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A Single Tear

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Summary: Grief is always the worst feeling, and Xander has felt his fair share. Any pairing you like where Xander has lost someone he cares about. *ie Jesse, Anya, Joyce, ect...* Any reviews welcome, any flames will be hit with halon and fed to the moat monster

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
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DemonChyldFR741,350054,52018 Sep 0817 Jan 11No

A Single Tear

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the poem, so anyone trying to collect from me will be majorly disappointed. All reviews are welcome, all flames will be doused in Halon and fed to the moat monster along with the authors of such :P If you don't want to read this than CLOSE THE BLOODY STORY!!!!!!! Now back to the tale.


A single tear,
Glistening softly,
Falls on a grief stricken face.

Trails down a cheek,
Made hollow with grief,
As agony strips away grace.

Comes to a halt and falls to his knees,
Watching as the tear vanishes
Without a Trace

Then tenderly, reverently,
Picks up the diamond
That glitters and sparkles in its place.

Beatrice looked at the poem she had found while digging herself out of Paula Schultz grave and wondered at how it was that some man named Xander could express that horrible, desperately, consuming feeling of grief so well. It reflected how she felt about her own losses.
"Hmmm, Xander Harris. I think I may have to look you up after I finish dealing with all this. I wonder what it's like in Sunnydale?"
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