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How Come The Bad Ones Never Stay Dead?

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Summary: In response to challenge 3043. Willow learns that she’s adopted when she turns 18. She decides to head for New England to meet her biological mother, Gillian Owens… witch.

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Sunnydale California, the start of the school year…

Buffy sat in the passenger seat of her mom’s SUV as they headed for their last walk around the campus before they moved in and started college the next Monday. The summer had turned out to be excellent after disposing of Jimmy Angelov. The last thing they had done was go out to the shore line and Gillian giving Buffy the honors hurled Jimmy’s ring out into the ocean.

Gillian had taken the girls to New York for shopping one weekend as Xander stayed with the Owens and found a new crush on him, namely Kylie. Buffy had flown home two weeks later on her own as Xander continued his road trip but with a surprise before he left. The Aunts had offered Xander the money to go to college with Buffy and Willow so long as he watched out for their niece and did good in school. He accepted and with a few phone calls became a student at the University much to the girls delight.

Willow had come home from Maria’s Island three days ago and was filling them in on what had happened.

“That is so romantic,” Buffy said as Willow told them about Officer Hallett, or Uncle Andy to Willow now, returned to the Island after reporting Jimmy’s death as an accident and asked Sally to marry him and she accepted. They got married a week before Willow came back to Sunnydale.

Willow nodded. “It was all like, he was kissing her in the gardens, the Aunts got him smashing drunk and made him swear on his grave to take care of Sally and my cousins.”

“And your training?” Buffy asked. “How’s that going?”

Willow grinned as she held up her hand and blew on it, releasing a wisp of light to Buffy and it disappeared a moment later. “I’ve learned more over the summer than you can imagine.”

Xander chuckled. “They called Giles up and chewed him a new one for not even trying to train you.”

Willow paled. “Seriously? They didn’t tell me they did that.”

Buffy shrugged. “He got over it.”

Willow looked out the window as she saw someone outside an older house in Sunnydale taking down a ‘for sale’ sign. “Wait!” she said. “Stop the car!”

Joyce looked her way then pulled over and Willow climbed out of the car heading down the street by a few houses. The others joined her and they saw Gillian with a box from a rental company on the steps. She turned their way with a smile, as if she knew they were coming.

“Mom?” Willow asked as she came up the front steps.

Gillian set the box down and opened her arms and Willow went into them gladly. “I missed you,” she said kissing Willow’s forehead. They had grown very close over the summer, almost too where Sally was feeling a little put out.

Willow pulled back a little as the others caught up with them. Gillian smiled to Buffy and Xander then looked to Joyce. “Gillian Owens,” she said. “Mother of Willow… Owens.”

Willow grinned as she clapped her hands. “They did it?” she asked.

Gillian nodded. “Never doubt the power of the Aunts, they know people who know scarier people, you are officially an Owens girl now,” she replied as she motioned them all to come inside.

“This is Joyce, my mom,” Buffy said as they looked around the house.

Gillian shook Joyce’s hand. “You must be proud of Buffy. The Aunts love her and Xander.”

Joyce nodded. “You take it all in stride or you go crazy.”

“Not that I’m not happy that you’re here, mom,” Willow said. “But why are you here? I thought you were staying with the Aunts to learn.”

“I’ll keep on learning. But if my child can do something good with her life then I will too. First is to be your mother,” Gillian said with smile and Willow smiled back knowing that her mother loved men and partying and drinking and sometimes having Gillian as a mother could be frustrating since things like rules, curfews and responsibility didn’t really appeal much to Gillian. She had even gotten around Sally and Willow knew what it was like to be pretty drunk. The Aunts had been drunk with them too so there wasn’t much Sally could say other than to put Willow to bed and yell at the others. “But I’m here to help,” Gillian told her waving her hand to the house. “Slayer Central, Witch Coven, Owens House, to fight the good fight.”

Tears came to just about everyone’s eyes. Willow hugged her mom tightly. “That’s so… you’re so…” she couldn’t talk. She wasn’t the only witch in Sunnydale trying to help the Slayer.

“Awesome is a good word,” Xander replied. “Can you be my mom too?” he asked.

Gillian smirked at him. “With your hot and sexy dreams about me, I think you’d be in trouble handsome.”

Xander blushed bright red and the girls laughed. “I think Kylie has dibs on him,” Willow told her mother.

Gillian rolled her eyes. “She’s the redhead in the Owens line, she’ll move on.” She looked to them all. “So where were you going?”

“To check out the college and get our schedules,” Willow told her. “Want to come?”

Gillian smiled. “And miss out on seeing young male frat boys?” she nodded. “I’ll start hooking you up, sweetie.”

Joyce blinked at this as Gillian led Willow and Xander out telling them about a new spell she was working on as Buffy put her arm in Joyce’s. “Are you sure she’s Willow mother?” Joyce asked as they followed behind shutting the door. “They’re so-,” she winced.

“Not alike,” Buffy said, “at all?”

Joyce nodded and Buffy chuckled. “You need to meet her Aunt Sally then. She and Willow are a lot a like.”

“Pizza and beer if you help me move in,” Gillian was saying to the two up front.

Joyce’s eyes got wider as Gillian pinched Xander’s ass and Buffy began to laugh. Gillian winked her way as Xander went to Willow’s other side, the younger redhead oblivious to what was going on just soaking in her mother’s attention. “Wow,” Joyce said under her breath and Buffy nodded as Xander rubbed his butt.

Halloween, that same year, the Owens House, California…

If there was one thing anyone could say about Gillian Owens was that she knew how to throw a party. Willow was dressed up in a black and green medieval dress with the long sleeves and corset, with her hair in an elaborate style befitting a witch by the name of Morgan Le Fay. Xander was the Punisher from the comic books, Buffy was Cinderella, Joyce was an angel, and Gillian was in her element as Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

It had taken only two months for everyone in Sunnydale to meet her and love or hate her. It had taken even less time for the underbelly of Sunnydale to realize there were two trained witches and the new forming of a real coven to help the Slayer guard the Hellmouth and the population of demons was growing smaller. It also helped that Gillian could out drink most demons and half of them were in lust with her, that included Willy the snitch and he pretty much told her everything that went on in the city.

Giles came to the party, but he told them he wouldn't dress up. However, when he came Gillian was waiting for him with a jester hat and jacket which he grudgingly put on but Gillian also put a drink in his hand showing him where the food was.

The Aunts had come, dressed as classical witches of course and they had loved Giles, old fashioned gentleman to a core they doted on him making the teenagers giggle. Xander of course insisted his was a manly chuckle with no giggling involved. Sally and the girls had stayed home to oversee the now famous Owens house where everyone came to see the witches. No longer taunted, but cheered and the girls were learning their heritage along with their mother, making the Aunts very happy.

Willow smiled when she saw her date arrive looking timidly around the decked out foyer. She waved a little and the blond girl dressed up as Glinda the good witch came her way. Willow had met Tara at a college wiccan meeting only to find out Tara was the only other real witch there. It didn’t take long for Tara to initiate the first kiss and Willow asked her out. She was finally going to introduce her to her mother, friends and the Aunts though she had a feeling they already knew given to how the Aunts talked to her as if she had a partner and Gillian stopped setting her up with dates.

“Hey,” she said to the taller girl.

“Hey,” Tara replied as they looked to each other for a moment.

“And who’s this?” Gillian asked from behind Willow. Her costume was amazing, even Tara backed up a little seeing Maleficent stride across the room towards them.

Willow took a hold of Tara’s hand and turned to face her. “Mom, this is Tara Maclay,” she told her pulling Tara in close. “Tara, this is my Mom, Gillian.” Gillian raised an eyebrow at her and Willow blushed. “She’s-, she’s my girlfriend.”

Gillian smiled looking Tara over now that Willow admitted that she had someone as the Aunts came up flanking the two teenagers. “I smell a witch, my darling sister,” Fran said grinning slyly at Tara.

Jet’s grin was friendlier. “A generational witch.”

Tara blinked at this. “What’s your name, little witch?” Fran asked.

“T-Tara… Maclay,” she got out with a stutter.

The Aunts looked to her. “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” Jet asked.

Tara pushed a lock of hair over her ear looking to the floor shyly. “Townsend,” she told them.

“A Townsend, lovely!” Jet said. “You make a lovely couple.”

Buffy and Xander came up with Riley and Anya as their dates. “Couple?” Xander asked.

Willow nodded looking to her two best friends. “Tara is my girlfriend.”

Buffy and Xander looked from her to Tara who was blushing. Anya who was dressed as a bunny nodded. “That’s a wise thing to do. I could never give vengeance to women who were scorned by their female lovers.”

“Ahn,” Xander said looking her way.

“What?” Anya asked. “I’ve slept with a woman. It was a lot of fun.” She looked him over. “We should have a threesome sometime.”

“Ahn! It’s not like every woman sleeps with other women!” he said blushing at the others.

“Yeah right,” Anya said. “What women here have slept with another woman?” she asked raising her hand.

Willow covered her mouth when her mother’s hand went up. Then both of her Aunts went up as did quite a few others. “I bet it was Amelia Belden from the gathering when we were fourteen,” Fran said to Jet about her.

Jet smirked her way. “Hattie McCamden,” she shot back.

“Touché,” Fran replied.

They looked to Tara and Willow who were watching in awe, neither hand was up. Gillian sighed. “If you’re going slow I’m going to be very put out with you.”

Tara looked to her girlfriend. “You did s-ay she was blunt.”

Willow nodded. “That’s my mom.”

Gillian winked and hugged Willow to her. “I have my eye on someone,” she confided in them.

“Just one?” Willow asked and the others laughed as Buffy looked surprised. Gillian had given Willow a lot of self confidence over the past five months by having to learn to verbally spar with her mother or be walked over and Gillian wouldn’t have a daughter for a doormat.

“If it works out, just one,” Gillian replied looking to where Giles had pulled off the jester hat and was drinking a beer watching the crowd. “Say hello to daddy,” she said lustfully.

They all looked Buffy’s way as she spoke up. “My mom, when I could read her mind called him a stevedore. What is one anyway?”

Gillian purred as she blended into the crowd headed the Englishman’s way. “Oh dear,” Jet said looking to Willow. “How do you feel about a baby sister with dark hair?” Willow paled as she saw her mother grab Giles by the tie and haul him into a deep kiss.


It was getting on to midnight as a group of nine made their way through the rubble that was the remains of Sunnydale High. Down below there uncovered before hand was the seal to the Hellmouth. The nine gathered around it silently and held hands.

“Five witches to cast,” one witch said.

“Four heroes to anchor,” another witch continued.

“With our blood we bind and seal,” the third witch said.

“N-never to open again,” the fourth witch got out.

“Raised over it, died above it, Slayer and Witch consecrate this ground with the bringer of life,” Willow, the last witch, said looking at Buffy across from her. They cut their palms open lightly and let a few drops of blood mark the seal. “Closed forever, so say we,” Willow finished.

“So say we all,” the others said putting a drop of blood from their finger to fall on the seal. The image of it shifted and warped then sunk into the ground. The nine looked to each other. Willow, Buffy, Xander, Gillian, Jet, Fran, Tara, Giles, and Joyce, all still in costume, but it was main the reason the Aunts had come, to seal the Hellmouth forever.


It was later that evening after the party was over and just about everyone who was anyone, even a few demons as a truce, came to Gillian’s party. Willow, Buffy, and Xander all had rooms at the Owens house but Willow walked Tara back to the college, less than a mile from home and away from spying eyes.

“I had a nice time,” Tara told her. “Interesting, you said it’d be interesting.”

Willow nodded liking the feel of Tara’s hand in hers. “The Aunts had been working on that spell for a month.”

“It was so simple,” Tara replied not understanding why it would take so long to get it ready.

“It had power,” Willow told her. “Five generational witches, a wizard, a vengeance demon and a Slayer, that’s a lot of power.”

Tara shook her head. “You have power I can’t imagine having.”

Willow looked around the campus. They had made it to Tara’s dorm. She faced her girlfriend. “The Aunts say you have to believe in your power, I think you have a lot of power that you just need to believe in.” Tara blushed shaking her head to look down at their entangled fingers. Willow pushed back a stray lock from Tara’s cheek. “Then you have mine,” Willow told her softly. Tara looked back up at her and the intense magic building up was glowing about them.

‘Kiss her!’ came a magical bullhorn voice of her mother through the air across the campus.

And Willow did. To her, the kiss was… practically magic.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "How Come The Bad Ones Never Stay Dead?". This story is complete.

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