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A Single Tear

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Summary: Grief is always the worst feeling, and Xander has felt his fair share. Any pairing you like where Xander has lost someone he cares about. *ie Jesse, Anya, Joyce, ect...* Any reviews welcome, any flames will be hit with halon and fed to the moat monster

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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DemonChyldFR741,350054,52518 Sep 0817 Jan 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Morning Neighbor!

Morning Neighbor!

Nothing is owned by me but the poetry, so anyone trying to collect from me will be majorly disappointed. All reviews are welcome, all flames will be reflected back in your face! If you don’t want to read this than CLOSE THE BLOODY STORY!!!!!!! Now back to the tale.

Warning: Rated FR-18 due to foul language in this one.

Chapter 4

As dawn's first light streamed into the windows of the main bedroom, faint shouting could be heard from the outside,

"Get back here you little..."

"I have SCHOOL you moron! You know that education thing the social worker was worried about?"

"FINE, but you and I will be talking when you get your ass back home."

The slam of a door was heard and the voice was clearer as it came closer, though much softer now, "Good incentive to stay the bloody hell away for a few days! Bastard! Oh crap, now I'm talking like Giles!"

The curtains rustled in the living room as curious eyes peeked out to see who was so upset. The raven-haired guy walking by looked over and stopped dead in his tracks as he caught the gaze of a little girl peeking out. He blushed and ran his fingers through his hair as he sighed and tried to smile as he called out to the unintended witness to his humiliation, "It's OK, and I'm sorry, I'll try to remember not to curse now that I know little ears are around. Take care and don't ever invite anyone in, especially after dark, got it?" He watched as the little girl nodded soberly and then smiled a real smile at her, "You live in the house my best friend grew up in, I hope you like it, it's very good at keeping little ones safe, and I'll come by to introduce myself to you and your parents after school today. Sound like a plan to you?" The little girl shyly smiled at him and nodded. "Don't forget to tell your parents, I don't want them upset with me OK?" She nodded again, and he looked at his watch, "Oh shoot! I'm gonna be late, see ya later!" He waved as he jogged off around the corner.

B.B. looked up at her Mom and smiled, "He's gonna come by after school! He's nice!" She frowned as she said, "I don't like that other man, he was being mean!"

Beatrice looked down at her little girl and smiled, "I think we can help with that, don't you?"

B.B smiled and nodded as they turned to get breakfast started.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Single Tear" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Jan 11.

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