantically at them.

“Christmas is going to be interesting,” Chris said with a grin. Connor gave a laugh and turned to see Luke sleeping peacefully in the back. His little boy was now 2 years old and the little boy was ecstatic to spend Christmas in LA. Luke had taken a liking to Spike.

Pulling up outside the hotel they climbed out and accepted hugs from everyone. Once the initial greetings were over, Spike and Angel moved to help Connor with Luke while the others helped with the luggage. They all entered the hotel and headed towards the sofa; once sitting on various sofas and chairs they settled down to talk about everything and anything.

Spike and Angel were content to sit silently, Spike in Angel’s arms and Luke in Spike’s arms. They both watched the child sleep and Connor knew that they did wonder what they would be doing had Connor not been kidnapped and they were able to raise him. Cordelia was with Gunn on a sofa talking to Chris about some demon or another. Chris was sitting in a chair with Connor on his lap, his long arms wrapped around his husband’s waist. Connor was talking to Wesley and Fred about Luke, he knew his fathers (he considered Spike a father too) were listening in.

“We staying in our usual room?” Connor asked his father suddenly.

“Yeah, I made it up last night,” Angel said with a small grin, never taking his eyes off of Luke.

“I helped!” Spike piped up.

“Meaning you sat in a chair while I did everything and you sat telling me what you thought needed to be done,” Angel said looking at Spike.

“It helped you though, you are getting forgetful in your old age,” Spike said with a teasing grin. Angel just gave a low growl making everyone laugh.

“What do we have planned for the next few days?” Chris asked. He and Connor had already bought all the Christmas presents for everyone so they didn’t need to go Christmas shopping.

“Well I thought tomorrow we could just do whatever we fancy,” Angel said, “We don’t have anything particularly pressing to do. Christmas is 3 days away and everyone I assume has their Christmas shopping done.”

“Why do I get the feeling that the last comment was directed at me,” Spike muttered at the sleeping Luke.

“I figured that we would try and have a quiet Christmas,” Angel explained.

“Sounds good to me,” Connor said and he relaxed into Chris’s arms smiling when Chris pressed a kiss to his neck.

“What are we going to have for dinner?” Chris asked.

“I have some pizza’s to put in the oven,” Cordelia said, “Is everyone hungry?” She received nods so grabbing Gunn they went to put them all in the oven.

“Why don’t we go and freshen up?” Wesley suggested. Everyone nodded and they all headed up stairs, though Spike stayed with Luke in his arms along with his Sire on the sofa.

Connor and Chris walked into their rooms and Connor grinned when with a flick of his fingers Chris orbed their luggage into their room. Grinning Connor locked their door and pounced on Chris.

Sex Scene Starts Here

Then Chris kissed him and Connor responded immediately. Then he felt Chris's tongue run over his lips and he moaned softly as he opened his mouth and Chris's tongue darted in, and started to search around his mouth. They stumbled towards the bed and banged into the side with a bang.

Chris gently pushed Connor onto his back, as he continued to kiss him. Then after a minute he left Connor’s swollen lips and moved on to his neck. He started to kiss, lick, nip, and suck on every inch of skin he could find, while Connor moaned.

Then Chris slowly took off his shirt and threw it on the floor, before he continued placing soft kisses down his body, and he smirked as he moved the tip of his tongue along Connor’s navel, making him moan. Before he tugged off Connor’s trousers and boxers, and he quickly pulled off his own clothes. Connor got up onto all fours and Chris knelt behind him.

He then prepared his lover but not too much because he knew Connor liked it rough recently. He then entered Connor and moaned as his senses dimmed with pleasure; he recovered quickly and began to move with a quick pace making Connor babble.

“Harder! Fuck!” Connor choked out.

“God, Baby!” Chris leaned forward and began to kiss Connor’s back whilst pounding hard into the now trembling body below. He grabbed hold of Connor’s member and began pumping it in time with his thrusts. They writhed together and Connor called out ‘Chris’ when he came and Chris came a heartbeat later. They collapsed onto the floor and Chris pulled himself out of Connor and raised his hand to Connor’s hair and ran his hand through the sweaty locks.

Sex Scene Ends Here

“I think we will need a shower,” Chris laughed, they both moved from the bed and into the bathroom, they came downstairs 45 minutes after they went up. They smiled as they heard Luke’s laughter echoing throughout the lobby along with Spike’s. They could smell the pizza’s from the kitchen and the quiet murmuring of people chatting in the lobby. Connor noticed that Wesley, Gunn and his father were missing though. Cordelia and Fred were standing by the reception desk and chatting over a notepad Cordelia had in her hand, giggling every so often.

“Where’s Dad?” Connor asked as he moved to sit down while Chris moved to grab them some food.

“A call came in,” Spike said while he held a wiggling Luke, “Some Demons where hanging outside Lorne’s causing trouble.”

“Okay,” Connor said and gave Chris a smile as he accepted a plate of pizza with some garlic bread on it from the man. Chris sat down on the sofa and grinned when Luke gave a happy squeal at seeing him. Luke was defiantly a Daddy’s boy. Chris was Daddy and Connor was known as Pa in public but Chris teasingly called him Mommy in private. Something Spike found hilarious.

Once Connor had finished eating he insisted that he and Chris go up and unpack, though they weren’t fooling anyone. They all knew the young couple liked to get as much private time in as they could when they visited because there were many others to take care of Luke. At home

Wyatt and Dana often babysat but with Wyatt doing full time work at P3 since Connor and Chris only worked there part time and Dana working full time too it was hard for them to find time, especially if a demon popped in.

Grinning, Chris and Connor darted for the stairs and into their room. They didn’t emerge for another hour and when they came downstairs they heard the door open and assumed that Angel and the others were back.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Spike said with shock in his voice, Chris and Connor moved down and out into the open.

Stood at the door was Buffy with a smile on her face.

“Hello everyone.”
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