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How Come The Bad Ones Never Stay Dead?

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Summary: In response to challenge 3043. Willow learns that she’s adopted when she turns 18. She decides to head for New England to meet her biological mother, Gillian Owens… witch.

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Chapter One

How Come The Bad Ones Never Stay Dead?


Rating: PG-13

Summary: In response to challenge 3043, a crossover with Practical Magic. Willow learns that she’s adopted when she turns 18. She decides to head for New England to meet her biological mother, Gillian Owens… reluctant witch.

Notes: I first saw ‘Practical Magic’ way back when it came out because I’m a fan of Sandra Bullock’s. Well done movie, but basically a one or two timer for me. I did like it enough that I read the book. The book was boring, the movie was so much better. Needless to say, I’m taking a LOT of creative liberties here because I haven’t seen the movie in forever.

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss. Practical Magic is owned by Alice Hoffman.


Maria’s Island, New England

It was early morning as the ferry pulled in to dock at the pier to Maria’s Island. It was fall, chilly, cold and windy.

Two figures, both slight young women height stepped down the docking ramp onto the pier dressed in thick sweaters that looked brand new. The two of them shivered and the crew and natives of the land there watched them, honestly bundles up that much they had to be tourists to their small island. Both of them carried a few pieces of luggage, but that was it.

“Miss, you do realize there are no inns on the island,” the captain said once again.

“We know, we’re expected,” the blond replied, she called herself Buffy as her redheaded companion wiped her nose covering it as she sneezed. They looked her way as it hit three more times. “You okay Will?” she asked.

Willow nodded as she wiped her nose a little. “Something in the air here,” she told her friend.”

“There is a lot of history on this island,” the captain said as the two went onto the dock.

“We read a bit about it before we came,” Buffy told him as Willow wiped her eyes and sneezed again.

“Maybe it’s hay fever,” Willow said as the two walked along the sidewalks looking at the buildings and houses. They had seen them from the ferry but…

“Wow, these are like ancient old,” Buffy replied looking them over as the citizens of the town looked them over as they continued on their way. Out west the houses were newer, as in late 20th century compared to early 17th century for most of these places.

“For America, yeah,” Willow said wiping her nose again. “This place is so different,” she whispered. “I feel different.”

Buffy smiled as she put her arm in Willow’s. “Your mom lives here, your real mom, hopefully caring mom lives here.”

Willow blushed and smiled a little at that. Sheila and Ira had been absent again from her eighteenth birthday at the end of their High School Senior year. In a way it was a good thing. They had blown up the school to stop the Mayor from ascending to massive demon form and they didn’t get killed, turned or eaten.

Bad thing, she and Oz had broken up. He decided it was time to travel, see the world with the band while she had decided to stay on at Sunnydale UC for college and to help Buffy.

Xander was road tripping the states for the summer and he told them he’d try to get up there in time to meet her family before they left for California, but there were no promises.

Cordy had moved on to L.A., so it was just her and Buffy. And the chance to go to New England for the summer while Giles and Angel watched the Hellmouth the Slayer couldn’t pass up. After Buffy came back Angel would be leaving for L.A. as well.

Growing up sucked sometimes.

“Picket fences, no palm trees…” Buffy muttered as they walked down the road towards the residential areas of the island. “Oceany taste in the air, but not a sunny, let’s lay out on the beach and tan type of warm.”

“More of a let’s bundle up and stay pale chilly type of cold?” Willow replied and the two friends smiled at each other.

“Which could explain your pale wanness, Will,” Buffy replied noting that Willow didn’t tan, she burned. The redhead was just destined to be pale.

“Is wanness a word though?” Willow asked then she stilled and sneezed again, this time the leaves on the trees shifted even though she was facing the ground.

“Wiggy,” Buffy said noticing this.

Willow waved her hand in front of her face ‘trying’ to get herself to stop sneezing. “Maybe there’s something here I’m allergic to,” she got out as she covered her mouth and nose with her hand.

“Maybe,” Buffy replied as she watched the people watching them and the area. Willow was a budding witch. And she had learned from experience that NOTHING odd happened without a reason for it to happen. She decided to be on her guard.

To Be Continued...
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